Sunday, November 7, 2010

Bronze Meddler

At that delightfully special time that rolls around once a month I tend to forget my vocabulary, misbehave, have teen-like breakouts and ... drop things.
This month's victim was my beloved Lumix Panasonic camera that the Phoenix gave me when I started blogging a few months ago.
Dropping expensive electronic goods is scary.
Especially when your fears are realised and the thing actually doesn't bounce and does break:(.
This bronze slip got a bit of styling a wee while ago, just as I was about to pull it out again and re-style it for all you lovelies.
Then I dropped the camera.
Luckily I had some pix from the first session, but I'm planning on giving this slip some spring styling as soon as poss.

I really like the green of the vintage cape, which is part of a suit, against this 1950s, rich, bronze-coloured slip.
The slip is thick and soft, and not see-through - yay!
Plus the nylon has a strange quality where it's non-static and not a sweaty fabric to wear ... hmmm, maybe there's nylon, then there's nylon (?).

 I'm also wearing an AA black, mesh dress; 1950s chocolate brown, velvet, veiled cocktail hat; black fishnets; velvet platforms and a mish-mash of beads.
Oh by the way ... the Phoenix fixed the camera using two ladybird stickers.
I swear that man can mend anything;).
I hope you've had a marvellous and restful weekend - I plan on ending mine by visiting your blogs.
Desiree xo


  1. I loooooove it :)))))


  2. What a pretty, sumptuous slip! They just don't make 'em like they used to. I have a few vintage Vanity Fair slips and nightgowns. The fabrics, synthetic though they are, still have such a nice hand, and the drape is so femininte and the stitching is so fine. I went eagerly to a nearby Vanity Fair outlet complex earlier this year, in hopes that I might find similar modern items. No luck...just cheap typical stuff.

  3. Gold suits you sooooooooo well. and what a brilliant idea to use this pretty slip as a dress. An inspiration, as ever...

  4. Got there in the end! Blasted Blogger! That slip is far too fabulous to keep it covered, I love it and how you're wearing it, you fabulous lady!

  5. Bloody brillant,you classy wench!Crazy for that cape.
    Amazing what a fella can do with a couple of ladybird stickers!!! I'm chronic for dropping things all the time....luckily I haven't killed the camera-yet.But it's not from lack of trying!

  6. Gorgeous as ever you beauty!!!!
    I LOVE your closet-shop :)

  7. ps, my tri-pod likes to sling my cammy about ;)

  8. Ohhahhhh amazing outfit! The shoes are perfect for it!

    Thanks for the really lovely comment about my designs :)


  9. I love the details of that slip especially the scalloped hem. Love the edge you've given it with some see through mesh and fishnets! Phew about your camera!


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