Friday, November 26, 2010

I Love Your Blog quiz

The gorgeous Sarah of Cloud of Secrets tagged me some time ago, for an "I Love Your Blog" quiz.
Thanks so much for thinking of me Sarah.
So here goes lovely readers:).

1. Why did you create your blog?
You'd think being the youngest of seven children, I'd want everything new, new, new - designer, designer, designer.  I wore hand-me-downs and refashioned clothing until I started sewing all my own clothes in my early teens, yet I have always preferred old over new.  I've been addicted to flea markets and other people's cast-offs and junk ever since I was a child.  Upon discovering original fashion sites like Hel Looks and Style Like U, I realised there might be room for a strange-ling like me so I decided to share my looks and ideas on a blog.  I certainly didn't think anyone would bother reading it!

2. What kind of blogs do you follow?
I adore fashion and photography blogs by people who march to the beat of their own drum.  Even in the short few months I've been here in blog-world, I've witnessed an evolution where many women have climbed out of their cocoons and are testing their creative wings for the first time.  It thrills me and fills my heart with love and joy to see brave experimentation.

The stunning Sacramento was featured on Advanced Style.  I adore her.

Yvan Rodic always makes me want to pack my suitcase and camera, pronto!

3. Favourite make-up brand?
Well, I'm a cheapskate out of necessity.  I'd rather save up for a special pair of shoes or new item of clothing to add to my 95% vintage wardrobe, than spend up big on make-up.  I buy make-up from discount chemists when they have good deals - I love Maybelline foundation and eye-liner, Rimmel lipstick and $2 nail polishes.  A woman was selling gorgeous MAC make-up at a flea market on Sunday and I'd never seen their products before - I bought some gel eyeliners - wow!  I still wouldn't buy them retail though.

4. Favourite clothing brand?
Well, I regret not buying a 1950s ivory satin slip that looked like it had been to hell and back that I spotted at Sunday's market.  I only realised when I got home that I could have dyed it to cover the age-stains.  It looked like it had spent several passionate nights in the back of a Chevy - straps hanging off and seams askew.  Clothes that have seen some life - that's my favourite clothing brand.  Like this.

5. Your indispensable make-up product?
Hands down mascara.  The Phoenix has long, luscious, come-to-bed, Italian eyes and lashes that work on me every time.  Excuse me, I'm drooling and have no idea why I'm talking about his eyes and lashes.  Next question please.

6. Your favourite colour?
Green.  Green.  Green.  Errrm ... oh yes, green!  But at last count, I do own 22 black dresses.

I experimented with red hair last summer.  Even more high-maintenance than bottle-blond.  At least green is versatile:).

7. Your perfume?
I buy cast-off testers when they're on sale.  My favourites so far are *cough* Kylie Minogue's Sexy Darling and Christina Aguilera.  I've never had so many compliments before when wearing them.

8.  Your favourite film?
Oh come on - this is getting really hard now.  It depends entirely on my mood which can swing from Shanghai Express-mode to Betty Blue or Gosford Park in a few hours.

9.  Which country would you like to visit and why?
I would love to return to Spain.  When I hitchhiked from Santander to Cadiz 22 years ago, I swore I would go back and live in Spain.  It's the people - so laid back, so generous, so kind.  I met people who within minutes of meeting them, would invite my travelling companion and I to their homes for a meal, a free bed for the night, a refreshing stop at a bar for beer and tapas.  No strings, just pure hospitality and kindness.  And patience with our slow Spanish:).
I'm desperate to visit Italy and Poland - never been, but I know I would feel at home.

10.  Make up the last question and answer for yourself.
What are you thinking about today?
My heart is heavy for the 29 brave men who died in the Pike River mine this week.  I searched for names I knew but recognised none of them.  Even as strangers, I grieve for them.  My father worked in dangerous conditions of mine and dam construction before he died 16 years ago - there was always an aura of dread and danger connected with the profession he loved passionately.

I'm supposed to pass these questions on to 10 readers, but today I would like to pass the mantle over to those who have the stamina so late in the week:).

Desiree xoxo


  1. stunning pictures


  2. Hey Lovie! I heart that outfit in the first photo- you're like a little punk flapper.

    I think I may steal your questions for my blog- I'm running out of steam since this steampunk costume took over my whole week. HEARTS!-Pixie

  3. Hi gorgeous,

    I'm so glad you commented on my blog (and thanks for the lovely comment on the family pic!) because I nearly forgot how much I adore you and your site! I'm a follower now...


    November Grey

  4. O,Gosford Park and Betty Blue!! LOVE them! G really loves Gosford Park,that's easily a fave of his.He's so cute.
    I find you utterly amazing,and a total kindred soul,right there with my darling Vix and the incredible Jem.Chuffed you started blogging!Unleashing yourslef on an unsuspecting world-haha!!
    Isn't Sacramento a dreamboat!?
    I adore clothing with a history too! My faves are the homemade jobbys-I get all moist just thinking about them!
    Jeez,that Pike River disaster is totally gutwrenching.Sad sad sad.
    Bless!The worlds a better place for us crazy bints!xxxx

  5. You're back! I've missed your posts so much this week.
    Great film choices and I'm with you on the cheapo makeup. I bought some Mac at a boot sale in the summer, lovely but I'd never buy it at full price.
    Your style is so fabulous and of course, Sacramento is amazing, too. xxx

  6. PS The Pike River disaster is awful and the poor relatives having to suffer for almost a week not knowing the miners' fate, and so close to Xmas.

  7. Great answers, great outfits, great to hear more about you

  8. Thanks for the comment :D so nice that you didint forget me, hope i´ll get the time to post some pictures of my trip to berlin etc

    love your new desingn and the pictures on the side
    do you like art ?

    xoxo sunbeam :)

  9. Loved reading this, Desiree. The moment I saw your blog, I knew, I was coming back for more. I laughed when you started talking about The Phoenix's lashes-- I know, I end up talking about everybody's other stuff too! :)

  10. Thank you sooooooooooooo much. I adore you, too.
    And thamk you for liking Spain. We lived in England for 10 years, but my English husband was very glad to com to live in the South of Spain; although we go back home to Englad for Summer Holiday.

  11. Just when I think I "know" you, you add more info. Desiree in red hair!

    And yes, I've been thinking of those miners too. I wanted it to turn out as it did for the Chilean miners...but even then, I could not bring myself to listen to that excruciating news.

  12. Desiree, what great answers! I know if you lived closer you'd just be the most fun to go "treasure hunting" with! LOL I'm with you on the vintage pieces.....I love that I'm getting a piece of someone's history and adding mine to it! ~Serene

  13. Thank you for the fascinating answers! You're hot as a redhead, but yes, it is hard to maintain to a desirable intensity. I don't know how Christina Hendricks does it! Weekly or biweekly professional touchups, must be.

    I love the Photoplay illustration -- sometimes I long to be like a 1930s-1940s gal, a pretty compact and red lipstick in my little bag and that's all I need to look fresh and pretty for the day.

    Hmmh...I just tried to request Shanghai Express from our regional library system -- it looks intriguing and inspiring. Seems none of the libraries have it, though, although there is a biography of Anna May Wong. I'll have to call around to some local video places.

  14. great post! you have an amazing vintage style! where in the world did you get that fabulous feather collar in the second picture???

  15. Beautiful post! And fascinating answers. I adore that picture of you in the floor length champagne silk slip and pearls - glamour!!
    I'm also fascinated to learn you hitched from Santander to Cadiz! Kudos!
    I was very saddened and horrified by the loss of the NZ miners. Such a terrible loss for the families.

  16. 22 black dresses! I love it! Thanks so much for your warm-hearted comment, I really appreciate as I was hesitant to post such a personal part of my life. It's people like you who make me feel good about it and myself! Thanks so much for also sharing a personal part of your life as well!

  17. You haven´t posted for a long time, I hope you are not ill or anything like that, but having a superb time.
    Un abrazo my dear friend.

  18. Beautiful blog ; I adore the picture of you

    xx Marina

  19. You are so lovely and inspiring!!!

  20. I am so glad to know that you are ok!!!

  21. Great blog - I really like the eclectic style that you have!

    Out of interest, why would you feel particularly at home in Poland and Italy?


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