Friday, November 12, 2010

Knock on Wood

I have my stylist to thank for today's floral touch.
Nice bit of springtime colour huh?
The Phoenix had a specialist appointment this afternoon and I thought I'd bring a little happiness to our day with this cotton, embroidered butterfly top I thrifted a couple of years ago.
I think it cost me about $5 and was barely worn at the time but it gets a lot of wear now and every time I pop it on it seems to make people smile.

For those of you who have been wearing the wooden clog trend - do you find them a bit weird to walk in? 
I bought these from a vintage store a few years ago, they're not very high, the leather straps are super supple, but even after all this time, walking on wood still feels like walking on stilts.
Never mind, I still love them but do have to mind my step.

But I digress.
Here's a pic of my budding stylist who grabbed red hibiscus's for our ears straight after her trampolining lesson.
And donned a pair of mum's suede shoes.
You know, as you do.

Cute eh?
She's pretty chuffed about appearing here:).
These are the most comfortable jeans I have ever worn.
They're by Sadie and have a slightly high waist and are a wonderful indigo blue.
What happens when your favourite jeans die?
I hate to think.

Other accessories for the first summery day we've had this season are a 1970s denim patchwork bag, my Mona Lisa earrings, junk rings and 1950s bangles.

I think the neighbour's cat likes us better than her owners.

Excited about the weekend?


  1. That butterfly top is amazing. And it goes so well with the jeans... I have the same stilts problem with my cork-soled platform-ish sandals and that's why I hardly wear them... not that I could, now in winter!


  2. Ah, I wish I still had my live-in stylist! The hibiscus is a lovely summer touch.

    What does the tag say inside the beautiful butterfly top? How can I track another down without knowing who made it? If it's ever posted for sale in your shop, I want to be first in line for it!

  3. I have two pairs of clogs and really love them, I find them so comfy as the wood just shapes right around your foot. It did fell a bit strange at first as there is no bend when you walk but I got used to it pretty fast.

    Your top is really pretty, I have seen slightly similar ones on ebay at times and admired them, I love a bit of sparkle! x

  4. This is the least accessories I've seen you wear.....I LOVE the whole look. That top just looks so 70s to me, I'd a picked it up in a second! It's FABULOUS!! Your daughter is just precious! Aren't daughters and sons wonderful? ~Serene

  5. Oh, you are fabulous! I've got that top in black silk with silver sequins, they are so comfy but glamorous. I was thinking of selling it but I think you've inspired me to hold on to it.
    Clogs are weird to walk in, you rock rather than move but those are so pretty and your daughter is gorgeous. xxx

  6. Like mother like daughter! She'll be raiding your closet before you know it. :) BTW, I realized I never posted the award you gave me on my blog. I'm so sorry about that! I'll definitely be giving you a shout out this weekend.

  7. So glad there is another clog lover in the house! Love them, but I look for NON wood ones now---the wood was just too hard on my feet. One false move with any of them tho, and its broken ankle~

  8. Oh I adore those butterfly tops - you see them in sequins every so often here and I regret the day I left one that I felt was a bit big for me in the old Spitalfields markets (before it went the way of becoming a big boring commericialised site). What a bargain for 5 bucks! I like that this is embrodiered so you can wear it more casually - you look fabulous, and those jeans show off your amazing legs! Does your daughter have dreams of being a stylist one day? She has a great first tutor!

  9. You look beautiful with that butterfly top. I heart it, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ( sigh)))))))))))). And your daughter wearing your shoes, a classic. How lovely!!! I thought you only have sons????


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