Saturday, November 13, 2010

Say Hello to Dorothy

Some special little darlings in my closet have names.
Usually it's because they're rather unusual or they put me into a joyful mood when I slip them on.
Most of the names are usually very un-PC and wonderfully disgraceful - but little Dorothy, my spotty, cotton, early 1960s dress is rather tame.
She's been taken out of hibernation ready for summer and had her first outing today.
Dorothy likes to be noticed.

For her first outing this year, she went to a school fair.
Here, Dorothy was introduced to Ike, one of our local celebrities who dresses daily in gloriously nutty, colourful garb, always wearing a plastic flower lei, one of his selection of sombrero hats and with crazy polka music blasting out of the boom box strapped to his mobile scooter.

Ever ready with a smile Ike is regularly seen jumping off his scooter and spontaneously doing a street-side jig.
Today he made his presence felt when he jumped up and danced with some belly dancers.
Gotta love that zest for life.

I'm sure there are many others who wish they had Ike's energy and fearless demonstration of his love of life and music.
Dorothy was in good company today when she stepped out with my 1960s, orange, frilly brolly; 1950s black and white hat; old jewellery, plus denim DIY messenger bag and walking shoes.
Glad I didn't wear heels - I nearly did.
I took a frilly fan along just in case it got hot.

How could I forget my favourite sunnies bought at an Auckland flea market a few years ago.
They're from the late 1940s from what I can remember the owner telling me.
These babies are coming out to play a lot more this summer.

Here are a few pics of a couple of messenger bags I made ages ago but never got around to putting up detail shots.
The blue bag is made out of a pair of jeans that were too big but I couldn't part with.

I cut the jeans off at the crotch, turned them inside out and sewed the bag closed along the crotch-line, taking in the spare fabric in a small fold.
I made curved edges, sewed the button opening closed (leaving the zip in) and made a flap and strap out of a jeans leg.
They had big flared legs so a generous sized flap was easy.
I used spare fabric for the lining and some spotty fabric for a pocket.
I had an old pillowcase that died so I cut out the embroidered part and sewed it onto the flap before the lining was stitched to the denim bag.
Decorated with badges.

And here's the one I made for my little lady out of scrap fabrics that she chose out of my stash.
I love her choice of badges and vintage brooches; I did a simple running stitch by hand on the flap lining to make her feel special.

I love that she actually uses it a lot:).
Hope you're all having a wonderful Saturday! 
Desiree xoxo


  1. How adorable you are. LOVE the fact that you've named that incredible dress, and how you are rocking that dress with those great sunnies, and fab converse.

    Adorable bags too, by the way. What a bright beauty you are! xo. -Bella Q

  2. Oh, that orange umbrella with this dress and the comfy shoes, and just when I think that is plenty of wonderfulness, you reveal your daughter's bag!

  3. Oh joy I can comment again! Not sure what was happening before. Your dotty Dorothy is a winner and looks so sweet with that bright umbrella! Your DIY bags are so clever. How lovely that your daughter has hand made items by her mum. I'm now back in rainy England and those gloriously sunny pictures are killing me!

  4. I love Dorothy! Such a fabulous sunny shot, your beautiful smile and the bright parasol have brightened my miserable British winter's morning.
    Love your bag and your daughter's, too. Great job. xxx

  5. At last I can get to your blog through Mozilla. Much improved an clear as well.
    Love your polkadot dress or skirt????and i adore the DIY bag out of old jeans.
    Un abrazo my dear friend. I miss you

  6. I heart Dorothy - she is a beauty!

  7. Dorothy is a whole lot of FABULOUS! I wish we had an Ike in our town. Sometimes I feel like I cause a stir with my little skirt worn as a dress....the charms of small town living. ~Serene

  8. Dorothy is gorgeous and I love both of your bags so much!!

  9. I adore Dorethy! Perfect for a summers day :)

    We have a real character in Belgrave called Baba Desi, but he is often referred to as 'The Wizard'. He always wears the most fabulous robes, turbans and carrys a big carved stick! If only there were more of these eccentrics around.

    Love your bag, but even more so your daughters! Nice fabric choices :)

    xx Claire

  10. lovin' the characters in your area! OMG I want sombrero-guy's vest! seriously, it has PENCILS on it!! *dies*

  11. This is such a FUN post!! Love love your dress:)

    Stop by and say Hello ♥
    I’m an MTV Style Blogger of the Week!!!

  12. love this colorful and vibrant look!

  13. Freaking fantabulous!!!The bags,the outfit,the local loon!!! Glorious,darling,simply glorious!

  14. This look is just total love! You remind me that I need to infuse more fun into my style, girl. Love all your outfits...always :)

    AND OKAY! I just wanted to tell you that I have been reading your blog, but it was not allowing me to comment until today! Some strange dark-ish shield looking thing was blocking me out and wouldn't let me click on anything! It was wildly bizarre! I am extremely glad it has vanished...I don't know what the problem was, but it had me worried! I was like OH NO! am I never going to be able to comment here again?! no, no, no!


    Needless to say, I feel VERY happy right now! Ha!


  15. The dress is rather more nice-girl than I'm used to see on you but it looks fabulous. Also love the bags... I need to make more bags, obviously!


  16. Hello, Dorothy! I love seeing this spring green cheer on our grey, damp, nearly-snowing days here. Wonderful picture of Ike with the bellydancers -- seems worthy of a magazine or newspaper. Is he always a rainbow, or is this an especially vivid ensemble for the fair?

  17. Love Dorothy. You look stunning! The world needs more organge....

  18. i love how you name your stuff, Desiree. and the colour coordination here is so lovely, so are the sunglasses!

    what a happy outfit, and in the previous one, i really like how you channeled 'wood nymph' there :)

  19. loved your green dotted!!!the overdose is inpiring for me!!

  20. I think it is so cute that you name some of your garments.
    I use to name my cars.....
    That Dorothy is quite a gal !

  21. Dorothy is wonderful! Very eye catching indeed. Both your bags are perfect and I wish I had more time to make my own!! I'll add it to my list to do!! Hehehe

    xo Steph

  22. no way do you name your clothes thats so cool!. thank you for your lovely comment really cant tell you how much it means to hear that :)!! have you read beautiful and the damned I'm currently half way through it. I love you umbrella too it looks vintage but in really good condition!


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