Saturday, June 1, 2013

We've Come So Far

A seven-month hiatus from visiting the West End Vintage and Designer Markets ended today when The Stylist and I trundled down for a joyful poke about.
A great way to start the weekend!
I think the most amazing thing for me was the discovery The Stylist has grown so tall since our last visit, she can fit many of the gorgeous second-hand bargains.
She now has some fabulous new-to-her clothes in very small ladies sizes.
I just know I'm not the only mama to get excited about future second-hand adventures with a growing wee lassie.

Last September I had my first market stall at this fabulous bar, which on the first Saturday of each month, turns into an Aladdin's Cave of second-hand, vintage, handmade and designer treasures.
Such a great vibe, awesome music all day long and loads of chatty, enthusiastic artists and sellers.

Even the loos are awesome.

I love these painted cushion covers by Japan-influenced graphic designer and illustrator, Tiffany Atkin.
See more of her beautiful work here.

This beautiful cotton frock had me swooning with desire!
As soon as I find out the name of the very clever designer, who works with bright, sturdy cottons to create fabulous, original clothing, plus makes witty jewellery, I'll put up a link for you.

I bought myself this necklace for five bucks.
You are going to get soooooooo sick of seeing me wearing it.
Of course, I had to wear it straight away.

Shopping is extremely hungry work and next door to the market is a Greek Yiros restaurant which makes the best and freshest platters!
Mmmmmmmm ... melt-in-your-mouth calamari drizzled with lemon and olive oil.

Free entertainment, watching the boyz having a jam with passers-by stopping to share a tune or two.

The burgundy-coloured frock is a 1940s hand-made rayon crepe number, which has been waiting all summer for an outing.
It has an adorable blue sequin hand-sewn motif on the bodice and ruching on the sleeves.
It was sent to me in a parcel of joy several months ago from the top-billing act of Helgastock, Helga von Trollop herself.
She was a bit put out about the hacked and raw hem, but as I love all things shredded, worn, chopped and tattered, I certainly won't be changing a thing.
Thank you darling!
1940s rayon crepe frock - gift from yummy Helga
Vintage patchwork bag (including a New Zealand penny) - Two Squirrels Vintage
Frida earrings - Etsy
Bangles, crucifix - thrifted
FREEKY necklace - custom made by Phussy
"Love Kills" cuff - gift from superstar Em of Ivy Black Chat
VW Melissa Three-Straps - Melissa sale

The Stylist was so happy with her "new" cotton jumper (sweater), I'm so lucky to have a die-hard second-hand shopper as my partner in crime.

These two chickies caught my eye with their gorgeous outfits and were pretty chuffed about having their pic taken.
"We've been admiring your outfit and what an awesome mum you are," they breathed.  "Are you in the fashion industry?"
Me (very droll-like): "No I'm just a vain old bag".
Cue high-pitched cackling right up until I was out of earshot.
Hell it's good to get out of the house.

Thank you all so much for your kindness, we always hope and keep trying to get better health care for The Phoenix.
We're all lucky to be here, to wake up each day.
Molti baci,
Desiree xoxoxo


  1. A match made in heaven, flourescent green sparkly necklace and a vain ol' bag lol.

  2. Wonderful brak after the fright.
    You are both looking glorious.
    I want to come over and join you beauties, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    I adore your necklace, ahhhhhhhhhhhh

  3. Oh my goodness! What rock have I been living under that I never saw your pink hair?! You are fabulous lady! And that great necklace is so groovy, too :) Glad to see you and your daughter are still getting along so swimmingly.

  4. A perfect Saturday morning post! I'm inspired to get out and shop!!! Or to dance past crowds of people. And definitely to get some calamari. You and the Stylist both look fabulous - the Dream Team!

  5. Going shopping with your mom is one of the best ways to spend Saturday. You look fab. The Greek food looks so delicious it's making me want some.

  6. please Lord turn me into a vain old bag right now and make sure it comes with that necklace and her legs and style oh and while your at it Lord sort out that friggin health care! amen xxxx

  7. Oh, Desiree, sending big hugs of support. The Teen is having a bone marrow transplant in a few months, with lots of medical prep work starting now. I'm so behind on blogging and reading my fave blogs, but I do understand about caring for a family member with a genetic blood disorder.

    So many gorgeous pics in this post. We don't have vintage fairs or even good stores close to us. Your hair is stunning, that dress is perfect, and your new necklace purchase is brilliant. Your daughter is beyond gorgeous. The Teen raided a thrift store on a recent drama class trip to the American Shakespeare festival. You know I'm happy about her increased interest in secondhand, pre-loved clothes.

    Love, peace & grace,

  8. The stylist is a doll! How wonderful that you get to do these things together. Imagine having a mum with pink hair to go shopping with, that is soooo cool!

    I love the look of your lunch, all fresh and healthy and delicious, which is pretty much how you look too. xxx

  9. I never missed a Soul Train when I was growing up. That kind of segment was my favourite part. I shall go out with that feeling in my head.
    And you and The Stylist - turning heads EVERYWHERE you go with wonder and amazement at your incredibleness and beauty. Your new necklace seems to have magic power. Glad you had a great time together on your Big Break-out!

  10. The perfect day out, I'd say! I do hope The Phoenix is much improved.

  11. i love a market. there looks likes of things i'd love to buy. lucky you cool mama.!!

  12. I have been such a stranger to your blog, but how could I resist that perfect pink picture that popped up on my list? You're looking wonderful, honey, despite the pain you must've had from your tooth and the worry about The Phoenix. I do hope he is on the mend.
    It is impossible to have too much of that amazing's wild!
    And how beautiful is The Stylist? She is adorable but I hope she doesn't grab all the best items!!!!
    Z xx

  13. Glad to hear about the mother/daughter outing! I love the stylist's wee bag (I have a very similar one). And you DO look amazing in Helga's gift.

  14. How often do you colour your hair? What are you doing to keep it so fresh and vibrant? Loving it big time.

  15. You look gorgeous in that dress. Raw hems are my favorite!! Your fringe necklace is fantastic-- I have a similar bright orange/yellow one that I adore, but that neon green is just right. That market looks sooooo awesome. The dress, the pillows WANT!! You are so lucky to have such a great daughter to hang and shop with and yes, she is the perfect size for so many vintage clothes!! I could fit into so many more vintage things when I was a teen :)

  16. That dress is just perfect on you and the Stylist looks fab in her new jumper. I must agree with those fashionistas - you are a fabulous mum xoxo

  17. Gosh I LOVE you in neon brights, dear Desiree! That 40s dress is so beautiful on you, and the mary jane heels and frida earrings make it! Looks like you and your darling glam stylist had a fab day out.
    I've been sorry not to see you at my blog for a while, miss your comments, do let me know what you think of my latest wraggle taggle gypsy post if you get the time.

  18. Oh yes I DO know the delights of secondhand-loving kids - two of them, in my case (can't seem to get Seldom Seen interested in charity shopping or markets...) but the girls are keen to see what they can persuade me to buy for them!
    Don't you and the Stylist make make a great team? You're both stunning, like a bargain, have an eye for treasure, and eat the food of the gods, piping hot calamari with chips and salad!
    What a fab market, and a great way to kick June off in style. Hope the Phoenix is doing OK, you too. xxxxx

  19. What fun! I would love to go shopping there. You look fabulous as usual.

  20. Sorry life has been so rough for you and yours xxxx hugs and BIG GAH!!

    That Daft Punk is an earworm and you my dear are a Total Tonic. Look at The Stylist getting all grown-up and willowy and lovely. Loving the sleeves on your frock and your avid fans - what a gorgeous day - thanks for sharing.


  21. I also want to be friends with the stylist. And I also want to find those things that it's impossible not to wear straight away.


    The Stylist is just too adorable for words!1 you are raising her up right!!

    You look fantastic--the new necklace is gorgeous and would be easy to make with a necklace and some fringe!!

    How I wish we had shops like that locally!!

  23. My oldest son is 12 and is as tall as I am and it always freaks me out! I can't get over how much I love your pink hair! And I totally want that dress you pictured!

  24. Look at that beautiful wee poppet.....the Stylist is growing so much.....she is very pretty. Like her mummy.
    What a lovely adventure to find some vintage treasures.
    I just had to read to Warren the wonderful interaction with the two young lady' are so funny and just gorgeous Miss Desiree. Love it.
    Love v

  25. I love the Stylist's new jumper. She looks gorgeous. And you look beautiful in that frock. Maybe one of these days I'll make it to these markets. I tend to hibernate a bit on Saturdays. Xx

  26. HOw I would have loved to accompany you two on your visit to that wonderful market! The Stylist is growing up so quickly - what a lovely young woman she is becoming. Of course, she has the most awesome role model, so that's to be expected. Lunch looks mouth-wateringly delish...

  27. You're looking great all in pink and I always love these Frida earrings, your newly bought neon necklace as well. Thank you for your comment on my bunting. I would like to see a bunting made by you. I think that would be outstanding. It needn't be crocheted. I'm sure you can find a way to make a very interesting extreme one that would cause a lot of Aaah's and Oooh's. Happy crafting! That's a challenge, you know! I'm only joking!!!

  28. What a cool ,event and what a lovely place ! You choose the best necklace of all the market, for sure !!!

  29. Love your Frida earings...the necklace is AWESOME for $5...Sydney vintage/ second hand sellers are getting too bratty, maybe a visit to your neck of the woods is in order...Your little stylist is the cutest, love her little purse, its great to have a parter in thrifting crime isn't it??? xxx

  30. I would love to visit a place like that! so much fun! I just adore the necklace you bought! I can see why you love it so much!


  31. geez, I need one of those neon fringe diamond necklaces now!!

  32. Ooooo, the stylist is going to be gorgeous like her mama! You are indeed lucky to have such a partner in crime! My 14yo and I can wear the same things, and it is so much fun!! I love it! I adore those shoes you have on, with the buckles! Very lovely!!


    PS -- thanks for the encouragement about my altered dress!

  33. How fun for you and The Stylist to shop together. There are many adventures for the two of you in the future, I'm sure.

    Fabulous green necklace and love it with the 40's frock from Helga.

    Hoping for the best for The Phoenix and of course, for you and your family.

  34. OMG! Thanks for visiting my blog, I've missed you my Dear Desiree, but when I saw this video, which hits so close to home with my 14 year old, I smiled so big my cheeks are permanently dented with joy!

  35. That dress is fantastic and I love the pink hair! The Stylist looks fabulous too - you two seem to fit each other so well. Hope the Phoenix is doing ok... xx

  36. yes yes yes!!! Love the burgundy - or I think of it as Raspberry Fool dress. It's gorgeous. Love the necklace, I won't get bored of that! The Stylist is so lucky to have a mum who takes her to such cool places. xxxxx

  37. Thank you for your comment. This ceramic bowl with feet would fit in your life, wouldn't it?

  38. Look at me, late for the party! That burgundy dress is sublime, it looking bloody gorgeous!
    Loving the fringey neon choker of joy and all the vintage porn on offer! Lovely to have a partner to accompany you, if I'd have given birth I know it would have turned out to be a vintage hating, label snob! You are a brilliant mum! xxx

  39. Love that necklace! Your colours are simply stunning. I wish I had the confidence to combine and wear colour the way you do!

  40. You are just soooo awesome lady!
    I can't believe two teenagers let you take their photo! Good work gorgeous!

  41. Awesome in two generations!! Thanks for sharing with Vis Monday xoxoxo

  42. Vida!
    You are just too ravishing in 40's frock .that necklace is sublime.what a fab event! love the Oh fuck... pillow.The stylist is so special,takes after her MaMacita. Your the bestest coolest MaMa.
    Mmmm I am drooling at your food and green puta shoes.


  43. Oh, I would love to spend the day shopping with you. It looks like you both had a wonderful time. I'm so envious. The items for sale are breathtaking, I would be there searching through everything for hours.

    Barbara @

  44. Ooh that gorgeous dress, it is so perfect and those shoes! And delicious Greek food and a day out with the stylist, sounds like heaven to me. Your necklace is a beauty too, and I'm looking forward to hearing more about your new stall! Good luck with your new enerprise, it looks like you've found somewhere that suits you down to the ground. xx

  45. Good luck with the Phoenix. Those metallic green strappy heels...??? YES! Also, Josh and I spent about a half an hour recently watching "Soul Train" videos from the 70's...I was totally mesmerized. And inspired! :)

  46. Oh Bella is more beautiful every day. I love very single bit of this day... the market looks fantastic - the Picture Show frock is FABULARSE, the Greek salad looks DELICIOUS, your beautiful Helga frock is perfect on you, your hair is more magnificent every day and I LOVE the Oh Fuck cushion so much I am gonna make my very own.

    Sarah xxx


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