Friday, May 31, 2013

Unpacking Winter ... Aaaaaaaaachoooo!

Year in, year out, it happens.
Time for some layers, so out come the lovely woolies, then the sneezes.
It's allergy time!
A few handfuls of cotton balls soaked in lavender oil popped in with the clothes at the end of the season, help keep my allergies at bay.
Yet the first time I slip on my tail coat each year, a bit of sneezing is inevitable, but I feel it's worth it.

In other riveting news, we had a bit of a scare when The Phoenix was taken to hospital with collapsed veins and dehydration.
Not ideal conditions for a severe type A haemophiliac with a strict regimen of regular Factor VIII injections.

Oh yes and I had a broken molar extracted this week ... cheaper than a root canal, so it was the only option.
I got a dollar from the wee tooth fairy - heheee.
Yeah so I reeeeeeeally resisted the temptation to dress in a shroud to sort out more medical shite today, but dressing as what The Stylist described as a magician, was worth it.
It made us both have a giggle and raise a few smiles out and about.

1920s tailcoat - eBay
Gold lurex blouse - from that hot wench, Helga
1960s pink bikini pants - Etsy
Leggings - Black Milk
VW Melissa Mary Janes - sample sale
1960s beauty case, earrings, ring, angel brooch, rose clip, blue headband - thrifted and markets
Pink star necklace - made by lovely Krista
Frida necklace - made by divoooon Tamera
Cameo-style brooch - gift from my sister

I'm happy to see the last of May, it's been a horror.
Bring on the weekend, markets and a new month.
What are you looking forward to in June?
Desiree xo


  1. Awesome look. Dressing fabulously does help raise the spirits. I'm glad the Phoenix is feeling better now, what a relief!
    Many many hugs!!!

  2. Sorry to hear May was not a good month for you, but at least you faced it in style! With your talismans and your magic coat and your indomitable spirit, June is yours to rule!

  3. I am just so happy to hear the Phoenix is ok!!
    you make a magnificent magician!! I'm sure you brought the magic of joy and smiles to all who crossed your path!!

    Praying June is a much better month for you!

  4. love your pretty coat and that cirque-magician inspiration!! it's a pleasure watching your glorious outfit, your pretty leggings and glittery top, and all that fabulous bijouterie!!
    I believe that dressing up is really cheering!, oh yes!!
    wish your dear Phoenix is feeling better!!
    besos & magic

  5. Those med issues sound scary--glad everyone is ok. Loving that coat and angel brooch!

  6. I am so glad to have you in my life, dear Desiree smiling and wearing your wonderful clothes in the face of adversity.
    Much love, admirations and as many hugs as you, and all the family, can take.

  7. I hope both you and the Phoenix are doing and feeling better. I'll send good thoughts and vines your way.

    You look fabulous! Love the tailcoats and the brooches.

  8. Keep looking forward sweetie, forget May, forget the bs that came along with it and let it go. You are a magician and you can make people happy just by walking by. That's friggin magic baby!

  9. I am glad the Pheonix is all right- may he have a June-full of right good health!

    You are made of magic, so no surprise you look bewitching in your coat tails, and candy-arse.

  10. anybody who makes me smile and want to be happier like you do every time i even click here is a friggin magician for real! Hugs for may and i'll be round later to kick it into the ditch for you...hugs and looking forward adventures for the new month! your tail coat is awesome, you are a goddess! xxxxx

  11. How could anyone not feel happy looking at you? And that IS a magic skill. I love your outfit, you are quite unique. I'd love to see you walking down the street. I would look and I would smile.

    Sorry to hear about all the wretched health stuff. Onwards and upwards now it's June I say! I am looking forward to it being warm enough to eat outside of an evening. That is one of summer's chief pleasures. If I get a bit of outdoor swimming in too, then I will feel truly blessed. Have a lovely weekend! xxxxx

  12. Love that tailcoat, so Marlene Dietrich and an awesome piece for one's wardrobe, you look fantastic, and yes very magician like in these photos! Sorry about your dental woes, and gee hope your precious Phoenix feels better soon, best wishes dear...

  13. Dressing fabulously (as a magician!) is the perfect way to make the seas part in front of you. The magic shields of love from other bloggers add extra special powers. I'm glad you survived May - June holds all the good things, which we all know.

  14. *Eaaaap* sounds like quite a scare with the Phoenix. I am glad to hear he's okay.
    I am also glad to hear your molar has gone to tooth heaven. *heheh*
    You make a gorgeous Magician and I hope your June is full of fun and fantastic-ness.

  15. OH NO that sounds B.A.D. Poor you guys. Hope he's all good now. I can't do medical stuff very well.
    Love seeing the reemergence of the coat. x One of the good things about winter. x

  16. hi desiree. that was a full post. i love your magician outfit. i hope phoenix is well soon. scary moments. thats a great tip about the lavender oil. i have a tooth problem but i am terrified of dentists so i'll let it fall out. i hope . ilove june . the weather is better and better, blooms day, my birthday, and a big festival my favourite to go to. oh yes it gets dark at 10 pm i look forward to seeing your winter wears best wishes to your friend phoenix. he's brave. love lucyx

  17. Sorry to hear you guys have been in the wars one way or another.
    I have to say there is nothing like a good frock coat, gorgeous. x

  18. Do hope The Phoenix is feeling better, that all sounds very horrible and dramatic :(

    And clothes allergies? Not quite on the same scale, but still sucks. My poor boy1 has been suffering horribly with hayfever all month and has been looking like he's gone 10 rounds with Tyson. That outfit is not to be sneezed at though, despite the er, sneezes!


  19. So good to know the Phoenix is feeling better. Look at YOU!!!!! I love your outfit ... and your bright pink hair continues to make me smile. Lets hope June is awesome for you all xx

  20. PS. my 10 year anniversary in June, and trip to New York. Excited!!

  21. What a tough week you have had you poor thing If I was closer I would be pounding on your door with some sweets and a big smile and maybe something sparkly hehehe I will be praying for Phoenix what a nightmare that must have been! And OHHH I saw the tooth on instagram, ouch!! I hope you have a nice relaxing weekend with a good movie and a chance to recover from your crazy week. You look fabulous as always I really am liking royal blue with your pink hair!! xoxo Heather

  22. Hey take care, honey, to you and your man. Glad to see you're magic-ing away some of the concerns... xo

  23. FARK ME, Desiree, just when I think you COULDN'T get any more FABULARSE, you bloody well pop my eyes out! I'm so happy to see you dressing so exquisitely despite some dreadful trauma of late. I do hope The Phoenix has dusted off his feathers, the poor love. And your poor tooth! UGH. You look and ARE totally gloriARSE!
    Love and Lustipops to you ALL!

  24. How stressful for you all, I hope that knowing you have so many friends in a giant net of fabulousness around the world helps in some way.

  25. It sounds like May has been an exhausting and stressful month for you Desiree, hope you and the Phoenix are both feeling much better now. You certainly look well, I do love that tail coat on you, you were wearing it when I first started reading your posts so it's lovely to see it making an appearance again and makes me realise how quickly this year is passing! I feel very excited about June as loads is happening, though worried about how we'll pay for it, with a wing and a prayer as usual I suppose! My oldest two are June babies and they turn eighteen and sixteen this month, so it's two big birthdays. Hope June is wonderful for you and your lovely family Desiree. xx

  26. Oh Desiree, the struggles of May have passed, have faith that the magic will return! The two of you have difficulties to deal with but you do it in fabulous style. Dressing up in a tail coat, lurex, leggings and bikini pants seems like a very good way to welcome June, I'm hoping it brings health and happiness for you both! xxx

  27. You & the Phoenix sure have had a rough trot. I hope June is much brighter for all of you. You look incredible in that ensemble. Xx

  28. Aaargh to the broken tooth! And the Phoenix? How very frightening.

  29. Oh sweet the new month is going to be the gorgeous Stylish said you are an magician.
    I am so sorry the Phoenix has had a horrible time.....
    Oh you to.....a sore little muncher is pesky.
    Sending happy magical wishes that some truly wonderful things are going to happen for you and your loved ones.
    Love V

  30. I am so sorry to hear of the challenges you had to cope with in May, but I'm glad to hear the Phoenix is recovering. June will be better, I can feel it. I do love seeing you in a pair of fab tights and a tailcoat, working your style magic!

  31. I hope all is mostly calm and back to normal now. You look fantastic in your tails, I love all the lurex and the brooches. Obviously more amazing leggings too. And those sunnies! I hope you've stopped sneezing and you're looking forward to a relaxed (touch wood) June! xxxx


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