Monday, June 10, 2013

Oh The Drama!

Give me a glimpse of a black and white image and I'm mesmerised.
There's nothing straight forward about the medium.
Colour is absent, so my eye isn't distracted.
Shades of white, grey and charcoal prompt me to stay focussed: "I'm not quite what I seem, go on, get closer, have another look".

Of course, life in colour is rich and exhilarating.
But the emotional depth of black and white evokes pause and reflection on the medium's ability to subliminally manifest mystery, melodrama and tragedy peeking through its in-between shades.
Facial lines, textures and movements are put under a microscope in black and white.
There's no escaping the intensity and the emotion.

Film images from Federico Fellini's Otto e Mezzo (8 1/2) and Ingmar Bergman's Gycklamas afton (Sawdust and Tinsel)

1970s wool tuxedo - eBay
1930s satin bra - Etsy shop, Auvergne Memories
Cat ears headband, earrings, star necklace - thrifted
Green fringe necklace, rings - craft markets
Shoes - Solestruck sale

This week, Tamera at The Menopausal Supermodel is talking about living with chronic illness.
There's nothing black or white about that.
People who have a debilitating illness can't plan on how their day will unfold and those that love them are on constant watch for the signs of strain and fragility.
The grey areas.
The pain, emotion and trauma.

Do you suffer from chronic illness?  Do you have a much-loved one who lives in pain?  Get your black and white going and join the party.
In another bit of news for you, VOGOFF's June issue is hot off the press and it's HUGE!!!
Shelley of Forest City Fashionista is this issue's cover girl and you'd better be sitting down, it's a bumper issue and careful you don't burn your retinas: HOT!!!!

Desiree xo


  1. You spread your legs so good, baby! And your legs in that suit, and with that angle they get sooo loooong!

  2. You rock that dinner suit, you fabulous woman. It's the business with those insane platforms and that glorious fringed choker.
    Loved what you said to Tamera, you are one intelligent, bright and beautiful woman whether in monochrome or glorious technicolour.

  3. Thanks for sharing some black & white. I've thoroughly enjoyed reading yours & Tamera's posts. If only invisible illnesses were more visible, maybe people would have more understanding. Love to you darling. Xx

  4. I love those images! Black and white makes everything so surreal.

    And I love your suit, especially accessorized with kitty ears and underwear!! Lovely.

    Now I must get a VOGOFF button for my blog.

  5. Desiree, you look old school glamorous in that vintage tux. I think black and white photos are so cool. I'ma gonna have to get my black and white on next week. Chronic illness, our own or someone we love, brings out strength, compassion, and empathy we never knew we had.

    Love, peace & grace,

  6. Amor,
    I love you in black and white glam-suit. Damn your long ass legs!I also love wearing lots of black .Your beautiful cotton candy hair stands out with this Marlene Dietrich outfit.I been inspired to wear white lately.I will message you corazon.


  7. Black and white or in color, you were born to be an original!

    xo, Bonnie

  8. All the photos/stills are incredible, and then you appear, cool and classy and chic and sexy in your suit! You look fabulous, Desiree, your hair, the neon necklace and the shoes add just the right splashes of colour at head and heels, it's a brilliant outfit.
    We have our own struggles with a chronic condition here too (Littlest's skin) so I get it, I really do. I'll try and do a black and white outfit to join in with Tamera's theme, and show my support for all of us who are affected by the challenge of ongoing health issues. xxxx

  9. Wonderful old black and white photos. I love it when there is a black and white photo with just a part of the picture in colour. I bet you'd look great in a black and white portrait with just your hair coloured or something.

    But it's a serious issue you are talking about and I know what it is to be a long-term carer for someone affected by chronic condition. It's so hard. You are doing a great job. xxxx

  10. Love those eye print undies - want!

  11. With that hair you could never be just a black and white girl!! Love your sexy power suit!

  12. {{{{{{{{{{{{hugs}}}}}}}}}}}}}}
    You are amazing Desiree--thank you!!

    I've always adored black and white movies!!

  13. Yes, black and white pares things down so well. Everything looks more Important and Beautiful. Really, you are a movie star yourself and the flow from film to your own set is seamless. I also champion the caregivers of ill loved ones who sometimes have choices about what to do but the heart decides all. Those are the ties that count. Hugs. Thanks for making VOGOFF so much fun to make.

  14. WOWEEEEEE leggy lady! Also, that girdle with the eyes. OMG!

  15. Such a wonderful post, Desiree.ahhhhhhh
    I am alsl cosume with desire.
    Desire to be closer to you, ahhhhhhhhhhhh

  16. i love this selection of photos. you look great in that suit i love it. best of all the shoes. thank you for your very supportive message about the coffee shop. lucyxx

  17. As a teenager studying photography I was obsessed with black and white, I used to love getting in the darkroom and watching the images appear in the developing tray. You my darling Desiree like stunning in colour or black and white and that trouser suit is divine on you. Xx

  18. Damn, you are werkin' that suit!! Love black & white photos. Very hard living with/loving someone who is disabled or chronically ill. I've done it. When you love someone you're so emotionally invested... It's a deep journey you take together.
    Becky <3 <3 <3

  19. oh my favourite Goddess in black and white! stunning! xx this is fabulous i’ll be doing it my lovely…in honour of my daughter tilly, whose rare syndrome, smith magenis syndrome, never lets up on her and also to celebrate clawing my way back from depression after her diagnosis! much love…this is fantastic xxxxxx

    Reply ↓

  20. You're a delight in black and white (ohh...see what I did there!). You look just beautiful! My chronic illness isn't so bad, in which I mean it could be worse. But at time having endometriosis has made my life the WORSE...

  21. Love these images Desiree, the man's foot high above the beach is mesmerising, I love to draw and paint in monochrome so I get the appeal, and you look very beautiful in your tux and bright colours, I loved Jackie Brown in her trouser suit in the film 'Jackie Brown' and to me there's a bit of that in here with all the bright glamour. I haven't read Tamera's post so I will have to go and have a little read. xx

  22. Holy legs, Batman! Yours seem to go on forever in those trousers. I have to say, some of those images are a bit spooky and all together they freaked me out a bit... I was in need of your usual rainbow of colour by the end of it! The pink hair is seriously working!

  23. Darling you look SO good in that black suit! A modern day Marlene Dietrich and with all that sassy Desiree attitude. I can't stop drooling over these pics of you with your cat's ears headband, adorable! Loving the white corset top and oooh I want the eyes girdle. Those black and white images were a delight to see, particularly those of Fellini stills, he's one of my fave film directors. In your pics you could be one of his beautiful, dramatic show girl heroines!

  24. Nothing black and white about you, darling! Love the images, love the suit, love the shoes, love, love, love!

  25. From one cover girl to another - you rock that tux like nobody's bizness! You look fab in Black & White, but really Desiree, you are made for Technicolour!

    The chronic conditions in my family were mental illness and addiction, no easier to manage, or cope with, than physical challenges but on good days could be easily hidden.

  26. Is Vogoff great or what?
    Everybody is so fab
    We deal with mental health everyday iin my family it's as bad as a chronic disease, watching the signs and all constant support ect...
    Looking great Desiree!

  27. This outfit is fantastic! While the black and white shots are gorgeous, they just don't do you justice. You need to be in technicolour!

  28. Hip *HIP* Hooray for a tux that looks SUPER RAD, and being a carer. xo xo

  29. gorgeous photos desiree! I do prefer colour but every now and then black and white is good!

  30. I love all these fascinating photos. I also adore you in this rather masculine suit - very cool indeed. What are you like in bow tie! that would be amazing! I like you in monochrome a lot! xxx

  31. Ergh, I've so behind I can see my own arse. Luckily, I don't mind the view!

    That wool tuxedo is absolutely incredible. I LOOOOVE it!

    I love black and white. I'm heading over to catch up with Tamera just as soon as I have caught up with YOU, my love.

    Sarah xxx

  32. Oooo, I love your black and white photos!!



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