Wednesday, June 12, 2013

No Fixed Personality

Three days.
Three choices.
Three ripe opportunities to scare the natives?

1970s lurex flares, floral peplum blouse, skull necklace, 1950s white ostrich-skin bag - craft and flea markets
Earrings, watch, 1950s granny beads and headpiece - Etsy
Sparkly bracelet - gift from lovely Vanessa of Two Squirrels Vintage
Bangles, star pendant and rings - thrifted
Tapestry bag - Dandelion Vintage sale
VW Melissa Temptations - Amazon

I'm fucking crazy.  But I'm free - Lana Del Rey aka The Goddess.

1940s bra - eBay
Corset-print t-shirt - Etsy shop, Carouselink
1970s velvet skirt, cat ear headband, tacky garter worn as bracelet - thrifted

1990s mesh body suit - Etsy
Feather vest - Shag, Melbourne
Purple headband - DIY, more at my shop Sassy Vamps!
Bangles - thrifted and gallery shop
Earrings - craft project by The Stylist which I turned into earrings
VW Melissa Temptations shoes -  Melissa sale

This song and the video was released 23 years ago.
It could have been made yesterday.

Arse-squeezes all round darlinks!
Desiree xo


    Ah, Desiree, you've more than brightened up an otherwise dull afternoon at work! I want to run away to your circus!!!
    Love and Lustipops!

  2. HA, I am left thinking if I did a post on my last three outfits. Hmm three days sick in bed with gastro combined with being kicked out of our rental for a week while repairs are being done.
    Day 1 at sisters so attempted getting dressed. This involved replacing pjs with leggings
    Day 2 & 3 fuck it.. my pjs are staying including the ratty hair and vomit breath.
    Sister and her boyfriend have been avoiding me... Hmm now if only I was as stylish as you!

  3. Meow!!!
    I love the lurex pants, they really suit you! My favourite is the first one, to me it has some sort of old hollywood glamour to it :D
    Huggles xx

  4. How can I possibly comment on all this eye candy? The photo through your hair, genius. And the inner wear on your outer wear with the picture of inner wear - WOW. You are better than Ms. Del Ray. And I love the transpiration and condensation on your coffee table.

  5. You are just fabulous. Love the outfits just Stunning!

  6. once again you made me eyes pop out of my head with so much luscious gorgeousness to look at and then my brain exploded with awesome goddess overload! Come and live next door to me...or better still move in....i will lock hubby in the cellar! we could have so much fun ravaging up the English countryside with rainbow naughty! Oh how you have cheered up my morning! gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous!!!!! (if i lived next door i think i would offer to pay to stop you moving house!) xxxxx

  7. You-Gif-Flasher! Hilair! Fabulous!

    There's something about you and those ears that looks *waaaaaayyy* to natural, too. Made for you. Brilliant.

    xo xo

  8. you make my day always brighter x ps this months VOGOFF is the best thing in the world x

  9. I'm not sure which I love more, the bra-worn-as-outerwear or the pussycat ears headband! Both made me snort a little bit. Really love those purple flowers against your pink hair!

  10. I really love these three outfits, you are so talented with colours and accessories that you turned everything into pure gold!!My favourite is the first one, I adore those flares pants, but you look amazing even without them!!

  11. well, that was a great way to wake up, better than the coffee that's brewing. Your legs go on forever.

  12. First of all I just have to say again how much I love your hair like that. You look SO pretty! I do love the first ensemble, but golly gosh you are channeling the one & only Madonna in that body suit. Your legs go up to your armpits! Hot stuff!!!! Xx

  13. Everytime I see that victrola I melt...and those green pants are to die for, you look so lovely, thanks for sharing!

  14. I am full from all this Desiree eye candy! You are as sexy as you are strange! Love you!

  15. Hey Desiree, I like this veil thing on your head and the tapestry handbag and the green pants as well. Have a happy week!

  16. You are like champagne in a chilled glass- perfect with everything.
    I feel tingy and happy and not capable of driving. Love the vintage dress with the modern touches. Love you.

  17. You just cheered up my English boring day! Such a floral puta. I just want to spank you in mesh bodysuit.


  18. :::::fanning myself:::::
    This was not safe for work--seeing you drop your lurex trousers like that!!

    LOVE everything--you just are the most awesomest pink-tressed aussie I know!!

  19. You are a wonder to behold (I'm sure I've said this hundreds of times before). Lurex....velvet....mesh....wowsers! xx

  20. DIVOOOOONNN!!!!!!!
    Come shock MY neighbours baybee lol!!
    Everytime I see those gree lurex trousers my heart misses a beat.

  21. Great styling, Desiree. Love those flares and the feather gilet. I'm also seriously in love with your gramophone and your cute teacosy. And the cat headband!

    Annie xxx

  22. those green velvet flares are just the cat's nipples. I bloody love them. I also love your little strip tease, rather saucy! xxxx

  23. I am always delighted to see those fabulous green lurex pants - and then it got even better when you dropped them!
    You look stunning, of course, quite the lady in your peplum blouse, and then ridiculously saucy with your bra on the outside and wearing that amazing bodysuit.
    Gorgeous, naughty, feathery and fun! xxxxx

  24. So much wonderful colour, I think my pupils have dilated! Not sure I should have looked at this before going to bed, I'm all excitable now! Love so many things, your bracelets, your bag, your outfits, your house, your cat ears, your 1940s bra, oh the list goes on! xxxx

  25. Hooray for lounge-room strip-a-grams!

  26. Will you come and perform at my next party? (not that I've ever given a party..)Between the circus tricks and your sassy striptease you would blow everyone's minds! I just love your devil-may-care attitude when it comes to everyday outfits and I can't decide which of these is my favourite. Lana Del Rey is awesome, is she not?

  27. I love the double bag, and the overdose of beauty and inspiration, my wonderful Desiree.

  28. You Gypsy Queen, you are ravishing and oh so seductive in those gorgeous outfits! I adore you in those green flares, and then flashing those amazing pins of yours woweeee.

  29. Holy awesomeness, I have so much catching up to do!

    1 Your HAIR looks more amazing every day
    3 The bangles of happiness!
    4 Drop your pants, biatch!
    5 YAAAYY!!!

    Sarah xxx

  30. I always feel like Dorothy when I come to your posts Desiree, one minute I'm in grey old Kansas, then boom, suddenly it's technicolour everywhere! There's so much fabulousness here I don't know where to start, maybe with those amazing legs of yours! Love Lana Del Rey too, I know she's been accused of being a fraud but I listened to her old Lizzie Grant stuff on YouTube and I think you can hear what makes her great in it, it was already there in Lizzie to be Lana, if you know what I mean. If she keeps at it she'll be as fabulous as you one day! xx

  31. Your home decor is just glorious Desiree, love your style lady x

  32. Well, I love all 3 outfits, but certainly went all a flutter at you flashing those beautiful legs of yours. You look stuuningly divine and so energetic. Xx

  33. Bien joué fille de cirque !
    (means) Well done circus girl !

  34. I haven't visited for a while and OMG your new (to me) pink hair!!! So fabulous!

  35. I was just recommended your blog by someone in the comments on my blog!

    I absolutely love those green trousers! Glad I popped by!

  36. You have the best attitude to life! You make me smile, so I thank you.

  37. Your blog always makes me grin! I would do terrible, terrible things for a pair of flares like those.

  38. All three outfits are true Desiree! Hats with veils never cease to delight and your expressions of freedom thrill me every time I visit your treasure of a blog. How could anybody resist a mesh body suit!

  39. You're amazing ! And those pants are just perfect !


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