Monday, February 11, 2013

Welcome, Come In, Sit Down

Mama's hair is dripping with lovely moisturising olive oil, so no pics today.
Instead we're going for a wee stroll to have a look at some of the few parts of the house to have escaped the domestic sluttery curse.
K?  C'mon, bring your cuppa.

Oh dear it looks like Mama's nodded off here.
My local discount chemist employs a lovely make up artist who recently taught me a good way to apply black eye make-up.
The eye on my left is a bit crooked, but I'm practising and I was still over the moon that it lasted all day.

Oh look, it's The Stylist who has been busy styling up a sweet black floral frock a friend gave her.
The mix of red checks and black florals reminds me of our beautiful Bella of The Citizen Rosebud.

The vintage bangle with rhinestones is just the right size for that wee wrist and the blue floral shoes were one of the free pairs of shoes we found in our Sunday market car park.
The Lego lady, or Flamenco-Lady-Without-Fan reminds me of dancing diva, Veshoevius.

Lily, the rapidly-growing kitten is shown some cute wee bargains from a toy sale at Aid for the Blind last week.

This is one of the spots where Mama gets her non-domestic work done, which of course, includes regularly leaping out of her seat to bounce around with Soundcloud.

This lovely quilted collage geisha is always telling me to "get orf the bleedin' 'puter!"
But she does give me super tips such as "How-to-make-toe-socks-look-sexy and "Oh-the-things-you-can-hide-in-an-obi".

Black and white portraits of children and a sculpture by #2 Son made three years ago.

The drawing was done in Melbourne in October, 2011, but some water seeped into the back of the frame ... grrrrr!

Number 1 Son as a cuddly four-year-old and his red-headed mama (25), who wore lots and lots of black back in the 90s.

Note to self: Buy more frames.

Books, books, books ... but I'm so easily distracted.

Distracted by cheeky-looking children ... 

or distracted by the urge to make stuff, like this pink headband I made for a photo shoot by Sydney photographer and blogger, Dusk.

More children and shelves crammed with stuff I love ... this time in the kitchen.

Now if you're lucky, Lily will give you a foot massage.
I hope you all had a wonderful relaxing weekend :).
Desiree xo


  1. Love seeing pics of your home! Very much like mine (and I suppose a lot of us) with so much to look at everywhere the eye rests! The stylist is so creative! Gwensday comes up with some doozies, like shorts in sub-zero weather! Have a lovely one you darling gorgeous woman! XXX

  2. Your home looks lovely.I need more shelves in mine. Lily is starting to look like such a lovely girl.

  3. Ooh kitty is growing so quickly! Why do we love having a nosy poke around someone else's house so much? I loooove seeing where you sit and loll and faff. I love seeing pics of your beautiful kiddos and your lovely self and the books on your shelf and your creations. I so wish we were neighbours. Between soundcloud, geisha lady and me, you would NEVER get anything done.

    LOVE! Sarah xxx

  4. Thanks so much for sharing some of your treasures with us - I love seeing other awesome ladies home. It gives me inspiration to keep trying to make our tiny flat more awesome. I Love that geisha lady - she is just fabulous!!

  5. Certainly a creative home (of course). Are the owls what they seem?

  6. I love the sketch of your kids, the sculpture, and all the family photos. Your home looks cozy and happy :)

  7. Oh I love your kitchen and the owls. Your pink floral head piece is gorgeous against your blonde locks! Also, I have a kitty named Lilly :3.

    Thank you for your comment on my challenge! I had so much fun. And YES! I love men's button-ups, they're made so darn well and are warm. I have SO many button-ups that I've stolen from men. Sometimes I'll even go to the men's section of thrift stores for them =D

  8. Such a sweet post today. The stylist looks so pretty in her outfit and those toys so much lovely colour there. Love your little family black and white drawing and all the family photo's such lovely memories to hold close. Those owls are so cute my friend Vic collects owls to. You look gorgeous as always. Have a good week, dee xxx

  9. Oh, look at Lily, she's flourishing! Bless her!
    I adored a trip around your home, got exited about browsing your bookshelves, loved you as a red-headed yummy mummy and seeing how your gorgeous kids had grown.
    The Stylists collection of toys is as colourful and cheery as her and her Mama's wardrobes. xxxx

  10. I love having a nosey around people's homes, so thank you for this Desiree. You look the spit of the Stylist in that photo of you at 25. xx

  11. Love your fabulously decorated home. The Stylist is so cute. I love that beautiful picture of you and your 4 yr old son.

  12. I love these glimpses you give us of your home and family - it's almost as good as popping round for a cuppa and a natter.

  13. I loved the little tour around your home; I especially like seeing others bookshelves xxx

  14. Your home looks so beautiful, happy and cosy Desiree, like lots of living and loving goes on there. I love having a nosy around the place. The stylist's doll's house book reminds me very much of a book I had when I was young and I read it over and over I loved it so much. xx

  15. So lovely to have a nosy around your house! Beautiful photos, and I'm totally smitten with your gorgeous kitten!

  16. Love your home and your daughter looks amazing! Love all of her thrifty finds she learned from the best right! and your kitten is soooo cute great photos love Heatherv

  17. Your house is just as warm and cozy as I imagine! Love seeing a 25 year old you, precious picture!

  18. So enjoyed a look around your home... thank you for sharing! Your little stylist takes after her mamma... she is gorgeous! Have a great week my dear!

  19. I love the two house teapots. And all the colourful pics from everything.

  20. I do love a house full of 'Stuff'! I love having my things around me so it's fascinating to see other people's treasures.

  21. I love that photo of you and your gorgeous wee boy in the 90s. I would love to see some more pictures of you from back then (please, please, please). The stylist certainly lives up to her nickname, she's a true styling talent and I'm loving that funky flamenco lego necklace.
    Lot's of love,

  22. The Stylist is just too too adorable!!! And Lily gets cuter all the time!!
    Thoroughly enjoyed touring your home!! It's beautiful!

  23. Thanks for the mini tour! Love the portrait of mother and child.. beautiful!
    FREE shoes - YAY!!! Happy Days!

  24. Always love seeing around other people's homes! I love your little interet nook. I'd love to have a corner of the house all to myself. The pictures of your children are seriously gorgeous. It's obvious where they get their looks from. I would love to see more photos of 90's Desiree with her long hair and her vampish attire! And the make up looks fab. I have never been able to master black eye makeup but have always wanted to. Maybe you could post a tutorial sometime??!! xxxx

  25. I loved having a nose round your place. Plenty of books of course, I'd love a look round your bookcase. That big owl looks quite depressed though! Such a beautiful photo of you at 25! So many wonderful photos of your family too. Lily is a beauty and I recognise that naughty look she's got! Love you lovely lady. I'd love to pop round for a film night! xxx

  26. Ahhhh! I had a nice time peeking around your home. *lol* The old pics are fantastic. I need more of my own around to look at. They are stuffed in albums that are hiding somewhere.
    Great score of toys. Even I can't pass up a good toy at a thrift store. (NO WAY!)
    Kitty is getting so big and the Stylist looks Styling!

  27. Ooh, I wish I could pop over for a real life tour and a cup of tea! Your home reflects the darling people in it - clever, engaged, stylish, quirky, connected, sweet and fun.
    Can't decide who is more adorable, Lily or The Stylist.
    Or you with your baby boy and long dark hair - you look like Kristin Davis from Sex and the City (only better!) And then here you are a few years later, rocking the smoky eye look like a film star, woo hoo! xxxxx

  28. I'm here to remind you to get more frames, and make more stuff! Your life has been a creative journey, thanks for sharing!

  29. h my, do tell us the trick for the eye make up- I have a hard time with the black stuff - altough I use primer and all that it seems to get smudged every single time!
    Lovely to see the little nooks and crannies around your house, lots of interesting things to look at!
    (PS: I mentioned you in my latest post)


  30. What a lovely interlude and such gorgeous photies too. And now I'm going to have to buy Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children having seen it on your bookshelf :)

  31. "Note to self: Buy more frames" made me laugh.

    The Stylist is totally adorable.

  32. Home tours are my fave! I'm stealing "domestic sluttery". Yep. Say no more about it.

    The Stylist is very gifted in fashion, like her mum.

    I wanna come over and play with the new toys and the kitteh - and you, of course.

  33. Gah, you've always been beautiful! I was hoping to improve as I get older!


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