Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The Right Attitude to Rain

Alexander McCall Smith's book titles have always intrigued me.
I can't help thinking of one his books set in Edinburgh when I reflect on the past week, which has been yet another period of deluge after deluge of rain.

Lots of time spent indoors, cleaning, organising, making stuff, getting long-overdue shite done, I do believe I've quite mastered the right attitude to rain this week ... 
Remember THOSE vintage ballerina sheets I bought from Vinnies late last year, then the lovely 1970s pattern lovely Tamera sent me last week?

Well today they met, hooked up and spent the day giving each other pash-rash.
The thought of making a skirt or a frock out of the sheets just felt terribly wrong and I couldn't do it.

These super-pants shall be known as The Nutcrackers due to the effect they had on the locals this afternoon.
I have a modest-sized fan club of elderly gentlemen in town, who today were chasing me down the street with proposals of marriage, comments such as "I hope you don't mind me looking, but your outfit sets off your figure beautifully", to one of my "boyfriends" who stood on the street and saluted me.

I think it's hilarious and sweet ... The Phoenix tells me "you've gotta watch the old buggers, they know exactly what they're up to".

The Stylist and I have this move we do called The Grinch, from the Jim Carrey movie - he does this when he's trying to find a flattering outfit.

Tomorrow I'll take in the waistband and make a slight adjustment to the zip accordingly as they're a wee bit big in the waist, but hellz I'm happy as a ballerino (ballet dude) in tights showcasing his bulging package onstage!
Green silk scarf - gift from hostess-with-the-mostest, Tamera
Johnny Cash earrings - Create Beautiful Beads
Vintage patchwork bag - Two Squirrels Vintage
1930s satin bra - Etsy shop, Auvergne Memories
Necklaces, vintage brooches, bangles and rings - op shops and craft markets
Nutcracker pants - match-made by me!
Green velvet wedges - Nine West sale
May the right attitude to rain continue!
I hope you're all enjoying a satisfying week lovelies.
Desiree xoxo


  1. Love those pants. I mean, really. Are they seeing anyone? :)

  2. Abso-ballerin-iant! Good job on the trousers.

  3. Gosh, you are being mega crafty this week, definitely got the right attitude to rain!
    You look fabulous in your new ballerina bells.
    I agree with The those old buggers, I bet they are just dying to to fondle your magnificent booty or cop a quick feel of your booboids.
    Lot's of love,

  4. You can definitely crack a few nuts in those magnificent slacks, Desiree! Though that seems a most inappropriate name for them, they are clearly Super-Pants of Awesomeness.
    Perfect use of that glorious sheet fabric, and the 30s bra and headscarf and all the blingy bling set the trousers off a treat.
    Definitely the right attitude to rain. Like the old fella - I salute you! xxxx

  5. Adore those pants, thanks for sharing!

  6. Oh that's sooo hilarious about the old geezers following you about town. It doesn't surprise me in the least, your slacks are MAGNIFICENT. xx

  7. Sound like we're having the same weather. I've been sewing up a work. I've been putting sparkly fabric on bras for the upcoming musical. And I get to make pumpkin breaches!

  8. Those pants truly rock! You've done a fantastic job there, they look amazing & I'm not surprised you've got old men chasing you down the street, they've got brilliant taste!
    Love it when you wear a headscarf and I'm in love with those yellow beads! xxxxxxx

  9. Wow--that pattern and those sheets were a match made in heaven!! LOVE them!! I need to make myself some wide legged pants for summer!!

    I'll bet the ole coots were chasing after your fabulius self-wanting to pinch your bum!!

  10. wouuuuu, so Fabulous Pants, love the print, love the shape and love your glorious style inside them, my dear lady!!!, gorgeous as usual and accessorized as a Queen, love all that brooches on your scarf-turban!!

  11. Those pants turned out great! I also had old men casing after me. But it wasn't for themselves it was for their sons! They wanted me to date their sons but they were too chicken to ask me out.

  12. Oh i do love the pants !! So fab !

  13. Wow!!!! You made the perfect trousers out of these sheets girl!!! And the gold top was a perfect compliment to them!

  14. Those pants are my dreams come true. Also I've been following your blog for eons, but I believe this is my first comment! You're truly inspiring with your bold and colorful style :)

  15. Eep oop! I am just nuts about vintage ballerinas. Your pants are tu tu cute!

  16. gawwwwd I love that satin bra! and those trousers are just amazing! You look wonderful in them. I really love that fabric, it needed to be shown off. I can imagine you walking down the street to wolf whistles! xxxxxx

  17. I love your blog. I love those trousers. lucyx

  18. The Nutcrackers!!! hahahaha Pants with ballerinas-- so perfect! I think I enjoy that too much. And an old guy actually saluted you! That is beyond awesome. The Phoenix telling you to watch out for the old buggers, they know what they're doing lolzzzz
    I like what you're workin' with The Grinch move!
    Becky :)

  19. ADORBS! Really. What with the head scarf AND those brilliant pants, you are *all fun* squeezed into one great package! xo xo

  20. Absolutely bloody amazing you are! Those pants rock and I am knocked bandy.

  21. Those are AMAZING! I do love a crazy pair of trousers. I'm not surprised you're being stalked by randy pensioners!

  22. You are a joy to behold. Sheer delight in a floral pattern and vintage privvies. Rain on.

  23. I loved that material when you bought it Desiree, and these trousers are gorgeous. I think you made a good decision to go for trousers, a dress or skirt might have been just too pretty pretty whereas these are more fun. Love the top you teamed them with. The only men who ever flirt with me are old pensioners so god bless them I say! xx

  24. Hehe, I love how high-waisted old pants patterns always are. These look almost Hawaiian from a distance. Love your limey headscarf!

  25. Haha! You crack me up! I vaguely remember the dress cutting at Tamera's party. Was that for aid in resuscitating me? Or were you all looking for the snake?

  26. Of course those fellas were chasing you - prancing around in your sheets! Love the pattern and you are too cute in them.

  27. Those ballerinas will be so happy now that they are adorning you, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    Always magical, my dear Desiree.

  28. Those pants are INCREDIBLE!!!! LOOVVVVVE the print so much! How brilliant to turn them into pants! They look soo Oscar de la Renta or Lanvin styles! And that necklace is SOOOOOO GORGEOUS!
    xoThe Beckerman Girls

  29. You made those trousers yourself? They're incredible, I want some!! You're so talented AND so gorgeous Desiree, I'm not in the slightest you have a fan club, bet it's increasing by the day!

  30. Now that's a great job on the pants - the fabric is just to die for!!!
    I hope the rain is gone by now though :)


  31. I think that those pants, and you in them, just gave me a bit of a stroke....I'm sure I'll be alright in a few hours but I may have to lie down ;)

  32. Oh my gosh, they're BEAUTIFUL! YOU are beautiful. This is my new favorite; SO MUCH AMAZING! The gorgeous super-pants, that stunning necklace..I am beyond inspired!

  33. visiting from recycled fashion. These are spectacularly awesome. What a great find at Vinnies and what a fab set of trousers.

  34. I LOVE THESE FLARES! You're so clever, great to see you've been sewing again xx


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