Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Cross the Black-Eyed Gypsy's Palm with Silver

I'm ready to run away and join the circus.
But it must be done in style and I mustn't be spotted for lack of talent or circus skills.

Thanks to that Maryland magician, Tamera the Menopausal Supermodel, I'm all set and ready to rumble.
Today, a surprise parcel arrived from our talented artist, who despite coping with blizzards and metres of snow, is still letting her creative streak rip!

I was in despair at my lack of circus skills and this parcel of joy has reinvigorated my desire to circus-alla-da-tings.

A beautiful handmade card with shiny, shiny circus yumminess!

Oh Frida how I love thee ...

The Dutch twins will take up permanent residence on the coffee table.

Beryl the Peril was always fond of a pair of lovely slacks (don't you just love-hate that word?) and since this pattern is spot on for size, I'm feeling an uncontrollable urge to create, create, create!
Thank you Tamera, you are an angel!!

As for my circus obsession, I think I'll be able to pass myself off as a palm-reader in this get-up.
But if my masquerade fails, I'll do a few leg kicks to distract the punters before running off with their silver.

I have to look the part to lure in and pack the punters into my tent.
So I made you a video of how I blacken up and mystify my eyes, my favourite look these days.
I'll do glitter eyes for you next!

DIY floral headband - more in my shop, Sassy Vamps!
Bill Blass silk scarf and beautiful Frida necklace- gifted by glorious Tamera
Sari top, metal necklace and bangles- thrifted
Leggings - Black Milk sale
Blue flower ring - ballet shop
Vintage earrings and crinoline - Etsy

"Shut your waggily ass up and sit the fuck down!"

Don't forget you're invited to Tamera's birthday party on February 23, just get your party outfit pics in by the 22nd and rock on!
Top 'o the world baby, I'm on top o' the world!
Wishing a top day to all you gorgeous freaks out there.
Linking to Tah-dah! Tuesday:).
Molti baci,
Desiree xoxo


  1. I would definitely have you read my palm for a wee chunk of silver, will a spoon do?
    Last Sunday I marveled at'The Psychic Sisters' little nook at Selfridges and would have loved to pop in for a wee reading but alas t'was too expensive for the likes of me... curse my empty pockets!
    Love your awesome ensemble & Tamera's Frida necklace is fabulous.
    Lot's of love,

  2. Yay, I love the tutorial video. It looks easy enough even for me to try!! Your parcel of joy is certainly joyful and the leggings - wow! Love the 'cheeky' shot. Thank you for this beautiful freaky post ;D xxxx

  3. You are so freaking cool I can't stand it. I love the background music in your video--I'm always looking for eye makeup tricks. I love your crop top and tutu! Looks like you could be the ringleader of a fashion circus! Also always a fan of a great head scarf!

  4. I would certainly trust you to read my palm, as you look all kinds of fabulous in that get up! That headscarf is particularly gorgeous.

  5. Fun! YAY for FUN! Hey we put our eyeliner on the same way, from the outer edge of the eye to the inner edge! And you didn't make the big "O" mouth when putting on mascara (I never got that.) Love those leggings, and of course you know I'm drooling over the GREEN crinoline! Hey you might have inspired me to play with makeup... you definitely cheered me up, having a shitty day after NO sleep last night (at least I cleaned and got the dinner in the slow cooker, and read half of "Slash" so at least I was productive!) Love you sweets! XXX

  6. I love everything about you, from your eye make up to your bottom, yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  7. "Slacks". Now that's a workd you rarely hear these days....Anyway, your high leg kicks never cease to amaze. V impressive. Tamera's Frida pendant is amazing. xx

  8. Oh Black Betty (bam a lam), I will indeed cross your palm with silver, just before I give that pert stripy bum a little squeeze!
    You look amazing, of course, and look at your flexibility - never mind palm reading, you could be an acrobat, darling!
    Tamera is a gorgeous woman, her Frida necklaces are legendary, and yes yes yes, make some Beryl the Peril slacks!
    You really get me high (bam a lam) and that's no lie! xxxx

  9. You look flipping awesome!! I love everything about your circus outfit but that scarf has to be my favorite; it reminds me of a mermaid tail.

  10. Did you say palm reader or bum reader? I am SHOCKED, shocked I tell you over your showing off your saddle side! And I will surely tsk in outrage once I stop laughing.

  11. I love your circus gypsy look-- I have a bit of a gypsy obsession. Eye make up video is awesome. I've used black eyeshadow before but could never get it quite right, and I see you actually put the liner over the entire lid first... Maybe time for me to try again.
    Damn woman!! you are super limber and coordinated
    very impressive
    Becky :)

  12. I love this gypsy circus look and who doesn't get happy at the sight of stripe tights and tutu's.....I LOVE IT ALL! Tamera has blessed you with a magical Frida necklace, aren't they just to die for!!!!! This is a really great outfit for it. Love the video too, seeing you in action makes me smile!

  13. The thing that is happening at the top of your head is WONDERFUL. SO wonderful! How I love me a great head-dress action xo xo

  14. Fabulous - ready to read palms or I could see you doing high kicks on the backs of the horses! I will have to give the tutorial a go - haven't tried all black eyes before x

  15. I love this post . you look great. lucyxx

  16. I will cross your palm with silver any day - but I want to see you atop a zebra first! I love your gypsy look and I will check out your makeup tutorial tomorrow - I have a new palette which needs using.


  17. Oh that Tamera is such a sweetheart! And the circus would be too lucky to have your beauty and talent, D. Thanks for linking up!

  18. Your post title reminds me of a poem from my childhood, something about "she's gone with the raggle taggle gypsies, oh" I'm going to look it up. I love the circus so much. XX

  19. Love the vid! I used to wear my eye makeup like this all. the. time. when I was a teen. Now I'm itching to give this look a revival!

  20. Love the head scarf! I need to create some things too. I just bought a lot of fabric today. :)

  21. Holy jeezus, there's a lot of great energy in here today!! One can never wear too much eyeshadow!

  22. Well you sure would fool me! I would totally think you were a circus Chic. I am crazy over your get-up and your green crinoline, stripey leggings and red top. The makeup is DIVINE. I think you need a pony for your next birthday!

  23. HA! I love your circus chic! Please also make the horrible tunic with the slacks for the complete look :)

  24. Tamera rocks! What utter fabulous you got. We should all wear our Frida pendants to her party!
    Love the fortune teller look, your make-up looks fabulous and so do you. Fancy teleport-ing that tutu to me to wear at the photoshoot later? it's the answer to my prayers! xxxx

  25. I love the tutorial!!! I usually wear panda smokey eyes, but this is an easier and more impressive way to get the perfect black (I usually don't do the pencil base)!!
    I love everything Tamera sent to you, especially her famous Frida's necklace and the handmade card (a masterpiece!).
    You look amazing as always in your circus dancer-fortune teller inspired outfit! Yay!!!!
    Lots of love xxxxxxx

  26. No one asked for it, but I provides an advice if you are in a a hurry. Smear mascara on your eyelid and smudge with an eyeliner. If it sticky at the wrong place - remove it with a bit of skincream. / U-M - always in a hurry

  27. Loving smacks to your waggily ass :)

    If you're going to do the khol pencil thing - it goes on smoove as buttah if you warm it first. Your handy-dandy bedside lamp bulb is ideal (ahem). Just doodle the tip of your pencil on the lit bulb and it will go melty soft. No dragging your eyelids .... ahhh better.

    I also purchased this crayon (Queen Attitude - how could one resist). It's like a pointy black lipstick and very creamy/dense. They have it for cheap on Amazon UK and I'm sure you'll find it closer to home or on eBay for even cheapers.

  28. I went to the Fratellini circus school in Paris, I juggle and walk on a wire, so, I feel very close of your circus girl and gypsie spirit !
    And all the colors here make me feel good !

  29. A lovely parcel of joy and you do circus beauty so well you look gorgeous and cheeky all at the same time :-) enjoy your week, dee xxx

  30. You are the utterly divine Queen of the Circus in my book!!!
    Glad you like the stuff!!!

  31. Frida would have loved you :). That pendant is awesome.

    I'm glad to hear you'll be sewing!

  32. you simply CANNOT run away to the circus until I've sent you your present, it'll be absolutely perfect for you. I love Tamera, she's a generous genius. You're a damn rockstar in your video and with those never ending legs. Arse squeezes all round. You look totally stunning. xxxxx

  33. Desiree--You always make me smile--

  34. OMG! So much circus goodness!! I love love love it!
    All this colour sure is brightening up my grey days :)

  35. Yay what an amazing circus girl you make, so colourful and beautiful and flexible (that leg!!)
    What a wonderful post!

  36. Amorcito,
    I love your blackend prosti eyes!
    In love with the Frida pendant and your green crinoline and of course your sexy ass and wondorous head flores.

  37. I just wanna touch! I just wanna touch! I just wanna touch you there! Where?! THERE!!! O yeaaaaaaaah!!!
    I'll cross your palm,baby, with morethan silver! Whoop!
    Love and Lustipops!


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