Saturday, February 16, 2013

Be Offended

Have you visited Briacliff lately?
You can go there without leaving the comfort of your couch, but I can't guarantee you won't be left squirming.
The blessed Sister Jude gave special dispensation for a lovely crew to film the institution, showcasing the hospital's wholesome, healing conditions.
The footage was recently aired in the documentary, American Horror Story: Asylum, but one patient was considered unsuitable and left on the cutting room floor.

If it wasn't for our blessed Sister Jude, I doubt this patient would survive her daily ice water immersion therapy.

Awaiting subsequent redemption from our holy hotness, Monsignor Timothy.

Valentine's Day celebrations start and end with clean teeth, then ten hours of dancing to Soeur Sourire's Dominique.

Pepper is everyone's best friend, loves to play "let's cut some ears off" and never tires of Sister Jude's aural torture.

Are you over the Valentine's madness?
Well, you are now.

Desiree xo


  1. Sssshhh... can you hear that? It's Nurse Ratchett's white white shoes padding down the corridor... RUN!

    I'll smash the window and we can run away together and join the circus!

    You are FABULARSE as always - I love your mental take on VD!

    Sarah xxx

  2. Simply wonderful and delightful! You played the patient quite well.

    That show is pretty awesome. The ending was meh at best. Not as good as American Horror Story.

  3. Hahaha! This really made me giggle! You really are a riot!

  4. OMG! This is the best antidote for Valentine's Day. You are too glamorous!

  5. Jajajajajajajjajajjajjajajajajjajaj. You are soooooooooooooo crazy gorgeous. You have me in stiiches, hehehehehhehehehehe.
    You should be making a short movie next.
    Have a lovely weekend, my dear desiree. Lol

  6. very scary for first thing in the morning.
    do you think st jude will approve? we have the stories of in ireland disgracefull places.
    i love your post.

  7. I've never watched it, I'm terrified of asylums! Funny the name is the same name as the town down the block from us. Briarcliff Manor which is über wealthy, a quaint little town, & was once featured on SNL ("Show us your guns" so funny!) So many famous people live there, the Astor mansion is incredible (now that would make one hellova asylum!) Love the pics, they're genius! XXX

  8. Hehe I love that show! You do crazy well!

  9. I love American Horror Story!!! But my boyfriend hates it, so I watched only the first two episodes of the second series! You are my best Valentine's, your photoshoot puts me on a crazy mood, great on a Saturday morning!! Now I want to play to let's cut something off!!
    Love and crazy baci xxxxxx

  10. Oh, you are fecking brilliant!! I can't watch the really creepy stuff anymore (especially right before bed) but I think you've captured and enhanced and essence of the show.

  11. Feck me you are BRILLIANT!! I love spooky shit and I love you!xxxxxxxxx

  12. Beautifully bonkers, darling!
    I do find old hospitals and institutions particularly spooky, I used to work at Sheffield's old asylum in the tail end days of its existence, and imagining the people incarcerated there over the years, rolling up to the huge Victorian entrance with its clock tower before being carted off to their ward, always sent a shiver down my spine. It was like a small village, an enormous place in its hey day.
    I haven't seen this show, I think I would find it a difficult watch...
    Love you, my never-straitjacketed friend! xxxx

  13. Thanks for the cheer up! I love both seasons of that show and can't wait for season 3.

  14. We just finished the 1st season of that show, I'm looking forward to the second! p.s., LOVING your banner right now. It's perfect!

  15. I am a bit disturbed I must admit! Just don't let them take a frontal lobe. We still need you around here.

  16. Love your new banner pic!!!
    This post is totally NUTS!
    VDay madness I love it <3

  17. Oh dear, Jessica Lange looks well evil in that pic. Hubby and I sat up until the small hours last night chatting about things that scare us shitless! Being put into one of these places came out top for both of us.
    A friend of mine ended up in an institution back in the early 80s and her stories of that brief episode gives me the heebie-jeebies.
    Your hair is wild :)
    Lot's of love,

  18. Oh I so want to watch the 2nd series - its not here in NZ yet. I loved loved the first - Jessica Lange was awesome. If I was making a documentary I would never leave you on the cutting room floor - you would be the star. Love the new banner!!

  19. The new banner is awesome.....and now I'm just a little bit delightfully disturbed!!!! Saucy minx, I could do with getting you into a straight jacket for some fun frolics!! PHWOAR!
    Love and Lustipops! XXX

  20. You've made me break my No Commenting rule! - I just had to say I love how you styled the tulle under the sink and in the tub. This is where all proper tulle should be worn. You're the best. And I'll try that hair style when I break free from where I am too.

  21. bwaahahahahaha - I adore the straight jacket and can can look. My can can is pink, do they make straight jackets to match? I think you would send the staff running - to join you!

  22. Your new banner is kick ass I love kiss throwing pictures, I have a super soft spot for them! This is a disturbingly delicious post and I am a huge fan of this show well at least I've seen the first season and loved how naughty it was. One flew over the cockoo's nest was filmed at an asylum here in Oregon.

  23. Loving the new banner, you hottie! I could look at that all day.
    Fabulous post, love the wild hair and straight jacket! Never heard of the series, I'm a pauper with terrestrial telly, I always get left out of the fun but Krista and I have already planned to break into the Cuckoo's Nest asylum in Oregon one day, get drunk and scare each other mental. xxxx

  24. I've never seen this series either, I don't know if I could handle it, scary stuff freaks me out, but you have got me intrigued Desiree. You look gorgeous as always, I could imagine you in some 80's rock video here about the singer's disturbed girlfriend. Love it that this is your Valentine's post! xx

  25. Omg these photos are hilarious. You really do look like a looney! *bahahaha* You need to get yourself into HOLLYWOOD and on the big screen . =p

  26. You are amazing! You've just raised the bar as far as themed tribute posts go! Bloody gorgeous and totally insane. These photos are brilliant. Your little tutu is wonderful, the see through shirt is wonderful. What will you do next? I'm excited! xxxx

  27. You are amazing! You've just raised the bar as far as themed tribute posts go! Bloody gorgeous and totally insane. These photos are brilliant. Your little tutu is wonderful, the see through shirt is wonderful. What will you do next? I'm excited! xxxx

  28. ahahaha your the best!! :D oh I can't watch spooky things I am to sensitive and then I get all freaked out and then my hubby gets mad I watched something spooky and I am all upset hehehe ~xoxox Heather

  29. Love the new banner!!
    You are just too too talented and amazing!!

  30. God I love you. I don't know how else to put it. Pure madness. Delightful. Delirious. Desiree. Madness.

  31. You are so funny. I want your clock earrings!

  32. Coranzoncito,
    I bow to your hot locaness.
    Your are simply amazing amor.

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