Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Rare Flashes of Manic Creativity

At a creative loose-end on Friday, I got a call.
"I've got to clear out some of your old stuff in storage, do you want it back or shall I dump it?"
Errr ... can you deliver now?  If so, yes please!

A pair of hideous chairs arrived and were the first to be attacked by my cleaning cloths and screwdriver.
I unscrewed the seats, hacked off the cruddy fabric, cleaned up the vinyl then ...

Tah dah!!  I used some of the gorgeous 1970s thick cotton fabric I found for a buck at Aid for the Blind a wee while ago.
Upholstery tacks kept the fabric in place, seats screwed back on and I'm stoked.

Another piece of thick retro cotton was used for the other chair.
I don't like matching furniture sets, so these chairs make me VERY happy.

So is Lily.

Next victim, this old kitchen sideboard I found on the side of the road years ago.
It's lovely to have her back, she makes the kitchen look homely.
I enjoyed jigging about with old treasures like these Holly Hobbie framed embroideries I bought from eBay about six years ago.
You'll notice the wee speakers on the left, there's a great lumping sub-woofer under the sideboard because I seriously CANNOT cook or do anything productive in the kitchen without music.
The gun is staying.
I can't have too much twee in my life and dancing with a plastic gun and wooden spoon is kinda awesome.

This area of the lounge got some de-clutterfication treatment with this old bookcase, another roadside find several years ago.
I like its different sized compartments, but I didn't realise we had so many books cluttering up corners of the house.
At least they have a home now and I can enjoy lying on the comfy couch and admiring them from afar. 
That's all I can manage after lumping all that gear about.
The glorious tutu frock was a gift from Hotcheeks Helga and is simply too gorgeous to hide away when it's not being worn!

I created a bit of a music centre for The Phoenix using the hall table from the lounge, which had been cluttered up with board games.
Gotta find an easily accessible spot for the games now.
Finding homes for everything can be hell!

Old Russian anti-alcohol propaganda poster.
Like Nancy Reagan's "Just Say No" campaign in the 80s, I don't think it had much effect on anyone.

Unlike these naughty boys.

Oh now that's better, that wall really needed some lovely nastiness to pep it up a bit.
Too much frilly frou-frou simply will not do.

Yesterday I was all sweetness and light again and made this cushion cover.
Patchwork on one side and this seersucker cotton I bought from Vinnies.

Wanna see some party action at Tamera's virtual birthday bash last weekend?
It was a BIG night, someone left their snake behind and we lost Clare.

 On security detail, aided by a bit of Wonder Woman action gifted by gorgeous Curtise.

Oh and go check out all the clever tarts over at Tah-Dah! Tuesday.
Desiree xox


  1. So fun.

    Love what you did with the chairs, and you're house looks so cool.

  2. Well God Damn! I love every inch of your house. I heard once that the artist behind Holly Hobbie was a real biatch, but that just makes me like her even more. Imagine the vultures of marketing gurus who wanted to run with her skillz!

    Love those chairs. I would say "mismatched" if I didn't know better. Here at your house I call them perfect!

    So happy we had a chance to party at Tamera's house. Thank you so much for teaching me the "driving range" etiquette skillz. I'll be sure to wear my super hero bikini next time. ;)

  3. love love love the chairs they turned out amazing! it's choice getting to see inside your house! and the dancing vid=happy :)
    as always thanks for the inspiration lovely lady x

  4. Yah! I love seeing crafty-ness in action. You did an amazing job of the chairs and the patchwork cushion is fab too. I really get a kick out of seeing your house, it looks amazing.

  5. Saucy! I bet Wonder Woman herself couldn't put together a birthday bonanza as fab as that!

  6. Hey, thanks for showing us around. So much to see and like... but that HET! Poster?!!!!! Well, let's just say I'm glad you live in another state so I can't come round and steal it. I LOOOOOOOOOOOOVE old illustrated propaganda posters, and that one is a GEM!

    Go you good craft thing xo xo

  7. Ever since you posted your gorgeous little Japanese poster I have been trawling the internet to find one. I am ridiculously envious.

  8. I love your house, the chairs look utterly brilliant and I adore the patchwork cushion ans shabbyed-up dresser with the fabulous mix of kitsch and mental. That propoganda poster rocks!
    Isn't bad-ass re-upholstery such fun? Finding the maddest fabric and simply hammering the crap out of it? Deliciously easy and quick!
    I wish Jon's musical collection was so well-contained, he clearly needs a few lessons in neatness from the Phoenix.
    Love the Wonderwoman outfit on you but I think I told you that on Saturday night at Tamera's party - it's all a bit of a haze! xxxx

  9. oh miss pull up your socks. you inspire me. i feel so dull when i look at your photos. you have what i love a free spirit. thank you for the inspiration. love lucyx

  10. my dear wonder woman, you really know how to dress up your party girl side!, gorgeous & hot!!
    and love how you've revamped that old chairs, and also love that Sex Pistols rocking the Holly Hobbies!!

  11. Squealing with excitement over the chairs, the cushion and the sideboard. Oh and I love the mirror on the bookcase. As for the wonderwoman outfit - lush. xx

  12. Bless you, you did make me smile with your video at the end :-) Loving what you did to your chairs they look fabulous gorgeous fabric. And that little sideboard looks so sweet and cosy with all your lovely things on top those Hollie hobby pictures are gorgeous. You have a beautiful collective home its so homely and warm. dee xxx

  13. I love seeing your house, although I am jealous of quite how many things cool things you seem to find abandoned by the road! The newly tarted chairs and cushion are perfect for Wonder Woman's peachy bum!

  14. You've been a very busy gal :)
    I love your revamped chairs, the fabrics you've chosen are wonderful.
    That purple bass is awesome and the music centre looks fab with the stunning Geisha girl looking over it. That anti-alco poster is hilarious..."No booze for me thanks, I'm enjoying my processed peas and carrots and substitute beef made from tree bark too much, alcohol would just totally spoil my palate".
    Tamera's party pics have been a real hoot, great idea! I love your fabulous get-up, you are a wonder woman!
    Lot's of love,

  15. My favourite blog post title ever just popped up in your post list Desiree, "Old bag drags arse out of bed and buys some shit", that one always makes me laugh. And I love seeing your gorgeous home. Our house is in bad need of a makeover, it's been sliding downhill since Jake was born, and all you lovely ladies inspire me with your ideas. I'm glad you're not all precious about a plastic gun too, I had a friend give me so much grief for buying a plastic gun for Riley, but he'd bugged me for it for ages, he's a nice little boy not a thuggish bully or anything, and little boys in the past managed to run about with plastic guns and not turn into homicidal maniacs, so I didn't think it was that bad! My daughter's the tough one in our family anyway, the boys are all gentle souls, well I'm not sure about Jake yet, but the oldest two are. xx

  16. I get easily distracted!!!I can't comment on your posts without losing the thread! Your house is awesome and the new chair too, I love the sideboard , especially all the lovely stuff you have on it and the gun!!You are the best looking Wonder Woman I've ever seen!!I adore everything you do from craftworks to performance art!!
    Lots of love and Mille Baci!!!

  17. I LOVE YOUR HOUSE!!!! Thank you so much for such a delicious tour. Virtually all my furniture is gifted or thrifted (emphasis on the latter). Your chairs are perfect. And of course who can resist such a sexy centerpiece on the table! :-)

  18. You really are Wonderwoman! What a gorgeous goddess you are Desiree! Love the pics of your home too, and most impressed by your creativity!

  19. Nice work on those chairs! I can see why Lily likes her new perch.

    Your Wonder Woman getup is awesome.

    Thank you so much for your sweet comment on my blog. I'll take that squeeze and raise you one :).

  20. The video is amazing. Amazing is actually an understatement. The chairs are perfect. I love that they don't match and both fabrics are brilliant. I am searching and searching for some vintage fabric and I just don't have luck in that dept. Love your home decor, interesting, cool, eclectic-- the tutu dress is def too lovely to be hid away!!
    Becky :)

  21. JAYSUS!!!
    Just when I think I could possibly fancy you more, you go and poullit all out of the hat and knock me over and SIT ON MY FACE!!!
    SO much fecking fantabulousness, I could puke! You in your Wonderwoman outfit is like FIREWORKS! Your house is looking too divoon, you have a great eye and have picked up some tremendous scores that you've made extra special! SQUEEEEEEEEE!
    Love and Lustipops!

  22. Love it all. I could just park my arse on one of those fab chairs. Your house is so lush. And so are you.

  23. This comment has been removed by the author.

  24. You're a wonder, Wonder Woman! You look hot as hell, Desiree, cavorting on the table like it's where you belong!
    I love looking around your house. Why is everyone's house more interesting than mine? Snot fair! Love the fabric you chose to recover the chairs, Lily will scratch the bejesus out of it of course, but hey ho...
    Your sideboard and all your knick knackery are fabulous - Holly Hobby and the Sex Pistols? A perfect marriage!
    You do make me smile, my gorgeous friend! xxxxx

  25. *Can't stop smiling* Now I know what I will think about while I am at the dentist tomorrow getting fillings. (YOU IN A WONDER WOMAN outfit dancing and slithering around on your kitchen table.) *LMAO* I am in love with your house. Seriously... I swear just sitting in a place like that would have me happy all the time. Your "new" chairs are totally awesome.

  26. p.s. Maybe I shouldn't think about you while I am at the dentist. I might look freaky with my mouth wide open and smiling! *BAHAHAH*

  27. Love the chair makeover! Your kitchen sideboard is fab, just the right balance of kitsch and bad-ass x

  28. guh! Such awesomeness.

    xx Domenic

  29. You are very more funny than the original Wonder woman !
    I love your decoration pictures, make me think that I have to do something at home !

  30. You're such an amazing lady! I love all your home improvements - street treasure always makes good furniture and I love how you've used it all. All the twee is delicious but yes it does need some added filth to make it truely perfect. The video is outstanding, did I try and grope you at the party? The wonder woman look is perfect. Keep being amazing xxxxx

  31. I love posts like this, it's just so inspiring!!! I'm on my lunch break at work now but I just want to run home and tidy up my room and do creative stuff!!


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