Saturday, February 23, 2013

I Got 99 Problems But Bitchin' Ain't One

Has it been obvious I've been cooped up at home for a while?
For various reasons, which I have no desire to discuss here, I went out for the first time in ages on Thursday.
There were many, many chores to be done and much time management involved, but by crikey I was going to frock up!

I bought this floral frock from Vinnies several years ago for a couple of bucks.  One sleeve was shredded and hanging off, so after much careful planning I turned it into a one-sleeve frock and made new facings with bias binding.  My proudest DIY moment.

1950s sateen frock, bangles, earrings, yellow African necklace, silver Indian necklace - thrifted
Snow White headband - more at Sassy Vamps! 
Leopard and lace brooch - made by Helga's magical mitts
Frida necklace - birthday gift made by the wonderful Tamera
Anklets - gifted by lovely reader, Tra-la-la
Red rose brooch - gifted by Dandelion Vintage
VW Melissa Wing shoes - Amazon sale
Bag - craft market

I desperately needed an op-shop fix and oh yes, what a mighty fine time it was.

I found this gigantic painting from Vinnies for $8, which reminds The Phoenix of photographs of lovely ladies in Asian countries taken by his dear late grandfather, Ernest. Ernest was a true WWII naval hero, surviving countless air strikes by deadly Stukas and three sinkings, as part of operations on the Russian convoys in the North Sea and the Mediterranean and Pacific theatres.
R&R must have been so precious to those men, not knowing what their next operation would bring.

Who doesn't love a naff, but unused 1970s tour bag in perfect nick?  Two bucks thanks.
I've seen them fetch $70 in vintage shops.

I think Sarah Misfit, utter temptress and collector of Cultural Revolution paraphernalia, will be going green over this Chinese Army cap.
Isn't it amazing? Two bucks thanks very much.
Needless to say, The Phoenix took one look at it and decided he really, really needed it:).

You know that moment when you spot something, you catch your breath, look around furtively for other vultures, then spring like a cat to grab your item of desire?
That's what happened when I saw this Run DMC t-shirt.
I saw them when they were supported by the Beastie Boys at the Brixton Academy in the late 80s and at age 18, hip-hop became my religion.
Four bucks - and I hacked the crew neck off as soon as I got home.
A more flattering neckline now.

I'm also wearing a pair of 1940s mesh and lace scanties.

Then came The Mask, spotted at Aid for the Blind - three bucks.

Thank you for lifting me up, you lovely thrifting goddesses!
I really needed that slice of heaven.

Still wearing the 1940s knickers, with a 1960s bustier from Etsy.

I hope you have glorious success in all your fabulous endeavours this weekend ... meanwhile, I'll get back to my Rambo marathon - haaaaaa!!
Desiree xoxo


  1. Who's house?
    Run's house!

    Love the tee!!! And the cap-- I've been wanting a camo cap/snapback for a little while now. The military green one is amazing. Love the black bustier and knickers, too. That mask is very mysterious, glam, sexy... I have a little glittery white one like it that I hang on my wall but have never actually worn. I need to go to a masked ball or something.
    Becky :)

  2. Some great finds! Especially jealous of that mint tour bag. The thrifting goddess truly was smiling on you :)

  3. Oh yay to op shop goodies!!! I've had a rather satisfying thrifty week as well, which helped with the post holiday blues. The re-worked frock is gorgeous, but I'm sure you knew I'd love it being my fave colour. I love how it looks being one shoulder too. And I LOVE that tour bag, Mr P has a soft spot for those, particularly the airline ones, but we're yet to find one without a hefty price tag. I might have a free day this coming Wednesday or the one after, so it might work to have that coffee?? Take care mysterious masked woman. Xx

  4. Good work on the one shoulder frock! I reckon it looks awesome as a one-shoulder number! I love all of your finds - in particular that Run DMC t-shirt & the army cap -, and don't you look amazing in that bustier!

    I went op-shopping for the first time in ages today too! Most of the things I came home with were for the new baby, but I did get three breast-feeding friendly dresses for me!

  5. Ooh that dress is lovely and you salvaged it perfectly!
    My favourite finds are the red bag and the hat!
    Have a lovely weekend!

  6. What a gorgeous green dress, I'm a sucker for a rose print. And I would have fought you for that red bag! I've done heaps of op-shopping lately but been too busy to blog. By the way, I was in Invercargill the other day and saw an amazing Burt Monro vehicle in a glass case in a shopping mall. I think it was a 1920 Indian Scout.

  7. well done on rescuing that dress, it looks amazing! xx

  8. I love it! So Frida Kahlo inspired, it is just perfection :)

  9. Coming over to give you a tight hug, my gorgeous Desiree.
    Have a fabulous weekend, my diva.

  10. Get OUT! The hat is amazing!!! And the painting is perfect. Do NOT leave that DMC tshirt lying around or you might find that it disappears into my handbag... and YOU in your glorious bustiered magnificence, are a piece of living art! So glad you had a fab op shopping fix, darling - YAY for treasures!!!

    Sarah xxx

  11. Obviously you were rewarded for your hard work and dedication with some of the coolest op shop finds ever... the RUN DMC T Shirt is amazing! The cap looks amazing on you, the Japanese lady is just beautiful. THe mask is wonderful and needs to be added to the circus runaway suitcase. I also love your DIY dress. I love old lace knickers too so I'm jealous of those and the sexy bustier. You look completely stuning.. what else... oh I love the green dress with the yellow African necklace. You're a superstar! xxxxx

  12. Oh I'm grinning from ear to ear at all the goodies you scored, and yes I know that moment well haha...and that DIY dress is the cleverest, have a great weekend!

  13. What a great way to save a busted dress. Ya did good. Love your house.

  14. Who needs drugs and booze when there's op shop treasures to be had?! Love the flight bag and yes, the British Airways ones go for (or are optimistically priced at) stupid prices! The painted lady is gorgeous and Jon would have fought you for the Run DMC tee shirt.
    You look so cute in that cap! xxx

  15. Lovely dress. It looks good with one sleeve.

  16. Looks like a perfect day to me! I love seeing you basking and modelling in your colorful groovy lounge. Great job on that sexy sassy dress. You just make me happy in here!

  17. You are delicious.

    I love love your scores- travel bags are my weakness...and I love that commy cap! I can see why the Phoenix needed it!

  18. Sometimes getting out of the house is just what the doctor ordered. I love this dress to pieces!

  19. Love the floral dress. I wish I had enough sewing talent to alter garments. Bravo!

  20. How come you ALWAYS look so amazing huh? voodoo magic?? I love that dress and I love the DIY magic you worked on it. Now its totally unique - rather than being just another 1950's frock. Loving the RUN DMC t shirt and also your couch. Awesome sauce.

  21. I love the first outfit so much. lucyx

  22. Yippee the thrifting goddess has been shining down on you, and don't you look wonderful. I want the cap - the Phoenix has great taste, oh, and the asian lady painting, and *blushing* your cleavage. Wow. I also cut off horrible necklines off tee shirts. I think I need my own fix of fabulousness, so am off for a shop with my 11yo.

  23. Oh to much fabulousness!!!!! You look so very pretty in the reworked 50's dress miss Desiree.
    The print of the Japanese women is just lovely, what a wonderful find.
    I hope all is ok in your world, just know that many lovely people think of you often and think you are truly amazing!!!!!
    Happy weekend.
    Love V

  24. That first dress is just magic! Such a good fix for a ragged sleeve! You look amazing as usual.

  25. Love your wild streak!

    -Lauren at adorn la femme

  26. Hope you are breathing a little easier this week. BTW Martin (remember him? <gramaphone) is coming up to see me tomorrow, eeek!! So excited!!!

  27. Well, your op shopping trip was definitely worth the wait - you did GOOD! Love the painting (is it a tinted/painted photograph? She is beautiful.) and you look so sexy in the cap, Run DMC t-shirt and your scanties! Then you up the ante even further with a bustier and mask... Phooaarr!
    Great rescue work on that darling 50s frock. Hope all is well, my friend. xxxxx

  28. I'm a new follower, just love your blog and all your gorgeous outfits! So much fun!

  29. Hello Mrs. Gorgeous
    You look totally fab in all of these picturs. I love your pretty green dress and all the jewelry that is being worn along with it. And "Your shop finds are EXTRAVAGANT".
    RAMBO!!!! Omg when I was a kid that was my crush Sylvester Stallone. I thought he was the hottest thing, and loved his droopy eyes and his totally deep sexy voice. *AHAHAHA* I still have a bit of crush.... *shhh*

  30. So many fabby finds, you lucky girl!
    I've seen tour bags going for crazy prices too, over here the holy grail seems to be vintage British Airways ones.
    I'm very jealous that you got to see both Beastie Boys and RUN DMC live, that must have been a gig and a half and at the tender age of 18, you must have been in seventh heaven.
    The cap is great as is the fabulous carnival mask.
    You look fabulous as always and I've admired your handy work with that fab vintage frock before, it's a brilliant revamp.
    Lot's of love,

  31. There's nothing, but NOTHING like an opshop binge to life the spirits, darl!!! And o,YES, the Thrift Goddess smiled upon thee! I am might jealous of all your fabularse scores, and O so SMITTEN by that divoon frock! Funny, I was just thinking recently about that frock,how we hadn't seen her one armed bandit glory for a while, and TA DAH! YAY! Gloriarse accessorising, you sexacious MINX! I want to roll around all over you, much like a dog does over something particularly succulent smelling!
    Love and Lustipops! XXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  32. All I can say're wild and beautiful! Love your spunk!

  33. I definitily have a little crush on you!

  34. Wow!!!!DIY Vintage is not a crime!!!
    The dress is stunning and now it looks even better in all its asymmetrical glory and with all your fabulous accessories!! I love the t-shirt and the Chinese Army cap, they are amazing and the mask is perfect to turn you into your alter-ego Super Circus Girl!!Awesome finds, the painting is great too!!
    Lots of love xxxxxxxxx

  35. Yikes - that's a fabulous vintage dress, and your run DMC shirt is the very best. Congratulations for showing those shops how it's done : > And thanks for linking up to VisibleMonday.xoxoxoxo

  36. Fantastic save of a lovely frock! That's my kind of "up-cycling". Frock on!

  37. The DIY on the vintage dress is fabulous!!! LOVE it!!
    You certainly scored some wondrous op-shop goodies!!! A little thrift therapy is good for the soul!!

  38. you ROCK my world, you beauty,you!!!!

  39. Great job on the dress. You look fabulous in all of your outfits!

  40. Wow! This post just made my Monday must more bearable. First off, the one-shoulder dress is pure, flowered loveliness - excellent DIY, darling! I want to hang out with you in your RUN DMC shirt and green cap - you look so freaking cool, I can't stand it. Sassy sexpot you are!!!

  41. Holy Cow I want to go thrifting with you! Nice finds - Fabulous outfits!!

  42. It's Run, DMC and Jam Master Jay! I'd have grabbed for that t-shirt too. Glad you made the absolute most of your outing, looking fab and fab finds.

    I think I spotted you this weekend, made of chocolate in a shop in Brighton - check my blog and confirm whether you've been doing a spot of nude confectionery modelling!


  43. The first dress is just glorious! How clever of you!


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