Saturday, January 22, 2011

My First Friend Friday Post

I'm no longer a lurker of Modly Chic's Fashion and Beauty Friend Friday group.
Today I dip my toe in the water and give it a go (a day late mind you).
If you would like to join the weekly group, visit Katy Rose at the above link.

1. Most readers and fellow fashion bloggers value authenticity in the
blogs they read. How would you describe blog/blogger authenticity?

I believe that blogger authenticity is purely subjective.  
For example, a print journal or newspaper is created to generate revenue from advertising and each writer must know who their readers are, in order to entice them to continue to buy their product.
It's a bit different in blogland.
Fashion bloggers usually start out by writing to meet their own needs, which hopefully in turn, creates a following of readers who feel they are "tuned in" with the content and style.
But only while the blogger is writing what they want to read or photographing what they want to see.
If the blog changes and acquires sponsorship, advertising and product reviews, the content changes and it's likely the blog will go through a change of followers.
It doesn't mean the authenticity or quality of the blog has necessarily deteriorated, it just means the blog appeals to a different type of reader.

2. When it comes to your blog how to you infuse it with that true/
authentic feeling?

By sticking to my personal pledge of wearing existing pieces from my wardrobe, buying second-hand, refashioning pieces to suit my tastes and rarely visiting shops to buy new clothing.
If my blogging goals ever change, I expect my readers and followers would drop off, until I picked up new followers who were interested in my new content.
I can't see my blog changing though, I like it the way it is:).

I've discovered how much I love clashing prints and patterns with this 1960s blue sequinned and beaded wool shell top, kids brown kilt and thick tights.

3. Have you stopped following a blog in the last three months? What
made you lose interest?

I've stopped following a couple of blogs that have become more product-oriented.
I don't dislike blogs that advertise, have sponsorship and are trying to make a living out of blogging.
Good on them, I say.
But I have a huge interest in fashion history, fabrics, vintage accessories and in vintage-inspired daily outfit blogs.
That's what I want to see and read about.
The blogs I stopped following simply ceased to "speak" to me - for example, too many "been to the mall" posts, wave after wave of press release pics and stories and bloggers who don't allow comments (why????).

4. We can't communicate effectively on our blogs, something we don't
live in real life... what are some ways you try to live an authentic

I blog about what I know and that's the contents of my closet and the results of my treasure-hunting adventures.
Dead simple.
My personal style has developed since I started blogging about seven months ago.
I'm aware of the style rules, but I've thrown the rule book out the window.
Exploring personal style and blogging about it, is my hobby and I feel privileged to share and that people want to read about it.

The same top gets more of the kilt treatment, this time with a longer green kilt, 1950s coat and bag and Docs.

5. Give a shout-out... Which bloggers do you think are truly genuine
and why?

Misfits Vintage ... lives for vintage style and her blog reflects her passion for dressing up and experimenting with make-up.  Give this woman any vintage piece and she'll know just how to style it.

The Taxonomy of My Wardrobe ... is a blogger after mine own heart.  She's got an incredible collection of vintage and new clothing and she's a fabulous writer to boot.  I love her.

Vintage Vixen ... is a dedicated second-hand shopper who has entirely furnished her gorgeous Georgian house in vintage style, hates credit cards, holidays in India every year and puts together the most amazing vintage outfits with pieces she's picked up for a song.

Helga von Trollop ... cycles to work in her Mrs Slocombe-themed outfits which I'm sure have caused many road accidents.  She's a wiz with the sewing machine and with hair and make-up and has just returned from a Pacific cruise where she turned heads with her daily ensembles.

Crimson Rosella ... is a well-travelled Canadian artist who also looks like a snow fairy in her latest outdoor photos, which never fail to highlight her beautiful features and her ability to play with colour and pattern.

Pink Champagne ... so young, so vintage, so talented.  Just go there.

Clothes, Cameras and Coffee ... this girl knows her fashion history and documents each outfit post with wonderful tidbits and tales of her finds and handed down pieces.


  1. I am soooooooooo glad to see you back on the game of blogging. So nice to know more about your opinios.
    Most of the blogs you choe are dear to me too.
    Have a grand week end my dear friend.

  2. What fabulous answers! I love knowing more about you and how you think. That beaded top is so beautiful, I wish I could find one in that glorious colour.
    I got a mention, and I'm honoured. I shall check out those others I don't already follow, any friend of yours will be a friend of mine. xxx

  3. Wow - thank you so much for including me in any list with those wonderful and uber stylish women - I am SO honorued!

    And I really like your ruminations on authenticity and your very zen acceptance of change and evolution in blogs.

    I would love to make money from my blog but I would never sacrifice my own authenticity to do so and I would be terrified to lose my readers, or worse, MYSELF, by going commerical. It's a fine line I guess.

    Sarah xxx

  4. I think you have an interesting perspective on authenticity~and very accurate. Most bloggers do somewhat adapt to their readers after a while--can they still remain true to themselves? Who knows--we all (hopefully) evolve in one way or another. Paula

  5. i'm the same way - seeing sponsor post after sponsor post makes me want to scream!

  6. I have to comment because your first three answers rang so true for me! I love your take on blogger authenticity... just because a blog becomes different than what you want to read doesn't mean it's suddenly unauthentic, just that it's *differently* authentic. I've been lurking for awhile and I love your style and your fabulous vintage finds.

  7. Socks--it's great to see you de-lurk. You were an inspiration to me in the very beginning because of your bold approach to fashion and because you understood the history behind the clothing. Now, going to check out Helga!

  8. Oh so glad to see you've joined FBFF! I loved your answers and I agree with you totally about authenticity being a bit subjective. But as a blogger you in particular come across as very heartfelt in your passion for vintage, and for embracing being original in the way you dress and revelling in the pleasure of dressing for yourself. Always an inspiration. And very touched to get a mention! xx

  9. Great answers my dear! I definitely have stopped following some bloggers in the last three months due to too much product placement. It makes me really sad because some of them were the first bloggers I discovered!
    Thanks for including me, I absolutely adore your description of me. Although, "Canadian artist"? I feel like I have to go do some art right now to live up to that name! You are a doll and I'm so glad you recommended some other "real" bloggers out there for me to discover!


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