Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Drip, drip, drip ...

We have a leaky roof, smelly damp laundry, an empty fridge and fear of the sky falling on our heads.
But my children, the Phoenix and I have each other to grab on to, hug and kiss and are grateful to be alive.
The number of my fellow Brisbane-ites who are missing or dead grows with each news bulletin.
Images of familiar places around the city now under metres of water are just bizarre.
It's going to get worse, but it's amazing how resilient people can be when they are in real fear for their safety and lives.
I am not mourning the loss of family or friends.
I'm one of the lucky ones.
Brisbane's history books are being rewritten as each hour passes.

I feel the only appropriate look for today is to show you what I look like with no make-up on.

Taken during a very brief lull from torrential sheets of rain and storms.
Don't pray for me, just pray for my fellow Queenslanders.

This is today's ABC News 30-minute report, but the first 60 seconds will paint a picture of what's happening at this moment.

Desiree xoxo


  1. I've been watching video footage on the news here - truly shocking - thoughts with you all. Stay safe Desiree!

  2. HANG ON IN THERE!!! My thoughts go out to all the Queenslanders; I'm too scared to watch the news reports...

  3. I watch it all in the News, but I cannot begin to imagen what it must be like.
    I am sooooooooooo proud of you to find an outfit (in these moments of chaos) to show it to us.
    You are beyong magnificent my dear friend.
    Do keep us posted and take care.
    MIl besos.

  4. I'm glad to hear that you and your family are safe. It's frightening just watching the news clips, nevermind actually having to live through it.
    I hope it all clears soon x

  5. So happy to know you're safe. My heart goes out to those who are suffering.

  6. We've been watching you guys on the news, it looks terrifying. Much love to all Queenslanders.
    PS You look gorgeous bare faced! xxx

  7. The news pictures is scary to watch, hope the worst will be over soon. Take care.

  8. Dear God, Desiree, it is GOOD that you have checked in. I have been following via John Birmingham's twitter feed. Be safe and if need be track him down. He's on a hill. Mention my name and Steve Murphy.

  9. You are gorgeous without make up, lady. If there is ANYTHING I can do for you, even though I live over here, let me know!

  10. Stay safe--you and yours. On a lighter note--you look beautiful with out any makeup---gf. Paula

  11. Bloody hell it's all so biblical - from ten years of drought to the worst floods in a hundred years! Luckily you are so beautific. I'm thinking of you all up there. Sarah xxx

  12. Being up here in Bundaberg and watching the floods we had here and up north I was thinking how lucky we are not to have lost lives and in a small amount of time that tsunami took so many.I know it has touched us all.
    It sure makes us think of life in a different way.
    You look great with no makeup stay safe xx

  13. worrying about you and praying that you and yours are safe as possible.

  14. So glad to hear that your family is safe...sending good thoughts your way.

  15. I thought about you when news of the floods broke out. .glad that you are safe and in good hands. Take care and you're looking graciously strong in that photograph x

  16. My prayers are sent up to you <3
    love always

  17. Such devasting news. We have been following along with broadcasts on television and praying all will get better soon.

    PS - love your photo.

  18. Glad to hear you and your loved ones are safe! I'll be thinking of you and your fellow Queenslanders.

  19. Are you Ok???????I keep on watching the news and things are not geting any better ove there.
    My thoughts are with you my dear and beautiful friend.
    Do take care!!!!

  20. I send dry and safe thoughts your way. After the decade of drought, I can't even begin to imagine how how the floods must be to deal with. I will pray for the safety of your friends and family and fellow countrymen.

    That, said, even sans makeup you are such a great beauty! A deluge of beauty, to make an ill-timed pun. xo. -Bella Q

  21. Goodness! I'm praying for all your countrymen and women!

  22. Oh my goodness, I am so glad you guys are doing well! Thanks so much for all your beautiful comments today, I'm very glad that my drawing sparked convo between you and your man! Very exciting for me! I adore your hat and you without makeup!


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