Sunday, January 23, 2011

A Birthday and an Award

Yesterday I turned 43.
So I thought it an opportunity to respond to the delectable ladies at Misfits Vintage and Devilishly Pleasurable, who have each given me a Stylish Blogger Award.
Awwwww - thank you so much!!
Birthday-related ponderings ... when does a woman stop being a girl?

Now to the business of sharing seven things about myself.

1. I'm teetotal ... I stopped drinking alcohol in May 2009 and haven't had a drop since.
The positives?
No hangovers.  Ever.
My face has lost its puffiness and my skin looks more hydrated.
I can dance forever without chucking.
I've rediscovered the joys of sex and tea, but not concurrently;).
I can drive any time of day or night, no problems.
Which leads on to my next point ...

2. I love driving ... fast.
Yep, I'm a petrol-head.
I bought my first V6 a couple of years ago.
Oh mama, gimme an empty mountain road any day or night.
Sadly though, I'm going out of my tiny mind with frustration as I'm so flat broke, that I can't afford to drive it grrrrrrrr!
Thank Christ for the Phoenix's car, Vernon the Swedish Taxi, a 25-year-old Volvo that just won't quit:).

My shirt has a go-faster collar ... but sadly my gal companion is off the road.

3. I can't remember my natural hair colour ... I think it's a horrible mousy colour with lots of grey.

4. My favourite chilli sauce is Smack My Arse and Call Me Cindy by Brisbane's Chilli Willies  ... I am not kidding.  You won't believe the names of their other sauces!

5. I own 24 black dresses and counting ... somebody stop me!!!

6. I've got a thing for post-war Italian social-realism films ... the Phoenix is also teaching me Italian and I'm desperate to go to southern Italy and waft about mysteriously in my black dresses and a lace headscarf - D&G style:).

7. I'm a cat-less cat lady ... but I do borrow the neighbour's puss occasionally.

I open the floor to all you stylish chickies out there:).
Desiree xo


  1. Hope you had a wonderful day yesterday you young thing you lol and congrats on your award I love to read your posts and I have to say you and Vix are inspiring me to not be so shy and start taking pics with my clothing finds.Stay tuned.May surprise myself one day.

  2. I knew you were fantastic. It is soooooooooooo good to get to know you better little by little...So you are a tea love, eh??? so am I.
    I only drink beer, and when we go out on especial occasions.
    About the car...I am not so keen.Perphaps you have better roads, and less mad drivers on it.
    Are the floods over???????????
    Have a wonderful Sunday my dear friend.

  3. Happy birthday! I love tea too... and I try to "borrow" neighbors' cats if they will let me!


  4. Hahaha! The chilli sauce! You are hilarious! Nice to meet another LBD collector too.

  5. Oh Desiree....the joys of the black dress!!!! I'm soooo with you!! I always have a great time when I visit your blog! Happy Birthday!!! Aren't the 40s great? I'm one year ahead of you and loving it! You definitely deserved the award! ~Serene

  6. OMG, I'm a bit late nonetheless I want to send
    you my congrats for the award you fully deserve
    as well as to wish you Happy Birthday, dear!!!
    BTW, you'll never stop being a girl 'cause
    you're lively, charming and so energetic!
    Baci & Abbracci dall'Italia Desiree...
    but please drive safely! ^_^

  7. OMG We're like birthday buddies!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, GORGEOUS!

  8. Happy birthday, Desiree! I don't think you'll ever stop being a girl. :)

  9. Happy Birthday,blossom!Huzzah!
    Yah,the chilli sauce sounds FAB!I love a loony name.I'm also currently catless,but gagging to be a cat lady again!

  10. Birthday greetings! That chilli sauce sounds awesome! I understand the black dresses thing - they just germinate on the rail of a wardrobe or something! xx Comtesse xx

  11. Happy Birthday, Desiree! Hope you have a banging 43rd year...I'm a whole year ahead of you.
    Love the facts and adore that picture of your by the car, you look like every teenage boys dream.
    Get a cat, you know you want to. xxx

  12. So many black dresses...and I don't own a single one! Congrats on leaving the drink behind. One day soon, you'll be able to zoom around in that nice ride.

    As for girlishness, I'm finding it returns in old age. Happy birthday.

  13. Happy Birthday my love!
    I too don't drink !
    I love to find neat stuff out about other blogger;s whom i admire :)
    I am also a fast car chicka.........
    My first wheels was a 77 T-bird V-8 and boy was she a beaut!

  14. Haha, a joy to read as usual, I too have a problem staying in 3rd gear, after all what were
    the other gears made for?
    I'm an aspiring cat-less catlady, no neighbour with a cat to throw over the fence on the weekends.
    Love the name of that sauce, I suppose it's the first thing that comes out when it hits the back of your throat!

  15. Happy Birthday for the other day! And I was looking through your other posts - that scalloped sixties top is lovely. Pieces like that are always stylish.
    Thank you for your comment - yes, I am busy working on the idea for my next dress, although I'm not sure when it will be completed!

  16. Happy (belated) birthday!!! (Those sauces sound HOT!)

  17. happy birthday darling! you look fantastic! =) i love the combination of your black and white hat with the bright yellow beads!

  18. I always love hearing facts about you because you are so creative and interesting!
    Just to let you know, your Self-portrait Sundays feature is up today! Hope your weekend was lovely!

  19. Happy birthday! I was so excited to find you through Crimon's blog today. Us "mature" ladies are hard to come by in blog land. :)

    Can't wait to start following your blog and learning a thing or too.

    Oh, and I love to drive fast too. Shhh...

  20. Firstly congrats on your birthday and on Stylish award too! And secondly you`re such an interesting person I always enjoy reading you and seeing your new outfits. You`ve made me smile with this chilly sauce:) Best wishes, Elena


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