Saturday, January 8, 2011

Violently Happy

Yes, I'm happy.
Why wouldn't I with wings on my feet?
The Phoenix bought me these delicious shoes for Christmas and the package finally arrived this morning - presents are always worth waiting for and these are no exception.
I've been coveting Vivienne Westwood's Wing shoes for what seems like forever.
Finally, they've made it home to Mama.

I'm wearing the shoes with a bit of an autumnal outfit as I could count the summer days we've had in Brisbane on two fingers.
Yeah you read that right - endless rain and storms.

From the top, I'm wearing a 1930s cocktail hat that's almost tricorn in style.
I added a 1980s feather brooch that I bought from an amazing vintage shop in Brisbane called Adornments.
The mish-mash continues with huge, Indian, silver jangly earrings and a 1950s white lace collar usually worn to tart up ladies' sweaters back in the day.

A fitted leather shell top over a Harpers Bazaar freebie t-shirt and a vintage cashmere maxi kilt is how I'm rolling tonight.
Unfortunately no camera for the long-shots, I had to use Photo Booth for these ones.

Here are the little darlings again.
And you know what?
They're so comfortable to wear as my feet are on a relatively flat platform, plus they're so much fun to walk in.
Waaaaay more comfy than clogs!

I added some rings, including my latest purchase, a big square paua shell ring set in silver.
Thrifted for $3.
I'm sure someone made a mistake in sticking that ring in the Salvos bin.

 I've taken to wearing an intense red lipstick that I've had for ages but haven't been in the mood to wear until very recently.
It's Rush by Natio.

Hope you're all having a wonderful weekend:) xoxo


  1. What amazing shoes!!!! The whole look is just fabulous! I found a great little hat the other day.....I should have bought it and sent it to blue fitted to your head little cap that looks like something Lucy would have worn. So pretty! This whole look suits you! ~Serene



  3. Yay for wings!! My wonderful other half surprised me (and himself!) on Christmas morning with the same shoes. I had no idea he even knew they existed, let alone that I was literally gagging for a pair!
    We've got snow in Scotland just now and I'm considering layering up on the thick tights and socks just so I can wear them. Bit worried that they'll get marked because of all the salt and grit... What d'you reckon?

  4. love these sandals and about the phone - firstly I put scotch tape and then I glued the sparkly flowers, so I could take them off anytime without ruining the phone :)))

  5. You are just the lady to rock these Pegasus/Mecurial wings! Was looking at them online with Mr V this morning. Well done to the Pheonix. Love your oufit! (lace collar is divine)

  6. I was about to write to you, and ask how you were. We have on the News about the heavy rain and floods in Australia.
    You are wearing my dream shoes: comfortable, and stunning. I must pull myself together and get a pair inmediately if not sooner hehehehe
    I adore your fantastic Scotish flair ensemble. You are soooooo unique my dear friend.

  7. wowww I am totally in love with your maxi rings!!!! those shoes fit you great

  8. I love the outfit- yay for plaid!! - but the shoes really steal the show. They look so cozy!

  9. Yay for the tartan! I simply adore that stunning lace collar. So pretty and useful at the same time. The shoes are simply divine - you look like a real goddess! xx Comtesse xx

  10. Now i thought you said that maxi length didn't suit you? Well, although you have the best legs ever that skirt looks incredible. Loving the way you've pimped up that leather shell top and those shoes..well, I'm trying to ignore them as I'm sooooo jealous. xxx

  11. the feather, the leather shell, and the EXCELLENT shoes! Lovely look. One of my resolutions is to wear a bright red lipstick before the end of 2011!

  12. Wow, I saw the exact same shoes in *pink* in a boutique in Paros, Greece! Twas love at first sight, but then my brain kicked in and reminded me that I have faar too many shoes, but the little voice inside shouting "...but those have WINGS!" remained...
    Anyways, brilliant outfit, you go girl!

  13. I love the rosy feather, the glinty earrings between blonde hair and lace, the black wings peeking from bold tartan, your stack of bracelets, and especially the bold rings with your dark nails. I wish I could sit you down in some good light and do my little still-life photo studies of your ensemble. Especially your hands.

  14. How cute are those little wings on your delightful new shoes! I adore your whole outfit, you look amazing, as always!

  15. You can rock the red like no one else gf! And in stark contrast to the prim lace and tartan plaid long skirt? Love the mash-up. And those shoes are the most comfortable, no? Great look! Paula

  16. How did I miss this?? OH. MY. GOD. The shoes! The shoes! You look gorgeous from top to toe as always and I just love how you take a bit from the 30s and thing from the 50 and a dooda from the 60 and some leather and feathers and a pinch of thyme and create such fabulous outfits that somehow just work beautifully. You are such a style mistress!

    (And did I mention - THE SHOES!!)

    Sarah xxx

  17. So few people could pull these shoes off, but you are most certainly one of them! :)

  18. Ooooh! One of the best hats ever and lOVE the shoes! I am a sucker for anything that wraps around my ankle and has platforms......
    I am always taller than Rod when I wear platties!

  19. that plaid skirt is to die! i love the theme of your blog, you are definitely doing all things full of grace.



  20. Envious of your Westwood wings, and you look the ideal of perfection to me. Style + Stunning = YOU.

  21. > clunk <

    okay, now that i've gotten up off the floor.......i never even knew shoes that fabulous EXISTED!!! kudos to the Phoenix!! take care, steph


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