Thursday, April 24, 2014

DIY Blitz

It's been far too long between hand made projects, which could explain a lot of creative frustration in recent weeks.
So last weekend I bit the bullet and spent the next few days throwing a few useful things together.
I started off with a tulip-print spring frock, even though it's supposed to be autumn here.
No, they are not white tights, they are white legs.

Frock - made by me using a 1970s pattern and fabric from an op shop
Bangles, earrings, plastic fruit necklace and fox stole - op shops
1960s bag - Dandelion Vintage sale
VW Wings shoes - Amazon

First up, I attacked this piece of upholstery fabric, hellbent on making a bag.
The inside of the fabric has many loops and threads, so to avoid my bag contents catching on them, I cut lining out of some purple spotty fabric (same size as the main bag).

This means that I made two bags, connecting them at the top and partly down the open sides.
Then I used a lovely bamboo handle I've had for years and threaded it through a casing I sewed at the top.
Everything was from op shops and the bag cost me about $2 to make.
I used my new granny bag for shopping today and she felt like a dear old friend.

While I was out I found this brand new piece of cotton fabric, about 2m long, for $4.
I've been after something like this for a new skirt.

Then I found this hideous standard lamp and shade at the Salvos and dragged it home on the bus with my overloaded shopping trolley.
I think the driver was too surprised to say anything.

Then I spotted my new orange fabric lying nearby and knew they were a match made in heaven, so off came the shade and the brown braiding was ripped away.
A pair of scissors, hot glue gun, a roll of yellow fringing I bought at Vinnies ages ago and some Doc Martin in the background was all I needed to make the transformation.


It wasn't until I got up to inserting the zip and sleeves into this frock I was making using a 50-cent 1970s pattern and some cotton from my fabric stash, that I decided I would never wear it once it was finished.
But this afternoon I persevered, making sure I pressed every seam flat between steps to ensure I would nail my first sweetheart neckline and get my zip-insertion mojo back (lost in despair following a trouser zip incident about six months ago).
Success, plus I like it and wore it out this afternoon.
I do like a fluttery sleeve.

Our weekend has started early as it's ANZAC Day tomorrow.
I don't have any family that served, but The Phoenix's grandfather was in the British Navy for a decade and survived every single naval WWII conflict, from the Russian convoys to the North African and Pacific conflicts.
It's incredible he and a few of his mates survived being dive-bombed and sunk three times by state-of-the-art aircraft ranging from Stukas to Zeros.
I hope your 99th ANZAC commemorations are special, we'll be having a quiet one.
I may swan about in 1940s knickers.
Baci, D xo


  1. You are just too clever for words! I love the dress and the bag but the lampshade is da bomb.

  2. Look at your creative talent!

    That bag turned out especially grand.


  3. Oh wow ... I am highly impressed with your creative talents ... that lamp shade is the business ... I LOVE it.

  4. Not one, not two, but three projects successfully completed! Brava!

    The sweetheart neckline suits your facial lines and chic bob especially well.

  5. I'm having a week like that, too. I was varnishing at 7am this morning. I love it when the creating bug hits, endless possibilities everywhere!
    That dress looks fab, such a pretty shape on you and that bold tulip print works perfectly. Your hair is stunning.
    The lampshade is a million times better and looks gorgeous in your tranquil corner. xxx

  6. 3 awesome projects! That lamp looks totally different

  7. Wow everything turned out super cute. Love the lamp shade and the dress and the purse!! What a surge of Fabulous DIY you had thanks for sharing makes me want to make something ~Love Heather

  8. Talk about a creative whirlwind - how awesome. I love your dress with the bold flowers - your perseverance paid off. The bag is luxurious, especially with your choice of purple lining, and the lamp shines ever brighter now with your personal touch.

  9. Hey thanks for the tips :) I have some cool fabric pieces and have been wondering how to use them... But now I know, a couple of bags :)

  10. There is such a handmade buzz going round blogland at the moment. I love it. It's so satisfying seeing things come together. I love to see befores and afters. You've definitely made that lampshade much better, i love your homemade bag with lining, and that dress is a triumph in tulips. I really think you'll wear it loads. Keep going Desiree! Xxxx

  11. I so have to have a crack at making a bag, pretty sure I have some handles and I know I have a healthy stash of fabric. Wow to the frock, it is fabulous, and so to with the pimped out lamp. Very inspiring, shall go look for my sewing mojo now!!

  12. Killer DIYs. The dress came out fantastic--I love flutter sleeves!

  13. Snap! I finished my frock today too (had to do the zip again, ballsed it up first time...) I am loving your dress, gorgeous fabric and delicious sweetheart neckline and sleeves - I'm glad you persevered! You look all 70s-does-30s elegant, especially with your amazing hair.
    I am oohing and ahhing over your fab granny bag too, and the lamp makeover is inspired. Hurray for getting creative! xxx

  14. Great sewing skills - the sweetheart neckline is beautiful. Love the lamp - is there enough fabric left over to make a skirt? Hope you have a quiet ANZAC weekend. xx

  15. I really like that bag-you made it look so simple I might have a try at a similar project with my stash of waterproof indoor/outdoor fabric.

  16. Each project is brilliant! your dress is an utter delight, the fabric, shape and everything is gorgeous! your beautiful bag too and the lamp is blooming fantastic - I just love the pics of you too x x x

  17. When you start to DIY you do it right! Three amazing creations - I love the frock the best, but that's because I just love dressmaking. Although the lamp transformation is astounding!

  18. Oh yes. Fluttery sleeves are quite the thing. Wonderful wonderful creativeness chez toi. You are looking quite lovely and full of ideas.

  19. The dress you made is amazing, I love that a lot!! Gorgeous. And the lamp too..busy bee you've been :)) Creativity is so much fun, you never know what you'll create next, these are wonderful :) xx

  20. You and Vix continue to astonish and impress me with your DIY skills. I see stuff and think "I could make something out of that", but then it never happens. Maybe when and if I ever retire I'll have some time to experiment.

    The lamp turned out great - the orange fabric really was the perfect thing. I like the dress, and am glad you gave it an airing, even if you don't wear it again. I should send you some of the fabric I have lying around that I will never do anything with.

  21. Nice. I envy your talent. I want to learn how to sew.

  22. These creations are amazing, its lovely to get the creative mojo back..have a wonderful long weekend x

  23. You are so crafty! I've altered and taken in clothes, but never have I yet made anything from scratch... patterns just confound me. I can never figure out how I'm supposed to cut things the right size without having to go out and buy obscenely expensive sewing supplies. That lamp looks so groovy, too! I wish I were near you, we could have craft get together and I might actually start making things again.

  24. dear lady, you're a talented seamstress: you've sewed a pretty frock with cap sleeves and A Zip!!, Amazing!!Actually, my zip-insertion mojo is a non-existent entity!
    And your new granny bag is so cute, love that purple polka dotted lining!
    Those lamp looks Fabulous in its new orange floral appearance, bright and warm, it's like sunshine and so are you!!
    besos & fabulousness

  25. Oh Desiree I'm glad that you decided to wear the frock. It looks so lovely on you and you look very elegant. And that purse is to die for.

  26. This comment has been removed by the author.

  27. It's all fabulous, I've always loved a sweetheart neckline, the bag is gorgeous and the lamp is a total transformation.

  28. WoWoWoWWW ! I'm impressed by your creative genius ! And your home is so sweet !!!

  29. That was one Giant Creative Pimping Attack! With many gorgeous results. Glue guns and fringes rock! Oh...and pom poms too!;-)

  30. Ooh, flitter flutter - I too love a fluttery sleeve. So glad you got your zip mojo back with a vengeance as the dress is a triumph.
    Can't get over what an amazing job the stylist did on your hair when she cut it recently too - looks SO great.

  31. Feck YES!!!! Love the frock, love that bag, love the lamp!!! Nothing like a creative mojo HAMMER TIME!
    Hot to TROT!
    My Father served in WWII, so Anzac Day is important to me. Not that I've ever attended a dawn service! Lazy ass, that's me!
    Love and Lustipops! XXXXXXXXX

  32. I'm feeling so inspired by your DIY efforts. I've got a pile of half-finished projects sitting on my craft table that I'm going to tackle this evening.

  33. I love the fabric you chose for the lamp. Your style is such a joy for me. I just discovered your blog last week and spent the weekend reading every post! My Stylist is 3, but she has reminded me that I used to think it was fun to play with color, texture, patterns, shapes -- whatever I liked. Anyway, thanks for the encouragement. It encouraged me to at least buy some new lipstick this weekend.

  34. I love the fabric you chose for the lamp. Your style is such a joy for me. I just discovered your blog last week and spent the weekend reading every post! My Stylist is 3, but she has reminded me that I used to think it was fun to play with color, texture, patterns, shapes -- whatever I liked. Anyway, thanks for the encouragement. It encouraged me to at least buy some new lipstick this weekend.

  35. That lamp looks WAY better now and that handbag is simply the best! You're magical!

  36. Inspiration all over the place! I also just realized your hair looks like one of my favorite wigs, which explains why I'm so attracted to it. Gaw-geous!


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