Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The Purple-Rinse Set

I gave you a sneak peak of my purple-rinse in the last post shortly after The Stylist cut and coloured my hair.
Yes, I let my 11-year-old daughter do my hair.
I think she does a lovely job and it's a great confidence booster for her to be given carte blanche with my mop.
I hope it's a fun way for her to learn some small aspects of responsibility - especially with the rather serious task of ladies' hairstyling.
I've given up on hairdressers.
In the past 15 years, my favourites have either become so successful they can charge prices I refuse to pay, or they've gone completely insane.
Must be the chemicals.
I'm not precious, so I've been cutting my own hair for the past four years and I couldn't be happier.
I'd rather spend the money I've saved on a yummy treat for the kids or something nice for  The Phoenix.

Notice I didn't mention buying something for me?
No, I'm not being a martyr, I'm just trying to get my wardrobe under control, which means this year's long, hard look at my collection has become an extended project.
I'm focussing on finding new ways to wear things I've owned for a long time, being realistic about what I feel good in, cherishing the things I love, trying out things I haven't worn for a long time to see if I still like them and most of all, finding new ways to wear old shite.
If I can't wear it anymore, it goes.

Did I mention I broke the car?  Long story, not going there, so it's the bus for now to run daily chores.
Today #3 Son, The Stylist and I caught the bus to town and public transport means comfortable clothes are a priority for me.
But I'm not about to surrender my personality for comfort.
I never know what my beady eyes will spy at the op shops and I want to be prepared to lug a chair home on the bus if I simply must have it.
Today it was a Frida Kahlo lamp and a hand-painted cushion in addition to sundry op shop bargains.

No driver would dare refuse Frida entry.

Dashiki tunic, earrings, 1950s handbag - op shops
Sequin belt - gift from lovely Claire
Leggings - Black Milk
Shoes - Dolls Kill sale
Day of the Dead necklace - craft market
Sunnies - Etsy
Peace man.
D x


  1. Well I think you look fabulous for your day out on the bus.
    When I was growing up there was a lady that lived up the road who used to put a new rinse in her hair to match her outfit every time she went out. I found her utterly fascinating ... and incredibly exotic. So now I'm imagining a little girl in your street thinking the exact same thing about you :0)

  2. Oh glorious colour! Those leggings are a great shade.

    I cut my own hair too, but it's curly so it doesn't matter if it's uneven at the back. I actually used to work in a hairdressers (!!) and it scarred me for life. I'm not fussed about going grey either, it started in my 20s and I can't be arsed forking out the money and faffing with finding colour that stays. I don't do hair "style" -- though I envy people who can!

    Have you made a book necklace yet? I want to see!

  3. Woot, your stylist is doing a great job, wonder if she would like to fix my hair too ;D.
    When I was her age I used to cut and color my own hair but it looked nothing that awesome ;D! Love the light lilac shade.. and what you are wearing *_* ! You look perfect!

  4. You just seem a magnet for Frida Kahlo stuff! I love that groovy top and necklace, and that hair colour just looks so fab with your beautiful eyes and smile.

  5. That lamp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Don't get me started on hairdressers. Why must all of them think they are the coolest, hippest people on the planet? You cut hair, get over yourselves! I've been doing my own hair for years after one bad experience after another.

  6. gawd you look friggin awesome! i went brown.....brown hair!!!! still not sure what i think of it. good to see you smiling again after your life roller-coaster of late and that lamp!!! there are not enough ! in the world to express my love for that lamp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! love you xxxxxx

  7. Your hair is wonderful! So is your tunic, and your shoes, and of course the lamp...
    I can't wait until my hair is light enough (gray/white?) to take a lilac rinse and look that amazing! It's about halfway there!

  8. Your daughter did a brilliant job. My last hair-colour person took 8 hours to do a botched job. I give up as well. No driver would refuse entry to you, even if you were lugging a sofa set. That lamp is divine, Frida throwing her light around the room. And you are a star, always are.

  9. I love your hair!! The stylist is amazing. I haven't been on a bus since I was a teenager, maybe I should give it a go:-)

  10. Your hair looks fab...she's done a lovely job. I've abandoned hairdressers too...too expensive and mine never listened, and was full of banal self importance.
    I cut and colour my own, but if I was around the corner, I'd pop in for the Stylist to sort my locks out.
    Love your necklace and that lamp is frigging amazing. You look wonderful.xxxx

  11. Your hair looks fab...she's done a lovely job. I've abandoned hairdressers too...too expensive and mine never listened, and was full of banal self importance.
    I cut and colour my own, but if I was around the corner, I'd pop in for the Stylist to sort my locks out.
    Love your necklace and that lamp is frigging amazing. You look wonderful.xxxx

  12. Your hair looks fab, looks like The Stylist can add hairdresser to her growing list of talents!
    I haven't been to one in years. I can't bear to spend so much money and come out unhappy!
    That lamp is awesome and the shoes rock! xxxx

  13. The Stylist did a fantastic job!!! You look amazing--love that lavender and that LAMP!

  14. I can't bear a trip to the hairdresser either, so I've been cutting it at home for over ten years.

    Those are the best leggings. At first glance they looked like some sort of lame/latex hybrid. They are just superb-as are you.

  15. All your bright colours and purple hair are amazing. You are a walking rainbow.

    That lamp is super FAB!


  16. That outfit looks great on you. The bright cheerful colours are very you but I like the casual/comfortable vibe too. The purple hair suits you so well it really makes your eyes stand out.

  17. Jarvis loves the bus. Yells "ding sing" every time someone pushes the bell.
    I am an ex hairdresser. Have been to a salon to get my haircut three times in the last, ummm twenty odd years. Now I either do it myself, or get Tamika or Justin to help cut the back.

  18. The Stylist has done a wonderful job on your hair, the colour and cut is fab, I normally do my own, but went to the hairdresser last week, I won't be going back as I have been straightening it off since, I'm actually going to buy some cheap hair scissors, the kitchen ones I normally use are crap! I don't drive, the bus prices here are shocking! but then I am a tight bugger - your bus outfit is a flaming delight x x x

  19. I love that you let your daughter cut your hair, that is a great thing indeed. I let my oldest paint my nails or do my hair - I never cut it anyways, but she ties it up or however she wants. She's done it since a tiny girl, though at that time I would end up going to the store with every barrette she could find in my hair with lots of stares, but I would just say they were jealous of her awesomeness...stuff like that truly does work because she'll be 11 this year and her favourite thing to say is how awesome she is!! The lamp was a steal...I love that. Also the tunic you are wearing is all kinds of marvellous-ness!! I hope the car gets sorted for you!! xx

  20. Aren't you lucky having a lass at home who can cut your hair. I have terrible luck with hairdressers. Most of the ones I grow to love end up leaving all of a sudden, & the salon won't divulge where they've gone. Either that or it's the curse of the 3rd haircut, with a doozy cut after a couple of good ones. You are glorious head to toe. I should have thought to offer you gals a lift home the other day. Loving your lamp. Who knows what you'll come home with next! Xx

  21. Love the hair, the stylist is quite the wonder mini lady..I love how your face seems to have an inner glow..if its a skin product I simply must know what it is if it is you i need to see you soon and hope it rubs off on me..that Kahlo lamp is what my dreams are made of x

  22. Perhaps I ought to let Claudia do my hair...? On second thoughts - not a chance! I am a lone voice here, because I adore my hairdresser; she listens, does what I ask, is funny and chatty and a complete joy. Yes, it's pricey, but I only go every 2-3 months, cut my own fringe and touch up the colour in between, and I consider a visit to her my one luxury.
    However, if I had The Stylist on hand, I might consider a home cut'n'colour, she's done a grand job!
    As a non-driver, I am a seasoned bus user, it's second nature to me. You look your usual bright, vibrant, colourful self, Desiree, public transport needn't dim your individuality!
    Leeeeerve that lamp, and seeing the kiddiwinks out and about with you. xxxxx

  23. My mum just leaned over my shoulder as I was looking at this post and said, "Wow! Amazing -how brilliantly Mrs. Slocombe...!" And as I had no idea what she meant, we googled 'Mrs Slocombe hair'. So now I can agree that your beautiful shade of lilac purple rinse is indeed a little bit Mrs S. Excellent job done by the Stylist.
    And can't BELIEVE that you found such a perfect lamp in a charity shop. It was clearly just waiting for you to sweep in and bear it away to its rightful home.

  24. I've been very lucky, like Curtise, to have found people to do my hair whom I like, do a good job, and didn't charge me a fortune. Given the colour combinations I chose for my hair, I feel it's best left to the professionals. That said, the Stylist did a lovely job with your hair.

    How could someone get rid of that FABULOUS Frida lamp??? So glad you were able to rescue it.

    Sorry to hear about your car - those things are always costing so much money! I've never had one and have always taken the bus so I'm used to spending a quarter of my life waiting for buses.

  25. It's hard for me to get a genuinely creative do from a stylist, they are so afraid. The last time I went to a stylist, I had to promise to tell no one where I'd gotten it done.

    I'm back to doing my own now. :)

  26. That Frida lamp is too good to be true! I adore the outfit and hair color. I've only been to a hair salon three times in my life and that was to try to fix my bold attempts at some trendy punk haircut when I was younger...

  27. I think its so great the stylist can cut and colour your hair! She does a great job too - especially with your fringe! I totally get what you mean about having too much stuff, I'm currently having a hard look at my wardrobe and thinking what do I actually what to keep, or should that be - what do I actually wear NOW? Do I need these three black frilly skirts that I used to wear every single day like 3 years ago but haven't worn for like a year? I guess the answer is NO but it can be hard to say goodbye to memories! I MAY even reconsider my fabric stash (unlikely though!). I love the Frida lamp! Any bus driver who wouldn't let Frida on board would have to be a little bit out of their mind!

  28. I just bought some manic panic - you're such an inspiration - thanks!

  29. You look so nice on the photo with Frida lamp, a feast for the eyes. Your girl did a great job.Hope you have the car thing sorted.

  30. The Stylist does an absolutely fabulous job with your hair. Talent runs in the family! And the Frida Kahlo is a find! You look gorgeous!

  31. you look so absolutely gorgeous!!, love your pretty tunic and necklace and that shiny leggings are magnificent!!, You're So Inspiring and Talented!!
    Of course, nobody can refuse to buy a frida lamp, it's awesome!!
    besos & purple


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