Monday, May 5, 2014

It's a Franken-Frock

What to do when you're itching to make a frock yet don't have enough fabric?
You make a Franken-Frock that's what.

You might recall the lampshade I made here, which left me short of orange fabric.
I could have made a skirt but I chose to create a Franken-Frock for the following reason.
It's my protest against mass consumption.  
The frock may not be everyone's cuppa, but I love it because there's no chance there could be another one around.
I wanted to make something that's obviously handmade, obviously scratched together.  
Patchwork on a large scale.
I made do with fabrics in my stash and I've made quite a dent so it's time to start raiding the op shops for more.
The reason for my protest?  
I'm absolutely sick to the back teeth of seeing people wearing shitty 3/4 cargo pants, fugly sandals, polo shirts and wind cheaters.
There I said it.  I step out the door and I feel like I'm being hit over the back of the head by khaki and griege.
Dear People, Please get your shit together and stop following the fucking herd.  It's giving me a headache.
End of tirade.

 1970s frock and granny bag - handmade by me
1950s coat and green necklace - flea market
Pink star necklace - handmade gift from dear Krista
Leggings - Black Milk
Boots - retail

Wearing my pink necklace for Krista.
I'm still using the bag I made, it hasn't fallen apart yet, god knows I've given it a right thrashing and it's still looking new. 

Bet you weren't expecting the back to look like this huh?
All of these fabrics are lightweight cottons from op shops, so is the zip.
I used the same pattern as the one I used for the frock in my last post, the pattern is dated 1974.

In other news, #1 Son turned 25 today.
Gave you a fright with this pic didn't I?
I went into labour two days before he was born and this pic of me looking like an egg cup was taken just as things were starting.

It was a long, difficult home birth, which left his father and I so exhausted, we didn't even get to take a pic until he was two days old.

The cat got such a fright, she had five kittens!  
Our tiny West Hampstead flat was full of babies.

Happy birthday son!
So there you go, Franken-Frocks, homebirth, having kittens and growing sons, all in one post.
I hope you're kicking off the week in fine style!
Desiree x


  1. "LIKE".

    If you need more fabric, come for a visit I have pootloads.xxxxxx

  2. Love this creation & I agree with you...who cares for trends or whatevers of over paid people telling you whagt you should wear, so you look like everyone else. Be creative and enjoy what you wear :)) Birthday wishes to your son :)) xx


    I often have this problem - it's why my stuff can be so patchy looking, but I think it's what I like about my clothes, too.

  4. Ahh, such good, warm, positive things, Des, all together in one post!
    Blimey, you were brave to go for a home birth first time - it took me till the third one to feel I could give birth in my bedroom. Tiny humans and kittens - love! Happy birthday to Max.
    I also love that frock; I can't decide if I like the back or the front the most. Both; it's a draw! Such a gorgeous shape, and yes, unique, and doesn't that feel good? xxxxx

  5. Love love love that dress pattern those sleeves are perfect. You look so young to be having a bub in the photo. Bella looks so much like you.

  6. Your frock is awesome and look at your wee man now!
    Fab stuff. x

  7. Oh Des I just adore that frock!!! I thought the front was perfect & then I saw the back view. I'm in love!!! That style is just fabulous, but the patchwork effect takes it to another level! Yep isn't the local public uniform just so inspiring?! I do enjoy seeing every girl under 25 wearing the prerequisite denim shorts too. You must have been a young Mama to Max. I love you looking all egg cup like. He's a lucky lad to have an amazing woman like you in his life. Xx

  8. I love that dress! And I really like that pattern.

    Happy birthday to your son! My son turned 26 in February.

  9. Happy Birthday to your son!
    Love the Frankendress and that 50's coat over it is just amazing!

  10. (*swoon*) I am absolutely IN LOVE with your frankenfrock! The colors and patterns clash and complement in a most perfect pattern... no pun intended. :)

  11. I've often considered doing that but never actually done it, it looks brilliant, I must get my act together! The prints and colours work together brilliantly!
    Lovely to see you rocking Krista pink.
    Kittens and babies on the same day? Madness! Sending loads of love to the birthday boy. xxxxx

  12. Huzzah for the dress, which is the perfect attidote to anonymous uniforms!

    Here in the States, the uniform comes from the same stockpiles you describe: clunky sandals or trainers, ginormous cargo pants, sloppily topped by hooded sweats; and for both sexes, untrimmed locks pulled back by a band.

    That sweetheart neckline and those capelet sleeves are truly charming!

  13. LOVE THIS!
    very much!!!!!
    i actually done that years ago and -could´t believe - i sold it! it was short before all people in the world started to walk around in gray fleece, black goretex and jeans every given day - supermarket, opera, funeral or wedding....
    i´m so happy to have found this bunch of gorgeous ladies in individual, colorful dresses!!!!!

  14. How I adore your dress! Good I live in a faraway place so you are not in danger I might steal it from you!But I can always steal the brilliant idea. As long as there is tv and mainstream unhuman poiticians people will dress like solders in ugly uniforms.I'm glad so many of us don't.Happy birthday for your son!

  15. I *adore* this dress. I've been itching to make a frock too, need to get my act together.
    Your daughter looks so like younger you! Happy birthday to Son #1!
    My partner had a family do a few weeks ago and showed visible relief when I donned a sensible khaki colored dress and black flats. I do it only when *required* mind, but he did say that he had been worried what I was going to come out in...hahahaha. People are so boring.

  16. The frankendress *gasp* is magnifique! Blimey, I thought the preggers you was the stylist prancing about with a cushion up her top. Happy bday to your gorgeous son. xx

  17. That is the best fricken frock ever! I have been creating in the sewing room to.

  18. Happy Birthday to your #1 you looked so elegant too in your pregnancy pic, I can't believe you gave birth just 2 days later! You franken-frock (what a brilliant name) is just amazing, different detail from every angle, the perfect antidote to all that greige x x x

  19. OK. This might just be the BEST DRESS EVER!!! Seriously. EVER!!! Happy Birthday #1 Son. My baby girl turns 25 next year. Didn't those years just fly by?

  20. Ah, feck yes, tirade away! It's all SO bloody TEDIOUS!
    Thankfully, we have you and your Franken Frock to save us!!!! It's bloody awesome! You're on a roll, you sexy bint, go HARD! More Franken!!!!!
    Love and Lustipops!

  21. 1. Frankenfrock is a friggin TRIUMPH!
    2. Aww little 'uns
    3. Happy birthday wishes!!
    4. Hurrah for being able to comment again (Typepad melted over Easter because of fuckwit hackers)
    5. I despaired of our neutral coloured bretheren until THIS - an absolutely charming man who we were chatting with on Sunday

  22. dear lady, Love Your Frock and Love Your Fabulousness With All My Crazy Enthusiasm!!, love particularly the sleeves, and love how the back looks!, Awesome!!
    you rock so much I would love to hug you to squeeze!!
    besos & abrazos

  23. I forgot to say you really gave me a fright with that pic indeed!!!!, ohhhh, shocking!!

  24. franken frock for everybody! Brilliant idea.

    Let's add cropped pants with plain scoop neck t-shirts to the list. Boring!

  25. I LOVE this dress ... I'm feeling all inspired to go make my own franken frock. Happy Birthday to your boy.

  26. Well that's a great mix of topics for a post. I love the frankenfrock! That was a great idea!

  27. Two days of labour? At home? As the kids say, that's badass.

    The frankenfrock is a masterpiece. The purple fabric is such a nice twist too. The uniform in my neighbourhood is jersey shirts with things like flowers and bunnies air brushed on. The women my age all have the same choppy, layered haircut, with the same foil highlights. I couldn't do the local, "norm" if my life depended on it.

  28. Fantastic Frankenfrock!!!! You always look amazing sweet......oh oh the lack dress effort does my head in too....polafleece uniforms......yucky.
    It's amazing seeing you as a mummy to be......happy happy birthday first baby.
    I hope you have a truly wonderful happy and splendid week......yay yay yay love v

  29. I hope Max had a wonderful birthday, loved seeing the pics of you and him when he was born, and the kitties! That must have been a tiring but lovely time with all those babies, our cat Sasha had kittens a few years back and it was funny seeing her turning from this fierce hunter cat into a more tender creature. The frankenfrock is a beauty too, I love all the colours and the floaty sleeves, you always inspire me to make more of an effort Desiree, I've been feeling a bit flat lately, and not worthy of pretty things, but the way you put it, I have a duty to dress up! xx

  30. I agree with your rant - but in Wellington the issue is black, everyone wearing black ALL THE TIME...sure its cold and the weather is bleak, so how does wearing black make it better??? Anyways I am LOVING the frankenfrock and I didn't expect the back to look like that!! You go lady, I too have an EPIC pile of fabric, and I have some I need to actually send you too! I always forget things.....have a good week and happy birthday to Max!

  31. Qww, your baby son! And now a young man. What a wonderful post, Desiree. Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday, xox.

  32. My goodness, you have been busy! I love this frock and the one in the last post. This one is sort of Jekyll and Hyde - perfect when you're feeling kind of moody.

    Happy Birthday to the boy! You look so vastly different from those old pictures! Funny how we go through so many different personalities in our lives.

  33. Your Franken-Frock is brilliant and you are beautiful in it. Happy Birthday to your son! And loved your tirade!

  34. The dress is gorgeous, but the person inside is gorgeouser! How you brighten our lives :-) Who started this whole idea of being "in fashion" anyway? Why can't we just wear whatever we like? I know I do! Let's all continue ranting away in our little corners of the world...maybe we will start a trend...oh no not a trend! ;-D

  35. Pattern mixing extraordinaire! The sleeves are so cute, you did another great job on this dress. And amen to not following the herd! There's nothing more boring than blending in with all the normies hehe.

  36. Lovey post pet. Those pics of you are so touching. Young mums eh?
    Heartwarming and heart breaking at the same time if you know what I mean.
    LOVE FrankenFrock.Just brilliant and you rock it.

  37. Frankenfrocks 4 Life! I'm way into it. Beats the crap outta khaki pants and 3/4 ANYthing. :) :)

  38. Frank(en)ly, my dear, it's a frocking fantastic creation.

  39. Your tirade is one that I play over in my head several times a week when I am fed-up-to-here with all the black leggings and hoodies. I don't understand why, especially when the majority of them are young and slim and can wear ANYTHING, why that would be first choice. I feel old ;)

    On the other hand, seeing you in this marvelous mish-mash frock makes me happy to know there are folks like you in the world. I love the idea of this, and the final result.

    I can't believe how much the stylist looks like a young Desiree - not pregnant, of course, but the facial resemblance is strong. A very happy birthday to Max! Not being a big "baby" person, I admit to been more drawn to the pile o' kittens....


  41. Your such a great seamstress! I'm horrid at anything but small mends. You look adorable, but I have to say just seeing that pic makes me happy I'm not pregnant. I did not find pregnancy fun. Yay for having an awesome 25 yr old!!!!!


  42. Possibly the most lovely dress I've seen in a longtime! It fits you
    beautifully . Is this a pattern or your own design ?

  43. Love your franken-frock, how creative! But I wouldn't think any less of you thinking "outside the box"! Haha the "egg cup" pic made me laugh! No one knew I was pregnant until I turned sideways then they got an eyeful! You are a better woman than I with TWO days of labour! Luckily my little peanut came out about 10 hours after that first twinge of "I think I'm in labour" comment (I was up all night with what I thought was indigestion!) -- she wanted out, didn't stop dancing while in my tummy and hasn't stopped moving since (not to mention her insatiable appetite, she actually broke the record at the pediatrician's for being the first baby to GAIN weight after coming home rather than the norm of losing an ounce or two, and yep hasn't stopped stuffing her face either!) Happy belated to son #1, so handsome (all your babies are handsome & beautiful, and they'll always be our babies!) XXX

  44. I love everything about your franken-frock including and especially the name and the look on your face when you are modelling it. Priceless. What a great idea! I am going to shamelessly nick it, but when I do you will get the credit for inspiring me. So sweet to see those pics of you with your bump and your babe. Can't quite believe you chose a first-time home birth!! But hey, it turned out ok in the end. Happy birthday to number one son. Xxxxx

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