Sunday, April 20, 2014

Hide the Lube!

I didn't think of it until The Stylist and I arrived at the meeting point for our date with Will and Kate yesterday afternoon.
I should have made the Duchess a rose headband fit for a future queen!
I'm sure she would have popped it on immediately and finished her pit stop Brisbane visit in real proper style like.
My wee lassie and I were the only ones in our family up for a long, hot wait to grab a glimpse of the royal heads.
It seems there's nothing like a celeb-royal visit to release our local loonies and precious bogans (white trash) onto the streets for wonderful slinging matches over barricade space and anything closely resembling a legalised scrum.
It's an experience neither of us will forget.

 Killing time on the train.

We traveled to Southbank and found an excellent shady spot with a view of the Wheel of Brisbane, suitable for a very long wait.

 I found a good spot for The Stylist and she waited patiently, slathered with 50+ sunblock - Mama's orders.

 We got a good, close look at Kate and she even shook The Stylist's hand, which naturally, will not be washed for a couple of weeks.
Kate is very beautiful in real life.
As for her old man Will, he was too far away, but I expect it was for the best as the natives were revolting.

After all the fuss died down, we had a swim at the artificial beach, I finally had my first cuppa and bite to eat and we enjoyed a stroll through the night markets.

Headband - DIY
Earrings, tooth necklace, yellow African necklace, 1950s handbag, gold skirt - op shops
Frida necklace - gift from dear Tamera
Klimt swimsuit - Black Milk
Neon creepers - Dolls Kill sale
Thank you so much for your kind comments on my last post, luckily Kate read it and told me she and Will would be delighted to pop over for a BBQ and bring themselves a couple of cardboard casks of plonk.
I'd better get tidying up pronto, my bedside table is a disgrace!
Love D xo 


  1. So stoked that your gorgeous young stylist got up close and personal with the royals. In fact your entire day out looked fab. You are such a good mum!

  2. Yowza!!!! What a day! Of course Kate wanted to shake hands with the stylist. I'm sure she wanted to pick up a few style tips from an official Socks Up beauty. Gosh you're looking all misty and dreamy.

  3. Fab photo of Kate! I was at an Easter get-together yesterday and the telly was on, so knowing you were going to be there, I kept an eye out for you in the crowd. Sadly, I didn't spot you, but it's great that you were able to get a handshake. :)

  4. Hahah Kate's expression :D! You look great and so does the younster. Love your rings btw :)

  5. Excellent! Now, I'm not much of a Royalist meself, but I do have a soft spot for William and Harry, and Kate although she's a Commoner, like what we are!
    She comes across as a lovely girl and that baby of theirs is a cracker. Some anti Royalist Aussies were on the news here the pother day and I suspect this argument will roll on. Still, if nobody wanted them, they wouldn't have packed out the streets like they've been doing. People like you and the Stylist wouldn't have rocked up to say hello. I'm glad you both had such a great day. Wish I'd been there too.

  6. How exciting to get so close to her. I remember waiting for hours and hours at the Opera House way back in the eighties to catch a glimpse of Princess Di. Not only did I see her but I shook her hand and Charlie's … it was quite a thrill … let me tell you :0)

  7. I saw some of the fun on IG, I worried for your safety among the local crazy arses lol. Glad you had an enjoyable time though by the looks of it. The stylist is right though a royal rose headband would have been rather fitting.

  8. My mum has a photo from 1965, I think, of a visit by the Queen to our local town. I was apparently draped in a Union Jack and kept asking for "the Gwee, the Gwee" - apologies for poor pronunciation, but I was only a baby! I can't say I have ever been to a royal walkabout since then, and I am always amazed at how many people are prepared to line the streets and wait for a glimpse or a handshake. But hey, each to their own, and it looks like you had a good time! I'm sure Kate is quite delightful, actually, she seems to be coping very well with the role. And you and the Stylist look gorgeous, I bet you stood out from the rest of the crowd! xxx

  9. I remember what central London was like before That Wedding -- there were people camped out opposite the cathedral for days. I mean literally, in tents and sleeping bags. I'm not a Royalist either, but did go down to St. James Park to people-watch after the wedding. It was a really nice atmosphere, but if I never see a bit of union flag bunting ever again, I'll be happy.

    I like the Stylist's rosebud ring, and I see she's adopting your love of mishmash colours :)

  10. How exciting. I'm glad you got a good look at Kate.

    Was your grandfather really Burt Munro?

  11. And, if he was, was your mother June, Margaret or Gwen?

    1. Yes, Burt was my grandad :). His four children are all still alive including my mother June, his eldest child :). xx

  12. How exciting for you two! I think she would have looked just splendid in one of your headbands.

  13. Kate would have looked lovely in one of your floral fantasies! She does seem to have a good head on her shoulders, so I wish her well in her life as a royal. So cool the Stylist got to shake her hand!

  14. These are gorgeous pics of The Stylist and you, they are all misty and dreamy, I think they are beautiful, you both are beautiful - I rather like Kate and Wills, and Harry, they seem so sincere and sweet, we waved our flags (in the living room in pyjamas, classy, ha!) when they got married, hope they behaved themselves at your bbq! x x x

  15. When Bill Clinton was running the president the first time, he came to my town. I got to shake his hand and Hilary's hand. I was a bigger thrill than I thought it would be.

  16. Do you sell your headbands? If so I would love one.

  17. What a fun time for you both to share, so cool that she shook her hand, bless. I remember the Queen came where I live and everyone went crazy, I felt like I was in some very surreal moment and it wasn't really happening, haha. But, a lot of fun!! You both looked darling xx

  18. Not a fan myself but I bet Kate was in awe of the pair of you.
    You must have been the best dressed and the most fabulous in the whole crowd. Bet she wanted to swipe the rings of the Stylist's fingers when she shook her hand. xxxxx

  19. She is rather beautiful in real life and they have to be so gracious in the face of all that rather overwhelming attention. When i saw them, i couldn't help but feel they were a bit like animals in a zoo. But I wanted to be there to witness that little bit of history. If someone offered me the chance to see Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn ride into London, I would grab it. I don't see the difference. How fantastic for the stylist. I'm not surprised though. How could she resist you two, looking so lovely in the crowd? Bet she felt a magnetic pull towards you. Brava! Xxxx

  20. That is so awesome you and the Stylist got to see them!!! I love Will and Kate! And BABY GEORGE!!! Couldn't you just pinch those sweet cheeks and cover him in slobbering kisses???

  21. Ohmygawd!!! You were that close to Kate?!!!? And she shook the Stylist's hand!!???! How exciting! She always looks so beautiful and poised - how does she do it? If Central Casting was auditioning a beautiful princess they couldn't have found a better one.

    And you are looking divine! Your hair is adorable with your short fringe.

  22. Be sure to send me an invitation when the royal couple swing by your place for burgers... hmm... what should I wear??

  23. You are the true queen of style in this story to me.
    Love and sunshine, my dear friend

  24. How jolly bloody splendid! I'm surprised Kate didn't lob herself over the barrier and into your loving arms!!! I missed the Royals, being at Helgastock and all......such a shame!
    You both looked royal and gloriarse!!!
    Love and Lustipops!

  25. How exciting that you and your wee lassie got to see the royals up-close and personal!

    I'm swooning over your ring collections, by the way.

  26. When I was about two years old the Queen visited our small town. She drove by in a car though, no walking. Apparently I could not be convinced that was the queen because I was expecting a crown and gown.

    Kate is stunning and yet has a natural sort of elegance. She seems to be handling her role very well. So cool that The Stylist got to shake her hand. I'll bet she is thrilled!

    You look lovely and if I may gush a little, I think you possess as much regal elegance as Kate with a dash of funk.

  27. I do hope that Kate noticed the beautiful rings on the stylish hand she had the pleasure of shaking. Who knows - Kate may even have taken on board some accessorising style tips. If you spot the duchess wearing an Alice in Wonderland ring in future you'll know who she got the inspiration from...

  28. This day will not be forgotten ever. There's a certain magic about meeting fairytale-like personalities, who are more glamorous than everyday life on the outside at least, and maybe if I meet you some day I can experience that. Ha! I'm so glad The Stylist could shake Kate's hand. You both shine here.

  29. You both looked fab! I love (and share) your more is more style! But you are way more daring and 'more' then I ever am and probably will be; wonderful!

  30. I thought you were joking when you said you were going to see Will & Kate. Didn't you get a great view. I'm mildly indifferent to the royals really but I think Kate is scarilly perfect at what she does. So perfect in fact, she could almost have been built in a lab. Still, there's nothing wrong with graciousness and decorum so white trash everywhere should take note. I bet she'd have loved a floral headband. I love the stylist's jewellery. I bet you were the coolest mother and daughter duo by a mile.

    Thank you for all your kind words on my blog recently Desiree. I really appreciate them xxx

  31. I'm not one for the royals - but anyone would look amazing in one of your flower crowns!


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