Thursday, August 22, 2013

I Made Big Pants!

Have you ever made your own knickers?
It's dead easy.

Lily (thinks): Smug git.

I made a pattern by tracing the front and back sections of a favourite pair of knickers ... in this case, a pair of wonderfully huge granny pants.
I cut the fabric on the fold.
Don't worry about seam allowances, it's a minute measurement and if you choose a fabric with loads of stretch, they'll still fit.

I bought a large remnant of gaudy green ocelot-print lycra from Aid for the Blind for a buck.
The gusset was cut from one of #3 Son's old t-shirts.
Ignore the patterned crotch piece.
I didn't need it after all because the original pants only had a gusset inside and I wanted to copy them exactly.

Sew the front and back together at the crotch using zig zag stitch.

Pin the gusset in place and zig zag only down the sides.

This is what the pants looked like before I stitched the side seams and added the elastic.
By this time I was getting so incredibly excited at my stupendous big pants-making abilities, I forgot to take pics.

Stitch the side seams.
Make a little fold over the waist and zig zag lingerie elastic on the inside.
Do the same with the legs.

Rock those big pants HARD!!
Of course I simply had to wear them on the outside coz ... just coz.

Wig-hair boa, Manic Panic Limelight eyeshadow, Fierce eye lashes and Vampire's Kiss lippie - gifts from beautiful Suzanne
Sic F*cks band t-shirt - gift from Tish and Snooky (that's their band!)
Leggings - Black Milk
Doc Marten boots - retail

The black lingerie elastic I used wasn't very good quality.
It had very little stretch and was scratchy.
So today I replaced it with this fantastic red, stretch, lace lingerie elastic I found in a local haberdashery.
Now my big pants are far more comfy and easier to get over my ba-donka-donk-donk.

More big pants!
I made these fab flares this afternoon using the wonderful 1970s pattern dear Tamera sent me.
The pants only took two hours to make and I wore them all afternoon.
The fabric is a lovely soft cotton sheet I bought from Vinnies for a couple of bucks, the zip was 50 cents, also from Vinnies and the button was from my stash.

Gold spike necklace - gift from my dear friend Pip, who seriously needs to start a blog!
Trollz earrings - gift from lovely Tamera
Purple mesh top - retail sale
1930s white satin bralet - Etsy

Thank you so much for your kind words and encouragement about my health, the worst is certainly not over yet and it will take a few weeks to settle, but your love is like a big hug.
Baci, Desiree xoxo


  1. yay for big girls panties!!! The most comfortable sort out!! You certainly made a fabulous pair!

  2. They are the best trousers! I love them!
    I was going to use an old pair of 50's/60's knickers as a pattern to make my own but promptly lost the 'pattern' I made, right after making it.

  3. omg, I love it! That first picture is fierce!

  4. I love your sewing skillz! There's nothing like a bit of sewing therapy.

  5. I LOVE both of your pants!!! So pant envious right now. Hmm maybe I should get my act together and make myself some.

  6. LOL nice and subtle about the blog thanks. PS love them knickers ;-)

  7. Fab! I love 'em. I have made pants...I used to work in a knicker factory when I was a student. Hated every bleeding minute and have never made a pair since. Perhaps I should....
    Love you all over.

  8. I love these pants!! I really can't decide if I prefer the panties or the trousers they are both wonderful!!!
    I love the Sic F*cks t-shirt too!!!
    I'm waiting forward for the launch of your own clothing line, I'm your fan!!
    Love xxxxxxx

  9. thats awesome...gosh you look sexy AS in those black trousers! wowsers mama you gt it ALL GOING ON! HOT HOT HOT! X

  10. The leggings, those hot pants, those pants!!!! So awesome <3

  11. Love both the big and the little pants!

  12. See, how easy it is to make your own clothes? I must confess, I haven't sewn anything for myself in years.

  13. Wonderful Desiree! I've always wanted to make my own undies but haven't taken the plunge.

  14. So talented you are! Your new hot pants are AMAZING! And you look amazing in them! I wish I could sew . . .

  15. You are so rockin' those trollz!!

    Those are the most amazing big girl panties EVAH!! I love them more with the red elastic--so much more in-your-face awesome!!

    Your new wide leg pants are stunning-- and definitely made even more fabulous by wearing your big girl bra on the outside!!

    hoping your health issue is resolved quickly!!

  16. Oh! your hairs in those first pictures - FABULOUS and big pants all the way baby. I buy mine from good old M+S and then dye them lurid colours.

    Persevere with the meds sweetheart and I hope you get settled soon - keep treating yourself like precious royalty xxxxx

  17. I love that you whip up pants and trousers, you so clever - it would be nice to have a personal gusset option small/medium, I would favour a large gusset x

  18. Wow! Cool. I didn't even know this was possible.

  19. Fab knickers! (and fab fake fur and latex too!)

  20. HOLY AWESOME BIG PANTS! Er, can I 'borrow' your idea? 'Borrow' as in completely steal it? Although I know I will not look nearly as HOT as you wearing them - this outfit rocks! You should make more and wear them on the outside ALL THE TIME! Also, this is the first time I've ever thought shiny leggings looked good.
    Sorry for all the capitals... I'm stuck at work wishing I was more awesome now... xx

  21. dear lady, you're a rockstar seamstress, that knickers look absolutely too much delightful to not been shown!! and that leggings and t-shirt and fabulous boa are so awesome!!, and You Are Gorgeous Indeed, and love how your eyeshadow matches perfectly your knickers! (that's something I'm not used to say!!!)
    besos & rock

  22. Hooray for DIY sewing projects! I LOVE the addition of the red trim. Isn't sewing fun little stretchy items of clothing the best? :)

  23. Smashing! Pants were always my favourite to make in school. You look great, love the fun print! Well done.xx/Madison

  24. Your sewing skills are fabulous those big girls knickers are fabulous and so are those trousers wow :-) you look fabulous, big hugs dee xxx

  25. Underwear as outerwear: You are a superhero!

  26. You are just too much fun! And sweet. And beautiful! Love those big pants you made! SQUEEE!!! Don't you just love to sew??


  27. I have made knickers when I was a teen :D! I dunno why, I just felt I should make them :D! I *adore* your big pants, I must have something like those now. Out of childish pattern fabric!! I cannot sew atm (city studio flat and no space for sewing machine) but mayhaps when I visit my mom) unless you take orders ;D!!

    I was happy to see you in my blog, I had added you to my blog roll as soon as the Style Bizarre's post came out :)



  28. I love these! I must , must give it a go, looks so easy. Well done D x

  29. Feck yes, knickers are ridiculously easy to make!!! Yours are simply splendid, and I'd love to get my hands into them! Phwoar! You wear them better than anybody ever could!
    Love and Lustipops! XXXXXXXXX

  30. I would have never thought to try to make my own knickers, but you make it look easy (this is why you are on my list of Totally Awesome Dames I look up to). I don't have a sewing machine, so unfortunately, no funky patterned panties for me.

    You look like a total Cabaret/carnival/Burlesque star in your first outfit. If I win the lottery, and am able to fulfill my dream of having a travelling Burlesque show of 40+ women, will you join my troupe??

  31. Clever! You can now be a superhero every day. Well, I know you already are, but now the undies options are way bigger.. if you'll pardon the pun.

    Love the longs too. Very quaint.
    big loves. x

  32. You are amazing Miss made knickers.....or as I call Knicky noo nighs!!!!! Yay.
    What a fabulous job you have done!!!!!!
    Love V

  33. you have crazy-good DIY skills, D! Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday.

  34. You just made my week! Your energy and zest for life is of and beyond wonderful. It doesn't matter what size of pants or you put on, if they were created and worn by you, they are going to Rock the universe.

  35. Well, you make it SOUND easy, but bobbins always seems to have a grudge against me. It always ends in tears when I try to sew something. Actually, you're inspiring me to try again, because I want some big pants!

  36. You are so unique how not to adore you.
    Glad to be back to you, my dear friend.

  37. Your hair in the first photos looks so soft, I love it. Marilyn would be jealous. And that red stretch lace looks so soft. They are the perfect pair of knickers. xo

  38. Impressed by the panties! And the big flares...Perhaps I'll have to take my machine in for a servicing myself. Went back a couple of posts to catch up and trust that the meds are better adjusted by now.

  39. Oh darling Desiree you are so very wonderful! Utterly magnificent in your big pants, only you could make these both glamorous and a feminist statement! Hang in there sweetheart, hoping you can feel back to your true essence of wonderfulness very soon.

  40. Thank you so much for the warm welcome, Desiree. You have a great blog! ~Ann at Tarnished Royalty

  41. Nice panties!!! ;)
    And your pants are such a delight. Gosh they are fricking awesome!

  42. I am SO jealous that you can sew your own pants! Desiree, only you could wear those big girl pants so fearlessly and fiercely. Love the sic f*cks tee shirt, too. Well played, my dear ;-)


  43. How did I miss this post? Your knickers look fab with your Manic Panic accoutrements! And they're GREEN! Magic knickers! Love your wide leg pants too! Only time I wish I was tall is when I see things like wide leg pants, love them but they don't love teensy tiny me ): Love you! XXX

  44. why didn't I comment on this post sooner!! I basically love every thing about these two outfits, but i especially love the pieces you made yourself!!

  45. Stunning look and perfect inspiration!

  46. The undies you made are amazing I would like to see a pic of how you sewed the elastic in and what stitch you used :) Your looking might fabulous as a seamstress!! xoxo Heather

  47. Oh you look so cool! Love the knickers and the pants too. Well done. I love to sew too.

    So glad I found your blog. :<)

  48. This comment has been removed by the author.

  49. Yeyyy!!! Desiree I'm on bloglovin. Your my favourite. You inspire me to the max oh so between you, Vix and Helga y wardrobe is turning bright!! Bloody love you ladies xxx

  50. OMG you're so rock ! You're not only Poison Ivy like I told you, you're in the same time Poison Ivy and Lux Interior !!!

  51. The undies look pretty easy to make actually. I should try to make some! :D

    Thanks for the nice comment on my blog, Desiree

  52. Oh my, not only you have the styling skills but also the sewing skills too!!!
    I lov the patter on your pants (both of them actually hehe).
    Hope you are feeling tip top xx

  53. Your talent is revealed once again and you are your usual gorgeous self in these creations.

    I hope that you are OK. I have been thinking of you and concerned for your health. Sending love and healing thoughts your way!

  54. Amor,
    Your green chonis are amazing!You my hero for making cute green hornet chonis. those big kitty pants are the cutest. loving your silver Chola bra.Sorry you been sick. *sends healing energies* I been a ill biatch too.


  55. big big pants, I just love big big pants. This could be a whole new business for you! Get on it, Sassy Vamps Pants. I love the flares too, brilliant material, you clever biatch! xxxx

  56. oh that is you! you`re fabulous!
    flares made from a sheet, how sweet is this!

  57. Big pants and undies. When I see stretch fabric I break out in a cold sweat and have to back away from my sewing machine slowly.
    Your eyelashes are proof of the chaos theory, one bat of those muthas and you'd start a tsunami. Awesome!
    You are an inspiration all round here.


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