Thursday, August 8, 2013

Button-Popping All Over the Baklava

For some odd reason all my favourite people seem to have two things in common.
They get an obscene amount of satisfaction from consuming food and from their own twisted humour.
These pics were taken just a few minutes after The Stylist informed me my middle button had popped open while ordering a milkshake and Greek sweets at a cafe and I'd been walking around like that for an hour.
She looked all misty-eyed as she said, "sorry I knew there was something I was supposed to tell you but I forgot what it was".
I think she was holding back tears of laughter.

Knickers - BOODWAH
1950s purple cocktail hat - gift from my international jet-setting friend, Miss A
Pink glitter star earrings - gift from glorious Tamera
1920s men's tailcoat - eBay
1950s peach cotton blouse - Etsy
Leggings - Black Milk
Shoes - F21 sale
Handbags - second hand
Rings - craft shops and second hand

Thinks: "The cheeky bugger!"

That look?  I think it's the realisation I didn't even get a discount for my impromptu strip-tease.

Men's vintage blazer, 1960s top - second hand
Leggings - Black Milk
Doc Marten boots and shorts - retail

Earlier today, I thought I'd try out full-size false eyelashes.  I forgot to let my liquid liner dry first so it got a bit smudged, but as I write this 11 hours later, they're still firmly planted on and fluttering away like mad.
What a god damn fricken hero huh?
Gosh, I'll be representing the United Nations next.

I see you've noticed my earrings.
Yes they're rather spectacular aren't they?
Scrumptious Tamera of Menopausal Supermodel sent them to me in a parcel of joy, which arrived today after a wee stop over at Australian Quarantine.
I'm still giggling at the thought of Quarantine officers opening the package expecting to find some exotic American fauna only to discover a pair of Trollz.
Tamera also sent me lightning bolt and star earrings, a beautiful brooch and two bright scarves, including one printed with Australian wildflowers.
Fancy that, all the way from Maryland, USA!
Thank you so much dear woman xx.

The parcel and card were addressed to both The Stylist and I, so she'll need to get her ears re-pierced to get full enjoyment from all of the glorious earrings.
Oh dear, what a shame.

On Sunday, #3 Son, The Stylist and I trotted down the road to the school fete with homemade current cookies in tow for donation to the cake stall.
As you can see we're in the thick of a typical Brisbane winter in all its freezing misery.
Yet another "optical illusion" is the fact The Stylist can now call her older brother her little brother even though he's 19 months her senior.
Oh the pain for the poor lad!
Number One Son recommends an arm wrestle to re-establish the correct pecking order but looking at all those skinny limbs, I'm not sure it will necessarily work out in the wee laddie's favour.

My first stops at any school fete are the trash and treasure and plant stalls, then I dive head first into the hall with the tea and club sandwiches.
The above pic of me is at the end of the day and you can see I desperately need to study the insides of my eyelids.

Some of the treasures I snapped up for a bargain including a cream silk top which will soon have a meeting with my dye bath, plus I found a 1960s lime green top and white crochet cape.
Woody Allen's books are getting hard to find, so are 1960s purses and bags, and the cute cotton apron says "Frae Bonnie Scotland".

I really felt like frocking up last Friday so I wore this 1940s crepe frock I bought from Etsy many months ago.
It has a hole in the peplum but I really couldn't give a shite about imperfections.
In fact, rips, tears, any flaws at all, highlight the beauty of a piece and affirms my belief that frocks are living, breathing beings with delicate feelings and need as much love if not more, as perfect princess gowns that cost a god damn fortune.
I'm pretty sure the dead animals hanging around my neck once had feelings too.
Oh well, they get a lot of love from me too.

1940s frock, Amy Winehouse rosary, pink glitter heart sunnies - Etsy
1950s silk velvet cocktail hat - gift from beautiful Sasha
1950s tapestry hand bag - gift from my divine sister, Mere
Slave bracelet - Phussy
Pearl collar, star necklace, earrings - op shops
Shoes - Melissa
I hope you're all having a splendidly hedonistic week my lovely readers!
Baci, Desiree xoxo


  1. School fete's are the best aren't they, always filled with hidden treasures! x

  2. OMG I'm exhausted after that big long posty post with all that exciting stuff in it!!

    Firstly poor boy being dwarfed like that!
    Secondly.. what is the thing with all those plates of food? Do you get a little bit of everything with your cup 'o tea?
    All clothes and poses fab as usual. Especially buttonless moments. Love it.

  3. Wowzers to you doing an impromptu and unaware strip tease, it totally makes that rocking ringmaster outfit even sexier! Tehee to the Stylist, but commiserations to her older brother at now being smaller, I can feel his pain.
    You're spoiling us with so many incredible outfits, dearest Desiree, and I love them all! Like you I couldn't give a damn about holes or hanging threads or any supposed imperfections, if anything they make me even fonder of my vintage clothes. The 40s dress is utterly divine on you, sweetheart, so enchanting.
    p.s. I've never worn false eyelashes, they look amazing on you but doesn't it hurt when you rip them off???

  4. I had to laugh when I saw the kiddos dressed for the fete in the middle of winter. Wherefore art thou winter??? CRAZY Qld weather!!! I'm dying for a taste of the real cold stuff in NZ. What happy outfits, popped buttons & all. You are gloriarse as always. Xx

  5. Your hair looks divine, I love how vibrant the pink still is :)
    I also love your black dress, it's so glam and you look gorgeous xxx

  6. There is a fine line between being a freak (in a sad way) and beeing an accomplished artist with impeccable and extravagant taste. Even though you are humble and have "Growing old disgracefully" as a description of your blog, your outfits are never disgraceful and you are always beautiful!

  7. And this is WINTER? My goodness, it rivals our summer!
    So much to enjoy, Desiree - you're a button-popping legend!
    The falsies's really suit you (they tend to make me look cross-eyed, don't quite know how that happens...) and you are rocking the stripes, Docs, knickers, tail coat and leggings as only you can. The 40s frock is so elegant, yeah, who's bothered about a little hole or two? These clothes have lived!
    Look at The Stylist with her long long legs - we have tall girls and a shrimp of a boy in this household too!
    Great finds at the school fete, and just LOOK at all that cake - hope you had plenty! xxxxxx

  8. Plants, treats, and treasures? Damn, I wanna go to a school fete!

  9. You are totally divine! In each and every ensemble.

    My favorite message from you today is about imperfections and living frocks. I am in there with you, and it's part of the reason that I love vintage.

  10. wouu, so much prettiness!!, striped leggings and tailcoats are made to work together, you rock them like a cirque star!!, love your striped jacket and fabulous leggings and booties, and love your black dress with that wild stoles around your neck!!
    and love The Stylist's cuteness!!

  11. I love the continuing adventures of clothes and I do think of where they have been before, I have button popped, knackered zippers and lately had my dress tucked in my underskirt, when it happens I know it's a good day! I always love your outfits, the glamour of the etsy frock and the most excellent kaftan and love the fake lashes, school fete's rock, my Missy is almost as big as the Eldest, as she's nearly 19 she's a little miffed x baklava mmmmmmm x

  12. I'm not sure how you made the leap from false eyelashes to the UN, but you go, girl!!!

    I love the troll earrings - how clever of Tamera! And I love the winged shoes, just like Mercury's. You're a goddess!

  13. Winged shoes for a goddess!!! I adore the tatty 40's dress with the slightly mangy dead animals--shabby glamour indeed!!
    Wow what an awesome school fete--we have nothing like that here--such amazing goodies!!

    I'm glad you like your parcel!! I spotted the flower scarf in the thrift and squeed DESIREE!! And you are ROCKING the troll earrings!!

  14. Troll earrings! That's all I can say before passing out with being stunned by you and your beauty! ~ LittleMissPlump (Sara)

  15. You know, I was recently at a car show and overheard one of the lowriders say to another "main, you need to check yo shit", he had a sweet 1961 Impala but it was all messed up, and they like to run their cars straight. And don't get me wrong I fully respect your right to wear clothes with holes in them, that's your style and you wear it great, but my friends and I do things differently. For instance, I just bought a mid-century black hat, reminiscent of Madonna's in the vid Take a Bow, but the netting was all ripped and disintegrating. I pulled some new french netting covered with chenille dots that I had stashed in my sewing stuff and attached that along with a 1940s rhinestone brooch, voila, instant customization, hot rod style. I guess it comes down to the fact that we've all got different aesthetics, vive la diffence, that's what I always say.

  16. The troll doll earrings are a WIN. Winged shoes, YES! All of your outfits are beyond awesome and I ADORE that scottish apron. It's too cute!

  17. The Stylist will soon be just as tall, or perhaps taller than her Mother - she's all leg, that girl. And there's you, looking swell in that freaking amazeball striped jacket and red lippy! I think you would be the only dame that I know who would fully appreciate the crazy goodness of a pair of troll doll earrings. I am hopeless with eyeliner or false eyelashes, so I will never make it to the UN ;)

  18. I love the eccentricity and flamboyance of all these outfits - so pretty and actually really well put together. I suppose that's part of the Vivienne Westwood effect. :)

  19. I like a few flaws and imperfections, it gives us and our clothes character and personality. It's great to find a maxi with a rip in the hem, I love to think it's from the previous owner getting pissed and falling over and giving the dress a great time.
    So many fabulous outfits and what's the harm in an impromptu flash? Much sexier than that horrible fashion for deliberately showing skanky bar straps the girls round here love.
    The Stylist has legs to die for, she's going to be one gorgeous woman! xxx

  20. I used to have a pair of troll earrings when I was little. In fact, the reason I wanted to get my ears pierced is so that I could wear them. I wonder if they might still be floating about somewhere?

  21. the 40s dress looks so good on you! love the black-pink-combination xxx

  22. Wow what a stunning post loving the winged shoes, imagine all the flying you could do with wings on your shoes ~ Sarah x

  23. Fluttering madness! I must try too.
    Did you not know that you have already been appointed Secretary General of the United Galaxies (far superior to the United Nations)?
    So many love and peace-inspiring outfits here. And I'm amazed that you were not paid for the mini peep show.
    You are my continual inspiration.
    #3 Son and The Stylist, great photo. I'm sure #3 will look back at this photo one day and laugh.

  24. Yah! School Fetes! I haven't been to one for the longest time - winter in Wellington isn't really great for such things, hopefully I can hit up a few in the summer. I'm pretty sure you have the greatest collection of leggings in the world :D

  25. That crepe dress is absolutely stunning. Who cares about a little hole anyway? I definitely think you should apply to the UN, international eyelash envoy. Have a wonderful weekend you glamorous person. Xx

  26. oooh I do love the crepe dress with the embroidered bag and dead animal. Very vampish. The frock may be 40s but there's a 20s flapper vibe, go learn the Charleston for me!! xxxx

  27. Thank goodness for people like you who can handle clothes having a bit of an original "love in" by some other owner. I'm forever too re-sewing a section, or using safety pins to keep a garment together. Half the fun, as you say!!

    It's rad too how you're almost beginning to play every role in the Carnivale that is life... costume changes over the week from Ringmistress to perhaps the wealthy circus owner?!

    The photos of the Stylist and her brother are simply gorgeous!

    xo xo

  28. The stylist cracks me up! Love her sense of humor. This is stuff we do to each other in my family.

  29. Oh so much fabulousness lovely Miss Desiree...........hmmm where to the stripe boys blazer.....and the lime green top is wonderful.
    Oh the beautiful 'Stylist' is growing up so much....both poppets look so cute....but thank you for saying it was warm....bit of a shock to see shorts.
    Wow I love a good school Fete.......treasure......the little handbags are a good find.
    I hope you have a most splendid week.....may it be filled with happiness and magic.
    Love V.....eeekkk a Sassy Vamp to excited.....I hope some little pretties come up soon......keep me posted....xxxxxxx

    I would have thrown cash at you, stuffed it into your knickers and bra quite happily for that little impromptu strip tease, if only I could reach! Pop those buttons, baby!
    Your last outfit most especially makes me frisky!
    Love and Lustipops!

  31. So much fabulous-ness here, D! Love the troll earrings and the 40's frock, and all the rest. Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday!

  32. I just love your chaotic mad styling! I love all your combinations -
    The blouse with the leopard skin tube top, brilliant, what a great idea - Stripes jacket with a lime top, wow! I will have to remember this!

    Thanks for your lovely comments, will not stop blogging!

    Super finds and gifts Desiree!

    Ariane xo

  33. Marlena Dietrich's got nothing on you! I'm in LOVE with those tails - both the jacket and the furry variety, and your winged sandals would give Hermes himself a run for his money; pun intended.
    Seriously, you're making the rest of us look lazy ;-)


  34. LMAO (quite literally) - popping buttons are naught compared with accidently tucking your skirt hem into your waistband and treating the town to the sight your rear view in not the most flattering of pants.

    Minds were scarred, retinas burned and I got a near terminal case of hiccoughs from the shrieking laughter.

    Well I thought it was funny ....

  35. Tears of laughter lol! Sneaky sneaky. Thanks for showing me how to layer, Im taking points from you and Helga for when winter comes so I dont revert to my sweater, boots, and leggings uniform.

  36. gorgeous post, fabulous outfits all...your winter looks like bliss!

  37. I feel your pain over the undone button Desiree, I got on the bus the other day holding onto youngest son, folded up pushchair and bags, then realised all my buttons were undone down the front and I couldn't do a damn thing about it until I sat down, so the whole bus got an eyeful, no wonder the bus driver had been grinning at me. I love the last pic of you and the Stylist together, and lanky limbed siblings together. Your black frock is a beauty, especially with those amazing winged shoes that I lust after every time I see them. I think a bit of wear and tear can be beautiful, lets face it, I'm pretty worn and torn myself but there's plenty of life in me yet. The troll earrings are the cutest things ever and I want to go to your school fete, in the beautiful winter sunshine. xx

  38. gorgeous fluttery and wonderful! false eyelashes...mmmmm haven't done those for years xxxxx

  39. So many beauties here !!! The VW shoes, the troll earings, the yellow creepers, all your rings...
    Thanks for my eyes !!!

  40. So much fabulous clothing choices made on your behalf Des.
    *lol* At the popped button.
    I can't believe how much taller the Stylist is than her brother. She's gonna be a tall leggy blonde. You better lock her up now before it's too late. *hehe*


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