Monday, August 19, 2013

Live Fast and Dye Your Hair

I can't remember the last time I went out on a Saturday night.
I know, pathetic huh?
But The Stylist and I made up for a poor social life, when we travelled into the city on Saturday evening to meet up with two of New York's finest!
When the divoooooon Suzanne of Idee Fixe informed me Manic Panic NYC founders, sisters Tish and Snooky, were coming to Brisbane, my heart went all funny like.
Is it the fact they're NY punk rock royalty?  The very hands-on owners of NY's cruelty-free extreme hair dye, make up and accessories? Part of the original Blondie line-up?  Movers and shakers in the US rock scene for 40-odd years?
All of the above!
So let's get on with it ...

I was already nervy and super-excited about meeting the gals, so I certainly didn't want to put any more pressure on myself by planning an outfit.
I got ready half an hour before we left to catch the train.
I wore: 
1980s sequin top, 1950s black handbag, bangles, spike headband - second hand
Double evil eye earrings - Etsy store, Bones Couture
1940s fur cape - eBay
Leggings - Black Milk
Cat ears headband, shorts and Doc Marten boots - retail

The Stylist is more of an outfit planner and wore:
Jacket - op shop
Petti-skirt - Princess Ratbag sale
Leggings - Black Milk sale
Boots - Pumpkin Patch sale
T-shirt - Cotton On Kids sale
Bag - made by her Mama
Badges - everywhere!

We felt immediately at ease with these amazing punksters and they were so sweet, unwrapping the headbands I made them and wearing them for the whole night!
We ate at Fridays as it was near their hotel, it's so pretty near the river and although I'm usually an avid people-watcher, I only had eyes for the three fab wenches at our table.
We must have stood out a mile as people were constantly asking us what we were celebrating ... the restaurant manager was blown away by Tish and Snooky and bought them a rather expensive bottle of Australian shiraz, which they loved.

We were even moved indoors to the restaurant overlooking the river and the boats going by, probably due to the charms of "the girls" as The Stylist and I call them.
They're so down-to-earth, kind, charming and incredibly sassy!
We had a wonderful evening.

The girls charmed the pianist who had lived in NY and what with their voices still in tune as singers in their band the Sic F*cks, the restaurant was holding its breath to hear them warble.
But it was wine and relaxing time only due to their very, very busy Oz tour, so the fans will have to wait for a future visit.

Did I mention they came laden with gifts for The Stylist and I?
Suzanne put together a "care pack" of Manic Panic make up, boas, t-shirts and hair dye for us and the girls topped it up with more t-shirts, books, stickers and tattoos.

The hair dyes are called: Ultra Violet, Violet Night, Vampire Red and Hot, Hot Pink (my current colour).
There are Fierce false eyelashes, and Lust Dust eye powder in Fuschia Shock, Hot Hot Pink and Lime Light.
The lipsticks are in the MP new metal and rhinestone cases called Hot, Hot, Hot and Vampire's Kiss.

I gotta get my ass to NYC ... pronto.
Thing is, I don't know many people who leave.  Heeee!!
Thank you Tish and Snooky, for making time to meet us on your whirlwind Oz tour and to lovely Suzanne who made it possible.
Baci milione,
Desiree xxx


  1. You three are really looking fabulous and it's no wonder that you got all the attention that you deserve. I love particularly the shadow on the wall. Catwoman, eh?

  2. oh my GOD that looks like an amazing night!! you lucky, lucky duckies! you four should totally form your own pan-continental band ... but what would you be called??

    also, does this mean the stylist is next in line for neon locks?

  3. OMG how fabulous!!!! look at those headbands and that stash of manic panic goodies....i am speechless!! after ny come and vist me in england xxx

  4. Oh wow, how excellent do you ladies all look. There is some serious sass going on at that table. I love how the stylists' style reflects your own, such a fantastic influence. Xx

  5. They are my hair gods!!!! What amazing goodies you got. Does this mean you may change colour soon?

  6. What fun to meet such inspiring ladies! I just love that you can go to such meetings with your gorgeous daughter, by golly she's not called The Stylist for nothing - amazing outfit choice!

  7. You looked fabulous for your rare Saturday night on the town, Desiree (of COURSE you do!) I love the shadow pic, and the Stylist is definitely a chip off the old block with her froufrou skirt, leggings and Docs.
    I am ashamed to say I don't know these ladies or their brand, or their interesting history, so thank you for the introduction. You are clearly kindred spirits, you all look wonderful in your Sassy Vamps with your amazing hair and bright smiles! A good night, I think! xxxxx

  8. This is absolutely the coolest thing ever! You ladies all stand out as most fabulous in everything! When I first stated dying my hair over 20 years ago they were my go to brand, I haven't used them in years but would still have loved this meeting! Yah to all the loot you scored too and the head bands you made them are gorgeous!

  9. Good to see you out and enjoying yourself you all look gorgeous, dee xxx

  10. OMG--so much COOLNESS in one place!!
    You and the Stylist look FANTASTIC!! (the Stylist is just ADORABLE)
    I love how the appliques on your top hilight your rackage so sequinly!!

    You all probably stole the show wherever you went.
    I'm a Manic Panic gal, too--and a HUGE Blondie fan!!

  11. How very awesome! I love everything about this post. I'm glad you and the Stylist had a great time.

  12. Woohoo! So glad you got to have a taste of NYC fab with Tish and Snooky; you are obviously sisters under the skin! Love the outfits that you and the stylist chose for the evening. The hairbands you made them look so cool with their candy-coloured hair, and what an awesome gift pack they brought for you. I have the ultra-violet and use it when my salon colour starts to fade.

    You would love NYC - I'm headed there in late October, and if I could figure out a way to stay there, I would.

  13. Gah! what an night of true coolness! The Stylist is of course, amazing and you ladies are a vivid vision of delight, I am truly gob smacked with all of this wonderful-ness x

  14. Fantastic! Looks like you had a fabulous night. Isn't it great to meet super interesting people?

  15. How very fecking FABULARSE!!!
    You make a divoon gaggle of gloriARSE ladies!!! Now, that's a special night out indeed, and of course they were lovely and of COURSE they loved you and The Stylist! (You both looked tremendous, incidentally!)
    I never used to fancy New York, but more and ore I am, as it seems to be crawling with amazingly talented and clever people!
    Love and Lustipops!

  16. wouuaua, so much fabulousness, you're rock stars wearing awesome headbands on your colorful heads!, ohhhh, all that pink and blue hair!, all your bright and sparkling attitude!, and pretty cute Miss Stylist rocking with you!
    besos & punk

  17. the table held the 4 coolest women in town! What a fun time!

  18. Finally able to post -- train ride was giving me trouble poo on that! I'm so glad I was able to get you guys together. The Stylist (who looked amazing btw, as well as the whole gaggle of you!) was spot on by calling them "the girls" we all do! I'm so glad you're happy with your goodies, have fun with them! Manic Panic and Tish and Snooky ROCK & so do you & the Stylist, we're all kindred souls. Now when do I expect you in NY? Baci Baci Baci!

  19. Looks like quite a night! You are stunning!

  20. How exciting for you and the stylist, whom by the way is down right adorable and I want one of my own!! Anyway, you so look perfect with "the sisters" and what fabulous gifts you got. I bet you didn't want the visit to end.

  21. I can't tell you how happy it makes me to see you out on the town and having fun! You and the Stylist both look incredible and the three of you grown-ups could be sisters! Your gifts are awesome and the girls looks amazing in their kick ass Sassy Vamps headbands. xxxxxxxxxxx

  22. Wow what a night! I do particularly like the shot of your catwoman shadow.

  23. Wow, wow WOW!! When I saw you post your instagram pics I was a little jealous, now I am insanely jealous!! What an amazing night - they sound like amazing ladies. Honestly you take the stylish on the best mum/daughter dates:D

  24. Wow what an amazing night, looks like such fun! You all look gorgeous! I'm a big Blondie fan but didn't know about these lovely women or their brand.

  25. that looks like such a fun evening!

  26. What a fab night and a great experience! Lucky you. I particularly like the leggings pic and almost-profile photo of you. You look amazing.

  27. Looking like a total superstar as always! You're like my local GaGa! Hope you had a lovely time in town! xx

  28. What a fabulous night out! So glad you had and the Stylist had a ball: looks like you and the Manic Panic lasses are total kindred spirits, yay! You were wearing the perfect outfit to wear to hang with rockstars, as was the Stylist. Sending lots of Black Milk legging-love to you both. p.s. you always look so unbelievably adorable and feisty in your cat's ears!

  29. You and the Stylist look as though you're having the time of your life. Tish and Snooky look like they could be your sisters, and in a way they are.

  30. Oh my gosh that's so exciting! It looks like you were in fantastic company. What an awesome outing that must have been.

  31. I love that you take the Stylist on fun jaunts with you Desiree, and you both look so gorgeous, as do the Manic Panic ladies. I agree with Vix that you and the ladies look like you could be family or in a band together, I love the name of their band too, that makes me laugh. The kitty shadow of you looks like a scene from a film, I love shadow photos but mine never look as cool as that one, my shadow still looks like a lanky Crystal Tips after all these years. I've always wanted to go to New York so I hope you do get there one day. It would be great to see the mischief you got up to over there! xx

  32. You lucky lucky girl, i am burning with envy. Looks like you had a fab time x

  33. That is soooo cooool! OMG, the one and only time I dyed my hair (a dazzling, bold teal) was with Manic Panic! What fun!

  34. You got to hang out with THE Manic Panic chicks?? THE Tish and Snooky?!?!?1 WHAAAAAATTT?!?!?!? AWESOME!

  35. WOW! What a dream meeting with Tish and Snooky! Being a hairdye freak myself, I value their pioneering work on making everyone's heads more colorful and fun.

    I love the combination of your intense pink hair with the lovely shade of turquoise/aqua of your top. Fabulous! And the leggins are the perfect complement.

  36. This looks like so much fun! What an amazing group and that you made the headbands is so cool! These are amazing shots and you it just sounds like such a blast!
    xo ~kim & chloe

  37. What a fabulous color night. You prostis look so gorgeous with brightly haired headbands. look at all those colorful goodies. love your shadow prosti foto. I'm going to meet Suzanne in a few weeks!


  38. I want to put some mad colour back in my hair right now! YOu look fabulous and how amazingly lucky that you met up with those gals AND that they gave you 1000000 presents. You both look fabulous, i hope you and The stylist wowed them completely x

  39. I clearly need to have my head examined on Planet Faaaark for having missed this post. What a night! You and The Stylist certainly hold your own at this amazing table of talent and beauty. What other kid at school has mums that take them out for scrapbook memories like this? I'm sure you've started a new New York headband craze with those fantastic gifts. Punk royalty meets Style/Writer Oz royalty - outstanding.


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