Saturday, September 7, 2013

Alien Abduction to Planet Faaaaaaark!

Well hellooooooo there.
So yeah, aliens came and took me away to Planet Faaaaaaark! and now they've barcoded me, I expect they'll be back for more alien fun and experimental hi-jinks.
Yesterday I recovered briefly from my abduction adventures to do something about making these awesome flowerhead-people pants fit me.

First, I turned them inside out, put them on and pinned the outer seams to fit me.

The waistband had elastic so I removed it and unpicked part of the waistband.

Re-checked the fit and sewed the new side seams, leaving a gap for a new side zip.
I didn't need to unpick the zip, I just cut it off with the excess fabric and replaced it with another one (white instead of brown).

I zig-zagged the raw edges and decided the pants were still a bit baggy so I reused part of  the elastic and stitched the waistband back down.

My latest pair of big pants!
I wore them to queue up at a local school to vote in the Australian Federal Election today.
I voted for The Arm Party (yep I just made that up but it's brill right?)

Paper parasol, bangles, Mighty Mouse t-shirt, Mickey Mouse t-shirt (previous pic) - op shops
1970s beaded bag, pants - Vintage Wishes
Headband - DIY
Creepers - Dolls Kill sale
Alien earring - available from MarinaFINI's Etsy shop
Fish skeleton earring - Bones Couture

What's going on here?
Well I WON Daniel's AMAZING MarinaFINI giveaway a couple of months ago and this week  I got the loot!
A beautiful titanium rainbow quartz pendant (with alien powers) that changes colour in the light and these incredible laser-cut perspex earrings!
Thank you so much Daniel for running the giveaway and darling Marina for your generosity. x

Headband - DIY, another one in my shop, Sassy Vamps
1950s very heavily-beaded top and green tutu - Etsy
Leggings - Black Milk
Shoes - market
Earrings - available from MarinaFINI's Etsy shop
Rosary - retail

The Shining dress - Black Milk
Silver crinoline - vintage market
Green glass belt worn as headpiece - gift from a kind blogger (can't remember who as aliens reduced my memory bank)
Pearl collar and diamante necklace worn as headpiece - op shops

I hear aliens whispering so I'd better get cracking with my mission to recode the brains of griege pant-wearers.
Wish me luck.
Desiree x


  1. oooo your back...damn those aliens...i missed you! i saw you won that giveaway and was thrilled...alongside the gut wrenching jealousy that i had not won! you look ....well i have no words to describe my eye joy!!! those people pants, you under a parasol, those flowers in that hair....oh my god, i wanna be an alien so i can abduct you to! x

  2. You are a big pants making geniarse, you really are. Love those people pants and your shining dress is exciting me big time! I really must watch that film again. Big pants for ever. Xx

  3. Love the fabric in your new to you big pants. Fabulous post as always, you brighten any day!!

  4. I love the pants,and everything about you, my dearest.

  5. I love Daft Punk.
    Ahh big pants. Since your last post I have been assured that I *need* big pants with some funky pattern and now I am specially assured. I need someone make them for me, I need to find a fabric 1st :)
    Also love the other 2 outfits. The shining dress is brilliant!

  6. Those pants are so so so good!!!! Love them mightily.

    Perfect voting outfit!

  7. I do hope the aliens were gentle, dearest Desiree! You're back to bring a smile to my face yay! Clever you to have tailored those big pants, such a brilliant outfit to vote in it should be made mandatory voting gear. 'Here's Johnny' has never looked better than on your lovely chest, I adore the pics of you in that amazing final photo. Lucky old aliens!

  8. I love those pants you made, they fit you so well. Awesome pics, your outfits are so creative.

  9. blinking aliens! you are a pant altering queen, excellent results on the alterations, and pretty pretty outfits, a silver crinoline! so cool,x x

  10. If aliens could give everyone your taste in clothing everyone would be happier!!
    I really don't know where to start, this post is wonderful!!
    First of all I loved with all my heart the Mighty Mouse t shirt and the amazing flower people pants!!
    Marina Fini's creations are great and you look stunning with those earrings! ..and you in the Shining dress with the silver skirt are fabulous!
    Love xxxxxx

  11. Those pants are amazing! I'm so glad they have someone awesome to rock them.

  12. The print on those giant pants is so fabulous, it would have been a crime not to make them fit! Your are rocking them, Desiree, nice reworking job.
    Loving that beaded top, and Jack Nicholson being bonkers on your bosom is just perfect with that amazing silver petticoat. And your hair looks wonderful too in that Marcel wave style.
    Simply gorgeous. I'm surprised the aliens could bear to part with you!
    PS. Oh I didn't appreciate my aged parents at all when I was growing up, the generation gap was far too wide, especially with my dad, but I have since made peace with it! And gone on to be an aged mother myself, hahaha! xxxxx

  13. I love your ingenuity and refusal to be conventional. The world needs more oddballs like you (and me). Growing up in staid suburbia, it was my dream to be abducted by aliens -- I figured their environment was more fun than my own!

  14. Your colorful presence has been missed! The pants have me envious I adore them! I do think my favorite bit of fun is the shining suit with that silver petticoat. Your mad and I love ya for it!

  15. c! so in be ez!

    I couldn't help myself, must be the music.

    Funny thing, I have that same beaded top in stock! We put it on a boy for Pippen last spring.

  16. Good grief, why is it I don't keep up with your blog more often? Every time I wander back, lured in by your amazingness, it's like a wave of wicked just washes over me and I want to smack myself silly for straying. You are such a groovy lady! That shiny silver crinoline looks so fun and flouncy! And your pink hair! Don't know how long it's been like that (shame on me) but it's muy muy wonderful :)

  17. Oh Please. Take me to your leader. I really don't think pants but ever be too baggy but you nipped those flower heads in and they Look superb! And I just know Jack Nicholson would be pleased as punch to know that he is spending time on your bosom. I have been trying to rewire the brains of the drones around here for a long time. It ain't easy. Love You Mucho.

  18. I want those pants!!!!! <3 So gooooood!

  19. Really wonderful! I love how you matched the pattern across the pants. LOVE the giant florescent earrings.

  20. I am blinded by so MUCH GLORY!!!!
    I really love you in tutu's, you wear them like no other, you OWN those mofo's!!! Great job on fixing those adorable pants!! I'm scared to look and see who won the election there...if it's that Abbott twit I hope the aliens abduct and butt probe him to OBLIVION!
    Love and Lustipops!XXXXXXXXXXXXX

  21. Beam me up to Planet Tutu - was it Bootsy Collins driving the Mothership? :))))

    You cannot be recoding the brains of griege pant-wearers ... does not compute lol.

    Arm Party all the way (genius).

  22. You are the queen of fabulousness!

  23. Missed you! That Shining dress is fabulous. I love the pants you made. You go, pretty girl!!


  24. The Shining! Hah! What an inspired cinema reference for a shiny skirt. Love it! Look at you clever clogs with your funky trouser making skills!

  25. YAY it's letting me comment finally! I don't know where to start except to say that the aliens probably weren't expecting the likes of you! Love all the outfits (boo wish I could wear "big pants"), of course the green tutu is magical & so is Jack! Good luck recoding the brains of griege pant-wearers... when you're finished in AU, can you come here? I promise to help! Love you! XXX

  26. Now I know what I usually do wrong with altering clothes - I put the pins on the inside. No wonder sewing hurts so much.

    How do they alien signals get through the shiny silver skirt? I would have thought that would make them bounce right back up to the mothership. And if that skirt doesn't work, the green tulle surely will blind them with beauty!

  27. I've loved your tutorials on taking in pants and making big pants Desiree, I'm trying to figure out how to make my own pyjama bottoms so I can make them long enough, shop ones are always breezing somewhere above my ankles and I want some floor grazers. You look stunning, especially in your silver Shining outfit, like an alien princess. Every time I read your posts I get lost for ages reading all your old ones too. Too much good stuff here! xx

  28. You're always such FUN!

    Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

  29. Well of course the aliens would only abduct the most fabulous amongst us!!

    Those pants DIY are freaking AWESOME==and so YOU!!!

    Jack Nicholson peering from your chest is a bit disconcerting!!
    I love all of your outfits--you are just such a joy!!

  30. OMG you got those pants!! I was in LOVE with those darn funky pants when I seen them on Nelly's page. They look AHHHHHHHMAZIN on you. (I just hope you have not been probed) *hehehehe*

  31. love, love the big pants! and the Shining shirt - well, it may give me nightmares but you look fabulous : > Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday.

  32. You clever darling, those pants were crying out to be remade and rocked to feck! Love the print, they were made for you!
    The silver skirt makes me weep with delight and the beaded top makes me kick myself for selling mine!
    LOVE those humungous earrings! xxxxx

  33. Fucken Aliens! You such a creative smart biatch. Those pants were a gift from the aliens, love the funky print.I am in love with your silver petticoat I want a gold one now.Those triangle earrings rock.


  34. well just look at those, they are fantastic. Those flower head people are extremely weird but that is good, we like extremely weird. You creative wonder! The silver petticoat is just wonderful, I love it. I need Perspex earrings now damn you!!

  35. I can totally see you as one of the dames in the video in the sparkly bathing cap and one piece!! Kudos on the pants makeover. I am all agog at the last two outfits, especially the green tutu and beaded top. I so hope that I get to meet you one day, and we can play dress up in your closet and then go out for tea!

  36. The planet Faaaaaarrrkkk is one fabulous place to be if you are go to!!!!
    Loving the jumping Jack Flash in the amazing clever poppet they are perfect.
    Mighty Mouse.......yip that is one fabulous t-shirt.
    Sending a little green squirrel out of space hug.
    Love V

  37. I am always astounded by how you manage to pull off the craziest outfits... and I mean that in the best posible sense! I don't know how you do it, but it just looks so natural on you, like it's an extensión of your bubbly and colorful personality. Such an inspiration! My favorites are the Shining dress one and the one with the lemon-sorbet colored crinoline, yum!

  38. Every time I see you I love your pink hair more and more. So much creativity in all the outfits, I am astounded and speechless!! xo

  39. You're the most awesome futuristic circus girl I've ever met ! (In fact I've never met someone like you !)

  40. I could just HUG and HUG you :-) You always make me smile you are just so dam cute and fun, dee xx

  41. I gasp at your artful Shining outfit - one part axeman, one part angel. You are a real film star. Of course the aliens had to abduct you because when they said "Take me to your leader (Head of the Arm Party?)" all roads lead to Desiree. They need to study only the finest minds.
    The flower-headed pants are too gorgeous and the tutu outfit is completely dreamy. I love seeing you in motion.
    Good luck on your mission. Please come to my city when you're done there!!!!!

  42. Hey! those aliens on planet Zark ( i made at up) kept you a long time? But TG they let you go, so we can enjoy your crazy world!

    Good job on the pants, i wish i had the patience or the skills but i don't

    I love the shinning dress, spectacular!

    Take care

    Ariane xo

  43. THOSE PANTS. I would wear those all year long! Looooove! And don't even get me started on the genius pairing of the silver petticoat with the Shining tee-shirt---siiiiigh, coming over here always puts me in the mood to dress up! Thank you dah-link!

  44. You rock, you really rock! Love it all. :<)

  45. You had me at the Jack N. top. Love it. Thanks for posting the whimsical outfits and feel free to drop by me anytime.

  46. ohhh you're a so shiny brilliant creature!! love your colorful pants, love your shiny & neón outfit, love your silver flapper ensamble!
    you cheer up my day!


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