Friday, August 16, 2013

Mary Shelley Likes Pickled Garlic

I swear if these new anti-mental meds don't kick in soon, my brain will turn into cushion stuffing.
But I must say I do like what they're doing for my creativity.
Perched upon my head is my latest lovely, made from marvellous denim-like, faded blue roses.
I'm in two minds about putting her in the Sassy Vamps shop as the blooms are rare and I really like them.
I've christened her: Mary Shelley Likes Pickled Garlic.
Don't ask.  I simply do not know the answer.

The Stylist took these pics moments after Victor, our 35-year-old Volvo, was towed home.
He needs a new fuel pump.
So do I.
The stunning backdrop is the garage of the new house being built next door.
Oh joy, the sounds of grinding metal, tinny radios, nine-hour concrete mixer marathons, shouting and comedic burping and farting intervals.
Six days a week.

They've all gone home so now we play!
Except I'm too buggered.

The other side of the house is untainted by construction and gives me some moments of peace.
A place where I can frolic with Lily the cat, wearing a 1930s nightie-as-frock.

As I mentioned, I'm getting used to new medication and my doctor has already switched things around, after I quickly gained several kilos faster than you can say "Fill a Bag of 40s Frocks for a Fiver."
Although I'm feeling very ill and bloated here, I couldn't help admiring my new arse - hehe!!
Changing meds means changing brains and much befuddlement ... the house is a disgrace and I can barely string a sentence together, much to the confusion of everyone I speak to.

So ... I buy old, pretty coat hangers.

And tea-towels.

And sweet old sheets, of which this one will become my next pair of flares if I remember to pick up my trusty Husqvarna tomorrow following its once-a-decade service.

I'll be using this pattern sent to me by dear Tamera.
I've already used it to make this pair of sheet flares, which fit perfectly.  (Well they did when I made them in February!)

Stay loose.
Desiree x


  1. FIRST!!!!
    Oh honey, I am familiar with the medication-change brain. I hope things sort themselves out soon. Crap about the weight gain - oh the shit we put up with for mental stability (with me it's chronic tiredness).

    I think you should keep those blue blossoms for yourself, as they play wonderfully with your fuschia hair. Hang in there, and maybe invest in some earplugs ;)

  2. Well, even if you are having trouble speaking, you can still write perfectly! Love your sense of humor thru it all and as usual; YOU LOOK GORGEOUS! XOXO

  3. Hope everything settles down for you soon Desiree, both with the meds and with the builders, and I love the beautiful faded blue of your new headdress, it's such a lovely contrast with your hair, I would be very tempted to keep it too. Your garden looks gorgeous, secluded and peaceful on the side away from the builders, so at least you have a little sanctuary there to escape to, we all need somewhere like that. xx

  4. I came across to your blog on Elisa's feature, and I gotta say I really _LOVE_ your style :D! You are an inspiration, for real :) !! Keep being awesome :)

  5. Ugh--been there done that with the meds and puffing up and brain blah. I hope everything gets sorted out soon!!

    You look fabulous in your new Sassy Vamp--the pink hair certainly sets it off!!

    I wonder what your new neighbors will think when they get a gander of you in all of your glamourous glory sashaying around the yard in a nighty and tiara??

  6. Sorry to hear that your meds need to be switched around. I've never had to take major meds outside of birth control. And that was a pain so I can understand your troubles.

    You look great and I'm sure The Phoenix will love the new booty. Men always love either a good booty or good pair of boobs. At least in my case.

  7. I know about your meds- A friend of mine is trying all kinds of meds combo for her chronic disease, not easy! There were days where it was so hard to put 3 words together or get out of bed
    But she is doing much better, thanks to the right meds, thank Jesus!

    I didn't notice that your booty got bigger, hahaha! Looks fine to me!

    I love your outfit with the pants and retro top - The headress is wonderful and i like the name -
    When i painted i had crazy names as well for my painting - Just came out out my head, i guess inspiration of the moment!

    Hang in there


    ariane xxx

  8. With my meds came weight gain, but I would rather be over weight and a functioning human than the stressed as fuck not able to eat or live a normal life scrawny half dead looking thing I was! So glad you still get to play after the workmen go. Mind you a bit of frollicking while they are still there could prove to be fun!

  9. Ah jeez I hope all gets sorted out with your meds that does not sound fun at all. I could not tell by how beautiful you look that you feel bad. Love the new Sassy Vamp creation, you bloom everywhere!

  10. I too hope the new meds kick in soon, as I have also been there done that so can sympathize completely. I love those sheets and can't wait to see them as flares!

  11. Give the new meds some time, I do hope they help. Don't they usually say it takes about two weeks for anti-depressants to really get into your system? You look marvelous none the less, so I'm happy for that! Hey isn't that my house they're building? Or are we going to buy the mansion near me (where Bowie lives)? Oh how I wish we lived close by... the adventures, the chats, the FUN! Bet the girls would get on well (only I'll have to tell Gwensday to keep her mouth shut about teaching the Stylist how to swear in different languages!) Love you leibling! XXX

  12. And MEOW to Lily, the squidgey darling!
    Ugh, adjusting to brain medication sux...a nicely padded arse, however, does not! WOOF!
    The denim flowers are beautiful, your foxy outfits just blow my mind, as usual!!! Pickeld garlic, aye?! Never tried it, but I do generally love pickles!
    Love and lustipops!XXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  13. the flared pants you made are awesome

  14. Oh no! Builders and meddlesome medication, that's a big double-whammy. But on the plus side, your butt does look rather amazing in that lovely silky nighty-dress.

    Sounds like it is a good time to have a few projects on the go, to keep you from letting it all get to you too much. I love all those pretties: the hangers and the hair flowers are gorgeous! xxxx

  15. you look as lovely as always. And those blue flowers are so pretty. You must keep them.

  16. Wish you the best with your medication. I hope you're feeling better soon. You're already looking good. I like the picture in which you're wearing the nighty and looking to the ground so that we can admire your fake lashes. The blue flower crown looks perfect with your pink hair. Simply gorgeous!

  17. Honey I feel for you listening to that racket next door and I hope you are able to get enough rest so you can settle down on the new medication. You look positively regal in that peach slip dress and fur - something about those photos reminded me of Vivienne Westwood - another real dame like you with flaming bright hair. Take care my lovely and get lots of rest xx

  18. Wow, I love the tenth pic so much (the one before the coat hangers)it's truly stunning and you look just like a silver screen starlet, fabulous. We've had builders coming and going all summer as we've got an on going problem with rain water leaking through to the downstairs flat from the balcony. They keep doing stuff to it but to no avail, still leaks like a flipping sieve.
    I'm sorry to hear that you are having health issues, hope things level out soon. I took SSRIs for some time and was tried on several different ones at first. One of them made me gain weight too. I was utterly perplexed at this cause I'd stopped drinking, gone vegan & was going to the gym four times a week at that point.
    Sending positive vibes your way my lovely :)

  19. Ermahgerd... so much to deal with all at once - the ONLY thing to do is to make fab floral headpieces, frock up and play the music EXTRA LOUD!!!

    The people who bought the vacant block behind the shack have just started building - one metre from the fence. Not so bad in winter, since I'm not there much... but I hope they're done by summer. The noise makes me crrrrraaaaaaoooooiiizizzzzyyyyy.

    Keep the blue roses - it is so perfect on you. You are beautiful AS ALWAYS.

    Love yer bits,
    Sarah xxx

  20. So beautiful! What can we do to stop the fact that slips/underwear as outerwear suddenly has become one of this seasons biggest trends? You and I ... on each side of the world, should have patent it!

  21. Oh sweet .....medication changes are pickled gremlins......I have just had a change for another reason and my insides are like a stuffed cushion that's just fallen in a paddling pool......heavy and soggy.
    I hope you adjust soon.....fuzzy squirrel hugs.
    That is one truly wonderful blue rose Sassy Vamp.......I think you should keep her.
    Grrrr the builders.
    Have a scrumptious weekend.
    Love V

  22. For someone with a fuzzy brain, you manage to frock up to perfection, love! Sorry the medication change is rough, hope it settles down. I don't notice any weight gain actually, your figure and delicious backside look as gorgeous as always to me!
    Oh keep Mary Shelley, the colour is so pretty, and look, extra pearls! You definitely deserve extra pearls.
    You always look quintessentially Desiree in a vintage nightie and a head piece. Beautiful.
    Boo to noisy farting builders, hurray for cats and coat hangers, and fabulous flares made out of sheets.
    Love you! xxxxxx

  23. Had to come by again to say thank you for the lovely email you sent me Desiree. It was dated June 2nd but only arrived today for some reason, and it was so sweet and funny. I loved the Posh Nosh clip, I'd never seen that sketch before, and I see there are lots more for me to watch on YouTube. I'm so glad your message got to me, better late than never is definitely true in this case. Hope you're having a fantastic day. xx

  24. Lovely Desiree, blue roses always makes me think of Tennessee Williams' 'The Glass Menagerie' (the word pleurosis having been misheard by a character as 'blue roses'). Your blue roses suit you to perfection, and absolutely need to stay firmly attached to your head.
    I have no direct experience of the impact of meds, just the indirect observation of the long, long process of trial (and error) of trying to find a combination that would work for my dad. For him, some of the early ones had the alarming physical effect of turning him into a grey husk of shaky wire and twig proportions, before eventually, a working combination was found.
    Hope these new ones prove to be the effective ones for you so that what's on the inside matches the awesomeness that is you on the outside. Much love xx

  25. Hope things settle down for you soon. The headband is just amazing, I love the blue roses. Take care xx

  26. seriously i had to come off all meds as they put me to sleep like i had had a shot of rhino tranquilliser! That on top of tilly keeping me up half the night i couldn't function at all. it was the pits! my sympathy and hopes it all settles soon. you look, i can do weight gain for England with or without meds xxx your arse is fabulous! x

  27. Hope the meds kick in soon enough, darling! Despite of what goes inside your head, you look as lovely as ever!. I just can't stop admiring your vintage nightgowns and underwear. Seems like you have tons of them :D
    I never realized old coat hangers could look so pretty!

  28. Darling you know I sympathize with med changes. Adjusting & weaning really is the pits. I hope things settle soon. And I am a fellow member of the medication weight gain club too! You look beautiful. No one else would know if you've gained any weight. I sometimes think a bit of extra padding may help with wrinkles, & of course then you have some reserves for those life crisis moments when you tend to loose weight! That headband is just sublime on you. For someone enduring such a difficult time you look bloomin fantastic! Much Love. Xx

  29. You look great! Especially your new arse!

  30. I hope things settle down soon for you and you feel better again real soon. I love you in your 1930's clothes you always look so beautiful and Elegant. Love your new head piece its stunning along with all your new buys. Big hugs, dee xxx

  31. the Mary Shelley head flower wear is amazing, the nightie/dress is amazing, construction is pants, pretty hangers and tea towels are a kind of happy I get and I hope the meds gets sorted sharpish x

  32. New meds can be a son of a bitch - one stage my doctor put me on pain meds for my endometriosis that were so strong I couldn't walk a straight like. So I can totally appreciate the fuzzy brain. I LOVE those fabulous flares you made and I look forward to seeing the next pair you make! Building work is the WORST - the have been doing something to the top floor of our building for like a YEAR (they don't tell us anything about it as we are only tenants not apartment owners). Take care of your beautiful self xoxo

  33. Oh my dear, brain befuddlement is not a happy place to visit. I am sending big hugs, cups of tea and ear muffs your way. A building site next door, really? And knowing you have to move soon as well must be ghastly. Make sure Lily gives you lots of hugs, it's what she's there for :) I really like the black dress and stripey leggings combo, you look so cute in that!

  34. So happy you shared your wonderful style on my blog hop!

    Ariane xo

  35. Firstly, totally understand why you love the new headpiece. The flower colour, and the hole look it achieves, is serene and FAB!

    Secondly, *good wishes x 10* floating from me to you for the change in meds, and the adjusting, and all.

    xo xo xo

  36. My dear sweetheart, how hard that you're having to readjust to new medication. I would not have guessed, you look utterly magnificent in that wonderful new floral crown, and as gorgeous as ever. Amazing butt indeed in that heavenly 30s slip, cannot tell you how much I love the look of you in it! Be kind to yourself and I hope you feel more settled with the meds again soon.
    I am so very touched that you featured my Mermaid poem post on you fbook page, what an honour thank you darling!

  37. ugh, switching meds? Suck!! I hope you're all stabilized now!

  38. I love this post Desiree, you look absolutely beautiful and you don't read fuzzy at all. Hope the meds sort themselves out xxx Jen

  39. You look so pretty in peach, both the little jacket and the nightie. Oh and the camisole too!
    I hate medication changes. Mine make me so sleepy all day long but I'm scared to change them as I had a really bad experience once, so it's a case of better the devil you know with these ones. I hope things settle down for you soon xxx

  40. Oh bless your gorgeous self and your befuddled brain. If you list that corker of a headpiece I will have to purchase.

  41. Your poor brain, my pills make me sluggish, but then I might be sluggish anyway, I can't remember. I'm glad there's some positive effects. You look beautiful in that dress. I love this Mary Shelley themed head band, the pearls are a great additions xxxx

  42. Oh amor hope everything works itself soon.I am in love with blue headband with pearls . those ballerina pants are so adorable.your nachas (ass) are looking so good.your naughty nighties always make me swoon.


  43. I'm drooling for the headband - it is so very, very lovely. And all the girls want junk in the trunk - I accidentally caught the tail end of one of those medical reality shows where a daft chick with too much time and money had, um, butt implants implanted. Yep, that was the medical term for it, I'm sure :o


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