Sunday, January 13, 2013

Why Yes, I Did Cut My Own Hair!

Long story short, I burned my hair a few weeks ago when I was bleaching my roots.
I left the bleach in too long and it kinda sizzled both my brain AND my hair.
Truth is, I got really distracted reading fabulous blogs and couldn't tear myself away from the 'puter.
So when I got back from the Gold Coast early last week, I decided I couldn't stand living with a floor mop on my head and hacked most of the shite off.

I used barber's scissors to razor cut it like I normally do, but just hacked deeper.
Why didn't I go to a hairdresser?
Because I've never found one that gives good head (massage), can remain mute for the ENTIRE appointment and charges forty bucks instead of $280.

I'm sure even Limahl had a bad hair day/year/decade.

Carni gals haven't got time for freakin' hairdressing appointments anyway.
They're too busy adjusting their underwear, perfecting their routines, sewing costumes and flirting with the tattooed man.

Skirt and metal necklaces - gifted by Mrs D of Hello the Mushroom
Birdie anklets - gifted by soon-to-be-blogger, Tra-la-la
Headband, bag, green necklace - craft markets
Pink necklace - gifted by Vespa princess, Krista
Bangles - thrifted and gifted
Vintage bra - Etsy shop, Auvergne Memories
Pink sunnies - Etsy
VW Melissa Wedges - Melissa sale

Oh and there's the circus fan mail to stay on top of too.
The delicious Mrs D of Hello the Mushroom sent me a parcel of joy and I actually squealed at the sight of the goodies.
Well that's the response one expects from a parcel of joy isn't it?

Included was a gorgeous crocheted collar she made herself and lots of hair clips and badges for The Stylist - which she has snaffled and is making good use of.
There were VERY cute brooches that I adore!
Mrs D also sent me a 1970s frock, two skirts and a cotton shirt.
Happy dance!

Thank you so much darling woman!

But wait, there's more!
Tra-la-la has been a kind reader and hilarious commenter here on Pull Your Socks Up! for a long spell and informs me that 2013 is the year she's probably going to take the plunge and start her own blog - YAAAAAAY!
She sent me this freakin' awesome Vivienne Westwood Red Nose Day t-shirt and I nearly pee'd my pants with excitement!!

Miss Simmonds Says and I have been planning our "dream wedding", which includes her in a Marie Antoinette gown, me decked out in head-to-toe fairy lights and doggies running wild.
I think all the guests should wear Red Nose nipple pasties and ideally we'd have birthday girl, Helga von Trollop leap out of a giant cake and do her thaaaaaaaaaaang.
You're invited.

Tra-la-la also sent me these birdie anklets, which I've been wearing non-stop and adorable goodies including the "Perfect" prefect's badge.

Thank you adorable woman!

I had a wee window of time during the week to fly through the op shops and grabbed this  woven cotton bag ... 

... in which these two wee bags were housed.
Three for the price of one - bonus.
Snaffled by The Stylist.

Honestly, I nearly fell over myself to grab this two-meter length of 1970s cotton fabric for a buck.

I can't help myself when I see pure cotton vintage sheets.
They come home with mama.

One of my favourite junk shops had enormous crochet cushions for four bucks each.
Here are pics of both sides of the round one, it's soooooooooooo comfy and squishy!

It needed a friend and The Stylist and I both gasped and grabbed with snatching hands at this treasure.
Whenever I look at it, I think of Sarah Misfit and hope her beautiful beach shack remains intact in the midst of the wildfires that threaten her paradise home.

Wee lassie dressing up in mama's best gear, complete with giant bow and hair flowers - my kinda gal.
She really should be gracing a wall, not mopping up our dishes.

I've never been able to resist Kiwi kitsch and this tea towel is no exception.

Oh and I found this beautiful needlework evening bag with pansies on both sides.
That darling bag, she just thkweemed and thkweemed and thkweemed to come home with me.
I understand girly tanties.

Here's a lovely hair orgy for you to enjoy.
Oh c'mon you know you want to, no-one's watching.


  1. Mmmmf! That 1970's purple fabric is doing fun things to my brain! And that PILLOW! Okay, I was just telling Josh that today felt like a good thrifting day and now you've sealed it! Mwah! (p.s., dahling, your DIY pixie cut is adorable)

  2. My darling when I read your posts I always feel very happy, there are always lots of facts, wonderful clothes and treasures (including you) that it's so difficult to write a comment without being superficial and forgetting things!I like the new haircut, hairdressers are my kryptonite too and there's nothing better than doing things by our own, even if once happened to me to go around like David Bowie in the man who felt to earth (blond and orange). Jhonny Cash earrings looks even greater with shorter hair and the skirt and the whole outfit is fabulous!!Beautiful presents and finds!I really love and enjoy to look at all these stunning things, thank you!!
    Love and baci xxxx

  3. Holy cow! Treasure after treasure after treasure! What a haul!

  4. "You're too sh-y-y, hush hush, eye to eye..." Not an accusation to be levelled at you, my darling, haha! You made a good job of your hair, I wish I had the nerve and the skills to do my own, I adore my hairdresser but God they charge the earth...
    SO SO much to enjoy in this post (and the last one too, love all the beachy stuff and seeing you and Kitty squashing booboids!)

    So I'll have to pick my favourite things. Gifts from blog buddies are always up there, the fantasy wedding attire, that amazing 70s fabric, and the crochet cushions are fabulous. I just love it all. And you, you delicious woman, looking just as saucy and peachy as ever - mmwwwaaah! xxxxxxx

  5. I'm so glad you liked the goodies! The skirt looks way better on you than it ever did on me!
    There are some gorgeous finds in the post but the crochet cushions have to be my favourites, particularly the green one, that just jumped at me!
    Much love to you as always!

  6. Desiree, if I knew it would come out looking as good as YOUR HAIR, I would seriously consider hacking mine, too!!! Love, love, love all the gifties and what you've picked up - always a fun blogger to read <3 P.S. I had burned hair too one time, but it was perm-burned ...

  7. Haha! I so hate when hairdressers want to talk to me non-stop. They just ask about your whole life's story, and I don't want to talk about it. I cut my own fringe, but I'm growing my hair long again, so I won't need that cut for a while.

    Love your skirt!


  8. So many perrrty things to look at. And firstly YOU! I love your sassy new do, you did a great job with the layers. Even the back looks awesome.

    Can you believe the better quality in vintage sheets? Geez, I recently wore holes through some fancy 400 count sheets from a housewares store in one year. But I still have some Snoopy sheets from the eary 80's in perfect condition. They're not even faded one bit.
    Have a lovely weekend Desiree! Can I come over and sit in your sunny lounge soon?

  9. You could hack off all your hair and still look gorgeous!! I would love to attend your dream wedding with Miss Simmonds. I would like to dress as a flower and when I cry with joy I would grow taller.
    Your treasures are all so scrumptious! Each and every piece. You and The Stylist are quite a team. Hurrah!
    I'm the pouty, headachy woman in the video. I think I even had that hair in the 80s?!

  10. You did a great job on your hair. I agree with you about hairstylist. I've never found a single stylist that knows and does what I ask them to do.
    You got a lot of awesome things. I love all of the crocheted pillows and collar. I've been thinking about making one.

  11. Well you know I always hack at my hair, so I'm all for it! I just won't pay the exorbitant prices they charge to get something that makes me look like a suburban housewife (regardless of how I show up looking they all try to make me look ho-hum.) I'm dying over those tea towels, I have a weakness for them (but do actually use them.) And that square crochet pillow is really something, must have taken ages to make! You my darling, always look stunning! XXX

  12. Well you know I always hack at my hair, so I'm all for it! I just won't pay the exorbitant prices they charge to get something that makes me look like a suburban housewife (regardless of how I show up looking they all try to make me look ho-hum.) I'm dying over those tea towels, I have a weakness for them (but do actually use them.) And that square crochet pillow is really something, must have taken ages to make! You my darling, always look stunning! XXX

  13. Your new hairdoo looks good! i love the yellow crochet collar and your new cushion finds x

  14. I love your shorter hair, and after all hair grous back.
    Looking glorious, my dear Desiree

  15. I am inspired by the crochet cushions - I want them! Instead I am going to add crochet cushions to my list of things to do. Awesome gifts from blogging friends - very envious of VW tee shirt - please can I come along to wedding?? Love you in that vintage camisole top - very sexy.

  16. For a moment there I thought that round cushion was a beret!

  17. brilliant haircut, I'd save my money too IF I was game enough to try!! well done you.
    Now, your finds... that purple fabric, and the adorable girl TTowel, and the Motor Racing sheets, and.... and..... ohhhh I just about want it all. I did find some OK fabrics this week, nothing like yours but they're on eBay and selling!! I'm knitting 'jewellery' for winter, so your collar is inspirational.

  18. I love the hair chop...I'd never know you did it yourself. You suit it short. Squee to blogger gifts.....I am swooning over that navy & orange frock!!! And that cotton fabric is gorgeous, as is those amazing crochet cushions. You must let me know where this secret junk shop is??!!! I'll keep it to myself I promise! Hehe. And that wee pansy bag is so pretty, a true girly treasure. I hope you're surviving the wretched heat. Oh how I long for tights & boots again. Xx

  19. Oh so much fabulous treasures, oh and best one of all beautiful you!!!!!!!
    The little blue and white skirt is so cute, I just love it!!!!!!
    The crochet cushies are amazing and I am the same whenever I see them, I think of gorgeous Sarah too!!!!!
    I love your new chic hair-cut perfect for the hot weather.
    Love V

  20. That are exactly the facts why i don't go to the hairdresses as well ha ! I only went when i decided to cut my hair short but before i always did it on my own. Amazing treasures you got ! The birdie anklets are adorable ! Have a nice sunday dear ! xx

  21. Your hair looks fabulous! I frequently cut my own fringe & do a bit of faffing about with the layering on either side of my face, but since I can't cut straight to save my life I go to a hairdresser for the rest - one of the cheapo ones every six months or so, hahahaha. I do wish they could keep quiet though!

    Your outfit is spectacular also, and I am in love with every single one of your finds this week!

  22. My eyes are getting overwhelmed with all the fabulous things you photographed. First, I love your hair. I cut my own hair with a razor and it's so much easier than waiting for an appt. at a hairdresser. It looks so cute. You look absolutely adorable. I don't know where to start- I love everything you are wearing. I love the adorable crocheted collar, the birdie anklets, woven cotton bag, and the sequined elephant bag-WOW. I love!!

  23. who needs a hairdresser, it looks great as it is!

  24. Ooooh you lucky duckie - what FAB swag!

    The last time I cut my own hair it was under the influence in the early hours with nail scissors - oh noes.

    I DO go to the hairdressers but it is my big treat and besides - they can get to the back of my head better than I can. And I get a head massage (bliss). And they just glide around me in silence if I want to read my book, whilst sending in cups of coffee and alerting me to any new glittery polish they may have in stock.

    It is my therapy :)

  25. Ha ha, Kadgagoogoo!;) Well, I really don't know where to start. Picture after picture of utter fabulousness. I love the knitted collar and dress from the first POJ and the Marie Antionette t-shirt from the second. I remember those from last Comic Relief although strangely I didn't end up getting one. I am sick with jealousy over the purple fabric for $1 - what the...! And those cute as a button kitsch teatowels, wow! I always think using vintage teatowels is a waste as they should be displayed somewhere, but its tricky to think of ways of doing it. Your hair looks fine to me. Very Marilyn-esque but even better xxxxxxx

    Btw, thank you for your lovely comment on my last post, it made my day xxxxxx

  26. I remember cutting my hair pixie length in college, I was aiming for Laurie Anderson but it turned out more Sid Vicious, but I loved it... these days I cut my own hair, but it's just trimmed on the bottom, so pretty simple when you think about it, yours looks great, though and gee I love that short hairstyle. Here's a cheap home treatment I use every weekend - just combine - any conditioner/honey/aloe and leave it on for hours, guaranteed super moisturized hair, and coconut oil soaks during the week, I think most any vintage type gal who bleaches their hair has experienced this at one time or another, heh...

  27. Your new hair is quite fabulous!
    I hadn't been to a hairdresser in years... Then I went to one... She took off WAY more than I asked for. (Having had hair below my shoulder be chopped just under my chin when I asked for a trim!!!) I walked out of there so fast *seriously TRYING NOT TO CRY...* As soon as I opened the mall doors I cried outside for a good 5 min. It sounds stupid but heck I was pissed off, mad as a hornet and had a flipping bob cut rather than a simple trim. I had had bad haircuts in the past and that was the reason I hadn't been to a salon in a long while. Well after the mall mishap I have not been back since. Maybe sometime in the future but I am not even sure of that. I am happy chopping my own hair for now. At least if I make a mistake I am the one who made it and I can punch myself in my own face without being sued!

    LOVE YOUR THRIFTY FINDS the pillows are remarkable, the fabric is so groovy and I rather like your new tea towels.

  28. arsing kajagoogoo are going to be in my head alllllllll day thanks to you!
    The hair looks awesome. I'm with you when it comes to hairdressers. I go for non British ones, they charge less, cut way better, don't talk so much crap and don't try to sell me loads of products.
    Our wedding is going to be amazing. I like the idea of everyone lying around on cushions. I must watch that film for inspiration. I wonder if those Red Nose T shirts will be out this year too. I'll definitely get one.
    You found some amazing stuff again! xxxx

  29. LOVe you hair!!! Wow what awesome goodies you were gifted and thrifted!!

    Too shy shy, hush hush eye to eye!

  30. LOVe you hair!!! Wow what awesome goodies you were gifted and thrifted!!

    Too shy shy, hush hush eye to eye!

  31. OMG i dont where to start. I love those crochet cushions that one with the flowers on is bloody gorgeous you lucky duck for finding that one :-) Desiree my darling you look gorgeous as always loving your new hair cut. dee xx

  32. Hush hush eye to eye :) This is all kinds of cray cray rainbow sunshine I need all of this loot in my life! You did a really nice job on the hair, I'm impressed with another skill you obviously have been hiding from us! I want all of those pillows loaded up in the back of some camper bus I have yet to own and then we are off to camp and be silly catching fireflies. OK OK :)
    Your beautiful!

  33. Nice stuff as always!Thanks for taking time to create this informational resource..Its been very useful


  34. Just looking at those cushions makes me happy ;) What fabulous bits and bobs you found! The Stylist is getting the best training in op-shopping skills.

    That is one wedding I'd be excited to attend, and I will wear red nose pasties.

  35. So freaky ! I love !

    Fark YEAH!
    I am fair leaping for joy over all these goodies, gifted and found! HURRAH!
    I never go to hairdressers, I am a DIY kinda gal too!
    Love and Lustipops!

  37. I share my birthday with Limahl! That always impressed me as a child!
    Look at all your goodies you lucky duck!

  38. Fuck a duck - what with heatwaves and bushfires and bacteria I've managed to get SO FAR behind that I swear I can see my own arse!!

    Good gourd, those crocheted cushions are EXQUISITE! I love the round one (I have a couple but none as lovely as yours!) and the floral one is SPLENDID - I am tempted to make one myself.

    The purple fabric is AMAAAAZING and I ADORE the tea towel.

    What wonderful parcels - the birdy anklets are MY FAVOURITES and I LOVE the VW tshirt so much.

    You are summery perfection in your gorgeous pastel outfit - divine accessories, as always and I'm with you - I cut and dye my own hair to avoid the ridiculous expense and the inane conversation!

    Love your gorgeous bones! Sarah xxx


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