Friday, January 4, 2013

"Have You Been Somewhere Flash?"

"Noooooooooooooo ... I just woke up".
Most people thought I was mad or lying, but too bad because it was the truth.
There was also: "Oh I would only dress up like that for an evening out!"
Me: (smiles).
(Thinks:  Rully?  Well good on you, but I prefer the element of not giving a flying feck thanks)  **snort**.
I thought I looked very tame for a quick dash out actually.

So 2013 has arrived and she's settling in quite nicely thank you very much.
She'll help me celebrate turning 45 this month (Capricorn or Aquarius - what's your guess?)
And I hope she'll be my friend and help our family improve its quality of life ... more adventures, less frowning.

As for resolutions, blog-wise I'll be posting more pics of my op shop finds as I so enjoy a jolly good perve at what other people discover on their treasure-hunting expeditions.
So you show me yours and I'll show you mine!

1940s rayon slip - eBay or Etsy
Headband - Sassy Vamps!
Pink sunnies, silver cross - Etsy
Bags, bangles, rosary, 1950s granny beads - thrifted
Pink skull bracelet - gifted by darling Krista (and worn daily!)
VW Melissa wedges - Melissa sale
Green skull necklace and Mona Lisa earrings - craft markets

The Stylist, who snapped these pics, also took this one of the sky - all the blues in the outfit pics run into each other, ending in this flash of colour.
I think it's clever.  And beautiful.

Last week this arrived, an absolutely gorgeous and enormous piece of cotton fabric I bought from Nelly's shop, Vintage Wishes.
She's listing all sorts of treasures nearly everyday and I recommend you take a look and grab a bargain.
She's also a real-life angel and I'm all for putting a good word in for angels-on-earth.

Yeah that's what I said when I spied this vibrant 1970s tablecloth in a fabulous junk shop last week.
Remember my makeover of heinous-lounge-corner-with-ugly-curtains?
Well, I've finally tackled the actual table, which I'd moved to another part of the room.
I packed all of The Phoenix's computer gear, which lived on the table for three years, in neat under-the-bed boxes.
Easily accessible for when he needs to tinker.
My sewing jibber, including sewing machine and a small mountain range of fabrics are stored in secret panels in the centre of the 1940s table you're looking at.
Clever huh?
Also easy to get out and pack away.
Now I'm on the hunt for four chairs, preferably mis-matched coz you know I'm not much of a matchy-snatch.

Today I found an enormous stash of deadstock nail paints at the Salvos for 50 cents each.
They're even brighter IRL, the pink and orange colours are fluro.
Some spesh chickies will be getting these in the post in a week or two.

Oh and ages ago I put my name in the hat for a Secret Santa thingy at Creative Treasures emporium and only just picked my parcel up today.
Methinks Santa must know me well as these treasures are ringing all my bells!
Thank you mystery person!

I could do with carrying that tin around with me in 2013, as a wee reminder.
I'm going to test out a theory that if I'm happier and please myself more often, my family will be more content too.
Miss Behavin' can live in the tin as a double-reminder:).
And one can never, ever have too many floral headbands.

Picked up this cute wee length of barkcloth for $1 too.

The tea leaves in my cup are telling me "cushion covers".

Plus ...

During my clean-up I found these bamboo bag handles hidden away ... barkcloth + bamboo = new granny bag.
Two new projects ... woo-hoo warm it up!

I can't imagine why anyone would want to get rid of their African holiday souvenirs.
Aid for the Blind was chock-full of them a couple of weeks ago and I snaffled this glorious bag on sale for $3.
I like to play guessing games about my op-shopped gear, especially when I find lots of similar stuff in the same shop.
De-cluttering?  Bad break-up?  Sucked in by K-Mart?

Last but not least, The Stylist got her painted claws into my hair last night and it all just went downhill from there.
See ya!
Love Desiree xoxo


  1. I do love all the brightly coloured necklaces! And being in grey Scotland right now, that blue sky shot is to die for!

  2. I am guessing Aquarius - as it's connected to magic, genius, originality, eccentricity, fame, politics and the creative arts. Am I right??

    New Year's Resolutions of the Stars!

  3. All too gorgeous my love!! As are you!!! Hope to see you this weekend, and btw there's a *spectacular* & as-yet-unseen-by-anyone green celluloid bangle with 3 rows of green rhinestones on it calling your name....eeeek!

  4. Amazing outfit, and I lust after your Frida Headbands!

  5. Loving it all and you! I want some of that blue sky too. Happy New Year to you and yours. M x

  6. I'm gonna go out on a limb and guess Aquarius? Something about their outgoing personalities and flair for the somewhat eccentric?
    Love the headband!

  7. you just look fabulous, I need to dress fabulously more often like you do.Those blue skies are encouragement enough for feeling and looking amazing. I love all your vintage slips and nighties. You got some fab presents and your recent buying has been brilliant too. Looking forward to seeing this granny bag! xxx

  8. That table cloth is awesome I love it! I remember that nail polish old are they do you think?

  9. I guess Aquarius, too. But I'm really bad at guessing signs. I adore the new table cloth, what a great color. With vacation souvenirs always showing up at junk shops, I thinks when somebody dies the family is just getting rid of things and nobody wants them. That's how I get all my weird dolls; estate sales, junk shops, yard sales etc.

  10. I love the photos of you and the Stylist, I'm imagining her looking back on them one day when she's older and laughing and remembering the crazy times she had with her mum. My little boy Riley declared your room with the orange tablecloth "awesome", and I hope 2013 brings us all more fun and less frowns. Everyone's going with Aquarius as your sign and I think you're probably Aquarius too, though you do also have a capable motherly way about you and I remember reading that Capricorns tend to become younger at heart the older they get, so maybe you were a very serious little child? No, I still think Aquarius. Happy New Year to you all. xx

  11. I love the peek into your dining area. The tablecloth is gorgeous! I don't like my matchy dining chairs. Can I send you one or two? ;)

  12. My feeling is Aquarius. Happy birthday any which way! A great age to be, a sixty-eight baby yes? Love your headpiece. Awesome!

  13. my resolution is to stop being a lazy bugger and actually comment on your blog which i love! - i think you are an aquarius definately,they are pioneers and do things their way, also mahoosive humanitarians - i always think you look gorgeously spectacular and you make me feel happy, i had a brief miserable period where i thought i had to grow up - i'm 43, but yay turns out thats bollocks, much love x

  14. You look ravishing dawling and who cares what anyone else thinks/says! My guess is Aquarius. I'm an Aquarius too and they are prone to paving their own route--like you! When is your birthday? My husband's is the 29th of January and mine is the 6th of February.

  15. Did you know you look rather gorgeous with a blue background? Well you DO!
    I am totally looking forward to your op shop finds. I too love drooling over other peoples vintage purchases.
    *hehehe* Love the pics of you and your girl. You two would be a blast to hang out with!

  16. Lovely post, gorgeous...really made me smile. I love all the blue and you in it!
    I was knocked out by Nelly's shell fabric and I'm so glad you nabbed it.

  17. Oh hi. Lurker. I am saying Aquarius. I am one too, an am proud to be a march to your own drummer eccentric. And I can usually spot a fellow Aquarian a mile away.

  18. Great deal on the nail polish! Lovely colors!
    I like your outfit. What you said reminds me of the time me and a friend went to the casino in party dresses, and all the old ladies in their sweat pants and pajamas were snickering at us. Whatever, we looked good. :)

  19. Oh no, darling, for a night out I wear a cobra around my neck and a toucan atop my head and mini pink platform canoes on my feet...! Then stuff a marshmallow in her gaping craw as you trot off. Definitions are so thwartful. You look gorgeous gorgeous. And The Stylist too. So many goodies you have. Hurrah! It will be a stellar year.

  20. Thank you for an inspiring blog once again. I now dress with much more confidence and get lots of comments. People frequently think I'm dressed a bit too flash also but I just say I love dressing up and I don't know how to do casual. I shop at my local second hand shops and on trade me (it a bit like e-bay). Bless you and you cute family and may love be your only load.

  21. I'm gonna say aquarius too:) Loving you in blue and all these silly photos of you and your sweet girl! Heres to OP finds and pressies with skulls:) happy new Year Doll!

  22. I am so glad to see you back in your most deliciousself.
    This year is going to be fantastic, my daughter said so.
    That piece of material is given me the inspiration of my next post, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.
    Much love and admiration, dear Desiree.

  23. You look gorgeous, as usual! And the bags are so cool <3


  24. Definitely Aquarius. I'm a Capricorn and for some reason I'm sensing your an Aquarius. I love your "I don't give a rats arse" attitude about what people think. You look quite nice for a quick dash out. Love your sassy headband and that adorable bag. My eyes get a treat every time I read your blog.

  25. GLORIARSE AQUARIARSE of course!!!!
    YOU are to fecking DIE for fabularse and I adore you.
    Yup, that amazeballs barkcloth will make splendid cushion covers!
    The Stylist has had THE best start in life, having you as a Mama.
    Rock the fecking hell ON,you sexacious bint!
    love and Lustipops!

  26. Aquarius!!! What amazing goodies you scored!! and you looked FABULOUS!!1
    The Stylist is just too cute!!

  27. The title of this blog post put a smile on my face. When I was a kid I was ALWAYS being told by my mother I was "dressed up too much" and that "no one would see me so I should save ABC piece of clothing for a special occassion" - basically soon as I left home I wore what I wanted whenever I wanted :P I think you look fabulous - why bother wearing daggy clothes when you can be awesome ALL OF THE TIME! Also love BOTH the table cloth and the nail varnish:D

  28. Oh it's just hilarious when you get those comments, isn't it? Happens to me all the time. If a gal can't wear a vintage slip and a fuck off floral headband to pop out and about, there is something wrong with the bloody world!
    Love seeing a little glimpse of your home, Desiree, the table and its fabulous cloth look great. Fab gifts and finds, looking forward to seeing the bag when you've made it. I often speculate about stuff in charity shops, especially vintage things, and wonder if someone has cleared out a parent or grandparent's house...
    Those last pics with the Stylist are adorable. No frowning there, darling, just laughter, love and joy.
    And I'm saying Capricorn, just to be contrary! Haven't got a clue and don't believe in it anyway, but wanted to play! xxxxxxx

  29. Whenever I walk past that blue gate I think of you! Fab outfit, but you know I especially LURVE that bag!!!! Wink wink! I adore that funky tablecloth, it looks worthy of wrapping around your incredible bod my dear! Xx

  30. oh so many great finds... lucky you. but it's not just luck, you have to have the 'eye' to spot the goodies amongst all the OPShop trash. well done.

  31. Hi Desiree! Happy NY to you ! thank you for all your inspiration I'm looking forward to 2013 you are such a delight to see
    I love your outfit against the blue door and all the blue skies
    I love how you rearrange the room that tablecloth is glorious - your home looks happy and colorful
    Adore all your finds, so much fun to see your treasures
    Thank you Desiree for your lovely comments i really appreciate it - this is what blogging is all about

    Ariane xxxxx

  32. Oh ! and i forgot to say - you are for sure an aquariius!

  33. Happy new year!!!I love both the signs!!One of my daughters is a Capricorn, the other one is Aquarius, so I can't decide!
    The rayon slip you are wearing is fabulous, I'd love to wear it under a blue sky and feel great,it's a dream that won't come true soon, because everything is so gray now!
    The fabrics are amazing especially the one with the shells, can't wait to see what you are going to make with it!
    Love xxxxxx

  34. "...more adventures, less frowning"--here, here! I love that tablecloth. With those colorful vintage tablecloths, the question I always have is whether or not to make them into a cute little dress! :) Happy New Year, dahlink!

  35. Oh I just love those comments!!!! Silly moo, they probably looked like something the cat dragged in, tee hee!!!!
    You look so gorgeous as always!!!! You and vintage slips were made for each other!!! Heaven.
    Oh oh I hope you are both and born on the cusp of Aquarius and Capricorn, that would mean the 20th of Jan!!!!! Then we would have the same birthday, yay yay.
    Love v

  36. Great finds love the yellow crochet tablecloth. I to love seeing what others have found. Heres to a happy, healthy and fun new to you and your family. I hope its a magical one for you. dee xxx

  37. Your fabric haul is great. Look forward to seeing what you make with it. Those pics of you and The Stylist are fab - totally fun!

    I'm not too good with star signs, so I'll wait and see! Have a great week xxx

  38. That is a darn good resolution I have to say! :D I hope it's a good one for you. BTW, you look gorgeous as always. Kisses and thanks for the arse-squeezes on your previous post ;)

    Rhia from

  39. Where we used to live years ago our neighbours always thought we were off dancing because of how we dressed! It's that or off to a wedding!

  40. I just love you so.

    You look mind numbingly gorgeous- my favorite movie star kind of gorgeous! I love the slip, the "casual" decking out of head flowers and all the layerings of gyspy jewelry. I love how you have fun with fashion and don't take yourself or anything else too seriously. I love the glimpses into your home, your life and see how beautiful your Bella is becoming, and how well you share so much joy.


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