Friday, January 25, 2013

I Gave Flea's Neck a Polish

Well the Big Sweaty Day Out seems so long ago, which means I must be relaxed after all the burpday action.
I'd almost forgotten the meaning of the word ... something about peace of mind, losing track of time, enjoying the moment?
Peace at last.

Well here's me, enjoying the moment on my 45th birthday with a cuppa and way too much rouge.

Last Sunday, it was just #1 Son and I who made it to see the Red Hot Chilli Peppers.
Oh come on, who was anybody kidding, we were all at the BDO to see either Flea or the Bloody Beetroots - the other acts were free entertainment.
Free funnage!

The day started with a mighty huge sleep-in, poached eggs on toast and coffee, then some last-minute festival tweaking.

The sweat-factor switched from hot-clammy to cold-rivers-of-water-flooding-from-our-pores as soon as we hit the Boiler Room, where we spent a solid four to five hours dancing.

If RHCP weren't on next, I would have been happy to hang out at the Lily Pad dancing to Paul Mac all evening.
According to two lovely wee dancing chickies, I'm "fucking legit"!!!
Actually it was quite amusing to see the looks on people's faces at the sight of #1 Son and I together that day.
We could see them putting two-and-two together and making five, resulting in much giggling and confusion.
I imagine them thinking: "What's that old lady doing with that dude?  Hmmmm ... they kinda look the same".
So I wonder how many 23-year-old men took their mums to the Big Day Out then?

Oh but look, there's a crowd gathering fast to experience what we came for ... 

Still getting goosebumps from the best live rock gig I have ever been to.
Oh the glorious funkification!

Two days later and I woke up to a free parcel from Black Milk Clothing, the contents of which acted briefly as my birthday suit.
Briefly because it was about 34 degrees.

I rename this catsuit The Birthday Suit.
The rest of the day was spent with #1 Son, #3 Son and The Stylist, enjoying coffee, sushi then Life of Pi.
The Phoenix had some dramatic changes made to his meds last week, which will take a while for him to get used to so sadly he couldn't make it.

Intolerable cuteness.

This guy knows how to celebrate a birthday.

Caramel frappe and evidence of a chocolate melting moment.

Through the fug of withdrawal, nausea and confusion The Phoenix bravely managed to create a card for me:).

And where was #2 Son?
By the look of it he'd gone to the beach and grown a pair.

The lad spent nearly four weeks visiting my enormous family in northern New Zealand, which I shall rename Cuzzie Land.
It was quite an experience for him to be confronted by various packs of smiling, happy faces that looked familiar and just wanted to have loads of fun with him.
There are no cousins on the father's side of the family so it must have been quite an experience to look into the eyes of so many aunties, cousins and their children that were so closely related to him.

Thank you all for your happy birthday wishes, you make me feel oh so very, very special.
Baci milioni,
Desiree xoxo


  1. belated birthday wishes doll! looks like you've been having an amazing summer xo

  2. What an awesome birthday! I'm glad you had such a spectacular time.

  3. Looks like you and your son had a great time! I'm glad that you enjoyed your time with him. Boys will always have fake boobs on the beach.

  4. So glad you had a great birthday with your beautiful family - and I wanted to say again how much I love your new do, totally reminds me of Madonna's in Papa Don't Preach...take care...

  5. what a great day, what memories to treasure. you are a real special Mum and deserve all the love and care they shower on you. x

  6. I am so so happy that you enjoyed your birthday! Your sons are just as dashing as you are and, of course, The Stylist has the beauty of her mother! I LOOOOVE Red Hot Chili Peppers! Looks like you need a little relaxation after that birthday! I could never keep up with you!

  7. I love this kid oriented post because I can sense that you've been getting kids up and going in the mornings for school about as long as I have. 25 years to be exact! The age span seems to spread over decades I swear! And what a rich and rewarding life it makes.
    I can't imagine what it would be like to see a rock concert with one of my kids though. I'd love it! But they're not in to Led Zeppelin or Pink Floyd as much as me. ;)
    Love your birthday suit! It's freakfuckintastic!

  8. Now THAT'S how to celebrate a birthday! Glad you had a fabulous time, the photos of you and No. 1 Son make me smile so much, and I bet loads of people did think you had pulled a young 'un, hahaha!
    All your kids are adorably fine, Desiree, you did/are doing a fine job.
    Woohoo, get you in your Birthday Suit! Have Black Milk finally realised you are their finest ambassador and started sending you free stuff? Hope so!
    Give your darling Phoenix a cuddle from me.
    And if you can't wear too much rouge in your 40s, when the bloody hell can you?! Slap it on, babe, you look gorgeous! xxxx

  9. And that's how to celebrate a birthday, baby! I love this post's full of fabulousness and your family are wicked.
    You are indeed fucking legit.
    Too much rouge? No such thing.

  10. Fabulous post with your off spirng!! Happy birthday and go son no #1 on going out with mumsie to a concert. My boys hang out with me on the odd occassion, but its the tall afro haired Maori boy ( eldest sons mate) that causes the funniest mind boggling looks on peeps faces when I have been shopping with him!! The fact that he calls me mum adds to the confused looks. 2 and 2 always makes way more than 4!!!

  11. Best birthday celebration ever!!!!
    It's lovely that you spent your day at the concert dancing with your beautiful son (by the way he's your male clone!).Flea was my biggest crush when I was in High School, he's funktastic and handsome!And wow you get the most amazing Black milk suit, I love it and it looks divine on you!!The Phoenix's card is wonderful too, I'm glad you get all the love you deserve from your lovely family!!
    Love xxxxxxxxxxxx

  12. Happy birthday! You are so brave to go to music concerts like that xx

  13. You are so wonderful inspiring, my dear Desiree.
    happy Birthday to you, my darling friend.

  14. Oh wow, Desiree, I enjoyed every single little bit of this post, the pics of your gorgeous children and you and number one son at the festival, the Pheonix's card, your birthday suit - everything! Please tell me that Anthony K has got rid of his ridiculous moustache and that his hair is as silky and shiny as ever....... Mmmmmmmm - sorry, just having random Anthony K related imaginings....... So glad you had a wonderful birthday. xx

  15. Wonderful photo's and warm memories of a very happy birthday. So glad you had a good day but im sorry your husband wasn't able to join you. I hope his meds work better for him and quickly. You have a wonderful family. Love the photo of your son burried in the sand :-) Have a lovely weekend, dee xx

  16. wonderful and happy birthday, you look gorgeous and love every blackmilk piece you wear, you rock!!
    wish you a fabulous year of enjoyment and glamour!

  17. ERMAHGERD!!! I'm so CRAZY envious about your BDO with your NOS! What a fabularse day - and WEEK. The Stylist looks as though she HATED that frappe! And you and NOS could be TWINS! And yay for NTS and his NZ adventure. I love your family - may I pleeeeeease be an honorary Aunty?? I'm quite a good one, I promise!

    And yay for BM birthday suit - you look AMAZING! Happy Birthday, Lovely!

    Sarah xxx

  18. You are fabulous. And Blogger hates me and won't let me comment for some reason - it's a common thread with Blogger blogs and me at the mo (le sigh). Anyway, belated birthday snogs. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  19. You are fabulous. And Blogger hates me and won't let me comment for some reason - it's a common thread with Blogger blogs and me at the mo (le sigh). Anyway, belated birthday snogs. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  20. Look at that!! Crawling or what? No comment posting for days and then it posts the same thing twice! Arse!

  21. Looks like you had an amazing birthday. I love all your pictures. You look adorable in your Black Milk bodysuit. I love it!

  22. Happy Birthday to you!! What a fabulous way to celebrate, too, I've never seen the Chillis and so am insanely envious.
    No wonder you were the toast of the teeny boppers, you and your style rock. There's no mistaking the likeness between you and your handsome boy but I bet everyone reckoned you were his cool older sis rather than his mum.
    Freebies from Black Milk? About time, I'd say! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  23. So glad to hear you had such a fab day and thank you for the great see-thru dress advice!

  24. O woweeee a very very happy birthday to you! It looks like you had the most amazing time! Bet the gig was fabularse, to quote Helga, and how brilliant that you went with son 1 - the photos are wonderful, and you look so gorgeous!
    Plus how much do I love the new birthday suit from Black Milk?? Very very much! Here's to a great year ahead for you Desiree.

  25. Wow, what a birthday. You look amazing (and kinda creepy) in your birthday suit.

  26. The Phoenix's card is just amazing--what a wonderful birthday tribute!

    Let all of those concert goers think you were the hot rockin' cougar with her boy-toy!!!

    Love the blackmilk catsuit!!


  27. You look awesome as hell in every pic-- you and No1 son look sooo alike and both stunners! He was bound to be good looking with such a hot mom, right??! Happy B-day and what a cool BM bodysuit!!

  28. Happy Birthday !!! You look fabulous - I do hope I look that great at 45. Your family photos are lovely and I think its awesome that you went to BDo with your son. You both look like you had a great time. Glad #2 sone had a fab time in NZ. Have a great weekend.

  29. you look awesome, i love your blog so much!!!
    following u, i hope u do follow me back.

  30. Happy Happy Happiest of all Birthday's too sorry I'm late. WOW these are some of the best pictures and memories I have ever seen grace your blog. So much happiness and love. I can't imagine what a blast you and your son had, it's looks off the friggin hook. I have to say that he will remember this for the rest of his life and if he didn't already know he does now, he's Mom is legit! The card from your Phoenix is precious too, hope he is feeling better soon.

    Here's to getting old disgracefully! Love you!

  31. What a tremendous time you had. You have such beautiful children, and #1 son certainly looks a lot like his mum. I still can't believe you got to see RHCP, I love them so much and the time they came to Coventry the tickets sold out before I could even get online, I was so gutted. What a fabularsehole body suit too from Black Milk, you look stunning in it, I can't wait to see it sneaking into some of your amazing outfits. Love and birthday wishes lovely lady. xx

  32. Belated birthday wishes to youuu !!! Looks like you had so much fun and you deffo rock it girl !!! That bodysuit is awesome !!! Have a fabby weekend dear ! xx

  33. There's always so much fabulousness in your blogs I never know where to start Desiree. Your children have all inherited your good looks that's for sure, I can see you in all their gorgeous faces. My daughter is nearly eighteen and it's scary how similar our tastes are, so I'm hoping we have fun times like that ahead of us, though I'm nowhere near as fun a mum as you are, I need to work on that, your blog will be my inspiration! I love the card the Phoenix made for you, hope his meds settle down and he's feeling better. You obviously had the fantastic birthday you deserve lovely lady. xx

  34. wow!! I really love that bodysuit!! It loks amazing. Glad you had a fabulous time and you looked amazing the whole time. Excellent that you can go partying with your Son. Definitely a cool mum! xxxxx

  35. What a fabulous birthday! I love the photos of you and #1 son at the concert; so happy, and such a lovely moment of bonding. Your kids are such a great looking crew, with their own personalities, and they seem to appreciate what a cool Mom they have. The Phoenix's card is beautiful; hope he gets used to the new meds soon.

  36. Desiree, belated happy birthday wishes. Your celebration looks so much fun. And you got a birthday suit from Black Milk. The perfect gift! Love The Phoenix's card and hoping he's feeling more the thing.

  37. Happy belated Birthday! I can't believe I missed out on this post!
    Seems like you had a wonderful time and I am ever so jealous- Bloody Beetroots are bloody awesome- I saw them live a few years in Lisbon (before I moved to dreary old England) I it was non stop dancing and jumping!!!


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