Saturday, January 19, 2013

"I Killed a Guy With a Trident"

I'm about as gleeful as Brick Tamland when he regaled his street fighting skills on Anchorman.
Because Number One Son is in town.
We went to the movies together for the first time in seven years (we saw Gangster Squad).
We ate sushi and raspberry liquorice and hard jubes.
We drank much coffee and ate burgers together.
We went op-shopping.
We talked rubbish and giggled like old mates, just the two of us.

We can still watch Anchorman, Stepbrothers and 40-Year-Old-Virgin after all these years and still laugh like a pair of idiots.

Oh and he didn't mind me dressing in my "squalid glamour" style.
The lad told me as we walked out the door, "I love how you just throw something together and it looks great".

1960s beaded top - Etsy, Niddie's Rag and Bone Shop
Edwardian petticoat - Etsy, Auvergne Memories
1950s tapestry bag - gifted by my lovely sister
Green velvet bow - gifted by Glitters for Dinner
Jewellery - thrifted and Etsy
VW Melissa Mary Jane's - shopped by lovely Idee Fixe

At the oppies I picked up a baby book, which #1 Son decided he needed it for his coffee table, while Unreliable Memoirs is one of the funniest books I've ever read and re-read.
I swear that's gotta be Ron Burgundy printed on the boys' Funky Trunks I bought at an op-shop.
Surprisingly, when I tried them on I did not repeat Ron's words, "I immediately regret this decision".
Oh and what are the Chupa Chups for?
Sugar-loading supplies.
Because #1 Son, The Phoenix and I are off to jump around like loonies at the Big Day Out on the Gold Coast tomorrow - WOO HOO!!!
The first and last time I went to BDO was on my 40th birthday and since I'm turning 45 on Tuesday (oh yeah - you all got it right, spot the Aquarius!) I thought it was time I saw the Red Hot Chilli Peppers LIVE!!
See ya in the First Aid tent - hahahaaaa!
Desiree xoxo


  1. Woohooo! Stick your tongue right down Anthony Keidis' throat for me - I could use the vicarious action! Hope you have the MOST frickin awesome day EVER!

    Number One Son is right - you do always look amazing. I particularly adore the beaded top and the green bow. Please take millions of pics for us tomorrow - and HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

    Big hugs and a little tongue,

    Sarah xxx

  2. i want BDO pics and I want them NOOOWWWWWW!!!!!

  3. Aw, what a great son. Sounds like you have a lovely relationship. Number One Son is right, you always look great. I so much enjoy reading your blog.

  4. You looks smashing! Have a great time and Happy Birthday!!

  5. I agree with your son, your outfits always look great, you inject your vivacious personality into them so I think it would be impossible for anything to look drab on you.
    Have a fab time at BDO...hope you are planning on doing some stage diving & crowd surfing while you are there ;)
    N ave a cracking burfday ma dear gal!
    Lot's of love,

  6. I love your squalid glamour, you can see that thing of facebook I just sent. Think I might do a squalid glamour mood bored. You'll feature heavily. I love you skirt. I need to wear bindis more too. Sounds like you had an awesome day my dear. Have a brilliant time at BDO xxx

  7. Sounds like you had a great time!
    Loving the bag, it's sooo pretty :)

  8. You look great and am glad you got to spend time with your son. It's always great when the whole family gets together and spends some fun quality time together.
    You look great in whatever you wear, your son is right.

  9. So glad that you had quality time with number one son.
    Not wonder he is proud of you in all your glamorous ensemble.

  10. You throwing something together?? NO, I'd call it "Artistically placed."
    I love getting together with my older kids. They make me laugh, it's just nice to enjoy them as friends and not be their superior. That's when the real parenting rewards come in my opinion.
    I'm always more excited to get dressed after I've been to your place. ;)

  11. Your son sounds so sweet & he's right, you always look amazing-- and it looks so effortless, naturally chic, i.e. real style :) Have a great B-day!

  12. have an amazing time at the BDO!!! the chili's are one of my fav bands ever!
    ps: the green velvet bow is stunning, love it!

  13. Ah, I knew you were another air sign.

    I am so jealous, I love the Chillis, what a fab time to look forward to.

    Happy birthday for Tuesday xx

  14. Your son is right, you have the most wonderful style! Looking like a gorgeous Blondie flapper here!

    Enjoy the Chilli Peppers, I'm so jealous! I saw them play Reading Festival in the 90s, performing with only socks to cover their modesty.... and there was quite some modesty to cover...

  15. Squalid glamour - perfect! You look rather naughty and highly gorgeous and adorable! How lovely to spend some time with your darling No. One Son. He's right, you do throw stuff together and look great, it's a skill you can't teach/learn, you've just got it!
    Have a fabularse time at the Big Day Out, dance your pants off, and tell us ALL about it! xxxxx

  16. Aw what a sweetie your son is! Happy early birthday lady! I knew you were a fellow Aquarius! Love the sparkly top!


  18. Happy Birthday pretty lady!! You're a pretty rad mum and sounds like you have an equally rad #1 son. Have the best time at the BDO - we used to enjoy going until they cancelled the Auckland leg of the tour - BOO!

  19. Your so cute!! enjoy your visit with your son and have fun at the BDO!!! ~Love Heather

  20. HAPPY BIRTHDAY early!!! Always love when u step in front of your tripod - especially love this look :) And you got to spend time w/ your oldest son - how wonderful is THAT <3

  21. Oh that green bow is just beautiful, I think it looks amazing on you!!!!!!
    You have gorgeous kids, it's so nice to read how you love hanging out with them.......they are pretty lucky to have such an amazing mum!!!!
    yay to birthdays!!!!!! It's mine today......cusp capricorn and Aquarius......
    Happy Happy birthday to you for Tuesday!!!!!
    Love V

  22. Oh man, I'm so jealous that you're going to see the Chilli Peppers! I've wanted to do that forever. So fricken' jealous! GAaaah!

    Boy, that really escalated quickly.

  23. You really exudes a lot of positive energy (I've only seen you in pictures, but I'm convinced!) My husband has two adult sons who I have lived with since they were 4 and 6 years. Sometimes I was afraid that they would think I dress "embarrassing", but they don't seem to care even though we live in a small community and I think it indicates that there are strong individuals - wonderful!

  24. Happy Birthday Desiree! I love the pic of you standing next to your gramophone with all your beautiful paintings on the wall. And I did think that was Ron Burgundy on those trunks! I love the silly humour of those films you mentioned, 'Stepbrothers' especially is a real family favourite. Love your son's description of your style too, squalid glamour, it just sounds such a desirable thing to be! There's a lot of trials that come when the kids get older but I really enjoy the times we have a laugh together and find common ground with each other. You seem to have such a great relationship with your children, every time I come to your blog you remind me I shouldn't lose sight of having fun with them. It's like the last page of the Roald Dahl book , Danny Champion of the World, where he says all children deserve a parent who is SPARKY! That's you, that is. Have a great time seeing the Red Hot Chili Peppers! xx

  25. I hope you've had a fantasmic time with Flea & Co today. What a fun day to share with your son. He obviously has great taste too. LOVE that green bow, but I'd say you knew that already! Xx

  26. Squalid glamour, love that!

    Have a terrific birthday at BDO, whoo hoo

  27. God I love Anchorman the only film that actually made me cry with laughter in the cinema.

  28. HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY coming up! Have a great time with no1 son and Mr Keidis xxx

  29. Squalid Glamour? Nothing squalid about your style, my dear. And no joy squandered. Love those trunks though I don't know I want to see anyone IN them. Happy upcoming bday!

  30. Squalid Glamour-LOVE it!!
    what a wonderful time you had with #1 son!!!


  31. O,Squalid Glamour is perfect! I think you should copyright that!!!
    You are divoon, I'm so pleased you're havbing right old time with your big boy! I'm gagging to see that gansster film, the frocks look fabularse!
    Anchorman was awsome, I must watch it again, and Clive James is GOD!
    Love and Lustipops!

  32. Sounds like you had a lovely day together. Hope the BDO was awesome..... And HAPPY BIRTHDAYYYYYY!!! xxx

  33. Happy birthday! You look awesome, and I'm supremely jealous of you getting to go see the Red Hot Chili Peppers! Also, Anchorman is the best.


  34. EDWARDIAN PETTICOATS=LITERALLY. THE. BEST THING EVER. I have about 3 of them and they are some of my most prized possessions... literally... You never fail to amaze me with your ability to just wear the most amazing things and pull them together SO perfectly. It's just... woah. I hope I'm as cool as you in like 20 years... If I am as cool as you then my life will be complete. ALSO everytime I see the inside of your house I'm just, like, amazed. I mean I have only 2 rooms to decorate and they are stilll not half as pretty as your house... oaky I'm gonna stop gushing now cuz Im probs creepin you out...

  35. Quality time with Number One son, and The Chili Peppers? Sounds like you were spoiled, Birthday Girl! Hope you had a wonderful time and I'm sure you had a suitably celebratory outfit! Sending a big Birthday HUG!!

  36. Happy birthday!i knew you were an aquarius, you are so creative and so original you had to be an aquarius, and i know my aquarius! My mom and son are aquarius!
    Your son is right you make everything look fantastic!

    Thanks Darling for your nice comment,big hugs!
    Ariane xxxx


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