Thursday, January 31, 2013

Don't Pout, Get Ya Nips Out

I don't like it when folks lose their homes and personal belongings in natural disasters.
I don't like it when it's impossible for a clean-up to begin in ernest, flood waters linger, looters get greedy and spirits crumble.
It's scary to shuffle your children into safe rooms away from the threat of glass shattering by roofing iron and flying boughs.
It must be even scarier for the people of major regional towns to be rescued en masse from their roofs.

Spare a thought and maybe a penny for the thousands of homeless Queenslanders who've lost everything in the tornadoes, cyclonic winds and floods so many of us have experienced this week.
It's been such a sad time for so many.
And a rather frightening experience personally, what with living on top of a steep hill, spending nights listening to flying objects pass by and waiting, just waiting for our seven-metre wall of glass to shatter.
We're fine, but many aren't thanks to the mass fear and devastation delivered by Cyclone Oswald.

My attempt to try and raise some smiles today.
It worked.
I guess getting one's nips out will do that.
Headband - Sassy Vamps!
Red Nose Day VW t-shirt - gifted by darling Tra-la-la
1950s crinoline - Garterbelts and Gasoline Festival
Bangles, earrings, white crochet granny bag, purple beads - thrifted, gifted and bought from Vintage Wishes
Shoes - Jeffrey Campbell sale
Green handbag - Dandelion Vintage sale

We lost a tree and gained a few more grey hairs, but we're safe.
You can read more and donate to the Red Cross Flood Appeal here.
Desiree xo


  1. The floods and cyclones have certainly caused devastation all over Queensland, and my hearts going out to everyone who's been affected by them. Your experience sounds rather scary, good that you and your family are OK.

    Didn't get much going on here other than some much needed rain, but a nearby city is flooded. I want to help with the clean up on Saturday, but you can't if you're under 14.

    That shirt is such a fabulous way to bring out some smiles, it sure made me smile!

  2. I hadn't realised the extent of the extreme weather in Queensland. Whenever anything like this happens my heart really does go out to those involved. It seems temperate weather is a thing of the past. It's either scorching heat, suffocating humidity or torrential rain. You've certainly brightened up the day with your fabulous outfit. You can't beat a bit of nipplage and that green handbag is fabulous beyond words. Hope everything has died down a bit where you are xxx

  3. My heart is with you and with all the families involved in this terrible situation, I'm very scared to hear about all these violent disasters that are happening there, I wish that everything is going to stop soon!
    I'm glad to read that you are safe and that you are celebrating life looking amazing as always!!The silver skirt is beyond fabulousness and I can't look at your Jeffrey 'Wizard' Campbell's shoes without faint!!
    Love xxxxx

  4. glad to read you're ok, in spite of natural catastrophes!, and also glad you're smiling and sparkling with your pretty skirt and fabulous attitude!
    besos & abrazos

  5. Glad to hear you're all safe - you look like a naughty fairy all lit up with mischief. Thanks for the donation link - I'm guessing even the little bits must add up.

    Counting my blessings (and coveting today's bangle-age) xx

  6. Well written! I also love that skirt!

  7. Last night a recycling bin was picked up by a strong gust of wind and blew down the road outside my window and I thought to myself "the wind is a bit strong" but the weather here in London is like a fluffy little pussycat in comparison to yours. Nature unleashes yet another volley of its unstoppable might and yet again we find ourselves feeling small, fragile and utterly vulnerable to the elements. I'm so happy that you and your family are fine and I hope that the Australian government are quick on their feet in helping the poor people that lost everything to rebuild their lives.
    You are looking fabulous as always.
    Lot's of love,

  8. I'm so glad you and yours are safe and well! You look fantastic, as always. :)

  9. I hate natural disasters-- Florida is on first name bases with too many hurricanes so I know how awful and scary it is when they rip through.
    You look incredible!! The tee, the skirt, the shoes-- I love this outfit :)

  10. From what I've read, the devastation sounds terrible! So glad to hear you didn't bear the brunt of it.

    OK that shirt is Da Bomb. In a very good way. Love it with that metallic flouncy skirt!!!

  11. I hate being at the mercy of the weather (the UK's being hammered by 60 mph of wind today) but our woes are nothing compared with you poor Queenslanders. I'm so pleased you and yours are safe. Those looters make me sick, thieving bastards!
    Thank goodness for you, some saucy nipple action, double bagging and your fabulous silver skirt to cheer everyone up.
    Stay safe, babe. xxxxxxxxxx

  12. The havoc caused by the cyclone and flooding sounds just terrible. I am so thankful that you and your family are OK, but so sad for all those whom have lost their homes.
    I'm sure you did raise a fair few smiles today, since you look utterly fabulous! Flowers on headbands, red noses on nipples - these are a few of my favourite things! And that silver petticoat is just wonderful.
    Pretty pretty bangles, gorgeous green bag, beautiful YOU! xxxxx

  13. What the hell is going on? A 1,000 mile long storm just went thought my part of the US last night. We got crazy wind (I fucking hate wind) and a bunch of rain. No tornado, that was up in north Ga. 3 different parts of the world with the same weather problems? How strange is that? Glad to hear you and yours are fine. I haven't checked outside yet, but I'm happy the giant pecan tree is still standing.

  14. Thank you for putting a wonderful smile to the events.
    Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, you are so glorious, my dear desiree.

  15. So sad for everyone that has suffered through this. Thankfully you are safe. I love your adorable tee shirt and that wonderful skirt.

  16. I'll be sure to keep everyone in my prayers.

  17. Aw I am so sorry to hear and my thoughts are with the families who lost homes, property and loved ones. I am glad that you are safe. I don't want to comment frivolously about your clothes with such serious stuff going on, but I will say that I love your attitude and your look today Desirae.

  18. I'm glad to know you and your lovely family are okay.

  19. God I love youse. I'm so glad you and your fams are ok! And I'm so glad that you rock rock rock a silver crino and make looking good look so damn easy. Hugs!

  20. Challenging times, no doubt.
    I'm in full agreement that some *sparkly* dressing is good way of taking one step after one step, and onwards. And that silver skirt: WOW-WEEEEEEEEEEEE. xo

  21. There are so many natural disasters across the world right now, I don't know how people can deny climate change. It's totally heartbreaking when you see the images on the news, people losing everything. Great post for a great cause lovely Desiree. x

  22. Thank goodness you and yours are all OK. Massive sympathies to those who weren't so lucky, it sounds terrifying. Good to see you're keeping the nation's pecker up as ever!

  23. O,gawd, you Aussies have been getting hit hard lately with the natural disasters. It's so cruel.
    You, my lucious wench, are a jewel in the eye of the storm in that fekcing ORGASMIC outfit!!!
    I bow and dribble before your magnificance!
    Love and Lustipops!

  24. We're a country of such crazy extremes! We're burning in the south and flooding in the north! Glad you're okay and my thoughts are with all those affected by our most recent Aussie natural disasters.

  25. Oh oh I am so happy you are safe and our lovely poppets!!!
    We have been thinking of you and all the poor people effected by another "Tantee" by mother nature.
    If I saw you in the street I would be smiling and saying now their is HAPPINESS!!!!!! You are just gorgeous, I don't think anyone else could wear that t-shirt as well as you do.
    Stay safe and keep spread the love and happiness.
    Love V

  26. Ooooppps that was: your poppets are safe...... Sorry I am a ninny!!!! Love V
    Oh shit : keep spreading the love and happiness.
    Time for bed from this super ninny!!!!!
    Love you.

  27. It sounds terrible. Im so glad that you and your family are safe. Take care, dee xx

  28. Hi, I have been reading your blog and love it! Sorry to hear about all the nasty weather you are having there. We had 60mph winds here in the US for two days and there were lots of power outages but we were ok. Glad to hear that you and your family have made it through a terrible time. There seems to be so many freakish storms lately everywhere. Is it global warming? I would think so. Enjoy your outfits and love your zest for life.

  29. I hadn't realized the extent of the damage over there either - Mother Nature has certainly been wreaking havoc worldwide with hurricanes, tornadoes, Tsunamis, etc. Like any woman, she can only take so much shit, then she blows.

    I'm glad you are ok, and rocking your silver cloud with the awesome T! Did you get my email asking for your size - I might have something for you!

  30. so glad to hear you and yours made it safely through all of the devastation!!

    You certainly must've put a smile on everyone you met faces with that adorably cheeky outfit (or is that nippy??)

  31. The silver skirt is very fun and sexy.

    xx Domenic


  32. I'm happy to hear you and your family got through all this Desiree, though it's horrible how others have suffered, the world's weather seems to have gone mad in recent years and things like this make you realise how we are at the mercy of this planet we live on, not in charge of it. I'm sure you bring a smile to people's faces every day, and I hope the worst of all this crazy weather is over for you all. xx

  33. That was a very sad time but if everybody over there is like you - no wonder you coped.

    You look utterly gorgeous in the most wonderfully weird way:) I have a 'nana' bag just like your turquoise bag except mine's white. Did you dye yours? Hmmm I think I really should go turquoise.

  34. We have the same silver crinoline! Why am I not surprised? :)


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