Tuesday, November 20, 2012

I've Got the Painters In

No really, we've got an actual painter-guy in to paint our ceilings.
But although the results are looking good, it's still a right pain in the arse.
It's not like I can push all the guff into the middle of the room and throw a drop sheet over the mess, it's a great flippin' huge-o job of lugging shite from room to room.
Getting this t-shirt in the mail today helped though.

Georgie from Dickensian Dandy tapped into my carni-gal desires when she put me onto the Etsy shop, Carouselink, thinking I might like their gear.
Well yes I did like very much and corset-print t-shirt?
Don't mind if I do!

Thumbs up for the nice-rack illusion-print.
Juicy ... my milkshake brings all the boys to the yard.
I was a very good girl in October, sticking to my Buy Nothing New Month pledge.
It actually wasn't all that hard ... the op shops just got an extra pounding and since it coincided with my ongoing patchwork curtain project, the fabric bins were well plucked.
Still, a super-soft t-shirt with the perfect neckline and sleeve-length, designed and made by a Nashville indie artist was a welcome buy.

Pink sparkly heart-shaped sunnies are one of life's necessities and essential to keeping your pecker up in times of domestic upheaval.
I remember the first time I saw Citizen Rosebud and Sarah Misfit rocking heart-shaped sunnies, I nearly fainted with desire and envy.
Those chicks know just the right buttons to push!

These pics were taken at the local chippie after The Stylist's ballet lesson - the lil' darlin'.
Leggings - Black Milk
Ruffle shorts - some online retail shop I can't remember
Granny bag - thrifted
Doc's - retail

Oh and I love the back print:).

By the way if you're in Toronto, check out Georgie's wares at the One of a Kind Christmas Show and Sale, then report back to me after you've decimated her awesome stock of top hats, jackets, waistcoats, tail coats and dandy trousers;).
See you when the paint dries!
Desiree xo


  1. Dearest Desiree,
    I presume your home is a bit like mine...every little nook and cranny stuffed to the hilt?...so I really feel for you having the painters in, it must be a nightmare of backbreaking proportions. I'm on round numero three of my seemingly never-ending life laundry and have now sorted out most of my storage bags and got rid of yet more chaff...I'm glad to say that at least I haven't been bringing any significant amounts of "new" stuff home since August, so at least the life laundry is going in the right direction, even though I at times feel as if the process is almost killing me.
    You look smashing in that Tee. leggings and heart-shaped shades combo, circus girl supreme :)
    Lot's of love,

  2. I cannot even think of the paintera, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.
    You are looking glorious in your heart shape glasses seeing it all in pink, what else.
    Love always.

  3. That corset t-shirt is awesome! And I love your pink rhinestone sunglasses. I actually just got a pair of pink heart-shaped sunnies as well, but mine aren't rhinestone-y.

  4. Right - that t-shirt is going on my Christmas list immediately! I don't wear them often, but in this case, I'll make a big old exception, it's fabulous! Milkshake indeed... Phoaar!
    Those sunnies are amazing, and I just want to give that frilly arese a bit of a pinch. You know, cos it's frilly.
    Hope you are managing to shift all the shite, bet your ceilings are looking gorgeous in their new coats! xxxxx

  5. That t-shirt is divine...mind you, you have a great bod to show it off!
    I adore those frilly shorts too.
    OMG, it does get tiresome, this decorating lark! 'fraid my ceilings will just have to make do with a patch-up over the newly plastered bits!
    Z xx

  6. I still have a soft spot for unique tees and this one is pretty killer. It totally is like BAM on you! I had to get me some heart sunnies too once I saw Sarah rock them! Here's to fresh paint and leggings I am quiet fond of both :)

  7. Painting is just a huge pain in the rear no matter how small the room. Love the corset t-shirt. It really draws the eyes up to the face and boobs.

  8. Oh muh goodness I love that top! It might give a little stick like me some actual curves! Amazing!

  9. Omg, those glasses. I want a pair!

  10. That tee shirt is just perfect on you, I love it! Those glasses are kerrazy and those frilly knickers make me want to come and squeeze your arse. xxx

  11. Your corset t-shirt is fabulous, I need to visit the shop, sometimes we all need to free our inner circus/carny girl!I love heart shaped glasses and the glitter ones you have are the best!
    Lots of love!!

  12. Totally in love with your outfit, a wee bit jelous too. *Hehehe* It's so blasted cute!!!

  13. Fab tee shirt; love it!

  14. Well-- you look FABULOUS even amongst all the upheaval!! The t-shirt is stunning!

  15. those glasses! how they made me smile!

    love your zest!

    ps. i found you in the budget fashionistas 15 awesome 40+ bloggers list that we both are featured in!

  16. Gah, paint smell and manual labour - what a very un-awesome combo. Naturally you still look hot! That tshirt is the coolest thing I've seen in ages, I'm off to check out that shop! I'm glad to see you're in one piece after your insane weather up there too. xx

  17. You make the most simple outfit look amazing. I need a nice rack, illusion or not, Ill take what I can get. Hot hot hot!

  18. No-one can do frilly knickers quite like you! Xx

  19. The glasses are super adorable)))

  20. Stunning leggins - LOVE them !!! And what crazy sunnies !!! XX

  21. I love that you hang outside the chippy taking photos. The top is gorgeous on you, but you've got a killer bod anyway! I'm really surprised you never had any heart shaped sunnies before, they were made for you. are those more beautiful panties I spy too?

  22. How can you not love a t-shirt that comes with built-in curves? It's perfect with your frilly drawers. Any painting that's ever been done in the places I've lived has been done just before I moved in - there's no way I could ever move all the crap that is in my apartment to be able to do it afterwards.

  23. I hope the paint drys quickly for you. Loving your new t-shirt it seems to pull you in just like a real corset it looks fabulous. Can't wait to see yoiur patchwork curtains ethere they sound lovely. Have a great week lovely lady, dee xx

  24. Amazing t-shirt! Those leggings are gorgeous too. Hang in there with the painting faff, it'll be worth it once the ceiling is finished...

  25. Fab fab t-shirt, I covet it but am consoling myself that I do already own heart shaped sunnies and wore them today (the sun appeared from behind a cloud for approximately 0.3 seconds)

  26. You look gorgeous in that t-shirt Desiree, those cute frilly shorts and leggings just set it off perfectly too. Like Clare, I'm surprised that's your first pair of heart shaped sunnies, they seem very your style. My daughter has a load of cheapy ones but they're just not cute on me sadly. It's a pain when you're decorating but it's the only time rooms in our house really get a good cleanout and tidy so it does have its advantages. xx

  27. You are a carnal delight- I mean carny delight. Or both,rather.

    Love you in those heart on heart sunnies. And your juicy milkshakes brings boys and girls to the yard. Purr.

  28. I'm absolutely in love with your shirt. Just check out the link to their Etsy shop and Favorited them.


  29. You look Amazing and certainly don't need any Illusions... and I haven't heard the word Shite since my Mum moved away last year! Funny Story, one of her American Friends never knew what Mum was actually saying when she used the word Shite, so they named their Dog 'Little Shite' because it sounded so cute!!! *LOL* My Mum thought it hilarious... of coarse when Mum curses it always sounds so very Refined with her accent. *Winks*

    Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

  30. ... never mentioned your header, but ... I love it!


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