Saturday, November 10, 2012

I Got Stripes

Can't recall ever wearing red, white and blue.
But after darling Terri of Rags Against the Machine sent me a parcel of joy, I'm wondering why I haven't joined the club until now.
How Terri managed to shop for these treasures with a broken wrist, I'll never know!

She sent me this fabulous skirted leotard that was once probably for ice-skating or maybe gymnastics, but I like to believe it was a nifty wee number worn by a tight-rope walker.

Cross earrings - craft market
Leotard - gifted by Terri
Leggings - Black Milk
Shoes - from a West End tattoo shop

I've been a complete drudge all week, even The Stylist told me quietly she was surprised to see me without my usual slap.
I rectified the situation today by making my first attempt at finger waves using wave clamps and curling the "spare" ends with my tiny curling iron.
I want to practise my technique because I'm feeling confident about nailing it.
We had to dash out between raindrops to take these pics, to prevent my hair-did from completely collapsing.

Rainy days are wonderful for dress-up playtime.

Pausing for thought: "Yes my hair IS rather fabulous today."

Another gorgeous item in Terri's jumbo-sized parcel was this cotton striped jumpsuit.
I absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!
It's so comfortable, I adore the buttons, leg and contrasting elbow cuffs and it has pockets - always a bonus!
Oooh looks like I'm going all out American here, congratulations y'all for getting through an exhausting election, hopefully you also made it through Hurricane Sandy in one piece.

You may have spied the HMV gramaphone The Phoenix and I treated ourselves to in celebration of our first wedding anniversary last month.
It's about 100 years old and we bought it from my darling Kitty of Kitty's Vintage Kitsch, who supplied us with a stack of 78s and delivered the lot to us this week.
The darling flashed her spotty knickers at me on the way out and dammit I wasn't even close enough to steal an arse-squeeze!

1940s sunnies - flea market in Auckland, NZ
Red star earrings - thrifted
Jumpsuit - from Terri
Shoes - Solestruck sale
There are more fabularsehole goodies to show off from Terri's amazing parcel ... I'll show them off in another post:).
Thank you for all the very, very kind birthday wishes to The Stylist, she feels very special that so many readers took the time to wish her all the best.
Oh, plus there's a pretty cool interview over on Wardrobe Oxygen that makes me feel like a freakin' superstar - Alison is so kind and her blog is a great read!
Oh and since I'm having a wonderfully disgraceful time, I'm linking to Not Dead Yet Style's Visible Monday:).
I hope you're all having a bloody gorgeous weekend!
Molti baci,
Desiree xoxo


  1. You look just like a vintage circus girl! Fabulous! And that gramophone player is beyond divine xxx

  2. So much fabulousness in one post! You look like a Superhero, come to save us all from the Evil Drab.

  3. you look like a gorrgeous circus showgirl!

  4. Oh I love it when you get into Circus Girl mode! Great parcel from Terri, and both red, white and blue outfits are fabulous!
    Love the pic of you and The Stylist, and yes, the hair is looking GOOD! xxxx

  5. Desiree, you are a freakin' superstar! You offer up some of the most innovative and refreshing looks in the blogosphere...that is why I LOVE YOU! Your posts are a consistent flash of fabulousness and I am as excited with your blog today as I was when I first discovered it. Long may you continue to sprinkle technicolor stardust on my blogroll.
    The jumpsuit is smashing with those heels and the tight-rope walker leotard teamed with stripey black milks are a match made in heaven.
    Top marks for the stylist too, with that splendorous harlequin diamond leggings, leotard & top hat ensemble, brilliant!
    Hope you are having a funktastico weekend.
    Lot's of love,

  6. I love the Betty Boo curls! What a fabulous tribute to stars and stripes and red, white and blue!

  7. The jumpsuit is adorable on you!! Looks like you've got your "slap" back. Love the expression, I must use it again.

    I find that humping the outside corner of my house always helps in the down times. You do it marvelously in your tightrope apparel. How can you not feel snazzy when you have skills like that? ;)

    Love your finger wave style too!

  8. That jump suit is the cutest darn thing I've ever seen! You so rock it and always look amazing x

  9. You look great and I can definietly see the finger waves. They suit you very well. The second jumpsuit has a 1940s feel to it.

  10. Well red, white and blue certainly looks good on you. I love that American look, especially those shoes, glamorous lady. X

  11. Oh my GAWD! I LOVE the 20's hair, makes me want to chop all mine off, for a moment :) You & the Stylist look fabulous together, the Harlequin pants are very eye-catching. I adore all your Stripes & stripey-ness, and you are just the perfect Stars to show them off!

  12. For the love of GOD, please do a hair tutorial! I need to do that hair. You look gorgeous, that leotard is perfect for you!! Oh and I love your stars and stripes look look - the shoes are amazing, you're such a pin up xxxxx

  13. I agree--you should do a tutorial. I love your hair this way. And both of these looks are so much fun! I love the striped leggings and make-shift peplum leotard! That dress, though, was totally made for you.

  14. This post just proves what I always knew about Terri. She is MAGIC :o

    You look ravishing in red, white & blue, and finger curls. Love the pic of you and The Stylist glamming it up together.

  15. Oh wow - you look like a glamorous 1930's starlet! I love that jumpsuit - it looks incredible.

  16. ...As if there was any doubt about you being like a freakin' superstar <3 Desiree!

    Fhi xxx

  17. Totally crazy over your hair, outfit and them shoes! WOWZA DES! lookin circus-rific.

  18. That dress is fun and you certainly have the figure to rock it! Wow you look fantastic!!

  19. You look fabulous you lovely lady and your hair and little curls are adorable as is your fabulous color combinations love the red white and blue!! ~Love Heather

  20. I loved the interview at Wardrobe Oxygen. We are slaves to your style wondrousness. Your hair is gorgeous - so very '20s, which is a look I've been loving lately. Doing finger waves deserves medals of some kind. You and The Stylist are beautiful. And Terri, what an angel to send you all those incredible delights!!! They have never looked better I'm sure.

  21. You look scrumptious in red, white & blue. I don't know who else on earth could rock a blue leotard quite as well as you! I LOVE the stripe jumpsuit. It's super groovy! I'm glad to finally see a post after what sounded like a horrendous week. Much love gorgeous! Xx

  22. I love all the pics, great! Love those red, white, and blue shoes!

  23. Im sooo loving your hair and makeup you look gorgeous. Loving your outfits you do circus beauty so well. Enjoy your gramophone i bet it sounds wonderful. Oh and please tell the stylist she looks beautiful and so much fun to, Take lots of care, dee xx

  24. I love that jumpsuit in the second pic and you look like an adorable tightrope walker in the first outfit!! Terri is just the best. I love her and she finds the best things!

  25. Finger waves yay! And I looove the platforms from the tattoo shop! Divine!

  26. Tight-rope walker it is! And how cute is The Stylist? :)

    The jumpsuit is just glorious, utterly perfect on you, and what a match with those shoes!

    Your hair looks fab. I just don't have the patience to do that with mine, must make more effort.

    I'm intrigued by all your books. I'd love to see a post on them (unless I've missed one.) Hope you're enjoying the gramophone. What a fab find. xx

  27. love it all! the leotard & stripey leggings and that jumpsuit fits you perfectly...look forward to seeing the other goodies you got too :)

  28. There she is Miss America!! you look stunning in your Re white and blue!
    Loving the hair--very much like a 30's screen goddess!!!

  29. You are ab-fab in that striped jumpsuit! Terri is indeed a sweetie, and she has a great eye too. Love your finger waves! Thanks for sharing all the goodies with Visible Monday.

  30. I just saw you at Patti's and I had to run over to say hello!! You're looking downright gorgeous in your fingerwaves and red, white, and blue. You'd make anyone feel patriotic, you look so amazing. Terri has a great eye, and it's such a treat to see you all dolled up in her impeccable choices. Thank you, darling, for spreading the love.

  31. Ha, Ha! you look very American in all of this red, white, and blue! I love the leggins with the skater dress! And the other striped thing fits you perfectly! I would love to hear the gramophone!

  32. You are my number one favourite circus girl! Terri certainly sent you a parcel of goodies that is just right for you - I don't think she could have gotten things more perfect! That jumpsuit is incredible, and that leotard puts a smile on my face. :)

  33. You are so fearless! I love your & sassy!
    The jumpsuit & the heels are so RAD! (Yes, I'm old and I still use that word).
    You are too cute!

  34. You were made for finger waves, and that fecking fabulous jumpsuit was just tailor made for you!! I can't get over how well it fits you and how gorgeous you look in it, with your stars n stripes shoes. I love the photo of you and the Stylist, looking like you are ready to take your bows in your circus ensembles.

  35. Yes, your hair is fabulous, but not just today. Every day, as far as I can tell. The electric blue leotard from Terri is peplum perfect and the fit is amazing. It makes your eyes pop even more than usual.

  36. Love both of these fab outfits - I particularly love when you channel your circus girl! YES, your hair is spec-frickin-tacular. YES you look SPLENDIFEROUS in the jumpsuit and YES I adore the contrasting cuffs and YES I love your Friday painting and beautiful bright crocheted blanket. YES WE CAN! Sarah xxx

  37. You look fabulous, love the bright bold colors.

  38. You look amazing! Look at that beautiful hair!


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