Sunday, November 25, 2012

In The Mood

Waddya do when it's been family party-party get together time, you're run ragged from funnage and lack of sleep and there are sick kids in the house?
Watch Poirot re-runs, eat leftover pork roast sandwiches, drink copious pots of tea and practise some finger waving of course.

I'm in the mood for making up a couple of rules.
Rule #1: Never let a hair and/or make-up playtime sesh go to waste.  Dress-ups are compulsory.

  Rule #2:  If your knickers are spangly, wear them on top of your pants.

Earrings - gifted by Two Squirrels Vintage
Leopard and glitzy brooch - handmade by hornbag Helga
Corset - Etsy
Knicker shorts - Etsy shop, BOODWAH
Leggings - Black Milk
1920s tailcoat and VW Melissa shoes - eBay
Vintage collar, brooches and bangles - thrifted

Rule #3:  If you have vintage corsets gathering dust, you're not impressing anyone.  Tart 'em up, put 'em on.

Rule #4: If it's chilly, get real and put a fecking coat on.  See Rule #3 - you're not impressing anyone.
Oh I've taken Citizen Rosebud's pledge to shop second-hand first and I'm feeling well smug and impressed with myself.
Think about it, make the pledge and grab a badge for your blog.
You know it's the right thing to do.
I'll leave you with a bit of 1940s nostalgia.
I love how the dancers in this cheesy film manage to keep their excitement under control and their smiles just-so.  
If it was a "real" dance, surely all the hot prostis would be losing their scanties doing the jitterbug - or is it just me?
I hope you've had a full dance card this weekend!
Oh I simply must link up to Visible Monday ... have you?
Desiree xoxo


Marla said...

Love your bangles. Your outfits are so amazing!

Louise Mc said...

You look hawt mrs, love that sparkly blue eye makeup, and always love a tailcoat. I need to find an excuse to dust off my long neglected corset, your divineness is inspiration. Mwah! X

Melanie said...

*wolf whistles*

Kitty said...

Le sigh!!!
Because I love you, but you know that already.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.

tutusandtinyhats said...


Meghan Edge said...

I WANT those brooches! ;-) They are fabulous! And I love your outfit. You're like a stylish girlie ring leader.

I love Agatha Christie.

tralala said...

Oh, oh, oh just TOO divine :)

As to In The Mood ... some of our naughty friends asked the DJ to play it for the first dance at our weddin. Being all sparkly-eyed I didn't realise the double-entendre - my Mister was helpfully doubled up with laughter; said friends beat a hasty retreat (or so they thought) to the Gents with the bride in hot pursuit. CLASSY.

Bless the poor souls in that clip - they don't look in the mood for anything; Mr Miller's Band however look like they'd be very naughty boys with all that wriggling about and tromboning.

Glitter knickers are a TRIUMPH.
I need to tart up my corsets.

Vix said...

Now that's just made a grey and drizzly Sunday a whole lot better! Helga's brooch is a masterpiece, I adore your sparkly eyes and yes, fancy pants are definitely designed to be shown off! xxxx

Emalina said...

Woweeee! Madonna will be so jealous!

fashionoverfifty said...

I am speechless, GF!

Love a life with no rules, cept of course yours above.

Fill your dancecard--love it!

Miss Simmonds Says said...

Glen Miller's last gig was in Wycombe and my Nana was there, not sure it got all hot n heavy though, I think the passing doodlebug was a bit off putting.
Please please please do a finger wave tutorial - just for me? I really want to learn how to do it! You look stunning, more than ready to leap through the hair with the greatest of ease. I want some sparkley panties xxxx

Frannie Pantz said...

Rule #3 is my fave and I love your sparkly knickers!

menopauselsupermodel said...

You look all sparkly fabulous amazing!!

Bethany said...

That's a great corset! And I love the sparkly blue eyeshadow.

Helga! said...

I'm drooling and throbbing with desire for your Royal Lustiness!
FARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRK I love this frocktabuous outfit!!! JAysus woman, you're setting fire to my scanties!!!EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEK!
I'm off to find a cucumber, o LORDY me!
Love and Lustipops!

The Grande Dame said...

That's right young Missy - get back in your chair and how DARE you start enjoying yourself! That whole thing had me in hysterics, especially Mr Pianist's bouncy shoulders.
I adore your tail coat and those sparkly knickers - I saw some that were similar the other day and now I think I'll just have to go back and get them! xx

triskelos said...

Love the VW shoes and the tail coat))) Your style always makes me happy - there's so much joy of life in your outfits))

edie pop said...

Stunning and splendiferous!!I'm in love with every little detail and with the sparkling mood of these amazing photos!Fantastic brooches galore and awesome make up and hair!
I'm breathless!
Lots of love xxxxxx said...

There are no words to describe the awesomeness of that eye shadow. It's completely divine!

Sacramento Amate said...

I am a 100% secondhand shopper, and adore your fierceness, and glorious style.
Love and hugs, my dear Desiree.

Annie said...

There is nothing about this post I don't love! Just the thing to brighten up a grey and dreary day over here. Oh, and I do agree with tralala, Mr Miller's boys look proper scamps!

delia hornbook said...

Gorgeous....gorgeous....gorgeous thats just what you are, dee xxx

Patti said...

You are like sparkling champagne for my eyes, and my spirit, on a Monday Morning! Gorgeous girl. Thanks for linking up with Visible Monday!

Ulla-Marie Nilsson said...

No breaking news, but: You are so beautiful!

MistressCatgirl said...

LOVE IT! You look so wonderful.

invisiblefashion said...

You look amazing!! I like your blog! Would you like to follow each other? :)

Debbi@SheAccessorizesWell said...

Wow, all I can say is Wow. You are so fabulous.

Bella Q said...

I had to link to Visible Monday- in fact it inspired me to dress up and run out and snap quick picks- I need my Patti Visible fix, stat! You are smoking hot- my love and nothing goes to waste watching you shine supernova in your TGIF (thank god I'm forty) and fabulous way! xo.

Vintage Coconut said...

I am pretty sure you would make any holiday exciting. NO NEED for anything else... Just bring Des and you have got yourself a bunch-O-fun!

CityScape Skybaby said...

Sick kids here too Desiree, the youngest has fallen asleep on top of me. I wish I was looking as fabulous as you do though, that second pic of you with the eyeshadow is stunning, you're such an inspiring lady. Maybe I need to get that recipe for garlic soup from you and get some vavavoom back! Love the Glenn Miller clip and my oldest boy was enjoying it too. xx

pastcaring said...

In the mood for lerrvve, baby! Look at you, hot mama, in your corset and spangly knickers, looking completely gorgeous! Hair and make up is a triumph, darling!
Love the clip, but yeah, you want them to break out and get moving!
Laughing lustily at Helga's comment! xxxxxx

Forest City Fashionista said...

Yes, well, I don't think I can say it any better than Helga---HOLY HOTNESS Desiree!!! I want to go to whatever circus that is that you're the ringmistress.

Melanie said...

Your rules are the ONLY rules! High courts should be reserved for scofflaws of these style laws. You KNOW what I think of this...!

I thought you had bejewelled your corset but wearing jewelled scanties on top is much better and gives you so many more styling options. Nobody says it better than Helga. Zucchinis are also wonderful vegetables.

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...


Krista said...

You are my favorite showgirl in the whole world! That blue glitter shadow, your gorgeous healthy bod make you the hottest show in town. I love your rules just like I love you!
Stay beautiful.

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