Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Don't Get Around Much Anymore

It was a nightmare.
I called it Ugghh ... this nasty, grotesque corner of horror in our lounge.
It made me depressed.
I mean really, the curtains alone have made me want to put my head through a window throughout the whole time we've lived in this three-bedroom rental house.
It was home to the telly and my sewing machine was perched on the edge of the 1940s dining table hidden under mounds of mending.
Then there was the brain-blending jumble of computer gibber and oh much ghastliness.
The Phoenix has regularly described the lounge as "an explosion in a mattress factory".
Well said.

 A plan formed several weeks ago starting with patchwork curtains, thanks to the ever-inspiring Vix's tutorial.

The Phoenix was briefly hospitalised last week and upon his return, I was wired like a Jack Russell on crack.
I got to work.
I'm sorry I haven't been visiting you and commenting much lately, it's been a nut-house here.

The effort was worth it.
I'm still rather speechless at the difference.
We now have a cozy wee warm spot that catches the morning sun, a lovely reading nook and telly-watching possie.

I like to stretch out on the couch and gaze at my handiwork.
Sometimes I pop out at night, switch the light on and marvel at my domestic skills.
Don't be fooled though, there are mysterious mounds of clothing, books and boxes of cables scattered throughout the house.
Ssssssh ... they're next to get bombed!

I bought this poster at Camberwell Market for $1 when we got married in Melbourne last year.
Last week I snaffled an op-shopped frame for $3.
Good things come to those who wait - a perfect fit!
Isn't it funny how we ended up buying a gramaphone player for our anniversary?

 I also attacked the wall above the sofa with prints and masks I've had in storage for far too long.

 I'm wearing more treasures from Terri of Rags Against the Machine's parcel of joy that arrived last week.
A cream satin wee two-piece that I love to bits!

Sailor collar and stars ... dreamy.

 And I'm wading my way through the gorgeous Lula magazine I won in Miss Tallulah Porkchop's giveaway!
Miss Porkchop is taking a wee break from blogging, but never fear, you can still catch up on posts you've missed, there's so much fabulousness to feast on.

The Phoenix bought me Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children for our anniversary and I'm nearly finished.
Sandy of Bella Morte convinced me I needed to read it.
So just do it. K?
 Sequinned headband - made by Helga von Trollop's fair hands
Rose clip - Circa Vintage
Earrings and bracelet - thrifted
Suit - Terri
Leggings - Black Milk
VW Melissa Mary Janes - shopped by the wonderful Jet at Idee Fixe
 And because this domestic slut has done something amazing, I'm linking to Lakota's Tah-Dah Tuesday.
Baci milione.
Desiree xo


  1. Those curtains, and your entire re-vamped little corner, look amazing!! I want to make some curtains now too! I do like the way your harlequin pants match the curtains AND the little rug on the chair. I'm glad to see you're getting some time out for yourself after a hectic week. Happy reading!

  2. You are busting with creative energy my sweet Desiree! And what a psychedelic nester you are too. That is one major overhaul in that little space and made all the difference in the world. Can I come and sit?

  3. you did such an amazing job on your curtains! they look so so good, enjoy your revamped spot x

  4. The lounge looks so comfortable and inviting. It fits you wonderfully too. Those masks are flipping awesome.

  5. That curtain looks so lovely and vibrant! I would be marvelling at it too. Perfect choice of tights to wear next to it! And I can certainly relate to those mysterious clothing mounds!

  6. What a transformation! Your handiwork is just lovely and you should be very proud of it! Now I need to hop on the tidying train as the Punk Glam Princess will have her 13th birthday party in less than a month. I'm screwed. XXX

  7. Great job, it looks lovely!!!

    That one piece is lovely, I wish I could find wonderful stuff like that too!


  8. well done Dez! That corner looks adorable!!!! I love that poster you were so lucky to pay so little, those things in Italy are sold for above 50 €....

  9. Eeeek! Patchwork curtains! They look totally and utterly fabularse (and so do you). What a groovy pad you've got, a home fit for a style queen! xxxxxx

  10. Good Lord, Desiree, so much domestic goddessery, you have done an amazing job with the curtains! And the little window nook is just gorgeous, well done you for making the changes. Love that print, you and your Phoenix dancing together for eternity on an old 78!
    Hope your dear man is doing better, and that life is settling down a bit after the frenzy of late.
    You look cute as a button in that sassy two-piece and amazing leggings, Terri chose well for you! xxxx

  11. Oh wow, so much to feast the eyes upon. The curtains are a work of genius. They look amazing. It's one of my ambitions to use Vix's tutorial to create my own masterpiece one day! I think we all have corners of our homes that look like that from time to time, I know I do and they depress the hell out of me too. There's only so much time in a day so I don't beat myself up over it. I love the wall display with the masks, I love the headband and the leggings. Definitely a ta dah worthy post if ever there was one. What's that book like? I'd be interested in a review?? xxx

  12. The light in your new fabulous patchwork room is amazing!!I'm feeling too lazy to start this work, I promised you and Vix that I wanted to follow your tutorials, but when I have to start something new is always a struggle!The imagine of you contemplating the result with pride really makes me want to be craftier!
    That sailor satin suit is lovely and the Arlequin leggings are just perfect with it! Have a good read, your Miss Peregrine's book sounds interesting!
    Tanti baci!

  13. That corner looks so sweet! I love it, well done you xxx
    I have that book on my amazon wishlist, I just love the title.

  14. You are so amazingly creative. I am so jealous. I love your curtains!

  15. Hell yeah the curtains rock ! Deffo have to give it a try too it looks good ! XX

  16. A gorgeous makeover...look at all that colour! I adore Miss P''s an amazing book I keep recommending it to everyone. Isn't it wonderful?
    You've inspired me to go off and sew.

  17. sorry to hear that the Phoenix was hospitalized last week, but that reading nook looks divine! I love those curtains!!

  18. Your new curtains are delicious!!!! You have your own cathedral alcove with stain glass window effect now. What a transformation and well worth the effort. Lovely to be here and thanks for visiting Project Minima.

  19. Wow--the patchwork goodness of the curtains, the way you've done up that little nook--just stunning. and what a marvelous backdrop for you in your cream satin two-piece glory!!

  20. what a beautiful change. From hot mess to cozy wonderland.

  21. Wow Desiree you did real good! The curtains are a masterpeice and that room, well I could die happy there, they are gorgeous! The satin suit from Terri totally suits your hot bod and playful ways! I do hope the Phoenix is feeling better, give him a gentle hug from this pink haired pal. Miss you!

  22. ohhhh heck your curtains are gorgeous & so are you! Even more than the window treatments if that is possible. ;)

  23. Stunning curtains! It looks So much better. I was about to ask where all the piles of stuff went, I've never thought of dispersing them throughout the house.......Hmmm

  24. Ohhhhhh, I LOVE it!!! You did a fabulous job! I am afraid the urge is hitting here. I really am. Goodness. And I have just the windows for it! Just!!! Aaaack. Like I need another project!


    PS--satin two-piece looks gorgeous!

  25. Looks fantastic, well worth the effort! My whole house looks like your 'before' picture at the moment x

  26. Beautiful decor! great job on the curtains.

  27. Delicious curtains and I love your wall colour too! x

  28. I'm so impressed by your home made curtains, they're gorgeous! Totally transform the room! And those leggings are amazing too, not to mention the headband, you look fab.

    I'm just back from a jaunt to Paris, do pop in to the blog if you fancy meeting me in Le Marais, just bring your best hat...


  29. Oh my goodness. What a gorgeous corner of the house! Well done all around!

  30. Your beauty always takes my breath away. Your last photo is stunning!

    I love how your patchwork curtains came out. The light filtered through the jewel tones must be rejuvenating. And the two-piece from Terri is fantastic!

  31. Dear Queen of Leggings,
    What an awesome re-do. If I keep hoarding fabric I may be able to pull that off one day. Should be there in a couple of weeks. I missed your posts. "lead in your pencil" made me lol (on the other post).

  32. That first pic is my living room at the moment but I'm waiting until Jake's a bit bigger before I do anything with it because you know what little ones are like, spaghetti stains up the walls etc. I love love love how the room looks now you've given it a makeover and I love that you get up just to look at its splendour every now and again. It looks so warm and happy now and very suitable for you in all your glory. xx

  33. darling, the transformation is wonderful! The room looks so cosy, yet light, I bet you'll be fighting the rest of the family for the best seats. and you look gorgeous, love the earrings, love the headband. Lets see you do the Charleston!!xxxxxx

  34. Usually it's the outfits that make me squeak and squeal with delight and envy but today it's the curtains. Oh those curtains. Amazing!

    p.s. I loved Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children!

  35. You should be very proud of yourself -you've created such a cozy little space - the patchwork curtains are marvelous! Love the little satin two-piece with the harlequin tights.

  36. LOVE it!!! Especially the colors and the curtains. First rate.

  37. Oh my - is it the same room? I love love love it! Hold tight cos I'm getting on a plane and coming to stay! (and stealing your harlequin leggings while I'm at it).

    Sorry I'm late visiting, bloody knackered this week xxx

  38. What a cozy little nook you've made! So glad you got the stain out of this suit--I was afraid to attempt it! It looks marvelous with the harlequin tights and the star earrings!

  39. Those curtains are amazing! I want to make the myself - such a fun and creative idea, it imediatelly brightened the room)

  40. Holy smokes - those curtains are AMAZING!

  41. I love your nook.
    In more ways than one.......
    Love and LUSTIPOPS!


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