Friday, November 30, 2012

It's Started!

Silky vintage slips worn as frocks, warm northerly breezes, finding a cool spot in the heat of day and cool showers ... these are some of the things I love about summer.
And this week I discovered the perfect non-alcoholic tipple to battle the heat with:  tiramisu frappe ... icy, crunchy, not too sweet and zingy!

Slipping on one of my vintage slips on a sweltering summer day is a sweet pleasure I've come to look forward to since starting my wee collection a couple of years ago.
Where once upon a time I grappled for cool-dressing ideas, these days I turn to breezy rayon or silk slips and nighties.
They skim the body and let the rivulets of sweat run dry ... eeeeew I know, but they can be hand-washed in cold water and are dry in half an hour.

Yesterday I received a beautiful card and Tibetan prayer flag in the mail from Forest City Fashionista, mementos of her recent trip to NYC.
There must have been some special magic in that envelope, as when I returned home I spotted The Phoenix returning from his first solo stroll since I met him.
Your good wishes and prayers must be working, he is battling his illnesses like a warrior ... it's a daily fight, sometimes minute-by-minute.
Yet to think he strolled down to the waterfront, snapping beautiful pics of the scenery, the sea ... I see my man returning.
Thank you Shelley and all the rest of you bloggy beauties!

Oooh look at this tired face ... I needed some sparkle yesterday so a bit of curl and glitter did the trick.
Miss Simmonds Says has been asking me for a 1920-30s hair tutorial after seeing a couple of my finger-wave pics.
I'm not quite ready yet as I'm still practising, but I also do curls and these are the tools I use for them.
I give my hair a squirt with Miss Lindy's excellent setting lotion, before rolling my hair tightly in the hot sticks for at least half and hour.
Take them out, then spray with firm hold hairspray.
The curls come out as firm and bouncy.
The curls above were created using my curling iron that I bought for five bucks at an op shop.
The wand is tiny - no wider than my little finger, so I get super-tight curls that last a couple of days.

1940s rayon slip - eBay
Earrings - by Mallory Knox of Create Beautiful Beads
1950s tapestry bag - gifted by my lovely sister, Mere
VW Melissa shoes - Amazon
Sunnies - Etsy
Bangles and rings - thrifted

A parcel from the glorious Sarah Misfit arrived today, she's my swap partner for Lakota's Christmas Swap Party and I let out a squeal of delight at the goodies!
Look at the giant crochet Christmas stocking!
She also sent me a super soft bolero that looks and feels like a soft snowball, I ate the mango liquorice with minutes and I'm just thinking about cracking open the chilli chocolate  while we watch Midsomer Murders.
Hot pink tights - GAH!!
Darling Sarah wrapped everything up in parcels wrapped in uncut sewing patterns and crochet wool:).

And LOOK what The Stylist got!  This beautiful 1970s evening frock - she absolutely loves it and spent the afternoon swanning around the house, draping elegantly about the place.
Thank you darling Sarah!

Here's a pic of The Stylist at her school's Christmas carols celebration tonight ... everyone sang beautifully and it was such a treat.
I hope you're having a wonderful Friday my lovelies.
Desiree xoxo


  1. What a breath of warmth, heat and glamour you are. As we creep ever closer to the darkest, shortest day of the year here in the UK it's a warming delight to click into the sunshine of your own personal radiance! The best part of this post is hearing about The Phoenix's solo walk. Simply wonderful. And the black slip oozes silky slinky-ness.

  2. Ahhhh what a lovely post. Im so pleased to hear that the Phoenix is getting better i bet he felt great inside himself after his walk thats wonderful. And also wonderful is you little goody bag bless Sarah i love the little white jacket that is so sweet and looks so soft. The stylist looks adorable in her new dress as do you on your black slip. Stay cool and have a lovely weekend, dee xx

  3. Thats so Awesome he went for a walk by himself!!!

  4. I'm sending even more good vibes your way, I'm happy to hear that it is working, yay!

    the curls look fantastic, I wish I was able to do something like that with my hair!

    Much love to you all!

    PS: I still haven't mailed your parcel, been very busy the last couple of weeks but I'll get it sorted this week!

  5. This is a great Christmas post, I'd love to sparkle barelegs in a light slip or dancing in a vintage white evening frock like the lovely Stylist, but here I'm freezing and my glamour is closer to Santa's than to yours!The curls are beautiful and you have the perfect lenght to obtain a Marlene Dietrich's hairstyle: divine!!Sarah's presents are all amazing and I can't wait to see you wearing that stunning bolero!
    Have a wonderful weekend!!
    Lots of amore!! xxxx

  6. I love the idea of using a vintage slip as a dress. It looks great. Love all your accessories.

  7. With your curls, glitter, and vintage slip, you would look perfect at a festive party over here (in a well-heated venue!) Gorgeous!

    Your blogger gifts are lovely. The Stylist looks a picture in her new dress, and what wonderful news about The Phoenix. What a great start to the weekend! xx

  8. Well done, Phoenix! I bet both of you feel like celebrating that massive break thorough!
    You look divine in your slip and sparkly eye-shadow, I wish it was warm enough to do that here, it's bastard freezing.
    Sarah's parcel is amazing, the Stylist looks wonderful in her frock, those tights hurt my eyes they're so fabulous! xxxx

  9. 3 cheers to The Phoenix! The Stylist is a breathe of fresh air. When I walk through the girls clothes department of most store, I just don't get it. It's going to be 78 here tomorrow, prefect weather for the Christmas fair and parade!

  10. You are simply ooozing with movie star glamour in your slinky slip and heart-shaped sunnies (better than sweat, isn't it?). I'm so glad you liked the card and the flags, which seem to go quite nicely in your cheery lounge. You've had a very good mail week, what with Sarah's bundle of fabulousness. The stylist looks lovely in the dress - she looks more like her mama every day!

  11. You look great! I love how you can pull off a slip looking like a classy slinky dress. The dress the Stylist fond is simply glorious love it!

  12. Oh, I love your hair and dress. It's becoming winter here, and it makes me sad. I want warmth!

    I used to have some of those hot sticks. They sure make good, tight curls.

  13. You and the stylist look so pretty love your curls!! Sorry to hear your Phoenix is not himself ~Hope things will be right as rain soon ~I think when you live with a serious illness it is easy to forget your joy but it is a blessing to have someone around you to help you remember even if it is just a little nudge to get you on your way ~Walking is so good for the body I am sure it was very helpful ~I love how you are in opposite season from us right now!! Enjoy your Holidays ~Love Heather

  14. Beautiful beauty shot-- I wish my hair would hold a curl. The Stylist looks lovely. My daughter would go ga-ga over a dress like that :))

  15. STILL can't get those bloody hot sticks to stay in my hair, I am the world's worst when it comes to hair and beauty stuff. Crack-handed, as my mother would say! Good to know you have mastered the art of the curl, Desiree, that 30s starlet look with the vintage slip and your fabulously glittery eyes suits you perfectly.
    Parcels from blog buddies really warm your heart, don't they? Shelley and Sarah have done you proud. A giant crocheted Christmas stocking? Yes please! And doesn't the Stylist look like a film star in her frock?
    I am so pleased to hear that your darling Phoenix is rising. Oh stop tittering, I didn't mean it like THAT.... But you can't keep a good man down!
    Have a deliciously hot and frolicsome weekend, my friend. Xxxxxx

  16. Ooh it's turning into Summer there is it? I'm so jealous, it's freezing cold winter here and my fingers are turning numb!

    You look wonderful, very sultry Dolce e Gabbana italian bella donna. The stylist also looks adorable in her dress. What a glamorous pair you are.

  17. Lo-oove your little curls. If I had short hair again I'd be all over it! And the Stylist looks Ab Fab in that dress with the gold stars! So sweet! :)

  18. Summertime and I'm living through you;) yeah for slips during day, you must be making all the guys smile! Your glitter eyes are all kinds of amazing and the curls are pretty sweet. Your pressies from Sarah are full of love and the Stylist looks so pretty.

    I love hearing the Phoenix is feeling good! He's a warrior that one!

  19. I love the Lolita-style sunglasses!

  20. You both look wonderful and as always, I'm envious of your perfect 20's flapper 'do. x

  21. The most suitable song for this moment would be this:

    (more good vibes for The Phoenix coming your way...)

    I am in love with your floral handbag! And rayon/silk slips are the ones we hail, can't live without them, especially during summer. You don't even want to know what kind of weather we got here in Finland right now ;) two days in a row for blizzards and snowfall... normal weather for the season really, but my hubby hates it ;)

  22. Love your sex-acious hair and glitter eyelids.

    Sarah's gift packing is fabulous and what wonderful stuff she sent you. =D

  23. You posts are always so great and warm)))
    I love your bag so much! Such a beautiful accessory)

  24. darling!! thanks for the tips. I've got some setting lotion so I better make good use of it. You look gorgeous, I love these old rayon slips on you and I'll keep my eyes open for anything in your size. Gorgeous presents from The Misfit and the stylist looks fab! xx

  25. I love your golden and glittery eye shadow and your roses bag and everything. Great outfit for The Stylist!

  26. The hair! The hair! I just LOVE the hair!

  27. You look like a 30's screen siren in your black slip!!
    What a parcel of goodies you have received!! The Sylist looks AMAZING!!

  28. So happy to hear The Phoenix is doing better. I worry so much about my own little one with her inherited blood disorder, and wish, wish, wish every day was pain-free and happy, but we have to take the great days when we can. Cheers to you guys.

    You look so elegant in that slip, and one of the many reasons I love style bloggers all over the world is because someone is always in the exact opposite season as me. I am crazy about slips, tho', a side effect of being raised by a 1950s scary mental

  29. Love the "Cat on a hot tin roof" take on the black slip. Please send some of your heat my way, brrrr, -6C this morning....going to get a lot colder before spring.

  30. I can't believe I missed this at the time, Ms Misfit was super quick off the mark! Fab parcel - plenty of room for goodies in that stocking - and how gorgeous does the Stylist look?
    Thanks for playing along lovely x


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