Saturday, March 19, 2011

And the Wise Old Woman Said ...

What makes your blog tick?  
Modly Chic's weekly Friend Beauty Fashion Friday group asks bloggers to share the five hardest blogging lessons they've learned.
I've tweaked this week's question and decided to share the greatest lessons I've learned, from a blogger who is growing old disgracefully.

1. Read widely.  
One of the earliest lessons I learned was to make time reading blogs I liked and making mental notes on why I kept returning for more.  
I discovered that my favourite blogs included posts about the writer and their life, with the main focus on inspirational outfit of the day posts, DIY, re-fashioning and bargain finds - especially secondhand treasures.
Time spent reading has in turn helped me to shape my blog into a manageable and focussed one.
Don't forget about books - inspiration plus!

Reading about sapeurs in the book, Gentlemen of Bacongo, inspired me to style-up this 1950s frock.

2. Post one topic at a time.  
Art, home decorating, fashion, crafting and food are great topics to read about and look good pictorially, but I find they pack more punch if they're kept to separate posts.  
It's easy for a reader to skim over important content if they're feeling weary.  
Split that content into bite-sized chunks and you've given your reader one thing to focus on at a time.  
Remember, bloggers spend a lot of time reading other blogs and brains get tired.

3. Post big pics and include close-ups.
Creative minds love detail and many fashion bloggers need to see all the little patterns and textures of fabrics and accessories to quench their sartorial thirst.

This kilt had been kicking around my closet for a while and simply shortening it gave it a new lease of life - a simple refashioning ripe for a post.

4. Comment, comment, comment.  Share the love!

5. Write about what you love - it shows.

After decades of coveting, my mother gave me her 1940s silk suit and after finding a photo of her wearing it, I couldn't resist this post.

Enjoy the weekend ahead you delicious minxes! 
Desiree xoxo


JordanMayTwigs said...

Such a great and true post!!

Have a great day!!


Janelle aka Nelly said...

Love the fact you have mummys dress I should try on my mums bridesmaid one soon but her bust was a nicer size than mine and its been years since I did try it on lol

fashionoverfifty said...

very wise suggestions! So true about the close-ups~ I love to see details....
Love hearing what inspires YOU. Paula

Dusk said...

I love that you're wearing your mothers silk suit! Such an homage. I wear my mothers saris which are now vintage of course, so delicate and beautiful. Alas I can't wear her dresses because she is petite and I'm about 5'8" and I don't want to ruin the lines and history of the clothes bu altering them!

Thank you for your points. Alas I am not very good at #4... when "sharing the love comenting" starts taking time away from sharing the love with my family and friends... something has got to give.
I was a prolific commentor when I started and then when I stopped (due to time constraints and RSI :) I realised that it was quid pro quo. The amount of comments I received after I stopped commenting on other blogs, significantly dropped.

It seems it's not enough to read and admire and visit regularly without ulterior motive. It has to be on show and in that way, the blogosphere is no different to the 'real' world.

Anyway... enough of that. I too really think about why i like certain blogs and it's got to do with the blogger not the blog. Their wit, their attitude, outlook, a certain vibe and energy and style of course!

style wise I don't like 'tribe/clone/hipster' dressing so all these too cool for school youngsters bore me. I prefer older women with fabulously original style. But I can also absolutely appreciate styles vastly different to mine.

It is the 'fabulosity' of the Woman that attracts me.

JordanMayTwigs said...

Thank you for your lovely comment!!
I can't wait to make a Tipi this summer in my back yard!!


Rachele said...

Beautiful vintage dress! Looks perfect on you.


sacramento said...

I couldn´t agree more with you, Desiree. You are a wise lady, my dear friend.
Enjoy your weekend.

Spikklubba said...

Great advice, you are an inspiring and fabulous blogger.

Meg Needles said...

These are great tips. I think I'll have to try harder on the keep it to one subject thing.

Vintage Vixen said...

I totally agree with you, gorgeous lady!
We blog addicts follow hundreds of blogs and those with big pictures, a specific subject matter and a heap of inspiration are far more fun to read and to comment on.
Blogging's a bit like the penpals we used to have as kids, if you don't make an effort to write to them then you ain't going get a letter back.
I love how you breathed new life into your mother's beautiful silk suit, making it as current and stylish now as it was back then.

Jan said...

How lovely you have your Mums dress dont you both look ravishing in it ,I love your bovver boy outfit too 9with the kilt ),oh to ber young and lovely again ,hee hee Jan xx

Jan said...

PS ..dont I write funny on your blog? lol love agen Jan xx

Misfits Vintage said...

So THAT's where the beautiful outfit in your banner pic comes from! You both look so beautiful in that amazing suit.

Great advice Desiree and I agree with every point (also with Vix's comment too!). I fear I am guilty of waffling and much too long posts... but I do try to keep it to a single subject. I just have too much to say!

Sarah xxx

Caroline Ergy Erg said...

Oh your blog is lovely :) really like the last dress and the photo of you mum wearing it!

The Elegant Bohemian said...

Desiree, that is sooooo fabulous! You in your mom's dress!!! I love your vintage vibe. Those were 5 great pieces of advice. ~Serene

La Dama said...

Always good to know more about you amor.
I agree I sometimes post more pics than words.
depending on the subject. usually like to get to the point right away.
your mothers silk dress is gorgeous and you wear it so is in top condition. also adore the firtst pic of green 50's dress,love how you added purple satin gloves.truly inspiring.I have a lot of my moms 80's suits and fur coats.

Ronnie Rabbit said...

Love your style, loving your dress pattern too :)

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