Thursday, March 17, 2011

What the People Need is a Way to Make 'Em Smile

I'm off to join the circus  and I'm pretty sure I've got a chance in this get-up.

Trouble is I don't really have any circus skills people would pay to see unless you count wrapping both ankles around my neck while reading Green Eggs and Ham.
You're more likely to find me singing aloud on my daily walks ... today was the Doobie Brothers while raiding guava trees.

It's been a rollicking good day wearing my outfit du jour ... a 1950s purple tulle and floral headband from Dandelion Vintage; a thrifted 1960s gold, heavily beaded and sequinned top; a pair of 1930s hand-stitched silk patchwork pants from eBay and Vivienne Westwood Wings.

Clashing colours, sequins, tulle, feathers and patchwork ... have no fear.

Here's a close-up of the pants.
There's some interesting construction going on here.
They're made of calico covered in cut-up silk scarves, which are patched together using something like a blanket stitch.
They still look pretty good for a pair of 80-year-old pants.
Look at the colour saturation!

The headband is decorated with lots of tiny velvet and beaded flowers.

The pants are part of a set, but I need to do a bit of mending work on the top before I can wear it and show you.
As you can see here, the silk border on the hem of the pants is shattering and some of the patches are loose - but I think they're perfect for a would-be clown.

These pants are so precious to me but there's no way I'm hiding them away even if they are falling apart.
They'll just get more love and lots of mending after each outing.

Here's something to lighten up your day ... oh, and if you have a couple of spare tickets to the Doobie Brothers in Brisbane next Thursday night, I'm happy to lighten your load;)).

Desiree xoxo


  1. My dear Desiree, what a sight for sore eyes, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh so fantastic.
    You are fearless my friend.
    Missing your witty comments.
    Much love to you , my dear friend.

  2. I love how you incorporate the pants color with the headband. I adore your top. ^_^

  3. Squee, this is indeed a circus-y outfit. I'm getting to like sequins as I see them on other people... and the pants are fabulous. Those pants are 80 years old, really? I have an Indian muslin dress that I love, but it's falling to pieces too, so I haven't really dared to wear it anywhere...

  4. Those trousers are fab. I don't say pants anymore as one thing I have learned over here, if you say pants people think you are talking about your undies!! x

  5. fantastic! i love the colors and the brightens my day!

  6. He-He-HE
    Digging the patchwork pants!!


  7. Thanks for making me smile pretty lady

  8. you must finda way to make those pants last FOREVER, I love them!
    I would join the circus with you or if there was a real wonderland think of the fun and how we could dress, oh to imagine that makes me happy. go to my page and look at yesterdays post, i want you to see the she horn and old shoes I bought, i think you will love them!

  9. Rocking that patchwork, you gorgeous lady! I love the fabulous headwear and that beautiful beaded top. In fact you've inspired me to dig mine out in your honour, maybe we could run away to the circus together? xxx

  10. I love this pants!!!


  11. You beautiful circus lady,I love how you work it.
    those pants are very rare and amazing.I adore your blue headband goes great with the fab pants.
    so you do have a circus has been on my mind a lot this week.

  12. I want a picture of you reading Green Eggs and Ham doing your ankle trick!

  13. aaaa, i love this look, so fresh and vibrant! gorgeous!

  14. Desiree, this is just wonderful! I love those pants. I've thought that I'm not a fan of sequins, but seeing you and some other gorgeous women in them; makes me rethink what may be my FORMER opinion! Lovely! ~Serene

  15. Desiree !!!
    Faboo pants and am honestly glad fo see your post ;)
    I decided to join in the 'SSilent Day for Japan' so a touch of brights makes me smile.
    maybe it's time to re-think my 'way' of doing things ;)
    You are the SNL of the blog-o-sphere!
    Could I post this on my blog?

  16. You are so ridiculous, and I love you for it! :)

  17. hey pretty :) long time i didnt leave a comment. great outfit love the top



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