Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Freshly Squeezed

Remember that saucy little ditty in Twin Peaks when Agent Cooper first meets Audrey Horne?
I was humming Freshly Squeezed while strapping on these juicy heels that arrived from eBayland last week.
I guess the tune is an appropriate one considering the pin-up theme here today.
Plus I'm wearing my underwear on the outside again.

The dress is a 1950s rayon slip from Dandelion Vintage - another black slip that I've been wearing incessantly this summer.
I added this 1930s peachy-pink satin embroidered and embossed cape from eBay that I also wore here.
The shoes are exactly the same as a pair I loved to death and had to throw out two years ago.
To me, they are the perfectly balanced shoe and I could not believe my eyes when I spied them reincarnated. 
Come to mama!

Platform - check.  Curved blocky heel - check.  Ankle strap - check.  Cushioned old-lady sole - check.

As for the little gem of a hair clip, I spotted this flashy pin up girl in a Brisbane boutique called The Collective Store.
Everything is handmade by Australian artists and I couldn't put down this one by the talented Emma of Miss Rockabilly, who draws her own gorgeous ladies.
You can buy them at her Etsy store.

Does your coffee need a top-up Agent Cooper?

Thank you all of you for your kind words following my car crash a week ago.
As you can see, no permanent damage - but I must have had a head-knock as I have knickers on the brain.
The hero of the day was Vernon the Volvo, who saved his mistress from getting squished and got pummelled for it. 
Desiree xoxo


  1. You are so beautiful, and so daring my lovely friend. A true inspiration everytime!!!

  2. I'll have a slice of cherry pie with that hot coffee, you fabulous woman!
    Love the slip with the cape and those shoes are divine. That hairclip is just awesome. I'll do a tutorial on my felt crysanthemum tomorrow.
    Hurrah to Vernon and his bravery. xxx

  3. I ADORE the cape! and how fun is that hairband! You rock!

  4. I get so happy when I see you have a new post up. I think this outfit is one of my favs.
    You should make a little book with pictures of each new outfit you wear. I hope you go out Daily so everyone can see your prettyness.
    Glad you are ok from the car crash. is your car up and running or do you have to get a new one?
    maybe a pink cadillac would fit your personality.

  5. the hair clippy is so awesome!
    Looking lovely as usual , especially loving our peach capette!

  6. you are fabulous! i love the shoes!

  7. Gorgeous! I like your ring, where do you buy it?


  8. Your about to fly with that exquisite cape,I always have lingerie on my mind.that hair clip is I want one amor.

  9. Oh that hair piece is adorable! Such a unique addition to your outfit!

  10. Love the outfit Desiree! You should definitely do an outfit a day for Frocktober! What gorgeous styling. Thank's for the mention as well you are too kind! :)

  11. those sandals are so gorgeous and so is the whole outfit.

  12. Phwoar!!!! Looking sooooper minxy! The cape is dreamy,the slip delicious,and I loooove the shoes!
    As for that hairclip?! So adorable and sexy!

  13. Wow awesome hair accessory! Can't beat some leopard print :)

  14. I love the whimsical pinup inspired accessories. You're so good at just nailing that genre!

  15. the slip works perfectly as a dress! And what a lucky find on the shoes.

  16. Yikes - I missed word of your car crash amid my own glumly ill lifestyle and blogworld neglect. I'm so glad that you're up and well and posing so flirtily and posting!

    I love the cameo pink capelet against the classy black -- one of my favorite color combinations; and those shoes *are* perfect structures of sexiness and stability.


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