Monday, March 7, 2011

You've Come a Long Way Baby

Take a moment and spare a thought for grandma's knickers.
On this eve of the centenary of International Women's Day, I wonder how many women will be thanking the modern goddesses of industry for spandex, lycra, boy pants, g-strings, magic-sucking-in pants or just going knicker-less.
Yep, we are lucky.
Imagine the patient struggle it took those jazzy young things to undo the buttons on their step-in, button-up knickers in desperation for the loo, back in 1935.

Invisible buttonholes - eeeeeeeek!!!

I have a growing addiction to this peachy shade of silk, satin or rayon underwear from the 1930s and 40s.
Part and parcel of getting hooked big-time, is trying out some of these luscious babies for style and practicality.
I snagged two identical pairs of these one-piece thing-umpys on eBay.
Practical they are not!
So to the drawing board.
After much umm-ing and ahh-ing, picking up and putting down, hanging up to gaze at, taking off and on; I decided I was never going to torture myself by wearing them as the inventors meant me to.
I bravely unpicked the button placket, took out the crotch and made a pair into a camisole.

Now, granny's knickers-as-top are wearable, practical ... and kinda cool!

The satin is super-soft and how 'bout those pointy, reinforced stitched bra cups?

Wanna closer look?

The stitching on these pieces is incredibly fine, strong and reinforced inside with pink, fine, grosgrain ribbon.
I'm wearing my new top with Black Milk leggings; black, thrifted silk wrap-around top and Docs.

I love how the top's front skims below the lady-bits and the back drapes down low (this had originally been designed to allow for sitting bottoms).

Do you have any plans for IWD?
After this project, I intend spend the day sorting out my knicker drawer;).

Desiree xoxo


  1. Wow! Love the bust detail and a great idea to refashion them into something way more wearable. Those crotch buttons drive me nuts!
    You look utterly fabulous, those leggings are stunning. xxx

  2. amazing! i love this whole look. those leggings are fantastic as well!

  3. You are so fabulous, and make me laugh. You have it all.
    Only you could pull off that outfit. You are a true genius my dear friend.

  4. You look amazing!
    I love the idea ..yeah, those buttons had to go.
    beautiful desgin on your tights amor.

  5. You look so pretty I like it so much de leggins but I wear a black shorts.


  6. wonderful and crafty! I love your collection of vintage underthings so much!

  7. Those leggings are SO GREAT.
    I love what you did with the button up wonder! I don't think I would have ever felt comfortable wearing something like that. "WHAT IF you really had to go ASAP".. I would be frantic trying to get those buttons undone. lol

  8. Love what you did and that little brown bag was calling my name, I love it!
    I got a vintage 1 piece slip to wear to bed and my boobeees are to small for them but i wear it anyway. reminds me of a funny movie and i cant remember the name of it.

  9. Oh how GORGEOUS! I can imagine how silky soft it is to wear and I love the back being longer than the front. Those tights are AMAZING and the love the black silky top too. You are rocking this look and Happy International Women's Day to you Desiree.

    Sarah xxx

  10. This turned out beautifully. I love the color too.


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