Monday, May 19, 2014

How Very Grand!

As a highly fashionable, in-demand, stylish, social butterfly, my diary is rammed with appointments, invitations and A-list events where I score tons of free shit.
I often forget to tend to things boring people do like wash my hair, trim my pubes, pluck my brows and turn on the dishwasher.
So yesterday when The Stylist and I decided we needed to make a show of being super-ordinary and do something other than homework, colouring-in and ignoring the dirty washing pile, we dropped everything and went to see The Grand Budapest Hotel.
We couldn't make it to the premiere opening because I was soaking my bras that night so better late than never eh?

I had about two inches of regrowth to blitz on Friday night so thought I'd may as well put a few drops of pink hair dye in the conditioner.
I have a very short attention span and a bit of old-lady-memory-loss, which is an interesting combination - I often get quite a fright in the morning as I stumble to the loo after a night spent with the dye bottle.
Beats a hangover.

Ain't she cute?  And looking grown up? Eeeeek!

Wool beret - Etsy
1920s men's tailcoat - eBay
Red Nose Day tshirt and "Perfect" badge - gifts from fabulous Tralala!
"FREEK" necklace - custom made by Bones Couture
1980s earrings and 1950s ostrich-skin bag - second hand
Green necklace - market
Leggings - Black Milk
Boots - retail

Oh and the hair?  I mixed about a teaspoon of Manic Panic's Hot Hot Pink with a cup of conditioner and left it in for about 40 minutes.

I made the biggest roast pork in history with impressive crackling like leather straps and burnt my hand on the oven.  Worth it.

I wanted to look like a lobby boy and I think I could have pulled it off if it wasn't for the handbag.  

In other news, I finished off a dress for The Stylist.
Now we can be matching
The fabric is a cotton sheet and the pattern (dated 1974) - both from op shops.
It's a bit wide in the bodice and shoulders, but it's my first go in making something for the wee lassie in a while.
I wanted the dress to be big enough to wear in a couple of years if she wants, even if she ends up spray painting, studding or shredding it in ironic teen defiance.
I think the puffy sleeves are damn impressive.
I do love a puffy sleeve don't you?

Oh and this is the pattern (also dated 1974) I used to make these two frocks.
Clearly it was a very stylish year.


  1. Oh I did LOVE that movie. I think I would follow Wes Anderson anywhere. I'd follow you and the stylist, too because you are both so gorgeous and talented. Oh that ballerina print. Woweeeee.... I'm bonkers for ballerinas.

  2. So much fabulousness in this blog post x

  3. I seriously love your pink hair!! The stylist is definitely growing up, all longs limbs and prettiness! Your sewing mojo is very happening.

  4. you both make eyes pop big love the ways ya ware those clothes hm yes pink hair is fore godesses like u stylist gorjuss

  5. I love how you and the Stylist dress up and go places like here - that's better than spinach-feta frittatas!!!! But indeed - eeeep! how fast she has grown-up!

  6. You both look darling & it's so great to see you both go places together and have some fun!! I love the dresses you made & a puffy sleeve is very much needed, I love them too :) I hope you have a great week xx

  7. You both look splendid and yes, The Stylist is looking very grown up, tall too xxx

  8. You have me wanting to dye my hair...

  9. Definitely better than bra soaking! The beret, the badge and the tails...want it aaaall!

  10. Yep, 1974 was obviously a VERY good year for frocks! Your ballerina dress for the ever-more-gorgeous Stylist is beautiful. She does look very grown up - how did that happen? I think the same about Claudia, it's scary how fast the years are flying by...
    Gorgeous pink hair, you make that tail coat and beret look damn sexy, woman! xxxx

  11. I feel like I just telling you the same thing every time I comment but... It seems you always look fabulous and what you say always tickles me pink! Another fantastic homemade dress, you are a wonderful sewer. I'm still too perplexed and frightened to try my hand at it myself.

  12. Pork and pink hair, pinch me I'm in love! Great work on the Stylists's dress, so pretty!

  13. I love your outfit today, like a bellhop on acid. Your hair totally rocks. Love that frock and how adorable The Stylist looks in it. I have that pattern in my stash and I'm looking at how good it looks and why I've never made it up. xxxxxxxxxxx

  14. Both of you ladies are looking fab as usual! I love your hair! And your sense of humor. I'm glad you ladies got out to enjoy the hotel!

  15. Whoa, flashback. We had almost identical sheets (and pillowcases) and I remember fighting with my sister over who got to use them that week. The other sheets were those annoying Peanuts kids that said something like, "Happiness is being one of the gang." NO, NO, NO, it is NOT! Happiness is doing your own damn thing-like pink hair,tuxedo tails, and dresses out of bedsheets.

    You've just made my Monday. Thank you.

  16. Quite rightfully, to add to the awesomness of your post, we are having wonderful thunder and lightening (which I love)*bliss*
    The Stylist is a beauty, her ballerina dress is gorgeous, yes, puffy sleeves always! and you! gorgeous! your pink hair is exquisite and the tailcoat is divine. I haven't seen the film, it looks blooming good though and much much better than ever doing the cleaning, ever! x x x

  17. I wish I could hang with you and The Stylist <3

  18. How ace does The Stylist look in her frock? The film is great isn't it?

  19. Love your hair and the Stylist's ballerina dress ... what I would have done ... and probably still would .... for a dress like that!!

  20. Only you and the Stylist could dress so appropriately to 'enter' The Grand Budapest Hotel. Wes would adore you both on sight.

    "Sorry, can't come...soaking my bras." Must use that line somewhere, sometime!

  21. The Stylist looks adorable in the dress! It's just perfect on her. I love the pink hair and wow does it ever pop with that black jacket and hat. xoxo

  22. Im with Cal- my words are a broken recard: you are gorgeous.. I love the way you put outfits together and you are rad. Also, your Bella is growing up so fast.. has great style in her own right and is a stunner just like her mum.

  23. Gorgeous and perfect to go watching that pretty film!, you look so cool and love so much your pretty tailcoat and your beret and fabulous pink hair!!, and the Stylish looks so adorable (and really grown up!, she's beautiful)
    you're a highly fashionable stylish goddess, dear lady!
    besos & social butterflies

  24. The Stylists look totally DIVOON in her splendid new Ballerina frock! You've done a grand job!!! My goodness, she IS growing up, and so beautifully! Thank goodness she has you for a Mama to show her the way!
    I haven't seen The Grand Budapest Hotel yet, but would like to. I'll get around to it sooner or later. I haven't seen Wes' last film yet! Shock, HORROR!
    You are a fox. Yeah.
    Love and Lustipops! XXXXXXXXXXX

  25. I loved that movie so much. It had been a really long time since the mister and I decided to go to a movie and we saw that one and it was SOOOOO worth it. Also, I love any excuse for popcorn.

    You both look adorable and glam and all the good things. Jealous of your tailcoat!! And your Stylist's new dress is just amazing. :-)

  26. Hope your day was lovely...I just wanted to come by to let you know that you were on my blog today ;)) xx

  27. I do love a bedsheet dress, but ack! your poor kitty seems to have lost its head. Poor, poor headless kitty.

  28. I was just introduced by the Dainty Dolls House and I like what I've read so I will be following via bloglovin'. As an older gal myself I also Love colors and I can appreciate your humor.

  29. Hello!

    I found your blog because the gorgeous Kizzy from Dainty Dollhouse mentioned us on her blog yesterday. I thought your style was show stopping and I just had to stop by. I am so glad that I did!!

    I think it is wonderful that you make clothes! I am trying my best and hopefully I shall be as proficient as you are.

  30. Pink hair and a Marie-Antoinette T-shirt? Yummy! Well done on styling The Stylist, that ballet frock is delicious and so sweet that you made it for her. In the 70s matching Mums and daughters were all the rage. Well, they were in our household anyway. Big Dave at social tennis keeps talking about that film. I think i need to see it on a need to see it basis! Xxxxxx

  31. I just saw that film on Tuesday this week - thoroughly enjoyable, and you would have made an excellently stylish lobby boy.
    I must say that the pink is my absolute favourite of your hair colours - the shade is really flattering.
    Just how tall is the Stylist now? She's such a lovely, willowy thing, and the ballet dress is just adorable on her.

  32. The Stylist looks stunning in her Design by Desiree frock!!
    You must've been a sensation at the movies looking so fabulous!!

  33. Looking good and that ballet print dress you made is the bees knees!!

  34. I've been looking forward to watching that movie! Your candy-colored hair always inspires!

  35. I loved the film. possibly one of my favourite Wes Anderson films to date.
    Love your outfit- I have a soft spot for tails jackets :D

  36. I go through periods of not reading blogs, and I certainly don't comment enough, but I wanted to say I always love reading your blog, and do try and keep up with it. You brighten my day, you're such an inspiration! ~LittleMissPlump (Sara)

  37. Hello Desiree!

    Movies! this is something i can't do these days, looking forward to go to a movie house soon- The trailer looked so good and so funny- Was it as good as the trailer?
    You girls look so pretty, nothing beats a mother daughter outing , i miss it so much with Izzy -
    I never seen such a beautiful print for a dress, perfection

    Keep well, hugs


  38. Such a long time without news from you wonderful and inspiring friend.
    I see your gorgeous daughter is a true stylish soul too.
    Much love


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