Saturday, May 10, 2014

Schools for the Deaf in 1950s ... and Ballet

Skimming Blogger search stats is a rather amusing way to waste a few seconds.
Yet I'm still scratching my head over how someone landed on my blog while looking for 1950s deaf schools.
Nevertheless, real life has been a little more interesting than some people's strange internet habits these past couple of days.
For a start, it's been deliciously "wintery" here in Brisbane.
Snort away, I realise how utterly ridiculous autumn temperature ranges from 7-19 degrees celsius must seem to people living in climates that enjoy four proper seasons.
But it's all relative to what one is used to isn't it?  After all, I can stomp around in Docs and long sleeved shirts to avoid sun damage when it's 30+ degrees if necessary.

Early yesterday, this was the morning view from the back deck where I enjoyed my coffee.

Later in the day, my attempt to distract about 200 school girls from their soccer matches was a partial success.
It was The Stylist's special request that I "dress crazy" to come and watch her game ... I told her I would just wear my normal clothes, yet I must have looked like a neon orange field line marker judging by the sweet gasping faces.

Yesterday The Phoenix bought last minute tickets for The Stylist and I to see the ballet Coppelia last night.
So she and I got to wear fur and tights and sleeves.
And go out.
At night.
I found her owl patchwork bag in an op shop this week for $4.  It's brand new and she loves it.  Win.

The wee lassie is rocking one of my 1940s fur capes and my comic tights.
I love that she can wear some of my gear now, no doubt the next thing will be shoes at the rate she's growing.

Killing time at the train station and on the empty train to South Bank.

Once we got to the Queensland Performing Arts Centre (with bright pink blusher intact) we were very pleasantly surprised that the ballet patrons had bothered to dress up for the occasion.
This good news follows sharp on the heels of the rant in my last post, complaining about the casual culture that seems to be poisoning our DNA.
Bravo to heels, sparkle, hair-dos, bling-bling and eyebrows, it was a feast for the eyes!

There was a children's story time telling the story of Coppelia and colouring-in between acts, which was lovely as there were people of all ages attending.  A little girl told her mother at the next colouring table: "I want all of that lady's outfit!"
Clearly a child of discerning taste.

Not a very exciting shot, but as you can see we were seated in "the gods" because it was a last minute ticket race, yet it didn't hinder the performance in the slightest, the theatre is so beautifully well-designed.
The theatre filled up quickly while the wonderful orchestra warmed up.

And these are some of the images I nicked off the intawebz of the Queensland Ballet's performance coz obviously no pics allowed during the performance and rightfully so.

I hope you have a fab weekend, tomorrow's Mother's Day here and we've got a full house tonight. 
Baci, D xox


  1. How lovely to go out with your sweet Stylist to a ballet no less! I'm coveting your bead headdress and hand thingy:-) you both looked swanky enough for any ballet snooty audience, and "Mummy I want all of that lady's outfit" too! Have a gorgeous Mum's Day with your crew. Jazz

  2. You two look beautiful! How wonderful of the Phoenix to shout you tickets. I'm so glad you got to get dolled up for such a special evening. Xx

  3. You both look spectacular! What a treat to see a ballet!

  4. The temps here are only just heating up to what you consider cool haha... You both look lovely in those furs! I nearly bought myself a little mini fur capelet once but I couldn't see myself wearing it more than once a year and left it to someone who would better appreciate it.

  5. Behind this line is fine? What? You get fined? You can smoke on that side? I don't get it.

    Yeah to ballet!

  6. How fun for the two of you to have an opportunity to dress up....not that you need an excuse. You both look very beautiful and glowy. Love the shot of your legs on the train. Love Love Love the Ballet. Wheeeee...

  7. You two are gorgeous and what an incredible night!!!!

  8. Gorgeous and glamorous ladies! I got my daughter the same knapsack in Aruba. So cute! Someone once found my blog while searching 12 inch cucumber in the ass . . . . Interesting to say the least.

  9. You both look so elegant and sophisticated. What a wonderful evening out.

    I want all of your outfit too-and the eye shadow.

    The funniest search at my blog was, "Therapy to finally get over Watergate." I felt sorry for that searcher-40 years is a long time to carry around your Nixon issues.

  10. Firstly I love your green shoes! Secondly, yay for ballet. I have not been to one for a few years and always enjoyed getting all gussied up to go. Looks like a grand time for you two gals!! Love the stylist rocking one of mummas furs.

  11. Oh don't you and the Stylist look fabulous? What a brilliant night out, and what a relief that people (other than you pair) took the opportunity to dress up for the occasion!
    Miss B is so tall, she is quite the elegant young lady, and taking after her mama in her dress sense, of course! xxx

  12. Mega-wonderful, my dear friend! - how much I missed you & the stylist, too, of course :) the year I was off-line - so good to be back!!!

  13. The two of you make a gorgeous pair of culture queens. I love the shot of your legs and shoes resting on the bench. I can't get over how much the Stylist has grown up over the time I've been following your blog. She is just lovely, and has a delightful style all her own, and it's so cool that she can wear some of your stuff now. Coppelia is one of the few classic ballets I haven't seen. I love getting dressed up and going to see the ballet, or the orchestra but it happens very rarely anymore.

  14. You girls are SO FABULOUS! Love the fur! Love the sparkly jewelry! SO FAB, I tell you!

  15. Well don't you both look proper glamorous :0)

  16. You two are the most fabulous mother daughter team in the world!

  17. That is so sweet, you and your daughter all dressed up. I like these moments with my girls as well. My oldest is getting to the stage where she'll be able to wear my things as well. So much fun!! Glam the both of you, I hope you enjoyed xx

  18. It does make me happy to see mum and daughter out and about and looking show stoppingly fabulous! What a wonderful and generous treat. xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  19. Ah, 'glamorous' personified in its original meaning, as in 'magical beings'! Both you and The Stylist sparkle under the lights!

    The pairing of the beaded net cap and glove was inspired.

  20. Dressing up for the Ballet in such gorgeous outfits! yes! you both look so wonderful, my goodness The Stylist is so beautiful, she is the absolute double of you, our babies grow up so quickly - I can't go and not mention your glitter eyeshadow, loooooovvvee it, and your eyebrows are fabulous! x x x

  21. Look at you both out killing it at the ballet!!! I'm happy to hear the other patrons dressed up too, what a fun night that you both will remember fondly forever! I love your glittery shadow and hairpiece, true Desiree style! Nights like this make for the best natural highs!

  22. That looks so faulous! Will you please adopt me? You look gorgeous in your ballet outfits, and the Stylist is just adorable. I love the owl bag too; great find!

  23. Oh yay! I love dressing up and going to the ballet! Crazy about your strappy green shoes, fishnets...and the silver glitter eyeshadow huzzah! You and the Stylish look fab!

  24. This post makes me so happy - what a lovely mum and daughter date. You too look so happy! I love the photo of your tights and shoes side by side - you really make me want to make more photo of every day things that make me happy xoxo

  25. Thank you for these photos! You both look fabulous and you really inspire to do something like this with my children. I just can`t remember when I was doing such things and it is the problem because we make our life boring. Last week my daughter asked me to help her with essay and the problem was that she has no inspiration and me either. That time we used this service for help but I realized that something should be done and now I have a very good idea.

  26. You are dressed to perfection for going to the ballet, both of you. As a child, i adored ballet and my mum used to take us to Covent Garden to see it when we were in the uk. I wanted to be a ballerina, but if you had been in the audience, i would have wanted to be you instead, just like that little girl. Xxxxx

  27. You both look so fab! I remember the day I was big enough to fit things from my mum and it was the happiest day! Now I spend a lot of time 'borrowing' things from her! X


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