Sunday, March 2, 2014

Where Is My Art?

Indeed, where is it?
I wonder if I lost my art somewhere.
My personal best.  My voice.  My music. 
I was reading about artist India Salvor Menuez who said that most of the women in her creative life dress in costume.
I have always loved to dress in direct response my impulses, the directions of my mind.
Always in costume.
However, for the past six weeks, out of necessity, I stripped my life of excessive decoration.
But I suppose even my "basics" were still rather unusual for the tasks I was involved in: visiting my husband during his difficult 12-day hospital stay; sifting, ruthlessly turfing and packing up our large house of five years on my own; moving house while trying to keep husband calm and comfortable during the move.
We've been in our lovely new home for three weeks now and only yesterday I finally got storage sorted for my clothes.
Bags, hats and jewellery are another matter altogether, but I'm getting there.
I've lived without my pared-down but still enormous collection of bangles and necklaces, but content to look at them on display, admiring their colours and shapes.
I've been happy wearing brightly-coloured cottons, creepers, red lipstick and using the same bag everyday.
But by doing so, I can see how so many women easily fall into the trap of wearing the same colours and style day in, day out.
Convenience.  Slowly becoming invisible.
Wondering why they aren't feeling joyful anymore.
So today, I begin again.
To search for my art.
My music.

1950s headpiece - Etsy
Silk sequin top and vintage half-slip - op shops
Necklace - gift from Two Squirrels
Johnny Cash earring - custom made by Create Beautiful Beads
Heart earring - DIY
Shoes - flea market
Massive bastard pink and purple eyelashes - Christmas gift from The Stylist

We have the intawebz back at last, it's been three weeks and I've missed visiting you.
I'm celebrating my return by linking to Sacramento's Share-In-Style: Music theme and  Style Crone's Hat Attack #8.
Desiree x


  1. you look amazin..i adore your headpiece and johnny cash earring! glad to see your back xx

  2. I'd say you found it! I love that last photo. The lighting and the colours and your face-so gorgeous!

  3. Everything about this is beautiful. So hard to get things sorted after a move. I had about a week of wearing nearly the same thing everyday it felt like!

  4. Those so are massive bastard eye lashes!! Glad you have settled into your new home, hope hubby is getting well. You are looking your usual gorgeous self!!

  5. Absolutely love the first picture. Its just stunning!!

  6. Love your glam and glitz look! Hope you settle in your new house completely soon and that your hubby recovers.

  7. Well, I've been hearing your music and art all the way over here across the world. I've packed maybe 70% of my clothes away because of space too. Your strength during the move takes my breath away and of course your mind and body need a huge sigh right now. Glad your netz are back. you shine on like you do here.

  8. I think we all have times when we just do what we need to do, to get through a difficult patch, to get a job done. And if that means that clothes become less of a priority for a while, then that's OK. But now? Well now, the move is done (mostly, I'm sure there's still a box or two that need unpacking!) and The Phoenix is out of hospital, and you can sing and play again in true Desiree style!
    You look elegant and sparkly and sexy and gorgeous. Typically you, then!
    Good to have you back, love. xxx

  9. You are inspiring me to search for my music too, with your lovely colours and your knees-up approach to life! I've been reading you for a while now, and this is my first comment. I live in Oz too! And I adore your writing :-)

  10. Sometimes we have to strip back to basics to get us through but we're still dressed up inside. You can definitely see why lots of women just give up and don't bother with themselves, can't you?
    But here you are, colourful and gorgeous, shiny and visible!

  11. That happens sometimes. We should just rediscover our joys after tough times. You look great, you will never become invisible :)

  12. You are a piece of art, music and joy for me. the first and the last picture are incredible. to be invisible is not an option! xxx

  13. Moving house is drag and it can take so long for order to be restored afterwards. Sounds like you've had a lot going on - sorry to hear hubby has not been well - hope he is getting better. And you look wonderful - enjoy getting your mojo back!

  14. So true Desiree and very insightful. There are times when you don't have the time or the energy or whatever else is needed to be gorgeous. It's leggings and a t-shirt and hair scraped back while you deal with the crap. But thank goodness you have come through the other side and are ready to shine again. You are looking fabulous and remind me of a postcard i had years ago of Paula Gellibrand. Lovely and slightly ethereal. Xxxx

  15. You're an amazing, strong woman Desiree, the way you have steered at the helm of everything over the past six weeks.
    However, 'invisible' is one word that will never, never apply to you, even if you were wearing a hessian sack. I have a 'thing' for electric blue sequins. Perfect outfit/costume to herald the return of your you-ness and your vibrant voice.

  16. Sounds like you've been through a pretty strenuous patch, but you're fab and amazing, so it's no wonder you are plowing through :) And those eyelashes! So neat! And love the shadow with them. I've missed you, looking forward to seeing you rekindle your fashion fire :D

  17. adorable outfit. i love blue on you ...

    ... if want to get rid of your hat piece one day, tell me please ... i would adopt it right away. ;)

  18. You need a big old pat on the back and a massive hug for what you and your family have been through. Moving house is stressful enough, but to do it with The Phoenix in the hospital was a Herculean undertaking.

    You look like Miss Fisher!

  19. My false eyelashes, jewellery and high heels are my grasp on sanity, when I've been through tough times all that artifice makes life a lot more bearable.
    Your a survivor. I'm delighted alls well and back to normal in your world. xxx

  20. Oh - you just go on and on D - costume or no. Have a lovely time getting reacquainted with your wardrobe. You are your art xxxx

    p.s. hope that man of yours is much better now

  21. Sounds like a challenging few weeks for you. I hate moving house more than just about anything on the planet. But it looks like you're picking up a good head of steam. The eyelashes are fabulous!

  22. Well, hello. I haven't visited for awhile, and I'm sorry to hear you've been having such an intense period in your life. You look like you're coming through it with aplomb! I love your hair in blonde, and although it's just not done anymore, the cigarette holder looks very chic.

  23. Darlign, your art never left you, it just took a teensy break and is now back BETTER, BIGGER AND MORE FABULARSE THAN EVER!!
    Huzzah!!!! You are gloriarse!!!!
    Grope, squeeze, snog SNOG......
    Love and Lustipops!

  24. Beyond magic, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    Thank you my dear Desiree for being YOU.

  25. It's certainly been tough for you, and hopefully now as it all settles (I hope your husband is better)you can focus more on your art and you, you are quite brilliant though x x x

  26. Augh. Hospitals are so boring. I'm usually the one IN the bed wearing the breezy backless gown and a tangle of plastic tubular jewelry and antibacterial wash as cosmetics. Moving is sooooo stressful (just did it myself) and illness, nuf' said. But you could cheer up Scrooge. Hope your husband stays happily at home admiring your gorgeousness.

  27. just friggin love that you are back x

  28. Sequins as armor, lipstick as warpaint -- ready to cope!

  29. I'm so happy to see you back and must say that you are art in every way. How you live your life and how you care for others. How you communicate with your gorgeous ensembles and with the written word. I feel honored that you shared your stunning headpiece with Hat Attack!

  30. I feel for you!! Somewhere I've seen a list of the ten most stressful things or events in life. Guess what? Illness and moving are right up there. But you know that. Bat those eyelashes, darling. Dressing up is fabulous medicine, right? You do it beautifully!! XXOO

  31. You look the pretty. Things have been rough for you, but I hope they will settle and you can feel a bit of release and find your feet once more!! Music is very capable in helping with that!! I hope you have a great week xx

  32. Ah Desiree you are the art my dear inside of you it lives. I'm hoping things are settling down a bit with the Phoenix back at home and you both in a new one, making a go at it. I love taking a few things into my spare bedroom having some tea or wine and play dress up. I come up with some great stuff and it lifts my mood incredibly.

    You look beautiful and bright and I can see your spark:). Did I mention I bought tickets to see Die Anterwood in May? I know pinch me!
    Baby's on fire!

  33. you couldn't be invisible if you tried!!

  34. The Stylist's taste in false eyelashes is impeccable. :) Once a girl obsessed with costumes, ALWAYS a girl obsessed with costumes. Glitter + color + texture as therapy, boy do I feel you on that one. Smooch!

  35. Oh my gosh, this post speaks to me so much right now. I've been doing the same thing since going back to work full-time - wearing the same clothes, carrying the same bag, doing the same thing out of convenience. Time to find my art again too. You look lovely. <3


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