Sunday, March 30, 2014

The Wind Will Change and Your Face Will Stay Like That

I was sitting across from The Stylist this afternoon.
She looked me up and down and piped up, "That's pretty over the top even for you Mum."
I guess I did look slightly OTT for a wander down to the servo for a loaf of bread.

Yesterday I did a thing with my hair.
I mixed a couple of teaspoons of Manic Panic's Violet Night into a handful of conditioner and spread it through my hair.
Hello Mrs Slocombe!

We sat down for a coffee at a nearby takeaway joint and people gassing up their vehicles copped an eyeful of two mad-looking wenches.
Clearly, from the reactions it was a bit much for a nondescript, mid-afternoon Sunday, but it will give them something to mull over for the rest of the day.
If I displease or shock then too bad, I'm shocked by the overwhelming number of people who look like clones.

Lips earrings - Bones Couture
Sequinned top - gift from dear Heather
Massive gangsta necklace - gift from gorgeous Ada
1940s slip - eBay
1950s handbag - op shop score
Shoes - flea market, now in the bin coz I HATE walking in them.

Two days ago I ran out of milk so off I trotted ... 

1950s coat - flea market
1930s satin nightie - Etsy
Tassel necklace and silk scarf - op shops
Melissa shoes - shopped by dear Suzanne
Earrings - Bones Couture

Several days ago I decided to dress for urban guerrilla battles circa 1937.
The Stylist took these rather creative photos.  
I swear that girl is going places with a camera.

Vintage beret - Etsy
Silk scarf - op shop
"Perfect" badge - gift from lovely Tralala
Cotton shirt - nicked it off The Phoenix
1950s men's trousers - eBay
Doc Marten boots - retail

I'm linking up to Sacramento's awesome thingy.
Desiree xoxoxo


  1. I was just thinking of you, my dearest Desiree, and here you are in all your spendour, ahhhhhhhhhh
    Love you

  2. I don´t like clowns but I love your style... you look great in pants too xxx

  3. You look fabulous as always! So much love for all your outfits!xx

  4. The new violet hair suits your eyes and clothing style to perfection!

  5. I love hearing of your relationship with your stylish daughter! And she definitely captures your best side! How you brighten up your little corner of the world...and this corner of the world as well! Thanks for shining into my life.

  6. I love the pastel hair so much and the sequinned top is so pretty <3

  7. Over the top? Never! I love your violet hair and your eyes are so stunning, but they seem to pop even more with your latest look.

  8. You look fantastic ... I'd love to run into you down at the servo ;0)

  9. That last outfit is my favourite.


  10. I don't believe in the concept of OTT. I believe an outfit is either creative or boring. You always fall in the former category.

    People who choose to live boring lives are shocked and outraged by creative efforts, but that's their problem, not ours.

  11. I love that sequin top. Your posts are always so great x

  12. Of course the stylist is a talented photographer. She has a gorgeous mom as inspiration! Love your looks! the locals are very fortunate to have you around. Gym rat clone is all the rage around here. If I see another spandex butt......

  13. Is that like a squishy bed thing out on a porch, outside? Because if so, I would probably be glued to that with a glass of iced tea and a book all the time. And psh, you were so not over the top, you could have been wearing a super loud skirt too but you went all subdued with it! :P Looking wonderful as usual, and I love what you did with your hair in those first photos, the colour and the style.

  14. You do OTT so well, and yes, Public Cloning should be Outlawed! Better to be looked over than overlooked and have Personal Expression visible in one's Lifestyle rather than Conforming to the expectations of the herd. The Stylist indeed has a way with the Camera! Your Posts always make me Smile... and to me that's a GOOD THING and a Gift you Generously Give others!

    Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

  15. The hair is triumphant.The smaller the mind, the easier it is to blow.
    And now I need a beret and a giant dollop of your Bonnie and Clyde insouciance.
    You are magnificent xx

  16. Adore the photos, love the hair and that slip!!

  17. One of fabulous you is worth far more than a zillion clones! You always look gorgeous, and well done to the stylist for fantastic photos. You probably brighten up the day for many a person out there!

  18. even more Fabulous every day, love so much your pale violet hair with your sequined glorious top!!
    and your Bonnie-style outfits are awesome, you look so gorgeous wearing your nighty-dress and pretty scarf, and that beret is lovely!!,
    you're gorgeous!!!!

  19. You look like a cross between Bonnie Parker and Miss Fisher. Speaking of Miss Fisher, I was watching an episode set in a circus, and thought of you.

  20. Each and every outfit a WINNER!
    Yeah, it's amazing how many people are willing to just be a face in the crowd. Thank goodness you're the START ATTRACTION!
    Love and Lustipops!

  21. Loving the new hair colour and the sequins. So people stared, did they? Ha! You're right, never mind the clones, wear your bastard massive pendant and your sparkles with pride!
    You always look adorable, whether in a vintage nightie or the Phoenix's shirt, but I must say I am very taken with the Urban Guerilla look. My first thought was Bonnie Parker actually. And yes, The Stylist takes a mean photo of her delectable Mama! xxxx

  22. gorgeous! loving every look and colour and sequin and sparkle o your lusciousness! may the clones take note and absorb some awesome xxx

  23. my gosh you're one hot mama!!! I love all the outfits and your makeup in that very first photo is divine!! I love your quote
    "If I displease or shock then too bad, I'm shocked by the overwhelming number of people who look like clones."

  24. Nothing like a sea of conformity to inspire an OTT look. But this reeks of innate divine inspiration. People in your neighbourhood are the luckiest people alive to have you around to brighten their dreary days. Nobody does urban guerilla as smashingly as you do. You are a star.

  25. Marvellous, just marvellous. Loving the new hair, the Krishna earrings and the bastard massive pendant (that was exactly the kind of thing my Mum used to wear!)
    Sad that so many people want to blend in and be ordinary - sad feckers! xxxx

  26. You look awesome in all of these!! I agree with is shocking the amount of people who look the same...I think it's because so many buy into trends and things. I think the Stylist is going places, those are fantastic shots...super cool!! Have a lovely week doll xx

  27. Dang it, you are just gorgeous! you are a wonderful inspiration for The Stylist who is a talented photographer, if I saw you on the street I would melt with joy and then have a giddy dance of happiness, because you are THAT awesome - I love everything you are wearing too x x x

  28. You look like a silent film star in your freedom fighter outfit!
    I like the lavender hair, and that is a massive beast you have on your chest ;) Your eyes look positively ginormous lined with black - you're obviously channeling your inner Theda Bara or Louise Brooks.

    Yeah, let the gawkers gawk - it's always the boring looking ones that stare the most.

  29. Oh I love them all but the last outfit fits you perfectly!

  30. Desiree I love every picture!! The Stylist definitely has an eye for photography. I especially love the 30 could be solving crimes with Phryne!

  31. Ooh i love the lilac hair and the big kohl rimmed eyes. You are rocking that 1930s artist look big time. Just love it. Imagine a street where you, Helga, Vix and Curtise lived. It would be called Anti-Depression Avenue. I'd gawp, but it would be a compliment. I love to look at beauty and colour. Makes me happy. Yep, you and the stylist are a great team! Xxxxxxx

  32. Over the top and ready for the big top sweet.......just perfect........I always love the fun happiness and pure joy all your outfits are make me smile.
    Oh oh I love the Miss Spy look.......underground French resistance........the beret and men's shirt......classic.
    Sending much love v

  33. desiree. you look amazing. from one over the top queen to another, i love your style. it's probably for the best we live at either ends of the world. could you imagine us walking down the road together...AH...Thank you for your kind words on my blog. my regards to the great photographer. lucyx

  34. You look fantastic. I'm loving the new 'do!

    As someone who dresses a bit left-of-center in a small town filled with sartorial clones, I like to consider my outfits a public service. I figure I'm providing a splash of whimsy and colour to the lives of the people I meet, and that can only be a good thing.

    I'd be thrilled to catch a glimpse of someone as gorgeously-attired as you as I went about my Sunday chores.

  35. I love following you on IG AND here as well! Way into the lavender bob with bangs and little twists. Also the blonde bob/black beret combo--your daughter definitely has camera skills! I'm feeling Louise Brooks all over the place here. Maybe I need to pull my bobbed wigs out this weekend. ;)

  36. Magic Silver White, oh back in the day when I was I blonde MSW was my best friend. You so make me miss the fun you can have colouring blonde hair.

    ps I got asked by my Brother-in-law once if I ever got sick of dressing weird. I told him it was not weird I was just expressing my personality. Would love for him to see your style it would turn Mr Beige on his toes!

  37. I wanna be you when I grow up! You're AMAZING!!! <3 <3 <3

  38. Gah, you're so FABULOUS! Keep up the gorgeous work, I love when one of your posts appears in my feed. Cheers me up x

  39. your 20s/30s inspired outfits are over the top adorable. modern miss fisher like!

    i recently talked with my mum about the clones on the streets. actually i supposed to find more creative dressed poeple on the streets when i moved to berlin. ... but no, berlin has lost a lot of his individual style during the past years. there are mostly fashion clones, hipster clones, high street clones, clones clones out there ... probably it depends on the up rising rents. nice little shop are getting less and the boring big chains are overtaking like in every other city. ...anyhow, i really hear more strange comments about my style in the streets of berlin than i did in smaller cities in germany. this makes me a little sad.

    you look stunning - every single non-cloning day! ;)

  40. Too much awesome? Never!

    Now you have me all inspired to layer on the glitz, and wear eyeliner under the eye (such a great look on you).

    Thank you for the link, it was very sweet of you. I did have a fan-girl moment of, "ohmigawd! She knows who I am!" I've admired your incredible style for a while. Thanks again.

  41. I love the violet tint you added to your hair! Your outfits look beautiful. I love your taste. The sequined top, the pink 1940s slip, the 30s satin nightie all look fabulous. I love the photos of you looking out over the railing too.

  42. you look completely amazing I particularly like the milk run outfit. I also am distressed by the clones out there

    retro rover

  43. Aren't you just the sight for sore eyes! That sequin top is still one of my favourites in your fabulous wardrobe! I remember when you got it from Heather. But I love your every outfit and the way how you use those fabulous night gowns as a dress.
    I think it's half the fun to have people staring at you. It makes me giggle when I notice they stare at me. Little bit of crazyness doesn't hurt, it just makes life a bit more interesting.

  44. WOW soo AMAZING :) your blog is so fun

    Check out my new post....How to decorate your home with cute fabrics :)

    I wish you a great week dear

    LOVE Maria at inredningsvis - inredning it's, Swedish for decor :)

  45. I love all the looks, and am especially taken by the beret. That suits you so well.

    The stylist sure has talent! Wow!


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