Wednesday, March 12, 2014

At Least You Won't Have Time to Be Bored

Well commuters had some free entertainment as the traffic snarled past this afternoon.
The Stylist snapped off our first outdoor pics at the new house and there was much slack-jawed staring and shaking of heads.
I was pretty impressed with our neighbour who's a paramedic and seen it all.
He just smiled and said "party time?"
Actually he's bang on there.
Today I'm celebrating being alive after carting a 15kg sack of potting mix home about 2km.
Then I did it again (sans sack) at a much brisker pace to pick up the lassie from school.
Funny though, we had more energy after our hot, humid walk home than we used to when we drove.
She did star jumps, I may have done three.

The scales tell me I've lost five kilos.
So do my leggings.
Hopefully I'll be able to wear them again this winter.
I rapidly gained weight when I was prescribed lithium late last year, but aside from that, the drugs knocked me for six.
Couldn't drive, finish a sentence, remember words, stay awake, hold any kind of conversation.
My brain had a "holiday" that's for sure.
It's nice to be a bit more switched on and active again.

1940s men's top hat - De Mille Vintage, Melbourne
Jacket - gift from the amazing, talented Georgie at Retro G Couture
1950s cotton bra - DIY dye-job
Tutu skirt and belt - op shops
Flamingo earrings - gift from Vintage Pip
Leggings - Black Milk
Shoes - market
Necklace - second hand
Clock - The Stylist

I'm linking up with some awesome wenches:
I'm a bit ahead of myself, but I'll be linking to Sacramento's Share-in-Style: Watches, which runs from Saturday.

I want you to know how grateful I am that you pop over here to visit and I really, really love reading your comments.
I'm feeling the love!
Molto baci,
Desiree xxx


  1. Your outfit is the jacket and the stripes :) Am happy to know that you are feeling better and yourself once again. Your eyeshadow is always sublime :)) xx

  2. Haha, I can imagine your new neighbour thinking this outfit was out of the ordinary for you (hence the party time reference), he'll be in for a surprise because your outfits are always out of the ordinary! I'm happy you are on new medication which isn't making you blurry headed. This is what my boyfriend calls it - he's on anti depressants/anti anxiety meds and the last kind made him sleep a lot, unable to focus or concentrate, and just blurry headed. He's on something new (again), hopefully they'll work better this time. Anyway, back to the outfit! I love the back of your blazer - did you do that yourself? ~ LittleMissPlump (Sara)

  3. Ugh, I had such a horrible time on MH meds, all your symptoms and then some. I think half the reason people feel the meds are finally working is because their bodies stop reacting badly. I would love for someone to invent mental health meds that don't screw up all your regular body functions before they start working! It's so demoralising and exhausting for everyone to go through, but yay for light at the end of the tunnel. That's totally worth a party!

    Loving the flingos and your matching makeup

  4. Good God, THREE star jumps! I'm impressed and a bit jealous. I can't jump at all (my pelvic floor isn't up to it. Ok, sorry, too much info). It's great that you' ve got a spring back in your step. Hoorah! Love the alarm clock necklace - it's made my day! xx

  5. Glad your feeling better! What a dreamy outfit! Love Heather

  6. I adore this playful party girl outfit, I bet your neighbor is so happy to have the added beauty in the neighborhood. The jacket is really amazing and don't get me started on your clock necklace, flavor flav!

    I didn't know you were on lithium. I remember a few friends took that in high school for depression, one hung himself while on it, scared me forever off those types of drugs. I hope you are feeling better you seem to be and that's most important. You should paint.

  7. Holy moly I would be EXHAUSTED!!! I am glad that you don't get shy about taking your photos in your front yard--I think it's awesome! I've been taking my own in public for almost four years and I still don't get over the stage freight. I love the jacket!

  8. Ugh I feel blurry headed and sluggish and I'm not even on meds! All that walking actually sounds nice. I wish I lived in a walk friendly area. The US is terrible as far as that goes. You look amazing and that clock makes me want to scream Flavahhhhh Flav! You know what time it is???!!!

  9. Uhh tell me about the brain holiday.. I have been on different meds for the bipolar too, and I know the feeling :P
    Love your clock and the hat :D A super outfit :)

  10. Of course it's a party. Every day is a party!!!! So nice that you can walk to and from your NEW home!!!! And look at your stems! Loverly!!!! Augh! That awful drug induced brain fog and weight gain. Screw it! You have overcome it and come out the other side looking like a blooming garden!!!! The clock around your neck!!! Absolutley Fab!!!!!

  11. Your neighbour will get used to the daily wardrobe party over at your place!
    So good to know you are feeling better without the Lithium, Desiree, you certainly look switched on and if you can carry a huge sack of potting compost AND do 3 star jumps, you're clearly on fire! (I'm with Loo - my pelvic floor would struggle with that challenge too...)
    Lovely to see Circus Girl Des make a reappearance, with some Alice in Wonderland thrown in for good measure. You look like YOU - which is A Very Good Thing! xxx

  12. I'm so glad you're feeling better now and feeling more yourself xxx

  13. How I would love a neighbour like you!! Glad you are feeling good and you are back on your game of wearing utterly fabulous outfits. Your jacket is divine!

  14. Oh, it's good to know you have come back to yourself. That lithium sounds like lethal stuff, I guess you are off it now. You've managed to shift that weight superquick! Stress and housemoving are very effective for that. I love your gorgeous colourful party outfit and your neighbour sounds a treasure. I looked up that sparkley eye shadow from the other day and might be working up to a purchase. If it gives me a little bit of your cheeky glamour, i'll be thrilled! Xxxxx

  15. Feck YEAH!!!
    The circus is back in town!!!
    Drumroll PLEASE!!!
    Loving everything about your Mad Hatter meets Ring Mistress outfit, it's a gloriarse concoction!
    I loved your flamingo earrings so much when you last wore them that I got a pair too!
    Love and Lustipops!

  16. oh yes, party time everyday!!!!
    you look so gorgeous and adorable, love that you can wear your striped leggings, because they're fabulous!!, and your tutu, and your awesome jacket and hat, and your pretty matching makeup and flamingo earrings!!, I love everything really!
    glad you're feeling better anyway and ready to stay astonishing your neighborhood!, You Rock!

  17. That alarm clock is totally late 1980s hip hop. Better lock up Gilbert or you'll be nicking our V Dub logos next!
    Loved to have seen the neighbour's faces. Maybe they could step in as unofficial blog photographers if the Stylist's ever too busy. Bet they'd love it! xxxx

  18. Give it a few weeks and your neighbour's will be 'whatever' either that or twitching their curtains wondering 'what is she up to NOW??'

    Lithium is not for everyone, I'm glad you are feeling yourself again. x x

  19. I'd love to be your neighbour - they don't know yet what a treat they are in for.
    The subject of which medications work for different people and which don't, or which have awful side effects for some and which don't, is always interesting.
    My dad has been on both sides of the medications experience: some that made him significantly and catastrophically worse, and a final combination that we, as onlookers could only describe as miraculous. Lithium is a literal life-saver for some, but not for others. If only it weren't all so hit and miss.

  20. Fecking gorgeous you are and a powerhouse to boot. I wish I lived next door!

  21. You are always on time because the party don't start 'till you get there. You are a Circus Maestro- and I hope there is a little less lion taming (boo lithium!) and more bearded lady!

  22. Congrats on feeling more like yourself, and losing a few #s--always good! That aqua eye shadow is diviiiine on you.

  23. I LOVE this look! You look awesome! Purple and green work so well together. Congrats on the weight loss, that is very exciting and satisfying! The reactions from your new neighbours must be hilarious, wish you could film them.

  24. How lucky is your neighbour....he gets front row tickets to your incredible style show. You look amazing. The outfit, & that bod of yours. Well done on shifting some weight. Easier said then done I'm afraid. I'm loving your regular posts. I do hope I get to see you prancing on Mly-Road too. Much Love. Xx

  25. It's a gorgeous outfit. And how wonderful to have a new set of neighbours to entertain! Glad to hear you have your energy and groove back, it must be a relief to emerge from those symptoms.

  26. I would just squeal with delight if your were my neighbour! they are lucky to have your sunshine around them - I'm so happy you are feeling lighter all over (the meds are a tricky one, once my brothers were sorted it was lovely to get him back) and I flaming LOVE what you are wearing you gorgeous woman!! x x x

  27. Yay! I'm so glad to hear that you're feeling more like yourself again. That's wonderful news.
    Speaking of wonderful, let's talk about your jacket! I love the little mini-bustle on the back!

  28. It's not nice to be in a mental fog. I am like that sometimes without meds due to the chronic illness I live with. Your legs look fantastic in those leggings! The clock necklace immediately made me laugh because when I was a a teacher I had to stop wearing long necklaces. Every time I bent over students to help with something my pendant or beads would bang them in the head. That clock would kill someone!

  29. Hey dollface, it makes me so happy when I see you in outfits like this! I remember the first medication they put me on made me all stupid, and feeling like my tongue was too big for my mouth. Glad you're off that awful stuff and have found something that lets you function normally, and not put on weight.

    Your daughter is just the bees knees! What a fab necklace - definitely channeling Alice and the white rabbit. I think your neighbour is in for a treat, having you next door X0

  30. Why is it that all the new "wonder" drugs make you gain weight? With the after care drugs I had to take for 5 years, I gained 30 f'ing pounds. Thankfully, I've lost it all.

    You look wonderful!

  31. Aha! The light at the end of the medicine tunnel is a spotlight in which you shine! You're looking well and fit and ready for fun with The Stylist.

    Me and Mister Rogers...I'd love to be your neighbor. (Mr. R was a saintly childrens' television icon of years gone bye. He sang "Won't you be my neighbor.")

  32. I'm loving your pink hip hop clock bling! The whole ensemble is killer!

  33. Your op shops sheer lilac ruffled tiered tutu skirt is gorgeous! Your entire outfit rocks and I love your makeup.

  34. love the top-hat shenanigans, clock necklace and basically everything about these pictures x

  35. I hate to say it, but you do look a bit tired. However, you still look smashing in that fabulous outfit - like a ringleader of a demented circus! And your new house looks lovely - very bright and with beautiful views. I'm sure you'll love it there!

    In response to your comment about your dad losing his hand in a sawmill accident - I went Googling to find out more about the Sawmill Man whose grave I photographed. The cemetery records say "Sawmill man whose head was cut off"!!!! Your dad was very lucky indeed.

  36. Hi Darling!

    I see you all the time on Facebook but forget to check your fabulous blog, i missed a few hey?
    First i love your new house, looks cozy and comfortable - I love how you decorated it as well- Good taste you have
    The views from your deck is awesome, wow! yes i could spend the whole day there as well!

    Ah! your outfits! love them so much, you are the queen of originality, i give a 12! you make me smile and inspire me to go over the top!

    About your neighbors, who cares hey! they should be proud to have such a lovely Lady in their hood!

    Have a great weekend Desiree


  37. Oh ! i forgot i will try to find Mrs G of Cracks, wonder if it's on Netflix or something?


  38. you are so creative, desy!!!! I love your style . . .

  39. You always look beyond fabulous to me, dear Desiree.
    I think you are thin, ahhhhhhhhhh
    I must get rid of 10 kilos I have been carrying for year, but when???
    I walk everywhere and for miles. The fat still adores me.

  40. flamingo earrings! <3 so happy you are feeling more yourself always love your wonderful outfits and your honesty. you rock doll! xx

  41. I'm really glad to here you are feeling better! I always get the impression from your photos that you are full of beautiful energy. You are fabulous. xxx

  42. Marvellous day brightener with your outfit! Hope you're back to feeling top notch soon. I love the details in that jacket! xx/Madsion

  43. The hat, the jacket, the leggings, the skirt, the SHOES and the clock worn as a necklace = fabulous.
    Your neighbour is lucky to have such a smashing lady living next door! I would love to be your neighbour.

    Glad to read that your are feeling good and like yourself again. xx

  44. You've moved house? How exciting? That new neighbour is in for a TREAT! And it's really wonderful to see you looking so beautiful and feeling good sweetheart, long may it continue.

  45. Oh how I would have loved to have fallen down the Rabbit Hole with you to attend the Mad Tea Party I'm sure ensued this day! And so happy to hear you are switched back on and feeling more like yourself so that you could entertain the neighborhood by being Living Eye Candy! *winks*

    Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

  46. Everything about this outfit works, love it all x

  47. Glad you're feeling better, and you look fabulous!

  48. Desiree you are queen of the happiest most fab circus in the world!!! I love your outfit!!!

  49. Your look is amazing, and I am so glad to hear you're feeling better! Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday.

  50. So many magical ensembles! Bugger the fools that rubber neck over your fabulousness. They are just jealous I imagine.


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