Monday, March 10, 2014

In The Beginning ...

I adore old houses filled with much-loved objects acquired from flea markets, op shops, jumble sales, garage sales, hand-made and gifted.
And in our last house, boy I really loved to fill every wall with all the things I adored.
It was earmarked for demolition so banging nails in the walls was never an issue.
But now we've moved, I haven't been able to bring myself to put up all the stuff again and replicate the style we had only a few weeks ago.
This house is about the same age, a post-war weatherboard family home, with a good-sized backyard and plenty of room.
But it's just been repainted, the floorboards gleam, it has clean, new blinds and it feels ... nice.
Storage is a problem: there isn't any, so I've been ruthless in moving on even more household stuff we weren't using or saving "just in case".
For now, I'm enjoying my houseplants as they make the place feel homely and loved and I've put up just a couple of paintings as it's what feels right for now.
And I have a horror of having to sift through mountains of clutter when we do have to pack up again.
Ivy Black Chat has a Shelf of Shite brimming with wonderful oddities she's collected over the years and I feel that will be my plan for when the clutter-bug in me strikes once more.
But I'll probably end up with a house strewn with junk anyway.
Here are a few pics of our lounge room so far.

This is Bruce the scotty dog.  I bought him for my sister in New Zealand, but he seems to have become stuck to the couch.

The start of The Phoenix's music corner ... there's a fretless bass on its way here, he's pretty excited about that.

Just a simple house, but it's home for now.

One of the views from the back deck.
It's such a lovely spot to eat, paint, draw, read, chat and drink endless cups of tea.

Dashed off to the city on Friday for a doctor's appointment in a typical last minute mish-mash of clothing.
1940s frock and green skull necklace - markets
1940s bed jacket and earrings - Etsy
Blue spiked bracelet - gift from Vix
Granny bag, glass bead and fruit necklaces - op shops
Creepers - Dolls Kill sale

I hope you've had a wonderful weekend.
Desiree x


  1. It's good to enjoy both states - the loved clutter and the streamlined 'less stuff' approach. My family home is where I've lived since I was 6 months old, and it's fairly small, so it's stuffed with treasures collected from family and friends and childhood. There is an annual attempt at moving things on and out, and it always feels so much clearer afterwards. Adore that purple dress. Everyone should visit the doctor looking this fabulous.

  2. To have a view of the ocean ...such bliss! You have a lovely decorating style, with enough quirky things to make it interesting...just like your dressing style :-) You are a breath of fresh air!

  3. What a sweet house! A lovely view! Soooooo nice. We moved not too long ago and ugh! same story. Very little storage. It is messing with my head. I'm slowly getting rid of stuff but more just keeps wandering back in. I love your "going to the city" outfit. You hair is cute as can be. Ahhhh...a nice cup of tea.

  4. It's gorgeous!!! The floors are stunning! You look far more chic dashing off to the doctors than I do!!!!

  5. What a gorgeous house!! Those floors! You look a stunner in that purple dress :)

  6. You fox, I expect the doctor needed the stethoscope and his pulse taken when you left!!! Gloriarse frock.
    Your new home is beautiful!!! Who knows how it will evolve, but for now it seems lovely and calming.
    Love and Lustipops!

  7. I just moved into a new home about six months ago and it is taking me awhile to fill it up and make it mine. I am not a minimalist by any means, but I had to wait until I knew just where I wanted things. There is a great lack of shelves so some knick knacks collected over the years don't really have a place to go just yet. It will happen. Your new place looks lovely. It looks bright and clean and refreshing and you will put your own mark on it in the right way as time goes by. You may not do it exactly the same way as in the other place, but you will find out what feels right.

    Your outfit looks awesome. You are like a tropical bird, bringing magic and cheer and music wherever you go. I've only had one glass of wine, honest.

  8. those floors are beautiful! I'm packing up "clutter" to put in storage, the house goes on the market soon. It's been driving me nuts. I keep thinking crappy thoughts like "what if my stuff's in storage for months or years?" I've got to keep a positive outlook

  9. Your living space looks absolutely gorgeous. I kind of envy those homes with less stuff, I really dread having to move because of all the crap I have accumulated. But I think I'm an organized hoarder at heart. I drove past your place today. Enjoy that deck & the lovely views. Xx

  10. ooh the house looks lovely! I think my second last house was of the same era and had no storage anywhere as well - how did people keep things organised?? Anyway. You are looking lovely in these pics - that purple gown really suits you. xx

  11. ooh the house looks lovely! I think my second last house was of the same era and had no storage anywhere as well - how did people keep things organised?? Anyway. You are looking lovely in these pics - that purple gown really suits you. xx

  12. the best thing on a move is to fill the new house with new jerk! love you in purple xxx

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  15. I see Sybil!
    Your new home looks serene.
    Wishing you all a happy, happy future in it xxx

  16. Ow, I'm green of envy - a new fresh home. I am fed up living in this small messy studio flat and I want to move soon, too :) ! It's so fun when you can remake the decoration again from the beginning :)
    You look great as always^^

  17. You have a wonderful home, so lovely!! I love all your bits and pieces in it and the floors are gorgeous!! Beautiful place & you look magical as always!! I hope you have a great week xx

  18. It's actually sunny here today and the sun is shining directly onto my computer screen. It's so flipping dusty that I can barely see a thing. I can just about make out the shiny floors - mmmm very nice. The scotty dog is so cute - no wonder you've appropriated it. Oh and that view is gorgeous. It all looks very calming and serene. You look a vision in purple. xx

  19. Oh I hate to move, I hate the packing and then the unpacking. It's funny how when you move in to a new place you can learn to love an almost bare space when you're used to there being pictures and things all over the place, I can even appreciate magnolia walls briefly (the go to colour for rentals in the UK) but then crave my things back again and an injection of colour xxx

  20. What a gorgeous little sunny spot -- all that lush greenery, mmm...

    There's something so nice about having a fresh space to move into. Maybe you could just hang some of your prettiest clothes on the walls, and mix it up when you fancy a change :)

  21. What a gorgeous purple frock! I love it.

    My sister had a fire a few years ago and was literally left with just the clothes she stood up in. After the trauma had passed, and she had found her feet again, she did say it was actually incredibly liberating. Having been quite a hoarder she was suddenly freed from all of that and now lives a much more pared down lifestyle.

  22. Look at those beautiful shiny floors! Our old floorboards are all pitted and scuffed and squeak like buggery, so I ma drooling a little with envy...
    Your new home looks gorgeous, Desiree. It's interesting, isn't it, that this house with its fresh paint and clean lines makes you feel less inclined to fill it with stuff. I would feel the same, given a fresh start and a clean canvas. I would be more discerning about what I display, I think. So you can take your time and decorate your new place with the treasures that feel right, and that will be fun.
    Mmm, purple frock, so luscious... You look beautiful. xxxx

  23. The new house looks as stunning as you darling! I love how its set, it looks so lush & tropical, making me long for the two feet of snow and ice to finally disappear so I can see spring! Consider yourself lucky that the house is a blank canvas, when we moved in we had to remove seizure inducing wallpaper (seriously it was scary!) and still have so much we'd like to do to make it ours after 13 years here! Hardwood floors are the best, I have them throughout the house, even in the kitchen and with a slob of a daughter, a dog & a cat its a blessing to have the easy cleanup! Enjoy and be happy there! XXX

  24. Goodness me, those floors! I could lick them. They've made me go all of a tremble with their glossy, shininess!
    Your new pad looks wonderful. A few fabulously chosen, much loved pieces rather than endless clutter - if only I didn't live with such a messy man, I'd want exactly the same!
    Love your hair blonde and your trademark slips, you look totally at peace and beautiful in your home. xxxx

  25. it already looks lovely! I think it's good to make a clear break between places and not repeat the decor from before. We'll not move again for a long long time (hopefully) but I am not planning on keeping things the same forever!

  26. That floor is beautiful! I have no storage space in my home either, but that means everything I have is on display, so lots of clutter. I remember when I moved tow years ago I had the idea that I was going to pare down my stuff and have more open space....alas no. Your little house looks quite lovely, as do you in that sexy purple frock!

  27. Your new home looks lovely, quite peaceful. I would hate to have to pack up and move so plan to stay put for ever. I mean, how would I pack my chickens? You look beautiful and well.

  28. Oh your home is beautiful! look at those floors! I like a shiny floor (very very rarely do I achieve one though!) and the view is beautiful, so serene and with an ocean too!, I think it's lovely to move into a home with a blank canvas, you can create what you wish when you want. You are utterly gorgeous in your purple gown, the jacket is amazing!

  29. What a lovely house and view too!! But is this just temporary? You mention packing up and moving again. I hope not, it's so stressful moving house, I hope you're setting in.
    We live in a rented flat (beige, beige and more beige!) and we're not allowed to put anything up on the walls. AND there is no storage! So it's rather cluttered, with bare walls...I try to make up for it with my colourful clothes! ~LittleMissPlump (Sara)

  30. it's a lovely house, gets a lot of light!, and love your plants and pretty pictures on the walls, they make everything seems better!
    And you rock!!, love your purple dress and fabulous creepers!!
    besos & home

  31. Ah! Everything's so fresh and clean! I love that "new house" feeling!

  32. Your new house is just lovely, those floors, the calm atmosphere and all that light. I think houses dictate what they want and you kind of just have to follow. My current house has a totally different feel and therefore decor to my old one. It can be confusing, but like vix says, you sort of have to feel your way. From here it feels like this house move has actually been a really positive thing for you? You are looking lovely. Xxxxx

  33. Beautiful house...and that view! Color me jealous. Also I'm pretty sure I had that exact fruits necklace when I was about 6 years old...and I still miss it. :)


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