Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Your Life Will Surely Change

Guess the hermit.
I'll give you a hint, it's not the cat.
My head's bin bizzy.
Juggling the days, studying circus mind-tricks, brushing up on my poor Italian (including The Phoenix), cramming an English teaching course, organising a house move.

This is what I wore to a house inspection this afternoon.
It certainly raised a few eyebrows from passers-by and several dog-walkers nearly lost their leashes (and dogs).
The 1960s frock was a gift from the divooooon Miss L of The Princess Prudence Diaries.
It arrived a few weeks ago at knee-length, but today it was mid-thigh.
Aaaah I love it!
Meanwhile, I'm obsessed once more with The The's Soul Mining album, which was my bedtime lullaby at age 17.

Today I stumbled across one of Roman Polanski's films in his apartment series, Repulsion, the first of three, of which followed Rosemary's Baby and The Tenant.
It was also his first English-language film.
That's the only way I can describe my response to the first viewing.
He introduces us to his unique brand of horror-thriller, with confronting camera angles, surrealism and the good old door peep-hole shots.
Catherine Deneuve plays Carol, a young woman who completely loses her mind while cooped up for two weeks alone in her apartment.
I now know that leaving a skinned rabbit out of the fridge for some company, is a sure sign of a need for some home help.
Top tip.

1960s beauty case, bangles, beads, earrings, sunnies brooch - op shops
Anti-Joyce badge - handmade by spunky Miss Simmonds Says
Golliwog brooch - borrowed from The Stylist
Terrier brooch - Etsy
Cameo-style vintage brooch - gift from my most gorgeous sister, Mere
Leggings - Black Milk
Shoes and pink ring - markets
Spiked headband - from an FB buddy

How you rolling?
Desiree xoxoxo


  1. Hello gorgeous lady........look at you looking all fabulous with that pretty pink hair and great wee mod- dress from the wonderful Miss L....
    Yes yes the key-hole shoots......always a classic and a fav of mine.......I love key-holes.....
    Hoping you have a wonderful week filled with lots of circus mind tricks and wolf whistles to a beautiful Bella.....
    love V

  2. Based on your individual & incredible style I'm sure you would be chosen as the tenant. But don't you just hate the rental bandwagon. I do hope you're feeling better then you were the other day??? Fantastic outfit, but squeeeee to a festivas of brooches! Xxxxxx

  3. Pink green and horror film explosion, yeahhhhhh

  4. Hope you find yourself a nice new home soon! xx

  5. You are better than Chaterine Denevue!! I love the baby blue dress ( a Rosemary's inspired and reloaded outfit)and all the brooches and pins, especially the Anti-Joyce and the little doll ones! The first Polanski's films are my favourites, Repulsion is amazing and the Tenant is a great hallucination, I confess that when I lived in Rome I related a lot to the main Character (I swear!)...Neighbours could be really mean there, especially because houses are really old and they can hear everything you do and say! I don't know if you have seen it before but Cul De Sac is wonderful too and the actress is the beautiful and tragically dead at a very young age Francoise Dorleac (Chaterine Denevue's sister).

    Love xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  6. I used to love Soul mining back in the day. A friend's band was called The Soul Miners, but I'm not sure if there was a connection.
    Love that doggy badge.
    Take care.

  7. 'The The' are one of my all-time favourites. Matt Johnson is an awesome singer-songwriter. All the albums are great but 'Dusk' is the one that was my soundtrack at 19 & one that I constantly revisit and fall in love with all over again.
    Moving house sucks because of all the tedious & hard work involved but I am sure you will love your new pad once you are all settled in, change can be scary and a pain in the buttoid but it can also be a blessing & a gift. You look fab and I lust for those Black Milk leggings...xXx

  8. Ooh er it does look creepy! You of course look ravishing my dear. I do hope house looking and moving etc isn't too stressful but its never a joyous time is it really? Your pink hair still looks glorious! I hope you're well and sending hugs your way xx :)

  9. It is a pain in the arse to move. Good luck with that.

    Haven't seen Repulsion (hello Netflix) but I loved The Tenant and Rosemary's Baby.

  10. I am SCARED! But on the other hand, I am in LOVE with your leggings!!


  11. I remember seeing Repulsion as a teen and lying awake all night in bed after it too scared to close my eyes, I was a big scaredy cat. I loved that song, still do, and I love these pics of you, I saw those shoes in another post and I think I forgot to mention how great they are and all your jewels and sparkle and shine are just beautiful in the sunlight. a house move sounds exciting even though it's a lot of hard work, Hope you find somewhere you really love. xx

  12. You're awesome! Even Catherine Deneuve fade ...

  13. Mmmmm yummy glittery eyeshadow. Now, my absolute favourite is Uncertain Smile. Love that one. I remember dancing rather drunkenly to that one at a friend's house, falling over and crashing into a wall, leaving behind an idiot sized hole. Oops. Good times.....xx

  14. Oooo, I love the little sunnies pin! Just like Barbie sunglasses - I'll have to start looking for some and make a pin myself.

    The tights, the beads, the short skirt, all the colors - you certainly don't dress "tired"!

  15. Repulsion looks like something I could sink my cinematic teeth into. So when where and what the hay is going on with a move?!?!?! Breathe.

  16. Any landlord would be thrilled to have your fabulousness grace his property!! You look fantastic!! love all of your pins and brooches.

    I seriously need to check that film out!!

  17. Wow look at you! I'm not surprised you turned heads. I would be more than happy to have you as a neighbour to brighten up the samey urban neighbourhood I live in! Good to see the pink hair is as vibrant as ever. As for the leggings and dress combo, just delicious. I've seen some amazing leggings on bloggers of late.
    I have heard of this film before but never seen it. These screengrabs and gifs have tipped the balance and made me want to watch it asap. It looks fascinatingly dark and creepy.
    As for The The. I've heard of them but don't know too much of their stuff. I shall have to investigate xxxx

  18. Uuuuurk to moving - you look thrilling despite all the busy - but take care of yourself too OK?

    And if there's gobbledegook under this comment - that's me trying to be a smartarse. If a link to Utterly shows up I will be all entranced with my brainworkings :)


  19. Oooh, I remember "Soul Mining"; I purchased it when it came out! I also remember watching Repulsion but it was a long time ago so detains are fuzzy. Rosemary's Baby remains one of my favourite films.

    Hmmm, had you mentioned you were moving before? It is indeed a royal pain, so I hope it goes smoothly and nothing is broken (including your spirit!).

  20. fantastic post!

  21. Oh Soul Mining and Infected were the soundtrack of my student days - wonderful.
    And don't you look wonderful too, in your shortened 60s frock, fab leggings and plethora of brooches? You can be my neighbour any day, I'd be over all the time watching spooky films with you and borrowing your frocks and squeezing your arse, you'd have to get a restraining order!
    Hope the course and the house move are successful, darling. xxxx

  22. Here I am dancing in your shadow again. The dark movie, I have not seen it but I must now. And that sparkle green eye shadow has me eyeing my makeup drawer before I go out. You are a star. The neighbours will need training. I'm sending good thoughts to you with all the bustle going on in your life right now.

  23. That sparkling eyeshadow is sooo amazing! Love it as much as your fab leggins!
    xxxx Tani

  24. So glad that in amongst all the busy-ness you're keeping your colourful sparkle darling Desiree! Those legging are marvellous and show off your pins to perfection. As for the pink hair.... fabulous!

  25. WOW! I knew that dress was perfect for you, and it really is. I'm so pleased, and also so pleased that the look turned heads. You are so beautiful. Sounds like your life is totally manic, I hope it all works out soon. Xx

  26. There's Anti Joyce! I love this look, I'm glad you gave everyone a shake up, sounds like they needed it. Love your eye shadow! wow! The leggings are fantastic and the dress is super cute. LOVE the giant handbag too... awesome! Repulsion looks like a film I MUST see, will download asap. xxxx

  27. You look amazing and sound bussssy!!
    Becky :)

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  29. Hey Lady how is the house hunting going!!! Hope you find something really fabulous and really soon!! :) ...Oh dear I could not watch that movie it would totally freak me out hehehe I am easily scared!! You look Fab love the beautiful eyes :) your a pro at that glitter ~Love Heather

  30. You look soo great in that dress! The color suits you perfectly!
    I saw that movie,too!
    It was really well done ;)

  31. oh so that's what happened...i was clicking daily thinking where are you!!! you look wondrous! If i thought you were moving into the neighbourhood i would change my mind about leaving! xxxx

  32. You are one wild lady! I really love the leggings. Wish my legs would look as good!

  33. sparkly eyes and candy pink hair. You rock my socks off.

  34. I love CD, and loved Repulsion (great double feature for Belle Du Jour) and when I think about it- I guess I'm a Polanski fan- I've seen almost everyone of his movies- but not Bitter Moon. But Repulsion, and the Tenent (with the incomparable Isabelle Adjuni) are my faves.


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