Thursday, May 23, 2013


I found the perfect home.
It has everything I require.
Quiet spots to sit statue-like in silence, admire the view, spy on the neighbours.

A warm spot to contemplate my verdant garden, wee fireplace to warm my tootsies and enjoy a cuppa, even a daybed for drowsy kips.

Every imaginable comfort is at hand and in tip-top shape, ready for entertaining hoards of phantasmic guests.
You're invited.
If you like that sort of thing.

Let's have a peek upstairs then shall we?

Morning light pours through the bedroom windows.
Greet the day with a stroll in the garden, or enjoy breakfast in bed.
Of course, every modern convenience is ready and waiting.

Pics courtesy of artists published on Abandoned Asylums

My search for paradise took me to Everywhere, a place in which I found Somewhere.
I've been so far away for the past week, I'm lucky I didn't get lost.
I've almost made it back.

Earring - fashioned from a craft project by The Stylist
1980s teddy - hand-dyed and gifted by turquoise-haired beauty, Clare
Fox fur cape - gifted by our beautiful Kitty
White leather horse brooch - gifted by darling Vintage Sweetheart
Laura Palmer brooch - Etsy

1980s Studibaker Hawk dress, cat-ear headband, sparkle sunnies, silver granny beads, star necklace, silk flowers and other brooches - all thrifted
Shoes, green skull necklace, rings - craft markets
Fishnet top - dunno

I've been far, far away from Bloglandia.
I'm clawing my way back and looking forward to visiting you again.
Desiree xoxoxo


  1. Oh, I have missed you and your posts and your flower covered fur stoles! I hope your return to Blogland is imminent, I will welcome you back with rainbow flags and lots of glitter and tea :0 *hugs* xx

  2. I have missed you too. Kia kaha.

  3. OMG you look fab! That dress is a freakin' dream and those sunnies!!!
    Love the pictures of that old house, guess it must be an amazing home in former times. Would love to discover one of those abandoned asylums one day but since i've read through many forums i know they're closed and can't be legally entered.
    Great post!
    xxxx Tani

  4. Being far far far away is a good place to be at times. Goodness that house could tell so many stories each room had its own very sad really it needs someone to love it again an breath new life into it. You just make me smile you look gorgeous.(((( Sending you a hug just because I can)))) :-)dee xxx

  5. Utterly fabulous my darling! That old house is wondrous...I'd love to have a good ol' meander around it with you.
    Sometimes a little spell away from Blogland doesn't hurt but very glad yer back looking so luscious.

  6. missed you desperately! wish that house was up fro grabs! that's a project i would take on for sure! you are fabulous xxxxx

  7. These pictures are amazing and that cobalt blue party dress rocks my world!!
    Becky :)

  8. Love the house. Decay is sexy. And your outfit and poses rock.

  9. What great Pictures! Love that house.....
    Amazing prom dress on a beatiful woman!

  10. I wouldn't mind either living in that house myself. It is such a shame that finally that gorgeous building will vanish.

    Gorgeous fur capelet you got there! Hugs and kisses from Finland ;)

  11. Well, you've made a spectacular re-entry! I love how you tell a story with your images, both of the house and you.

  12. Hi sweetie! I have to say right off I'm digging this crazy ass outfit! The dress and your funked up fur, the sunnies, those ear rings!!!!! Love it all!

    You sound a bit sad in this post which I don't think I've ever heard from you. I hope whatever storm has stirred things up, passes quickly, learn from it and you'll be better from it. I'm sending you a bunch of love honey!

  13. wow what an incredible building and I love that Miffy ball beyond words.

  14. What beautiful mages you give me this morning!
    This dress is none theless extraordinaire Bella!

  15. Hello Beautiful Dreamer

    Hope you enjoyed your holiday in Somehere - that beautiful house is making me cry more than Skyfall.

    Why hasn't someone scooped it up and smothered it in love? (or at least made the roof watertight).

    Ah ... the dress and flower cape are genius and if I need tall walls to be scaled I know where to go to (the circus skills are so useful, non ?!!).

    You look ravishing as always xx


  16. Welcome back! That dress made it worth our wait! What a gloriarse number, accessorised to perfection.
    Bloody hell, I've got one of those to get cracking myself, I should spend less time on the internet and more time getting dirty! xxxxx

  17. The playing of Portishead is not a good sign in my world, but I hope it brings you some comfort! The house is fab & I love how in spite of all you have on your plate, you dress with such joie de vivre! You look fab! Take your time, sometimes we need a blog break while other things occupy our lives, no sweat! XXX Your Partner in Crime <3
    PS that house is really something, I wish someone would scoop it up & restore it!

  18. I cannot tell you how many times I have searched up abandoned asylums only to get LOST FOR HOURS... in my search...
    There is something so beautiful about a place from the past that has been long forgotten for decades.

    I must say you look like a total superstar. I am sure this get-up would cause a few humans to walk into a pole. =D

  19. You are a wonder to behold dear Desiree. I love it all. Your hair looks fab and that dress is so you. The asylum is wonderful.

  20. your outfit is amazing . ilove every little bit. welcome back you were sorely missed. lucyx

  21. Ah Desiree, those images of decaying grandeur have such a beauty and poignancy about them.
    You have been missed, darling. You look amazing. The dress and the pimped-up fur and incredible together. YOU are incredible.
    I guess there have been places to go and stuff to consider and walls to climb over.
    I'm glad you're back. xxxx

  22. I'm like you, I dream of rambling decaying mansions that are all mine. Beautiful photos. I'm so pleased you love the teddy, it looks fabulous with this decaying glamour outfit, you look ready to escape over the hedges to your new rambling pile. The sunglasses are completely amazing! xx

  23. You have a great art of bring a smile to my face. Please don't ever conform. Yea anarchy!!!

  24. Amor,
    Welcome back! Your looking as prosti fabulous as ever. I now want blue hair. I adorar how you pin pretty flowers to your stole. so much inspiration. did you find your little house?


  25. beautiful photos, my dear. I'm stealing to flowers pins on the fur.

  26. What a great house! And I may have already said it, but I love your hair!

  27. Love the photo of you "escaping" and the one of you sitting atop the wall. I live not too far from a very similar asylum! A number of the building are abandoned, although the facility is still in operation and I'm afraid that if I went there to take photos, I might just get locked up too.

  28. This display of photos is why you are a 'do not miss.' I adore your creative brilliance!

  29. dang fine attire! Wish I could layer up like that! It's a scorching hot May here!

  30. You look marvelous! With those brilliant sunnies, dress, cape/stole and...well...everything! Love the shot of you sitting on top of the wall.
    I desperately want to visit those beautiful old houses! Would love to go sit by one of the fire places with a cuppa too!

  31. God, that house is amazing! So beautiful (and a little bit creepy too))

  32. Oh, what a gorgeous, old house! The Addams clan would adore it!

  33. Wonderful you! I've had and seen brooches on a boa, but to decorate it with flowers and go all in (and of course too much in a lovely way) ... You ARE the best! The images where you sit with your legs apart - Great!

  34. Great photoshoot and the decaying mansion are amazing!!!! I love the revamped stole and all the flashing accessories of this stunning outfit!
    Wonderful sunglasses and cat ears, everything looks better with glitter!
    Love xxxxxxxx

  35. I have missed you so! The photos of the abandoned asylums are that uncomfortable combination of creepy and beautiful. I can't help think about what terrible things probably happened there.

    The blue dress is perfect for this narrative, as are the accessories (the sunnies add just a touch of derangement).

  36. We have missed your pink-haired flower and sequined be-decked fabulousness!!
    Those pix of the deaying mansion are amazing!! you would fit right in in one of your shabby glamour ensembles!!
    I'm adoring your bright blue-dressed fur-stoled gorgeousness!

  37. I hope the house hunting is going well :) love love love all these pictures! You are just to fabulous in this photo shoot I can't stand it!! :D :D :D And all the color is amazing!! xoxo Heather

  38. Desiree, that mansion is beautiful! Can you just imagine it in its former glory?! I love places like that. Your blue dress is absolutely lovely!!


  39. Fabulous always, my dearest friend. Come to my arms.

  40. That house makes me wheeze! O, bestill my allergies!!!
    But you, my lucious beastesss, make my pulse RACE!Feck me, this outfit is too divoon for words! I love every detail, and your gloriarse rambling about, clambering and climbing with heedless abandon makes me want to jackrabbit your sexaciousnness!WOOF!
    I'm loving this hot pink hair!!! Scrumptious!
    Love and Lustipops!

  41. What an astonishingly beautiful post this is Desiree, I love the picture of you ready to leap down into the unknown, and you look fantastic in those glasses, like a beautiful creature from another planet, this post makes me feel like 'Priscilla Queen of the Desert' made me feel at certain moments, and that is one of my most 'takes me to a happy place' films ever. I loved hearing that you had a little Spiderman in your life too, there's something quite magical about it isn't there? xx

  42. You're Mrs Havisham in Studibaker Hawk!!
    You're Mrs Havisham in Studibaker Hawk!!


    Plus the ears and the Miffy ball are added genius.

    xo xo

  43. So glad you've made it back, my dear, I was missing you! And wow in such glamorous style, you're positively regal in that 80s dress and I ADORE you with your pink hair, such a colour pop against those marvellous outfits!

    Those spooky asylum shots are so spooky and wonderful.

    Like you I'm back to blogging more regularly again - do come see the blossom in our garden sweetheart.

  44. Can you imagine how much it would cost to build a house like that now?
    Your latest follower.

  45. You just blew my mind. I just moved and I have been looking for decorating inspiration. You are most definitely the Queen of Hearts.

  46. Oh sweet I looked at this post and in my utter excitement to show Warren the total dream of a house I forgot to comment.
    I would give my two front teeth to photograph in that place.....frickin amazing.
    I have missed you......time out.......looking for somewhere.....just time to breathe and wear pussy-cat ears.
    Run my little rabbit......across the hedges and Forrest lands to a place where pixies play and Desiree too.
    Love and hugs always V

  47. I can't even comprehend all the awesomeness you've got going on today. You're amazing.

  48. Very cool interiors! I could let myself decay quite nicely in there along with the house. It needs a Miss Havisham!

  49. Looks like the house from It's a Wonderful Life - I always loved that house. You & your gorgeous frock definitely add lots of glamour to the place.

  50. I've been away too long! Your hair!! WOW!
    Amazing pictures as usual. Years ago my mate Jim and I let ourselves into an abandoned and derelict house. Nothing so amazing as that asylum but we did find (and liberate) a load of china which Jim then ate off for the rest our university days!


  51. Brilliant! Let's have a house-warming party - that house has some soul. AS do you, dear Des. Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday.

  52. Fabulous pictures. You are a work of art. Lovely.


  53. I love this post, and I was absolutely thrilled to see the other links that you published that go along with this topic. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I am happy to be a new follower. :)


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