Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Sealed For Your Protection

Gracious, the circus is back in town!
Which means delighting or shocking the public and causing a wee ruckus ... yes, this was today's outfit.
The delicious pin-striped jacket was a gift from Toronto-based artist and mistress of all things dandy, Georgie of Retro G Couture.
She makes top hats, tail and bustle coats and snazzy fitted jackets ... and she's just wrapped up a show touring with the Canadian National Exhibition.
You can check out pics of the amazing outfits she dressed carni performers in at Dickensian Dandy.
Yesterday a parcel of joy turned up from the delightful Georgie and in the true spirit of a travelling carni-gal, I simply had to put an outfit together today in her honour.

Hot pants - gifted by Jayne at Boodwah
Bodysuit and leggings - Black Milk
Doc Martens - Solestruck sale
Earrings - Etsy
Granny beads - flea market

I nearly passed out in ecstasy when I unwrapped this beautiful cotton jacket with its wee bustle, gorgeous patches and ribbon trims.

I snaffled the patent leather Doc Marten boots for a bargainous $68 in a Solestruck spot sale where I also scored some JC's for a song.
Doc Marten eight-hole boots go for around $200 here in Brisbane.
Oh and free postage from the US to Australia is not to be sneezed at either!

As for the hot pants, GAH ... they're so soft, frilly, shiny and oh I dunno ... fabularse!!!

Judging by some of the comments and looks this outfit garnered today, I'd say I scored 100% for sparking outrage and recommend sensitive types start wearing shock absorbers or dark glasses.
Careful now ... down with this sort of thing!
Desiree xo


  1. That jacket is beyond fabulousness, it makes me want to create a similar one,jump on the first elephant I see and join you in your magical circus!!
    The outfit is brilliant in every detail, the white accessories are perfect (I love everything!!) and you are amazing!!
    Love xxxxxxxxxx

  2. What I'd give to have you strolling about in my town. You look fabulooooooose!

  3. I love this whole outfit Desiree, that jacket is gorgeous and you make it look even more so. Love Father Ted too! xx

  4. Freaking awesome jacket! The rose print... *swoons*

  5. You are a RIOT woman! The frilltastic hotpants are deadly and the jacket is wicked. I bagged my (worn once) oxblood DMs at a car boot sale for £8, I felt as if I was stealing them from the young chick selling them but she actually said "£8 or is that too much?" and I was like..."Hell no, give em to me now and I shall hurry away in haste and feel smug about this purchase for all eternity."
    You look loverly as per usual and you are to me just the ultimate RIOT goddess! xXx

  6. I see London, I see France, I see you in your underpants! You're a breath of fresh air. Over the summer I scored a pair of purple and black zebra strip Docs for $80. Brand new. Still too hot to wear them, winter get here soon.

  7. Jesus feckin' kerr-ist woman!! What are you trying to do to suburban Wynnum, wake them up or something?! Too cool for words my darling, and probably too cool for any circus too!! Rock on lovely.xx.

  8. You are yummy yummy for my tummy! I love this outfit and those frilly undies on the outside why your arse looks fantastic! That jacket is tops! I'm doing cartwheels in your honor!

  9. I went to the Retro G website and - be careful now - had a bit of a swoon so I did. Those frillies are EPIC - no wonder you were frying tiny minds left, right and centre.

    And now I need to break out the Father Ted box set with the fairground visit in it .... The Whirly-go-round, Freak Pointing, Duck Startling, The Chair of Death, Goading Fierce Man, The Pond Of Terror, The Spinning Cat, Tarot Reading, The Ladder, and the Tunnel Of Goats not forgetting Spider Babies ...

  10. Beautiful and awesome outfit! Loving the bustle on the jacket.

  11. YAYYYY for disturbing people's delicate sensibilities!! And, a Big SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE for that jacket! You look good enough to eat in the pinstripes, mini bustle and frilly drawers. Oh Desiree, how I long to swan down the street with you and watch the jaws drop. I would wear my silver crinoline!

  12. That jacket is fabulous! And as for sparking outrage, ah go on, go on, go on!

  13. Hurrah! You are astounding. I do love that jacket and earrings are perfect.
    It will soon be that time of year as the nights draw in and the Father Ted DVD's back to back.

  14. I almost passed out in ecstasy just looking at pics of you in this amazing outfit. You are so beautiful in everything you wear, and your style is so unique. It does make me happy that I have a necklace that looks like yours, which I wear a lot.

  15. I just found your blog (after you followed me after Edies interview) and I love it!!!! I mean I don't know if I can say that you are adorable (as I am 14 and you are older than that most likely) but I'm saying it anyways... This whole outfit is so cute and purple (in my mind this=amazing) and wonderful!

  16. I just found your blog (after you followed me after Edies interview) and I love it!!!! I mean I don't know if I can say that you are adorable (as I am 14 and you are older than that most likely) but I'm saying it anyways... This whole outfit is so cute and purple (in my mind this=amazing) and wonderful!

  17. I love your jacket, the roses on it and the lacy thing on the back, but especially the playing cards motive let me smile. The circus artist earrings are so right up my alley. Hugs from Miss Maple

  18. You are just to sweet, beautiful and lovely for words ;-)) dee xx

  19. Eeeek, hotpants & Beetlejuice & that incredible jacket! I love it all! Those Docs were an incredible score. I'll have to start checking out Solestruck more often. I got my cherry red Docs for $200, and that was the best price I got after an entire day of shopping around the whole of Brisbane!

  20. Just look at that face of smug fabulousness! It's too bad your outfit didn't shoot gummy bears and gummy spiders at those frowners. You are a vision of loveliness and hope. Excellent bustle over the hotpants.

  21. I love your hot pants :D they are REALLY hot!!!

  22. I love it ALL - The jacket is an amazing one off, the boots are a classic and the leggings are hawt - you look amazing - oh and those earrings - love em xxxx

  23. Oh fuck a duck you look SPLENDIFEROUS!!! I adore the jacket and the tights and all of your perfect accessories but mostly - RUFFLY ARSEDNESS OF GLORY makes my day!!! LOVE! Sarah xxxx

  24. That is the Queen of all jackets, it's amazing!

    Also loving the shout out to my favourite priest.

  25. O,my WORD I must have had my head up my ARSE to have missed this inspired post of frilly panty GOODNESS! Gawd,I adore you,you rock the most divine putfits like you were born in a circus! What's that? You were?! OF COURSE!
    The Cirque du Desiree Divinity!
    I'm gargling with ecstasy!
    Love and Lustipops!


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